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Vegan Greek Yogurt… in stores!

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Ooh-la-la… lactobacillus!

As someone who went vegan before the Greek yogurt craze hit, I never had the chance to try Greek yogurt. So even though I never missed the taste, I did wonder why everyone was so crazy for the sour-smelling stuff! (No, I’m not allergic to dairy, so I could technically take a taste if I wanted to do so.)

However, awhile back, I wrote more about why I chose not to stray from veganism.

vegan greek yogurt

Thanks to So Delicious, vegans can now have their Coconut Greek Yogurt and eat it too: Chocolate, Plain, Strawberry, Vanilla, Raspberry & Blueberry!

Other new vegan products on the horizon:





More on these, and other new products, here: New Product Alerts!

Moving on to not-so-happy news:

Most of y’all have probably heard about the magnitude-8.9 earthquake that hit Japan yesterday, killing over 1,000 people. Obviously, a lot of help is going to be needed! It can be so tempting to get overwhelmed, say “How sad,” and then go back to your daily life. But please please don’t! Especially in this Lenten season, try to do something to help. (I’m betting God will consider it a greater Christian sacrifice than giving up sweets! ;))

Will you join me???

I’m going to send some of this month’s blog proceeds to relief organizations.

(Side note: It’s important to pick a reputable charity! Do NOT just give money to someone you don’t know; it’s horrible, but people take advantage of tragedy to run scams.) The American Red Cross and Salvation Army (both of which are accredited by the Better Business Bureau) have announced ways to donate to the relief cause by texting. Donors can text “Japan” to 80888 to donate $10 to Salvation Army efforts.  They can visit for terms and conditions and should respond “Yes” to a “Thank you” message they receive. Donors can text “Redcross” to 90999 to donate the same amount to that organization. Donations can also always be made online to or

And be grateful every single day. Go cuddle with someone you love. Me, I choose to hug these two troublemakers:

Thing One and Thing Two
Faces that could turn even the Grinch’s heart to (vegan) butter!


Who are you currently cuddling?
A child? A boyfriend? A bowl of oatmeal?

(Hey, I won’t judge…)

If ya can’t wait ’til May, here’s a recipe for Vegan Greek Yogurt

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  1. THAT IS SO SO AWESOME about coconut greek yogurt- i mean it sucks cuz i wont be able to get it.. but when in the states this summer ill try to grab one to try!.. that is so so sweet- I’m gna go look into the options i can do for donating in the UK.. currently cuddling my dog + peanut butter.. we both share the pb love!

  2. I became a vegan pre-Greek yoghurt too!! So I don’t feel like I’m missing out, but those yoghurts do look SO good!! And vegan frozen pizza?! I’ve definitely never seen THAT in the UK! 😛

    You are absolutely the SWEETEST girl ever Katie!! I love that you’re highlighting this and donating your own profits!! I’ve just donated to the British Red Cross to help Japan, and am praying for them. You are actually one of the kindest and most generous people I know 🙂 I am virtually hugging YOU!

    1. Well, I think YOU are one of the sweetest people I know. So can I hug you back? Pretty please? 🙂

  3. Kristen says:

    Very cool about the greek yogurt! I’ve never had the chance of trying it, either; I suppose now (if I ever run across it) I will be able to.

    I intend on donating some of my “charity fund” to help out those affected by the earthquake/tsunami/other related disasters.

  4. Freya says:

    That is briiliant greek yogurt news! It’s just…I don’t think that company are in England :'( Le sigh!!
    I love what you’re doing to raise money – that’s a great idea 🙂

  5. Tessa says:

    This is crazzzzy! I haven’t eaten cows milk in years and have opted for goats yogurt as my yogurt of choice. But recently can to the conclusion that my stomach didn’t agree with goat’s products. So, this past week I’ve been trying alternative yogurts and haven’t been supper happy about any of them. I AM SO EXCITED THAT SO DELICIOUS CAME OUT WITH THIS NEW PRODUCT! Ahh! Can’t wait until it arrives at Whole Foods! :o) Thanks for sharing

  6. Looks like some great treats coming out soon! I am currently cuddling all 3 of my boys. We did movie night at home last night and it was such a comfort having them all safe with me. I think during hard times, it is important to appreciate what you have and not take for granted that your loved ones are with you.

  7. Lisa says:

    ooh that vegan amy’s pizza looks so good- cant wait to try it!!

    1. Now, if only it were gluten free! I can’t wait to try the greek coconut yogurt. I have been hounding them to make sour cream since their kefir(now called cultured coconut milk) is sour like sour cream and buttermilk, but way too thin. I have used it to make my own at home by adding xanthan gum to the original flavor kefir to thicken and adding a tiny bit of salt for flavor, yummy!

  8. Bethany says:

    Yay! Now I can have Greek yogurt again! I’m so excited!

  9. Cat says:

    I’m so happy to hear you’re donating your proceeds to the earthquake/tsunami. I feel like so many people over in the states feel disconnected from that stuff and just push it out of their minds bc it doesn’t directly affect them. If I were in their spot I’d certainly be praying for help from all over though! I will def be donating to Americares – 100% of their profits go direct to aid efforts, while many organizations only donate 80-90% because of operating costs.

    On another note – so excited for vegan greek yogurt!!! I will have to start checking all of my specialty stores for that! Where did you find that? And omg… daiya cheese pizza??? YESSS!!

  10. Cat says:

    P.S. your mint chocolate chip milkshake recipe = AMAZING!

  11. Lyza says:

    I’m such a dork, but I started crying this morning when I saw the news about Japan. It just bothers me so much. All morning I’ve been researching ways to change the world and take action, and I’m trying to figure out what to do/decide which org. would be the best to donate to. I just can’t believe how many disasters they’ve experienced in less than a 24 hour time period. It must be dreadful!!

    I’m so thrilled you are using your blog to make a positive difference. 🙂

    I’m also thrilled there is FINALLY going to be a vegan greek yogurt in America. About dang time!! 😛

  12. Lauren says:

    AHHH that’s so exciting about the yogurt!!! I tried greek yogurt for the first time like a week before I went dairy-free..shouldn’t have done that, it was so delicious that now I think about it all the time!!! Can’t wait until this comes out in stores! 🙂

  13. mint chocolate coconut milk, oh my! while i’ve been dabbling w/ veganism for a while now, i may finally give it a (real) go!!

  14. I am currently cuddling a big smoothie — I just got done running 11 miles so I need it!

    Katie that is great that you donating some money — and thanks for the reminder to donate to reputable charities — The American Red Cross is always a good one!

  15. No. freaking. way. Girl I am practically PEEING myself right now, I have been waiting for vegan greek yogurt for way too long!! My day has just been made!!:)

  16. Bridget says:

    this just made my life…

  17. THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! 😀 I have been waiting for them to come out with a VEGAN Greek Yogurt! I am so excited!


  18. shannonmarie says:

    I’m currently cuddling my kids. I just posted my little girl eating a raw cupcake topped with some Naughty Girl Butter ( I mentioned you and linked to your site. I hope you don’t mind. Your version is far more simply than what I’ve done similarly in the past (

  19. I cuddle my little cat back at home. I absolutely love her she is adorable and fits right next to me when we sleep.

  20. bitt of raw says:

    wow I’d be interested to try the greek nondairy yogurt. no idea why people are so obsessed with the stuff. i’d love to try the dandies bunnies too–are those like peeps? I tried googling them but haven’t’ seen them. where did you hear about them?

    I feel helpless in situations like this because I dont have the money to give to them. i try to just give a little to small local organizations at times like this. sadly when big earthquakes and so forth happen, they suffer too because funds get diverted. i feel like my dollar goes farther when it’s a small organization and I feel better having met the people who use it.

    1. Do you follow @vegnews on twitter? I happened to catch their Greek yogurt tweet yesterday. It prompted me to look at their twitter profile, which mentioned all these new things! Yeah, they’re supposedly like vegan peeps. I hated peeps when I was little (They weren’t chocolate!!), but I’d still be interested to try these… just because I CAN, ya know? 😉

      1. bitt of raw says:

        finally tracked it down. i know a lot of people who won’t go vegan for little things like peeps so i love that they have them. i hope they come to seattle!

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