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Snickerdoodles for Breakfast

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My appetite is a raging beast.

Lately, it seems I can’t shovel food in fast enough. I’ve even started bringing raw almonds to munch during class in case I get hungry before lunchtime. Here’s how I fed the raging beast this morning:

cinnamon oatmeal

healthy snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle Oatmeal

I also made a cashew icing—out of cashew butter and almond milk—to drizzle over the oatmeal. It was better than an actual snickerdoodle cookie. Truly, it was! One beast tamed… for now.

But here’s a beast who can’t be tamed:



The formidable Henrymonster! Poor Henry wasn’t so sure he liked the snow.


Questions of the Day:

Are you hungrier on days you don’t exercise?
And do you find that your appetite changes with the seasons?

It’s so weird; even though I probably get less exercise in the winter, I’m always hungrier. Or maybe it’s not so weird. After all, it takes a lot of energy to stay warm! When the weather gets really hot, it sometimes feels like a chore to eat. And I’m definitely hungrier on my rest days… maybe because exercise is an appetite suppressant?

Aside: Such an honor featured my Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake!
Thank you so, so much!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I’m the same way! I’m always so active in the summer that I can go for hours without eating. In the winter, I snack so much and am much less active.

  2. Albizia says:

    The little monster is very cute and stylish like his mommy 😉 .

    I’m also hungrier in the winter even though I am less active. As far as I know it’s the same with most people. Aside from seasonal change in appetite, I have noticed that my appetite changes with the change in my activity level but it usually decreases when I move less. Maybe I don’t exercise hard enough to suppress my hunger :)

  3. I have a 6 month old baby, and there are some days where I can’t get out to exercise…and those days are SO hard, because when I am home..I just want to snack all day! lol

  4. i definitely feel more hungry on rest days. active days, not as much. my cravings and appetite changes with the season and pretty much craves the food thats in season at the time :)

  5. Camille says:

    I wouldn’t say that my appetite changes with the seasons, but I do find that in summer if I let myself get too hungry I get very nauseous and dizzy. In winter I am just straight hungry. Blame the heat!

  6. it’s so weird, i AM hungrier on days I don’t exercise… Not sure why that is.. I sense some research in my near future

  7. Tulika says:

    This is pretty hilarious–I’ve been having the same issue with my appetite being out of control lately! (And it’s especially a huge problem when having to go to class and being away from the kitchen, hahaha). I have to agree with you about the wintertime appetite, but for some reason when I work out, I’m def more hungry than on my rest days…weird!

  8. I always get more hungry when I don’t excercise…..I think its something to do with energy levels. I feel more energetic when I work out and therefore don’t feel the need to eat!

  9. Henry is so sweet!

    I am definitely hungrier after my workouts! I usually have a big smoothie after a run and then I’ll have some PB toast or something in addition — or else I turn into an absolute ravenous beast!

    I tend to eat more in the wintertime — I don’t know if it is for comfort? To keep warm? Because I wish I was a bear hibernating? Not sure!

    Congrats on being on!

    1. abby says:

      lololol i wanna be a bear. they’re so lazy! plus furry and cute. probably not so cute, close up though lol.

  10. Jennifer JCD says:

    Yay for your recipe on!

    I agree, my hunger levels change due to exercise and the weather too. I think most people are affected that way. My appetite can also change if I’m stressed about something.

    1. Jenny says:

      I agree with you, as well! And I’m just another one of those people that gets affected that way.

      A lot of my friends say they feel hungrier when they’re stressed, but I rarely feel like eating when I’m stressed (rather, I have a decrease in appetitite…).

  11. Leslie says:

    Mmm Mmm cashw butter icing sounds like the… well, the icing on the cookie oatmeal! :)

    1. Leslie says:

      Oh, and Henry is TRES adorable!

  12. Laura says:

    Studies have shown that vigorous aerobic exercise suppresses your production of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, so it makes sense that you’d be hungrier on rest days.

  13. Lisa C. says:

    Aww, where can I get me a Henry?

  14. Aaah snickerdoodles…mmm….! I’m just hungry all the time. Period! 😛

    YAY you are even more famous now than you were before!! Autograph please? 😉

  15. I tend to be hungrier when I workout. On the days I run, I feel like I eat half of my pantry!

  16. I usually am more hungry on days when I don’t exercise – or on days when I lift weights. or when I run. Actually, I’m just hungry all the time.

    1. abby says:

      lol and +1 to this!

  17. eatandrun says:

    Your breakfast looks delicious!

  18. I’m always hungrier the day after a hard workout:)

  19. ellis says:

    I’m usually hungriest the day after I run a lot. (And by “a lot” I mean five miles or so…I’m no “runner”!)

    I’m not very hungry directly after a run, but a few hours later I always crave some sort of protein-rich snack.

    1. abby says:

      5 miles is a lot to me! i can go… 2? sometimes? on my good days lol.

      1. ellis says:

        lol I ran 3 miles this morning and it totally drained me…and coincidentally I’m pretty hungry right now…

  20. I eat about as much on days I work out as on days I don’t. my appetite varies a lot but I also go through periods where I’m ravenous :p

  21. Girl, my appetite is a raging beast lately too!! But I am definitely hungrier on days I’s like I’m hungry non-stop!

    And I love all things cinnamon! I haven’t had a snickerdoodle in forevssss

  22. Hannah says:

    I feel like it’s a chore to eat when it’s hot out too. My appetite definitely goes down in the summer. I also feel like I’m hungrier on days when I don’t work out…..or maybe I’m just bored, haha.

  23. abby says:

    yup, i’m always hungrier in the dead of winter, when i’m stuck in my house all day with nowhere to go and nothing to do but eat eat eat!

  24. Mary says:

    I bring raw nuts to class too! Or trail mix :).

  25. Erin says:

    Henry is so cute in that vest! I find that my appetite shifts daily sometimes, seemingly independently of whether I’m exercising or not…still trying to figure it out. I’ve read on a few websites that colder temperatures naturally lead to a rise in hunger, so maybe that’s it?

    1. abby says:

      i think that makes the most sense. i read once that people in antarctica need like 8000 calories per day! maybe it was false information, but the whole idea of storing fat for winter makes sense to me. blubber is a natural blanket!

  26. My appetite is usually the biggest on rest days after a long run. Then, I’m ready to eat the entire kitchen!

  27. Raychel says:

    I’m always hungrier on rest days too!

  28. well.. I’m hungry ALL the time.. thats why i snack at least 3 times a day… i work it though!
    i think I am hungrier on rest days, but I kind of eat the same everyday, so it don’t make too much of a difference! umm snickerdoodle oatmeal.. HELLO YUMVILLE!

    1. Erika says:

      Yumville? Haha that’s where I live too!

  29. I’d say my appetitate is more influenced by my training levels more so than the season… but the season does affect it, too! I’m definitely not craving as big of meals in the summer. It just gets so dang hot here in NC!

  30. I’m definitely hungrier on days I don’t workout..which makes sense because that’s when the body’s healing and needs the nutrients the most! :)

  31. Erika says:

    I don’t really have a specific workout routine so I don’t know if I’m hungrier when I exercise or not. But I do know I’m hungriest around Christmas time! Don’t know if that’s because of the cold… or of all the good food surrounding me!

  32. I think I eat more when I don’t exercise because I’m typically sitting around bored. exercise keeps me occupied for a long time and out of the pantry! :)

  33. I’m hungrier the day AFTER a hard workout. And my appetite is always raging immediately following! Seasons doesn’t affect my appetite as much as the actual foods I crave, though.

  34. Angie says:

    I’m always so much more hungry on days I dont run! Working out helps me to loose my cravings!

  35. I totally go into “hibernation” eating mode in the winter! And man… I’m about a week out from the lady visitor, so this week in particular I’m RAVENOUS!!!

  36. As my psychologist likes to point out, I am not very aware of my body, so I don’t get hungry-or full for that matter. One of the reasons I count calories so meticulously.

  37. Sarahishealthy says:

    Love love love Henry! Poor guy, though. My dog hates the snow too! Almost as much as me! 😕

  38. Henry looks too cute in his little coat, even tho he’s not sure about that snow!

    Hungrier in the winter? I think it’s nature’s way of “fattenting us up for the winter” because let’s fact it, biologically or evolutionarily speaking, nature knows we could starve to death in the winter if we were hunters/gatherers AND we need the additional fat for warmth. So i think it follows suit that our appetites are stronger in the winter and in the summer, not as much.

    Just my non scientific .02 of course :)

  39. lindsey says:

    I’m just hungrier at different times of the month…if you catch my drift. I could eat everything in the freakin’ house at this point and still not be satisfied.

  40. I’m the same way–more hungry when it’s cold, less hungry when it’s warm. This past week its gotten a lot warmer and my appetite has disappeared. So maybe there’s something to that.

    Aw I love Henry’s coat! So cute.

  41. Sarah says:

    Yummmmmmmmy! I forgot about snickerdoodle oatmeal. I made this all the time when you first talked about it. In fact, I think that’s how I originally found you, from HEAB’s blog when she made it!

  42. Your pup is so cute!! Love the sweater :)

    I made your Single-Serving Cupcake and posted it on my blog today – but linked back to you for credit of course! I changed it up though and also made it into a cookie :)

  43. emma says:

    My appetite is generally governed by my blummin hormones… get it waaaay too easy! At least we get to eat more chocolate…after all our body totally needs it!

  44. Haha – I’m always hungry no matter the day or season! :)

    Awwww…… Henry is SO cute!

  45. Kathleen says:

    Congrats on the honor girl!!! 😀

    Yum! Snickerdoodles for breakfast is right up my alley! :)

  46. Yes I do feel hungrier when I do not exercise! I also feel more or less hungry depending on my hormones. How lovely it must feel to be a man–hungry and even-tempered all the time.

  47. BroccoliHut says:

    Ditto to that! I’ve been suffering from what I call a serious case of BPS–Bottomless Pit Syndrome. I’ve been filling the void with handfuls of granola:)

  48. I hear you, lately I just can’t stop eating! It is funny that you mention it, as today is my day off and I have been wanting to eat more. The body needs to refuel!

  49. Namaste Gurl says:

    Exercise is an exercise suppressant, so it diminishes your appetite. I’m with you in feeling hungrier on non- exercising days. Whenever I run, bike or do other physical activities, my appetite fades. I sure prefer the later- feeling my actual hunger!

  50. I’m usually hungrier on rest days too. I’m never hungry right after a run, usually later, but the huge appetite doesn’t set in until the next day!

  51. Alyson says:

    You know? I have the same appetite problem from time to time! Like the other day, I could just not stop myself from eating carbs… Like every time I turned a corner, there was Aly picking away at some bread and hummus… Yikes! My goal for this coming week…? Much less processed and refined carbs, and more nutritious yum-yums! That’s going to be hard, but I think I can manage it!
    As far as being hungrier when I don’t exercise? That happens to me all the time! Whenever I’m not fit and in shape, I tend to eat more than I do when I am working out 5-6 days a week. Maybe it’s just because I’m more in tune with my body and really know what I need/don’t need. An interesting thing, to say the least! :)
    Yum yum yum, oats! 😀

  52. Serena says:

    i also find i am hungrier when i don’t exercise, but only if i’m in the habit of exercising.
    for instance if i regularly exercise and take a day off, i’d be hungrier on my day off…but if i’m not exercising regularly and exercise one day, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    also, i am WAY hungrier in the winter.

  53. rachel says:

    snickerdoodle oatmeal sounds amazing!
    i don’t really notice a change in my appetite when i do or don’t exercise. maybe because i don’t exercise as much as i should…. 😉

  54. Lauren says:

    I am definitely trying your Snickerdoodle Oatmeal!!!

  55. Melissa says:

    I’m hungry all the time.

    Most hungry I’ve ever been was after my first marathon.
    I just kept tossing food in my stomach and it was like I was eating AIR. Nothing was touching how empty and hungry I felt. I ate ALL DAY and finally felt (over) full at midnight. It was wacky as hell!

    Second marathon I was super hungry but felt really sick to my stomach all day. :( So I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted – I didn’t even finish my pint of Coconut Bliss (haha). Luckily, I woke up ravenous and made up for it the day after the race. 😉

  56. Cat says:

    Interesting point about exercise being an appetite suppressant! I find myself hungrier on days that I don’t run/workout as well oddly. I used to think it was me not fueling properly or something, but it happens no matter how much or little I eat on a workout day. Point in case – after the Boston Marathon last year I really wasn’t so hungry and had only eaten an almond butter packet and a banana before the race. I fueled after throughout the day because I knew I had too, not so much out of raging hunger… the next day though? All I could think about was food and how to get it in my mouth!

  57. I feel like I’m WAY hungrier when I don’t work out. Idk why. Henry has a great coat

  58. Heather says:

    I would definitely say that I have a larger appetite during the winter. It makes sense though, since our ancestors needed to pack on extra weight in the winter to keep warm. In the summer, I spend so much time outdoors doing different activities that I tend to forget to eat!

  59. I definitely think I’m hungrier and snackier in teh winter, but I can eat my weight in berries during the summer 😉 lol…

  60. PersonalTrainer CB says:

    Hi! I don’t think exercise is an appetite suppressant, I think that what happens is that on rest days your body is recovering and needs the extra energy to refuel. Usually after exercise the muscles arent relaxed enough to receive food as they are on your rest days.