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Post-Workout Foods

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America can learn a lot from my dog.

He loves to exercise, and his favorite foods are carrots and kale stems.
(Of course, my dog also eats dried worms and barks when nobody’s there… so maybe he’s not quite as smart as he seems.)

Do you exercise with your pet?

Although Molly enjoys her daily walks, she’s much too slow (and old) to run. But Henry lives to run! Sometimes, especially on my rest days, I’ll take him out for a short jog (20-30ish minutes?). Yesterday, we went out for an evening jaunt, after which we both refueled. My post-run meal:

ginger curry

Peach-Ginger Curry

I added water chestnuts this time, as well as extra fresh ginger. I *heart* fresh ginger!! The fun background is actually courtesy of a piece of scrapbook paper. Luckily, the one shot came out well; I was too hungry to mess around with taking tons of photos! With my curry, I tried a new product:


Because I find Ezekiel bread to be on the dry side, I figured their English Muffins would be no different. Therefore, I’ve avoided purchasing these in the past. But the store was out of Rudi’s, and I really wanted an emuff. Twas fate!

These muffins are the antithesis of dry! I didn’t even use the Soggy Muffin Trick! As it turns out, I like ‘em even better than Rudi’s.

Normally, my post-workout cravings are for sweet, breakfast-y foods, such as oatmeal, pancakes, or chocolate.  (Wait, chocolate’s a breakfast food? Um yes; yes of course.) But that’s probably because I usually run in the mornings. Yesterday, I was craving dinner. So the curry and squishy, soft muffin were perfect.  Henry gnawed on something a little more… tough:


Yum yum yummy. Great for re-fueling from vigorous running barking at mailmen. (Poor mailmen.) His look says, “Don’t you dare steal my rawhide.” No worries, Henry-man. It’s all yours!


Question of the Day:
What are your favorite post-workout things to eat?

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of Blueberry Muffin Bowls.
Regardless of the time, I always crave carbs, post-workout. Hopefully I’ll never crave rawhides!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. i’m usually a post workout chocolate hemp shake kinda girl. though i do love me some water chestnuts! i was at a salad bar last night that had them and prob put a 1/2c on my plate haha

    1. abby says:

      what kind of chocolate hemp do you use? i tried the manitoba harvest one and didn’t like it. but maybe i just didn’t put the right fruit/milk with it? do you have a good recipe? :)

      1. Devan says:

        I like the hemp protien as well!

  2. DEFS lovin some post fuel curry.. curry in a hurry!
    my fav post workout treats are fruits, green monsters…. ANd larabars… things with carbs to replenish my glycogen levels. :O
    i would say oats.. but i eat those BEFORE i workout 😉

    1. abby says:

      i love oats! but i can’t eat them before a workout because i feel bloated. how do you avoid that?

      1. oh really? I eat them like 2 hours before a workout and I’m fine! definitely give them time to settle and then you gots LOADS of energy!

  3. Tricia says:

    Lol, i need protein and fat after my workout so i go for nuts or lunabars. Nothing to filling, cuz i’m never really hungry after i run.

  4. Haha oh no I would never take my bull terrier out for a run. He’d run amock. WOULD be a good workout though, running after him or getting him to come along by pulling the leash :p

  5. Lauren W says:

    Hi Katie! Didn’t the giveways end yesterday? What happened? Or am I imagining things? :) Thanks!

    1. Hey Lauren!
      Yup, they did :). I haven’t gotten around to choosing the winners yet, or writing up the posts about it. But I promise they’ll be up sometime this week!

  6. I am I actually prefer dry breads :) Crazy I know, but my mom used to always burn our bread, so my sisters and I all prefer burnt/brown bread! And I <3 ginger too, especially in my fresh juices!

    1. Haha it’s so weird how peoples’ tastes are so different! My dad is like you. If the bread is burnt, he’s a happy guy.

  7. I have to disagree with you there- rawhide treats are my all time favourite post-workout snack! Henry has good taste! 😛

    Recently, I’ve been LOVING your mad scrambled tofu on toast as a post-workout snack/meal! I had it for the first time yesterday and I’m in LOVE (with both you and the scrambled tofu!) 😀

    1. Hahaha forget what I said on your blog today, about feeding you fudge babies. If you come here, I’ll just give you rawhides… and keep all the chocolate for myself ;).

  8. Lately all I crave post workout is one of my Cookie Dough Bowls!! I can’t get enough of them, it is like crack on a spoon.

    This curry sounds so yummy! I can’t wait to try it, slash I will be adding LOTS of garam masala, I have been craving Indian food lately:)

    1. abby says:

      mmmmm me too on the cookie dough oats! katie’s cookie dough oatmeal recipe changed my world!!! :)

  9. Hannah says:

    Henry is SO cute!! He has the most adorable eyes!

    I tried those ezekiel muffins over break and they were delicious. I find the bread very dry and bland, but these were perfect out of the toaster with some coconut oil and jam. They also have a cinnamon raisin flavor that seems good, too.

    My favorite post-workout snack is Seapoint Farm’s dry roasted edamame with sea salt. In a quarter cup there is 8g of fiber and 14g of protein! That’s a really good source of vegetarian protein, and I snack on them right after swimming. Yum :)

    1. O.M.G.!!!!! I completely forgot that they make cinnamon raisin english muffins! I mean, I’d seen them before, but I’d always ignored them because I thought their muffins would be dry like the bread. Methinks it’s time for an emergency run to the store to snag those muffins! Thanks for reminding me, Hannah! :)

  10. I wish I could run with my dog, but she’s way to stubborn to go where I tell her to go. She’s such a spoiled dog! 😉

  11. I always crave sweets, especially post workout!

  12. AWwwwww! SO darn cute :) My puppy (well, he is definitely not a puppy anymore…) is too old and slow to run. So I don’t “workout” with him.

    My favorite post-workout snack is a granola bar or a peanut butter ball! Carbs, fat, and protein all rolled into one tasty snack!

    1. I still call Molly a puppy too! She’s 13!

  13. Anonymous says:

    That photo is beautiful! Do you have a lightbox, by any chance? I keep seeing them around the blogworld.

    1. I don’t! I’d love to make one… if I ever get a free chance :).

  14. eatandrun says:

    awww Henry is so cute! :)

  15. abby says:

    oatmeal. oatmeal. and more oatmeal :). as i wrote above, i love your cookie dough oatmeal especially. but any oatmeal, really :).

  16. Molly says:

    Umm post workout I crave absolutely random things. Usually frozen bananas or a fresh salad. Maybe it is my bodies way of replenishing list fluids? Haha

  17. Gen says:

    I usually crave carbs in a major way, but not until a couple of hours after my workout. Oh and salt. lots of bread with salt on it. and chocolate, but I crave that all of the time anyway! =P

    1. Mmmmmm salt. LOL I love salt. Maybe it’s also because I don’t eat a lot of processed foods, so my body likes a lot of the real stuff? :)

  18. Picky Nicky says:

    After a run I absolutely love having an apple (which I slice and freeze for a few minutes) dipped in thinned out peanut butter with some mixed spice. It’s so good and always hits the spot :)

  19. I love fresh ginger too! Except when it gets all chewy – ugh.
    Fave post workout meal is a huge bowl of protein oats, if I work out in the morning. However, I just had a french toast sarnie with Quorn ‘chicken’ in it after my workout today which was pretty darn good!

  20. Emma says:

    I don’t work out… I normally just go for long walks but haven’t been able to because it is just to cold! When I do exercise I just like something light, like and apple or salad.

    1. Hey, walking totally counts as a workout! And blech, I don’t like being outside in the cold either :(.

  21. Heather says:

    I like a smoothie, a banana muffin or both!

  22. ive been LOVING ginger this season.. but the addition of peach?! so interesting, i’ll have to try it sometime soon.

    post workout i love carbs! usually something a little sweet and salty like kettle/popcorn.. although recently i’ve been turning to apples!

  23. Cait says:

    I’m not a big runner but I always love to have something sweet and salty as well, such as chex mix or an orange. I also LOVE to have a protein shake after a big work out such as soy milk razz berries and strawberries!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    I usually DON’T crave sweet foods after working out! In fact, it’s probably the only time I don’t crave them!

  25. Happy looooves carrots! I haven’t tried out kale on her, though… but it’s so funny b.c. everyone says “yep, she’s def. your dog if she loves carrots!”

    Just curiuos, how far our your typical runs? Happy is only 7 months old, but I’ve taken her out on a run before and she LOVES loves LOVES it! She will definitely be a good runner, I think, when she’s old enough.

    Post run I usually go for combo of carbs/protien. Like piece of bread with peanutbutter….apple with peanutbutter… but I also can stomach this before a run, too. I think i just like the combo a lot… so I eat it alot! I really like PB :)

    Oh! I know your an animal lover, so I wanted to let you know I did a super cute post about “how to make a Christmas ornament with your puppy” today on my blog, you should check it out if you have time!

    1. Hmmm, I never measure. We just run til Henry gets tired, so usually around a 1/2 hour. It’s either my second run of the day or a rest day for me, so I don’t go for speed or distance or anything.
      And thanks for the heads-up! I’ll definitely check out your ornament post! :)
      Yeah, normal ginger in the supermarket veggie aisle. I try to get a uniform-looking piece so it’s easier to peel!

  26. Oh and I meant to ask you, where do you buy your fresh ginger?! Just the normal supermarket? I LOOOVE ginger!

  27. Susan says:

    I love those english muffins! You’re right, not dry at all! I’ve actually found one specific loaf of ezekiel bread that I like. It’s the orange one, but I don’t know the name. All the other ones are too dry for me.

    Molly is a flippin’ cutie!

  28. Disturbed says:

    Post run my favorite thing to do is to eat oatmeal. Chocolate oatmeal.

  29. My cat could definitely follow Molly’s example and get some exercise! It’s not totally her fault, though..I could play with her more. Anyway, my favorite post-workout meals are either tuna & eggs if working out before lunch or dinner or oatmeal & cottage cheese if before breakfast. Boring, maybe..but it’s good protein!

    1. abby says:

      my cat is the laziest thing in existence! all she does is sleep!

  30. I always crave oat bran after a workout b/c it’s warm, quick, and filling. Well, truth be told I crave oat bran all the time. :)

    I love the Ezekiel bran English muffins as they are so hearty and kind of crunchy. So good with jam. Glad you tried them Katie.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Haha you are so cute with your oat bran bowls! It’s so sad, Heather.. I haven’t had oat bran in months! I need to channel my inner HEAB and make some STAT! Perhaps with some cauliflower mixed in… hehe no, I’m not as brave as you! 😉

  31. I like half a luna bar or a banana. I don’t like anything too filling, so these are perfect for me!

  32. My favorite post workout food is always a smoothie or some sort!! The cold fruity drink always sounds perfect!

  33. emma says:

    Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I’m going vegan once and for all! x x x

    1. Awwwwwww lol your comment made my day :).
      (Oh, and I *think* you might’ve somehow signed up for email updates to my old wordpress blog, which doesn’t send out updates anymore. How did you find a link for that? (I’m curious, so I can take down the link, because I feel bad!) Anyway, here’s the real link that actually works:
      Sorry about that!!
      (Also, if I’m getting you confused with someone else, sorry about that too. LOL it’s too late. I need sleep!)

  34. Heidi P. says:

    Yes, yes! The Ezekiel muffins are THE BEST! How could such an amazing perfect muffin have such a dry, terrible counterpart? The bread is not even worth consuming in my opinion. :(

    The curry dish looks fantastic! Must try. Thanks, Katie!

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I hate Ezekiel bread for its dryness, which is why I’ve never even thought to try the english muffins. Now I’ll have to! :)

  35. It would have to be peanut butter and banana oats for me. Love banana and peanut butter together…yum! Or a fudge baby of course!

    1. Pb banana is the best combo ever! I like your thinking :). What about pb banana oats WITH fudge babies on top? Best of all worlds :).

  36. yogurt and fruit are probably my favorites:)

  37. Henry is such a cutie!

    My fave foods post workout..hmm, for an hour or so after i workout, im usually not that hungry til my heartrate dies down but then…i like to go to town on fresh fruits, veggies, coffee, and carbs! :)

  38. Some of my favorite post workout meals include healthy vegan ‘shakes,’ PB & J on sandwich thins, and vegan muffins (Although I don’t label myself as ‘vegan,’ I still eat lots of vegan foods!)

  39. Lisa C. says:

    Like many of the other commenters on here, my favorite post-workout foods revolve around carbs. I also love protein shakes :).

  40. Namaste Gurl says:

    I love protein- fruit smoothies, veggies/ fruit and nut butter, nuts + dried fruit, oatmeal, and so on after I workout. It’s always different- sometimes I crave banana oatmeal, otter times I want a big, slushy smoothie. It’s all about listening to my body and refueling it properly!

  41. Erik Marcus says:

    Shoot me an email, Katie. I love your stuff and want to give it a push at

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I emailed you :).

  42. Kathleen says:

    I like bananas for a pre-workout boost, and then afterwards I love nuts and oats (and a piece of fruit). :)

  43. BroccoliHut says:

    I eat breakfast right after I workout, so my eats change daily–I almost never have the same recovery meal twice!

  44. I think many more Henry photos need to make it on the blog… I could look at him all day! :)

    1. Henry would like me to inform you that you are now his new favorite human ;).

  45. I love taking my dog for runs! It’s been too cold lately though, so we haven’t been going much.

  46. Aw, how fun that he likes to run with you!

    Good to know about those English Muffins. I haven’t tried them yet, and we do like the occasional E. Muffin morning.

  47. Angie says:

    My favorite post snack is fruit with greek yogurt and sprinkles funfetti!

  48. Heather says:

    “Antithesis” huh? Haha! Love it!

    My favorite post workout snack is usually a piece of toast with pb and banana or a nice big green monster!

    1. I still have never had a green monster! *Hides in shame*

  49. Angie says:

    It’s totally delicious and full of protein from the yogurt! it’s great!

  50. Meghan Leigh says:

    Your dog is SO cute.

  51. I actually don’t get hungry right after a workout. Something about a hard workout shuts my hunger switch off for about an hour. But then it turns back on–with a vengence! By then, any food looks good. :)

  52. Vegan Alexandra says:

    Hey Katie!
    I’ve been thinking a lot lately on whether or not to put my dog and cat on a vegan diet. I’m not sure if it’d be good for them, since canines and felines are naturally born carnivores.
    Do you feed your dog a vegan diet?
    I currently feed my dog and cat regular ‘ole dry pet foods, which I know contains meat and other animal products in it.
    I just need another vegan’s opinion on the matter.
    Thanks (:

  53. Anna Lynn says:

    I often run in the mornings before class so I always crave breakfast foods after I workout/run! I love me some whole wheat waffles or toast and pb or a nice little bowl of hot or cold cereal. Generally something carby. I rarely want “savory” foods in general though. If I could, I’d eat sugary, chocolately, carby breakfast foods all day!