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Magic Breakfast Pudding

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I’m loving the beautiful weather. It’s weird to think last week was –4 and today will reach over 80 degrees. Warm weather does not mean I give up my beloved breakfast grain bowls; I just eat them cold! (Actually, I eat cold oatmeal in winter too. I’m strange like that.)


Today’s brekkie was a twist on my Blueberry Muffin in a Bowl.

And I ate it outside, in the sunshine!!


(Yes, I had other foods to go with my bulgur. And no, the fabric flower was not one of them.)

Magic Breakfast Pudding

(serves 1)

  • 1/3 cup dry bulgur (40g) (I use light, as opposed to dark) (You can also make this pudding with oats.) 
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 cup water (240-260g) (Or more, if using oats)
  • 2 tbsp (or more, if desired) nondairy creamer (I use Silk)
  • toppings of choice (today I went with cacao nibs)
  • optional sweetener (When I make this for others, I use 1 pack stevia or 1T sugar)
  • 3 drops coconut extract… a.k.a. magic drops (with oats, I use 6 drops)

Cook your bulgur, with the salt, in the water. (I like to cook mine the day before, so breakfast comes together much more quickly.)

Here’s a good tutorial: How to Cook Bulgur.

Right before eating, add remaining ingredients and stir. I like to pulse mine in the magic bullet a few times. You could also use a blender or hand blender… or omit the blending entirely!)


Question of the Day:

What’d you have for breakfast today?

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Albizia says:

    I had almost frozen overnight oats and I don’t care about the snow outside :) .

    By the way, your hair is gorgeous. With or without freshly cut ends.

    1. Awww I *heart* you! And lol tell this to my mom. She bugs me every day about my ends… but she has a point. It’s been way too long since my last haircut. I just never find time!

      1. Yvette says:

        Can you tell me if you can sprinkle bulgur wheat on cold cereal or does it have
        to be cooked? Thank you.


  2. Tricia says:

    Lol cereal. With peanut butter and banana 😛

  3. Courtney says:

    I had Kashi Go-Lean cereal with bananas, raisins, and pecan pieces, mixed with greek yogurt. My sister waled by and of course looked disgusted and said, “Ew, you don’t put milk on your cereal?” I would just like to point out that she doesn’t have the best taste herself; her go-to breakfast is plain Cheerios and milk. Yawn.

    1. Haha you’re right; yours sounds way more fun!!

  4. Stefanie says:

    Oatmeal cooked with apple sauce, almond milk and an apple. The warmer weather is a nice change of pace.

  5. This morning for breakfast I had Carrot Cake Overnight Oats. 😀

  6. I had a cereal combo! Oatmeal Squares and Special K topped with half a banana. It was lovely :) I love your blog, lady!

  7. Cat says:

    Don’t laugh… I had butternut squash fries and pita with earth balance. Not quite brekkie, but who cares!

    1. I’d never laugh at butternut squash for brekkie! A few days ago, I had kabocha in mine :). So it sounds like a good idea to me!

  8. is that just pure coconut extract? I’ve used coconut extract before and it tasted so… alcohol like?

    1. Normally, I use pure extracts (peppermint, vanilla, almond). But for some reason, I like the Archer Farms artificial coconut one best. I know artificial is full of chemicals… but it’s not like I use the whole bottle in a sitting lol ;).
      Edit: I checked the label, and the ingredients are coconut flavoring and glycerin, so I guess there’s no alcohol in the one I use.

  9. Coconut extract is so amazing.. it adds so much flavor to things..

  10. Gen says:

    I had oatmeal that I made last night and left in the fridge overnight. This morning I mixed in honey, milk and some instant coffee. Sooo amazing!!!!! =D

    1. Leslie says:

      Love instant coffee in oats! Best ever!

      1. Never tried that – but I might have to, thanks!

  11. Miriam says:

    Great breakfast idea! I have been wanting to try bulgur but couldn’t find ways to get it into my diet. This is interesting. I just found your blog and noticed the stuff about weight/diet. I can totally relate as a runner and always being called too skinny etc when I was younger. It made me feel really bad! Today, as a vegetarian, people love to comment about how I need to get some meat on my bones.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I am going to become a regular reader of your blog and love the vegan ideas, I’m trying to cut dairy out of my diet!

    1. Ugh, I’m sending you hugs, because I know it’s no fun hearing “just eat a steak!” all the time lol. And I’m so glad to “meet” you :).

      1. When I did my vegan week for work, all everyone kept saying was “you’re thin enough already” with really disapproving looks; weird how everyone assumes isn’t it?!
        They changed their tunes when I took vegan chocolate cakes in on the Friday though :-)
        Sorry for hijacking other people’s comments Katie!

        1. Oh my gosh, no don’t be sorry!!! One of my absolute FAVORITE things about my readers is that y’all are starting to comment not just to me, but to each other as well. It’s fantastic! :)

  12. Gina says:

    So jealous of your weather! It’s snowing my way, which hindered my outdoor running plans!

    & girl, you are crazy! Your hair is gorgeous :)

    1. You are my new best friend ;).

  13. Sarah says:

    I really enjoy reading about your breakfast ideas. I had my current usual this morning: a whole wheat bagel, toasted and spread with a wedge of garlic herb laughing cow, 2 eggs, and a side of pumpkin puree. Plus a cup of coffee.

  14. Jennifer JCD says:

    Looks yummy! My post-workout (because it’s a holiday and I didn’t want to run in the cold) breakfast this morning was a sliced frozen banana, some frozen blueberries, and a sprinkle of Kamut flakes topped with some soy milk. Frozen fruit + unsweetened soy milk is one of my favourite breakfasts, even in winter. Weird, I know. 😉

    1. We can be weird together; you with your frozen fruit, and me with my cold oats ;).

    2. Jules says:

      Mmmm- frozen bananas are sooo good! I’ve never tried frozen blueberries, but frozen blackberries are pretty yummy, so I might have to try blueberries soon. :-)

  15. I had a protein shake: almond milk, protein powder, scoop of PB, chia seeds, 1/2 banana and ice!

    I wish my hair would grow nice and long like yours — I have to keep mine shoulder length or so or it looks very thin and scraggly :(

    1. lol I feel like mine looks scraggly! But maybe that’s because I compare it to my sister who has three times the amount of hair of anyone else I know! (Of course, it comes at a price: it takes her 40 minutes to blow it dry!)

      1. I have always wanted super thick long hair — I think the one way that will ever happen is if I get a wig!

        1. Ok, honestly? I’ve thought about it… I even got that Paris Hilton bandit thing. Word of advice: don’t get it! lol it looks so bad!

  16. I had oatmeal for breakfast today :) Topped with goji berries, cacao nibs, and coconut cream….so kinda like a twist on your brekkie! And my second bfast was a kiwi with pumpkin pancakes and coconut butter :)

    P.S I need a major haircut, too! Blech :/

  17. look at those gorgeous photos! i love it. also i’m jealous of your weather.. it just snowed about 5 inches here, the gorgeous warm weather on friday was such a tease :( have a great day love!

    1. That happened to us a few weeks ago! It went from 75 to -4 in two days. Mother Nature sure has mood swings, huh? 😕

  18. carolinebee says:

    Your hair looks gorg!! I can def relate to your health struggles post…how lucky we are to have such loving friends and family to look out for us :) It was hard, but I’m honestly such a stronger and healthier person for having gone through it!!

  19. beccky says:

    Banana,orange and kale postworkout smoothie. Was nearly cocoa-infused thoughh :)

  20. Alyssa says:

    I had banana and cocoa almond pancakes… I actually wasnt a fan though! So i also had half of a bagel with some better n peanut butter!

  21. Kathleen says:

    This morning I had my favorite! Spiced Apple Pie Oats! 😀 I need to give bulgar a try! It sounds delicious!

  22. Leslie says:

    I kept it simple this am: cereal and soymilk. With a few banana slices :).

  23. devdev says:

    i have never had bulger for breakfast!
    that looks so good!! i need to try that! nom

  24. I had a big bowl of protein oats after a good workout. Always hits the spot!

    Also, glad to hear no one was negative about your post although BP conditions and what not are definitely not something to poke judgement at. Guess you never know, though..

    1. Oh lol you don’t know the crazy anons I sometimes get! They find things in the most benign posts… like my red velvet pancake post! It’s funny, actually!

  25. Namaste Gurl says:

    I had cinnmon- quinoa porridge for breakfast this morning. Warming, nourishing and delicious. People don’t realize the other yummy breakfast grains, besides oats. Sad indeed…

    1. Leslie says:

      I love quinoa for breakfast :).

  26. Cinnamon apple oats! I love them!

  27. The coconut extract sounds ah-mazing!
    I had a microwave bean brownie and mocha yogurt for breakfast. I topped my brownie with banana “butter” inspired by your recipe!

  28. Jess says:

    I had compound breakfast; I went crazy with the homemade larabar recipes (when I’m bored, I either eat, cook, or read fanfiction), so since I had so many of those, I had a cookie dough one, followed by an actual jumbo cinnamon roll, and jasmine oolong about half an hour later. I felt so guilty about it that I tried the treadmill in intervals, and felt like my sternum was going to crack, I’m just terrible with running, lol.

    1. I’m intrigued by the idea of a jasmine larabar! Cool!

  29. eatandrun says:

    Your breakfast looks way better than the boring one I had!

  30. DANG what a drastic weather change! ahah!!.. its cold here still.. BOO. send some heat please!? kay cool
    wow ive never tried bulgur! esp for breakfast!— today i had sun warrior oatbran/oats.. with nut butter.. i RARELY change my breakfasts up… actually i never do. .i just cant think that early in the morning!

    1. I’ll send some warmth… but you should just come visit instead. And bring your brownies because lazy me hasn’t gotten around to making them yet!

  31. I’ve never had bulgur, but you sure make it look TASTY! :)

    I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. In the midst of IF right now, but planning on having roasted chicken + sweet potatoes in a short while.

  32. Girl, you’re SO cute!!! :)
    I love bulgar!!!! I must try your breakfast version!
    I had mango-curry oats this morning – YUM!

    1. Woah, that sounds like the coolest brekkie ever! Mango curry. Love your taste buds!

  33. I need more cacao nibs in my life… those little bits look so delectable!

  34. I love bulgur but haven’t tried it for breakfast. Looks great! I had oatmeal today. Original, huh? :-)

    1. Sometimes boring is much more yumlicious than fancy-schmancy, ya know? 😉

  35. I dont think you need a haircut at all! I love your long locks! Bulgar…I never cook with it but it looks delish!

    Glad your post yesterday brought out only the BEST of comments and support…that’s wonderful and what great reassurance to yes, post what we are feeling, living, going through, even if it’s a little scary…b/c in the end, it WILL be okay :)

    Have a great week, Katie!

  36. Anja says:

    I had oatmeal with cinnamon and nuts…lol looks as if I´m not the only one^^ But surprisingly oatmeal is not very popular here in Germany. Most guys my age think it´s old-fashioned and doesn´t taste good….so thank you for getting me to give it a try, Katie, it is soo amazing that it became my everyday breakfast :)
    But I have to admit that your Bulgur looks also very tasty…maybe I should give it try too!^^

    1. Haha most people here (outside of the health foodie world) think it’s boring and unappealing too!

  37. Picky Nicky says:

    I also had a grain bowl for brekkie :) It was a quinoa and strawberry one! Oh, and I’m also due for a haircut lol I have an appointment for next week COME WITH ME 😀

  38. Your hair looks GREAT! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the pic 😀
    I’ve never had bulgur, I’ve searched and searched but can’t seem to find it in any of the stores around here. Boo.

    1. I *heart* you. Haha but it’s been… 6 months? Maybe more. Yikes. lol

  39. I love reading other people’s breakfasts – I’m so nosy! Mine was jumbo oats porridge with banana and coconut cream, yummmm. I prefer cold oats too and I always have my cereal without milk :-)

  40. My breakfast is the same pretty much every morning. Bran flakes cereal with a tbsp of cocoa powder and a packet of stevia with a unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I would live off this cereal if I could!

    O, I made not too long ago and I added a tbsp of lemon juice and some peanut butter to the mix and set it up overnight. The next day it was amazing! It was fluffy and light and just all together perfect.

    1. Oooo like peanut butter cheesecake in a bowl? You rock!

      1. Pretty much! If I could have I would have just eaten it all day.

  41. Sarah says:

    Heh, heh…oat bran, raspberries…and a sample pack of cacao bliss. HOLY. !!!!

    HOW did anything get so DELICIOUS? My mom came by, saw my chocolately creation, and had a bite from the little packet. Next thing I knew, there was my mother, eating a heaping spoonful of cacao bliss raw. Yes. It’s that good.

    1. LOL Sarah, my mom too! She’s not into healthy food at all, but she loves cacao bliss (or “mounds bar butter” as she calls it)!

  42. I had oat bran for the first time for breakfast. It was tasty, but the portion was so small! Do you think your ‘voluminous oats’ trick would work with oat bran? Now that I’ve tried it, I don’t think I can go back to regular oats :)

  43. Elle says:

    i’m jealous it’s so warm where you are! it’s still so cold here, ugh.
    i had oat bran with cocoa powder, cinnamon, a spoonful of pb and almond milk for breakfast this morning. that’s pretty much my breakfast every morning.. :-p

  44. Katie, sometimes I think you are a bit crazy, like most geniuses are. Because I think your hair is AMAZING and I actually have NO IDEA what you’re talking about!! I would steal your hair anyday, along with your weather and brain, k? :)

    Oh, and I am heading out first thing tomorrow morning to buy bulgar. And agar flakes. Because I am systematically making my way through every one of your amazing recipes. I love you and I can’t remember what I used to eat before I found your recipes!!

  45. katie says:

    Why oh why are you the cutest?! Love the addition of the beautiful rose next to your oat bowl! So pretty like you ; )

    I have never had bulgur, I will have to try it!

    Love u!

    1. Love u right back, fellow Katie ;).

  46. Groff's Girl says:

    That sounds yummy!! I wonder if I can get Bulgar over here…I might just have to order it like the rest of the stuff I get! Today I had Overnight Oats with a splash of Choco Soy milk, 1tsp Wax Orchard’s Oh Fudge, strawberries, a banana and PB2 powder all mixed together….heaven in my mouth!!!!
    Glad you are feeling self assured with everyone’s support, it is so rewarding to know you have people who stand behind you and will always cheer you on :)

    1. That sounds like heaven in a bowl lol!

  47. Delicious breakfast Katie! 😀
    Today, all humbleness aside, I had a really, really good Cake Batter Smoothie. Not vegan at all, but delicious! :-)

  48. I just read your post on your health scare. Every time I think about how deteriorated my body was at one point from my ED, I am reminded that I never want to be in that position again and that I took my LIFE (literally) for granted. I was lucky to have recovered from being at such an unhealthy state, but who’s to say I’d be lucky enough another time around? Every day I set an intention to make sure I am taking care of my needs– and WANTS.

    It was brave of you to post such a personal story, I’m glad it was well received

  49. I had baked banana bread oatmeal! It was amazing!

    I’ve never cooked bulgar before, but I’ve been curious to try it. Thanks for the recipe!

  50. mmmm coconut drops?! omg i want it to be sunny/warmer here. we got like 5 inches of snow today! HELP!

  51. Alyssa says:

    Katie, question for you!! Do use a special camera setting or photo editing software to get your photos to look the way they do? They get a bit foggy or whimsical looking on the edges…love it!

    1. Aw, thanks Alyssa! I seriously know squat about cameras… I wish I knew how to work manual settings and stuff like that. F stop, aperture, macro lenses… someday I will learn about all that! Right now, I do try and blur the background with adobe photoshop if I get a second. And usually I up the brightness/contrast as well, since the walls, furniture, AND counters of my house are all YELLOW! With a capital Y! hehe

  52. Katie – your recipes are out of this world! Seriously if I could hire anyone to be my personal chef for life it would be you – all you would have to make is chocolate and oatmeal and coconut anything and we’d be set for life!

    1. LOL I’d be the worst personal chef… I’d want to eat all the food (especially the chocolate) before serving it. Sadly, this also means I probably should never open up my own cupcakery, which would’ve been fun ;).

  53. Moni'sMeals says:

    like the sounds of this breakfast. yum!

    What a great post from yesterday Katie, you are HUGE to share. :)

    I too have a looooow heart rate and I did the whole EKG and a few other tests to be smart awhile back and of course all is well, just an athlete, that is all! :)

  54. BroccoliHut says:

    I love bulgur but never thought to make it for breakfast!
    I had savory oat bran for breakfast today:)

  55. It’s all about the oats! Today: steel-cut oats with almond milk, “melted” banana, almonds, maple syrup (just a little), and flaxseed.

  56. I had a HUUUGE smoothie in a bowl with berry amazing grass powder, banana, spinach, frozen cherries, frozen blueberries, and tons of different cereals and granolas on top! It was delicious but it left me freezing! I still have goosebumps! 😉

  57. Allison says:

    Yum, this is a great idea!

  58. Oh I miss bulgur~it’s so good and chewy hehe. You kind of remind me of like–a classy character in oldie movies! (that’s supposed to be a good thing btw) 😛

    1. hahahahaha thanks! Do I get to marry a cute old handsome actor? Like Cary Grant? 😉

  59. lindsey says:

    I had overnight oats layered with a green smoothie. i’m totally addicted to the warm and cold combination!

  60. VEGirl says:

    GF oatmeal with frozen blueberries and blackberries (my grandma grows them and freezes them! I’m at her house right now :)) and pecans. Also had a piece of tortilla with coconut butter as an afterthought to get me thought the three and a half hours of grocery shopping.

    Gorgeous photos, girlie! Stunning, actually.

    1. Aww thank you! I’m really getting into it!
      P.S. YOUR photos are stellar, as I tell you often. You should submit them to :).

  61. Sophie says:

    For breakfast I had roasted pumpkin blended into oats with allspice, vanilla, a pinch of brown sugar and coconut oil. Mmmmm

    1. Oh wow, that does sound good!

  62. Serena says:

    Are the coconut drops sweet or do they just give everything a coconutty flavor? So curious :)

    1. They’re just like vanilla extract or almond extract… except essence of coconut!
      (So no, not really sweet)

  63. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if they sell the “cacao nibs” at Walmart?

  64. Sarah says:

    this is SO good!! i had it before my workout in the morning and it tasted delicious with the coacoa nibs and i felt completely full. i used 1/2cup soy milk and 1/2 cup water. super creamy & dish

  65. Casey says:

    Question about the cold oatmeal- Do you cook it and then refrigerate it overnight to get it cold? I had some cold oatmeal when I was in Guatemala and it was DELICIOUS. Made with real apples and cinnamon. I say “real” because those were fresh chunks of apple, not some dried stuff from a box. It was SO good. But it was also cold! I was served it in someone’s home and took a bite expecting it to be hot and yet it was cold. Not room temp, but actually cold. At first I found this odd, then found i really liked it. Plus the texture was a bit different, but I’m certain it was oats. I’ve tried to find a recipe for it every since I returned, but no such luck. Do you ever eat apple cinnamon oatmeal? Do you prefer rolled oats? Steel cut (still not tried these myself.) Love the blog! :)

    1. Yes, I make it the night before. And I do prefer rolled, although steel-cut are good too! :)

  66. Carolyn says:

    I had nothing.
    Bad I know but I’m sick and my appetite’s way off.
    Essentially all I’ve eaten for four days is soup…

  67. Nancy Nurse says:

    Katie or anyone??? Does anyone know where I can buy Archer Farms Coconut Flavoring? I live in Ireland but will be coming to the states (Naples, Fl) in ten days. Desperate to find it! Thank you!