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Victoria’s not-so-naughty Secret

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More Boobies!!

Remember our fun Boobies Discussion?

Leave it to Victoria’s Secret to glamorize bras. No longer must women choose between black and white. They can buy blue. Or red. Or pink polka dot. If you happen to be filthy rich, you can even purchase their Fantasy Bra. It’s only 15 million dollars.

What Victoria’s Secret did for bras, I am doing for chocolate.

raspberry chocolate

For our girls-only party, I made 32-C Chocolate Cups

…with raspberry filling in place of the coconut.

valentines day vegan

vegan godiva

Victoria’s Secret Chocolate Cups

  • Chocolate Bar (I used PMS Chocolate)
  • Raspberry Jam OR smashed raspberries
  • Optional: You can add sweetener, if you use a 100% chocolate bar
  • Cupcake liners (Or just use a container)

Melt your chocolate, or make up a batch of PMS Chocolate.

Then scoop about a tablespoon of the melted chocolate (15g) into each cupcake liner, or spread it into the container. Scoop some jam or smashed berries on top, then add another layer of chocolate. (Or, for a lazier version, just stir the jam/berries into the chocolate and forget about the layering.) Stick the liners in the freezer or fridge to harden.

Click for a Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial.

chocolate raspberry

Favorite Chick Flicks?
And what are your favorite things to do with girl friends?

Last night’s “girls-only” party was so much fun. (Not surprising, given dessert!) Obviously, there was nail painting, and obviously there was wine. For dinner, the girls ordered Chinese take-out, and I blended in with a Chinese-ish stir fry. We had an indoor picnic, then played “Would you Rather” (Sample question: Would you rather have breast implants made of Nerf or Play-Doh?) and watched Miss Congeniality.

Question for all the male readers (I know you’re out there!): Have you ever been forced to sit through a chick flick? Or girls, have you ever forced your guy friends (or dads) to sit through one? I made an ex-boyfriend watch Bridget Jones’s Diary once, and I’m convinced he secretly liked it. Every time we got together after that, he’d ask, “So, do you wanna watch that dumb, girly movie again?”

Speaking of guys, want to see my Valentine? He’s a Hottie!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I love the idea of raspberry filling in those chocolate cups – YUM. Happy Valentine’s Day, Katie!

  2. abby says:

    haha i remember the boobies discussion! that was so fun. i loved reading everyone’s responses on that one.
    and something else i love is chocolate and raspberry. these look so yummy, like chocolate godivas!
    but only two ingredients?!?! :) :) :)
    that’s why i love you! your recipes are so simple but awesome!

    1. Erika says:

      Oh wow, I remember those chocolate-raspberry jellies! They were my favorite of all the Godivas. I’m giving these a go for sure. Thanks, Katie!

  3. Chocolate and raspberry is one amazing combo! When we do girls nights, we play wacky games and eat lots of dessert =] It get’s pretty crazy =]

  4. Tulika says:

    Watching chick flicks is the best!! And so relaxing! Love the chocolate cups…so innovative!

  5. My favorite thing to do with my girl friends is eat dessert & catch up while watching a chick flick in comfortable clothes (e.g. sweats or pj pants)! :)

    Happy V Day!

  6. Lisa C. says:

    I love Miss Congeniality!
    You think I’m gorgeous. You want to date me. You want to kiss me… :)

  7. I think i’m gonna need me some of those, today!

  8. eatandrun says:

    These look amazing! Love the photography :).

  9. Valerie says:

    We’re huge fans of your coconut butter cups, as well as the peanut butter version. But I think you might have hit a new level of genius with the raspberry idea. I’ll make them today (I have all the ingredients!) and let you know how they turn out. Happy Valentine’s Day, wonderful Katie!

  10. I’m going to make this TONIGHT! I was actually planning on making ‘marzipan’ chocolate cups (sugared almond butter) but this sounds so cool too!

  11. Sarahishealthy says:

    Oh I’m making these!!!!
    My favorite chick flick is Pride and Prejudice. I could watch it a million times. Oh wait, I probably have!

  12. Jennifer JCD says:

    Sounds like a great party!! I see you are continuing with the raspberry diet from last week. Yum!
    My husband likes ‘Pretty Woman’, and that’s pretty girly. He’ll endure an occasional girly movie. There are a few more he may secretly like. 😉

    1. Yes ma’am! I dunno… I got on this raspberry-chocolate kick and now don’t want to stop. I haven’t yet posted the BEST chocolate-raspberry invention: raw chocolate-raspberry fudge cake. I still need a name for it, I still need to find words worthy of its deliciousness, and… I can’t seem to stop eating it long enough to get a photo! 😕

  13. Eric Jaffa says:

    I haven’t been forced to watch a chick flick, but I did watch “Bridget Jones’s Diary” once by my own choice.

    I didn’t like it because I didn’t think that the main characters were a good couple. After he said to her near the start of the movie, “You smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish,” I felt they weren’t right for each other for the rest of the movie.

    1. I agree! I think the producers were reaching. She was far better-matched for Hugh Grant.

      1. Melissa says:

        But BUT COLIN FIRTH!!! *swoon*
        I don’t care that he’s nearly as old as my dad. I still would be allll over that. 😉

  14. Holy yum–I have to give these a try!!

    For girls nights, I love the simple dinner + drinks + catching up! :)

  15. Albizia says:

    First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day, Katie! It’s a very sweet day, doesn’t it? :)

    I’ve tried making 32-C cups with jam and they taste really great but I don’t like the way they break when you take a bite. Have you found a way to avoid this or is it for this reason that there are no pictures showing the filling?

    I could watch chick flicks all the time. I love them and I actually watched the sequel of “Bridget Jones’s Diary” yesterday but since I made my best guy friend go with me to the cinema to watch “High School Musical 3”, I haven’t been in a mood to torture anyone else. I still feel guilty 😀 .

    1. Confession: I actually wouldn’t know how they break if you put jam in the middle… I followed the “lazy” alternative I wrote about in my recipe ;).
      How do they break? Like they’re too hard? Or they crumble? I’m curious now, to see if I can figure out why!

      1. Albizia says:

        Layering things with different consistency is a pain in the a**. I do my best to make them pretty and in the end they fall apart when one takes a bite. The problem is that coconut butter and peanut butter harden in the fridge and jam doesn’t. Maybe the lazy alternative is really the best choice :) .

  16. This reminds me of the raw raspberry ganache cake I had yesterday!! Yum:) Happy valentine’s day girl!

  17. Serena says:

    Aw haha! Great comparison :)

  18. Inspired says:

    Your photos just keep getting prettier and prettier!
    But the recipes have ALWAYS been delicious. I think I might have to jump on this one. It seems to easy not to! :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  19. I’ve been wanting to make chocolate cups forrever!! Good thing I finally bought a big bag of chocolate yesterday for just such an occasion. 😉

  20. I love watching Pride and Prejudice…it is the ultimate chick flick! Enjoy your day Katie!

  21. bridget jones’ diary is hilarious! of course he secretly liked it 😉 sounds like you had a fun girls night! chick flicks make my heart happy. i’m such a sap!

  22. Those look incredible. I just ripped into some chocolate some students gave me – ::sigh:: I love Valentine’s Day!

  23. ZOMG…. now I want to make dark chocolate BLUEBERRY cups!!!!! 😀

  24. Ooooooh! I can make these (no coconut!) :)

    My favorite things to do with girlfriends: drink wine and talk, or drink coffee and talk, or exercise together (and talk!), watch romantic movies, bake/cook, etc. Anything, but it usually involves us talking more than anything!

  25. Gina says:

    Amazing, I love this combo! I usually buy the Ghiradelli Dark Choc & Rasp squares so these are right up my alley :)

    1. I always wanted to try those! If only they were vegan, I’d be all over them lol.

  26. you are on a raspberry kick! no complaining though!
    my fav chickflickss… always Mean Girls.. ANYTHING with CHANNING TATUM
    and i secretly LOVE scary movies so ANYTHING scary!

    1. abby says:

      +1 to this! did you see his new movie yet? apparently it’s really bad. but i’m still gonna see it lol!

  27. Mm, delicious, I bet these are absolutely wonderful. :) I love chocolate and raspberries! My favorite chick flicks are The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. :)

    1. abby says:

      +1 to this too lol. the notebook is the best!

  28. My boyfriend’s mom actually got us a huge tub of vegan chocolate raspberry cups for v-day. I can confirm that chocolate raspberry cups are delicious.
    My favorite thing to do with girl friends is definitely just talk about girly stuff that guys don’t want to hear about. Sometimes we all need that.

  29. Sarah says:

    They’re all so pretty. Almost too pretty to eat. But not quite ;).
    Happy Valentine Day, katie!

    1. Sarah says:

      Sorry for the type. I meant to capitalize the K :).

  30. chocolate plus raspberries equals amazing! ahh cant wait to try these!

  31. Those look so delicious! I’ve already made my share of chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but totally want to make these now. Always room for more chocolate I guess! :-)

    My favorite way to spend time with the girlies is to drink wine and play board games. Does that make me a nerd?

    1. If it does, I’m a nerd too! Scrabble is my favorite :).

  32. Oh I LOVE Miss Congeniality. One of the best chick flicks out there. This year for my birthday I asked my BF to watch Titanic with me….I’m obsessed with that movie and he’s never seen the whole thing!! I’m still holding him to the promise :)

    1. I’ve never seen the whole thing either!
      *Hides in shame*

  33. Yummy!! Actually I’m eating your chocolate-rasperry fudge cake right now, and I’m seriously in heaven. I will definitely be making these soon!!

    Oh AND I just got a food processor!! So methinks it’s Fudge Baby time!! 😀

  34. One of my favorite all-time chick flicks is Love Actually. So many cute story-lines! Although, I guess it is more of a Xmas movie than a Vday movie.

    1. I was just thinking of that one today… it could totally pass as a Vday movie too!

  35. Any guy who won’t watch a chick flick with you is not worth having.

    Childbirth education classes, birthing videos, classes on how to nurse your baby…yeah, those are some pretty “chick flick” type things and the old Bridget Jones diary is a good barometer of how he will do when faced with childbirth videos or in the delivery room. Just my little non scientific .02 of course :)

    Glad you had a wonderful night! Girls nites are KEY to the sanity!

  36. bitt says:

    Love this idea! And your other raspberry one. I just need to get my hands on some raspberries now.

    Love your valentine…he’s handsome.

  37. Jam and chocolate?? You the daddy! (so to speak…!)
    My ex boyfriend used to moan about a series I “made” him watch every week. It was called Bad Girls and was set in a women’s prison. He took the mick something chronic but then gave himself away one week by saying “Isn’t Bad Girls on in a minute?” in a worried voice, then tried to cover it up by saying “because I know how much you like that rubbish” ha ha, busteddddd! :-)

  38. I watched a great chick flick this weekend…”My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.” Super cute and fun to watch. I highly recommend it!

    1. Ooh thanks for the recommendation! I’m always looking for good movie ideas, and I’ve never heard of that one. I’ll have to look for it!

  39. Jen S. says:

    Love love love this!

  40. Maria says:

    Hi Katie,
    I normally don’t comment, but I’m an avid fan. I saw these today, ran to my kitchen, and made them in 5 minutes flat! Now I’m enjoying the fruits of my very little labor. I adore your blog!

  41. Jen S. says:

    Also! Leaving you a little “blog love” in my post tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it!

  42. I love this idea! I bet it would also be great with some mint jelly – mint chocolate cups! <3

    1. Lisa C. says:

      Oh what an awesome idea! I might have to try this!

  43. Jenny says:

    Chocolate with raspberries… A wonderful “marriage” of flavours there, if I do say so myself! I think the two were made to be together. :) I see chocolate-raspberry oatmeal in my near future now…

    When I get together with my girl friends… Hmm we do normal things! Or even things we’d do with guys around! Maybe we’re all tomboys, haha. We eat good food, talk, play video games, talk, play sports of different varieties, talk, watch movies, talk some more… 😀 I’ve never made any of my guy friends sit through a chick flick with me though!

    1. Oh yes, they’re the perfect couple, right? 😉

      1. Jenny says:

        Haha! You said it. 😉

        (Only a couple of hours left in the day but Happy Valentine’s Day!) :)

  44. Kathleen says:

    That is such a great idea!! LOVE Raspberry!!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day girlie! <3

  45. I’ve definitely made guys sit through chick flicks. For payback, a guy friend once made me sit through Rocky Balboa… never again!

  46. emma says:

    “The Notebook” all the way. LOVE that movie! Great post sweetie. I”m loving the raspberry theme of late :-) xx

  47. Love chocolate and raspberry together, almost more the strawberries and chocolate!! I think you should send some to the Victoria Secret ladies :) haha

  48. I like to talk to and workout with my girl friends. As much fun as romance is, my close girl friends understand me in a way that no boy ever will. We also play would you rather!

    My boyfriend has watched some chick flicks with me, but he is drawing the line at Justin Bieber’s new, (probably) totally awesome movie. =(

  49. Hannah says:

    I do love the two Bridget movies… but can I say the BBC Pride and Prejudice as my favourite chick-flick, even if it’s actually a six episode tv show? :)

    1. Oh you can definitely say that! It’s one of mine too. I always watch it with my grandma when she comes. She’s in love with Mr. Darcy just like a young girl! (Smart lady hehe)

  50. Crafty lil vegan says:

    My boyfriend actually likes chick flicks! And my brother wrote his 10,000 word dissertation at university on Romantic Comedies! He’s a big softie at heart 😉
    It’s quite worrying to think though that my brother and boyfriend have both seen more chick flicks than me!!

    1. Haha well, at least you have someone to watch them with you!

  51. Missojai says:

    I plan to try this out with strawberries! I make a topping for strawberry shortcake just by cutting up strawberries, sprinkling powdered sugar on them, and leaving that in the fridge overnight, I think it would work perfectly for this! (leaving out the thin syrup that gets created)

    I just recently found your blog, though I’m not on any diet and I’m a full omnivore (total meat and potatoes girl), your recipes look and sound absolutely delicious! I’m actually trying to gain weight (or at least maintain it above 120) so I can give blood. It’s so stupid that the requirements to give blood are 120 pounds for 5’4, and 115 for 5’5. My BMI is above the standard for my height and weight (around 23%, by the chart it would be 18%, close to underweight), I’m 5′ 4 1/2″ and normally around 116 pounds, though I’ve brought it up to 120 in the last few months.

    1. Ooh good luck!
      I always wanted to give blood. It’s such an amazing, compassionate thing to do… but my entire family is blacklisted because we lived in Japan during their Mad Cow scare! Yup, seriously… even though there’s Mad Cow here now, and even though I’ve been a vegan for over 10 years.

      I’ve actually been thinking of shifting my blog’s focus to spend more time addressing “healthy ways to gain weight.” A huge portion of my audience is watching their weights, but I sometimes feel like I’ve started to cater my blog to their needs TOO much and have forgotten to focus more attention on people like you and me who want to be healthy but NOT lose weight. Hopefully I can start shifting the focus a little, maybe with an initial post about it in the next few weeks.

      1. Missojai says:

        That would be awesome! I’ve been lamenting the lack of support, all weight focus is always on losing it nowadays. About the closest thing to what we need that is easy to find is more focused on muscle building (aka major protein consumption), and that’s not always an option (especially for women, we have to balance our protein intake with calcium). I’ve generally just tried to up my intake of calories (working at Panera Bread and getting employee discounts when working sure helps, my managers have commented on how much I eat!), while still keeping active (I take tennis class twice a week).

        I have digestive issues (mainly suspected IBS) which often keep me from wanting to exercise due to general discomfort/slight nausea, and usually when I’m feeling fine, I’d rather do anything but exercise! I really wish I liked to run, but my ankles and knees hurt me, and it’s hard to motivate myself to ride my bike because I have to take it from the patio, through the apartment, and down the stairs just to ride it, then repeat the process backwards when I get back! With the weather warming up here (in southern CA) I should start swimming, but the pools at my apartment complex are too small for really exercising, and I don’t have the money to comfortably get a membership or pass anywhere.

        Work, tennis, and walking between classes at school should be enough to keep me relatively fit, yet I feel like I should be doing more. I don’t really need to build a ton of muscle (though I need to up my arm strength), but I need to do enough to allow me to maintain weight, but not gain a lot of fat. I have a decent metabolism, but I don’t want to sabotage it by overeating.

        A random little fact: my name is Victoria, and when I was younger, I used to think, “what secret of mine?” whenever I saw a Victoria’s Secret bag!