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Piña Colada Muffin for One

That’s it! I’ve had it! If the temperature drops one more degree, I am moving to Hawaii! Lately, it’s been so cold, my mind spends a lot of time in Hawaii. Warm beaches, hula skirts, eating so much pineapple you get sick… And Hawaiian Single Lady Cupcakes. Topped with coconut butter, of course. Yesterday, I made a special muffin […]

Make it Pink! Make it Blue!

Lunch! Sauteed peppers with oil and garlic, “buttered” whole wheat English muffin, walnuts and Candied Veggies. Today’s candy veggies = broccoli. They were super-delicious!! It was a freezing cold day! Did you know the temperature can drop to 3 degrees in Texas? (P.S. See the cute scarf in the photos? It was there in case my […]

Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Dip

I’ve finally made a new “about me” page! Click here: About Chocolate-Covered Katie Did you know.. Did you know that healthy food can be naughty? Try this dip and you will never believe it isn’t full of heavy cream and sugar! It’s all thanks to a comment from a reader. She asked if I could healthify: this non-vegan recipe. I’d […]

How to feed a Hungry Guy

What is it with guys and Monty Python? Saturday night, I sat through Monty Python and the Holy Grail with one of my guy friends. Next weekend, methinks I will force him to watch Notting Hill or another such girly movie. It’s payback time! Actually he already paid me back by letting me cook vegan food […]

About Me

100+ comments on yesterday’s post tells me y’all really like Henry. Or nut butter. Or maybe both? 🙂 No time to write a big post today. I’ve been busy working on a new About Me page. I tried to make the page more personal, since I really enjoy reading the personal “about me” pages on […]

Butter Obsessed

I sure do love butter. Peanut butter, coconut butter, even Chocolate Butter :). What I don’t eat of the dairy stuff, I make up for in all the other butters that find their way into my happy tummy. My newest obsession is gingerbread butter. After requests, I wrote specific ingredient amounts. You can see the […]

The Grapefruit Diet

It seemed like a good idea at the time… I got suckered into buying an 18-lb bag of grapefruit from Whole Foods for $4. Luckily grapefruit is part of my favorite pre-run breakfast… although it might not be anymore, by the time I get finished with this mondo bag!) Grapefruit is good post-run fuel as […]

Eating Pizza for Dessert

Something must have been in the breakfast wind last week. When I first posted about the amazing Breakfast Pizzerts, a lot of people made them. But by and by, the trend died down, as all trends do. (Hello Beanie Babies.) Yet suddenly, in one week, I got no fewer than fifteen comments, pingbacks, tweets, or […]

Banana Pancakes for One

I’m really getting into this “single-serving” thing!                   Yesterday, I was treated to breakfast, courtesy of my younger sister. But to understand how yesterday’s breakfast came into fruition, I must take you back (in my super-cool time machine) to Christmas Day. Seeing how I have so many cupcake […]

Healthy Cake that’s so easy to make

When do you take down your holiday decorations? We usually start on New Year’s Day. Heck, there’s nothing else to do on that day—no need to buy presents, no Christmas cookies to bake, and (unless you live in Hawaii), no one wants to venture out of the house! So it’s the perfect time to clean. […]

Pumpkin Pie Parfait

Can you say that three times fast? Because I was out so late on New Year’s Eve, I opted to take a rest day from running the next morning and sleep in. Of course, “sleeping in” for me means sleeping til 7:30, because my body naturally wakes up with the sun. So I had a […]

Ginger Kale

I always feel so strange on New Year’s Eve because I’m just getting ready to go out around the time I normally am ready for bed. This year, before leaving for a party, I ate a healthy dinner, making sure to incorporate at least one “lucky” food: The “lucky” food was my Ginger-Cashew Kale. And […]

New Flavor: Blueberry Muffin Larabars

I’ll get my New Year’s Eve recap post up tomorrow. Since it’s only 9AM, I haven’t had a chance to write the post yet. Hopefully y’all had an awesome night :). Instead, today, I’ll gush about the surprise package I received in the mail on Thursday: Blueberry Muffin Larabars?! Didn’t even know they were making […]

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