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But first, I have to share:

My sister’s response to yesterday’s post: @ChocCoveredKt Thanks for discussing my consonant mispronunciation on your blog. But stutters are cool now thanks to Colin Firth!

I *heart* my sister. She is too funny! Below, little sister, when she couldn’t say my name:


And me, when I used to bite her.

Luckily, I’m wiser now. I’ve learned chocolate tastes much better than little sisters!

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Super sweeeet baby pic! I love seeing what people looked like when they were tiny 🙂 I’m going to nominate you right now! You definitely deserve to be on that list! You’re a treasure, Katie. Thanks for being you and doing what you do. I’m so happy that I discovered the blog world and found you and your blog! 🙂

    1. Hela says:

      This is exactly what I was about to say 🙂
      I really hope you will win! Fingers crossed!

  2. Disturbed says:

    You are nominated by me 🙂

  3. Valerie says:

    Katie, I think you way underestimate how popular your blog is! I brought up your blog the other day, and it turned out that two other people in the room read it too!

    And I think you have a real shot at this, and I only wish I knew more people to help spread the word to. Because how awesome would it be to have VEGAN representation in a mainstream magazine like that? They’re always forgetting us vegans. And I think your blog, of all the blogs, would be the best one out there to represent both “vegan” and “health” because you epitomize vegan, healthy living whereas it’s usually one or the other. I know I was NOT a healthy vegan until I started reading your blog. I basically lived off of soy ice cream, vegan rella, and boca burgers! So your blog has had a huge impact on my life, and now the lives of my kiddos as well! They love reading!

    As I said, I only wish I knew more people to tell. 🙁

    I’ll tweet it, but I wish I were bigger in the vegan community, like with the Post Punk Kitchen or something, because it’d be great if the vegan community could come together and help you get on the list. There aren’t very many of us out there, but as a group, we can have a huge impact!

    1. abby says:

      + 1 to this. it’d be so cool to see a vegan up there, and even cooler if that vegan was my favorite healthy, happy katie! you certainly inspired me to be healthier. i was deep in the throes of anorexia until i started reading your blog. as i’ve told you many times, you basically saved me. single handedly. i love you, katie!!!

  4. Katie, you are just such a sweetheart! Of course I’ll vote for you– I mean how could you not vote for someone who incorporates chocolate and health in her everyday life?!

    Keep smiling, and be confident! You’re a rock star 🙂

  5. Good luck, Katie! You totally deserve it!

  6. K…done:) This is what I wrote…hope it’s fitting…”a very charming and spirited look into one woman’s journey through fitness and food using her experience of the healing through vegan eating.”

  7. i TOTALLY understand what your saying but it does not apply in any way to this because you actually DESERVE this and you SHOULD get it and that is why its VERY IMPORTANT TO SPREAD the WORD!!! ive voted so many times and WILL keep doing so!!! (i have like 10 different email accounts from middle school- oh those days!)

  8. AHH YES!!! it works even if you make up an email address… not that i did that or anything….

    1. LOL! I have a bunch of old email addresses too… don’t even remember the passwords. My first-ever email address was something like 🙂

      1. carlee says:

        But not that you would keep that name because you don’t eat cheese anymore 😉

  9. I will definitely nominate you!! I love your blog! I completely understand what you are saying though, I have just started my blog up and right now I really only have family and friends who look at it! I would love to have more…….. so please check my blog out! 🙂

    1. I will definitely check it out! And don’t worry at all that you don’t have a billion followers yet. When I started blogging, I had one. And that one was me! 😉

  10. nominated you!! good luck!

  11. Stefanie says:

    You have my vote. You deserve it because you are such a caring person. Your blog shows that just because you are vegan, you can still enjoy great food.

  12. Elizabeth A. says:

    I just nominated you. You’re one of the few blogs that I read daily. You come up with some awesome vegan recipes, and I love the tone you write in. How awesome would it be if a vegan blog got picked? I’m excited now.

    1. Even if it’s not me, I really hope they include a vegan!

  13. Mona says:

    I will most DEFINATELY nominate you!!
    I think the way you incorporate chocolate (and coconuts. :D) with a healthy life is what everyone in this world should follow. 🙂
    And you should always dream BIG! No need to deny yourself of the possibilities of being on that magazine!! (^.^)

  14. I’m totally going to nominate you!!! You are the best and you deserve it! 😀 Even if you don’t get it, you are a winner in my eyes. 🙂


    1. Aw, and even if I don’t win, I FEEL like I’ve won, thanks to all these sweet comments from amazing people like you (and everyone else who commented!). Thank you so much!

  15. Hannah says:

    I voted for you….with every email address that I have (which is a lot, haha)

  16. Helen says:

    Katie – yes you DO deserve to be on there. Your recipes bring health to a whole new level. Delicious, easy recipes that really ARE good for us. All presented in a very enthusiastic, genuine fashion. I am nominating you.

  17. Allison says:

    Nominated by me! Anyone who brings as much positivity to people’s lives as you radiate daily deserves to be recognized!

  18. Lisa says:

    Been following for about 2 weeks now. Love your blog! I found your through another blog I read. Nominated you- good luck! I have been veganish for about a year and am excited to try more of your food!

    1. Aw, I’m so glad you found me!

  19. Lindsey in CO says:

    Nominated!! And I swear I tell someone about your site at least once a day 🙂

    1. Thanks Lindsey, that means so much to me!

  20. Lisa C. says:

    Girl! Wha??? You are DEFINITELY one of the big bloggers! I nominated you, and I even nominated you a second time using my husband’s address ;).

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