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Honey, I shrunk the Reeses

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They’re now perfect for your training bra!

I love playing jokes.

This year, I spared you all (You’re welcome!), but my poor real-life friends were not so lucky…


Yesterday, three friends came over for some homemade Vegan Reeses Cups.


I started by melting a frozen PMS Chocolate Bar into mini liners.

(You can use any chocolate bar.)


Then, instead of adding peanut butter, I opted for my favorite Cashew Butter.

The resulting little guys were amaze! That’s right: amaze. So good, plain amazing just wouldn’t cut it. Mini cashew-butter 32-C cups!!!


For a specific recipe, see this post: 32-C Chocolate Cups.

But wait, what about the joke?? Ah yes… well, you see, one of the mini cups was not filled with cashew butter.

There’s Mustard in my Reeses!

One of my friends was unfortunate enough to bite into a mustard-filled mini reeses. (I thought about filling them all with mustard… but honestly, what a waste of chocolate that would’ve been!) It was so funny, because she’s the type of girl who never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. So rather than spit it right out, she kept eating the offending morsel, trying not to grimace. After a few bites, though, I had to tell her. She could not stop laughing!

Did you play any April Fools jokes?
Or did anyone else play one on you, yesterday?

Normally, I’m proud of the fact that it’s very hard to trick me on April Fools Day. (Maybe this is just because my family thinks of ridiculous jokes. Um, snow in Texas in April? Yeah, like I’m going to fall for that!) But yesterday, I think I fell for every single joke I saw on Twitter, from “Paula Deen is a vegan!” to “So-and-so blogger is moving!” to “So-and-so blogger is giving up blogging.” Yup, I fell for them all. So ashamed… lol.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know: I’m pregnant.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Jojo says:

    Haha, love the prank you played on your friends! It’s funny when only one person gets the mustard one, especially when your other friends are saying how good they are 😀 Those 32-C cups look delish, haha that sounds so wrong. But cashew has to be my favorite nut, so I’ll have to make these!
    I’m not a prankster, but I did try to fool one of my friends yesterday. We were planning on going out to eat to celebrate her birthday, and I told her in a serious tone, that I didn’t feel like going out that night. Now, she knows that I love eating, so she got all worried and asked me why. And I was like, “because….. it’s APRIL FOOLS!” :D:D:D

  2. emily says:

    great prank, Katie!
    btdubs, these look really good! i just need to stock up on coconut oil, so i can make some. :)

  3. HA I would’ve totally falled for your preganant one!! I am SO bad- I fall for every joke!! Mainly cos I totally forgot it was April Fools, so I believed EVERYTHING!! 😛

    And I think I’m going to make those TONIGHT. This is obviously a theme. You post a recipe, I make it an hour or so later, and lie in a state of CCK-recipe-induced bliss :)

  4. Awe, you’re going to have a lil’ Chocolate Covered Baby :) That’s so cute….haha :)
    I’ve never heard of Cashini, but now I really want to try it! I haven’t seen it at Whole Foods. Do you buy it online? Mustard in the PB cup…yuck…but you know what? SOMEONE read that and is totally going to make it because they think it will be tasty. :)

    1. I actually got the Cashini butter as a gift from the company. It was ok… but I don’t like tahini. I like their regular cashew butter a lot, though, because it’s raw (as opposed to roasted), which gives it a totally different taste :).

  5. Angel says:

    I have a bunch of kids and life gets BUSY. They love edible pranks, but life does not always work for getting said edible pranks set up exactly ON April 1st sometimes, soooo, part of our prank is that they never know exactly when Mom is going to get around to it – just that it’ll happen. SO much fun to do, though, that we look forward to it all year.

  6. Oh gosh that would be soooo gross!! I hate mustard haha. I tricked my mom, I told the story on my blog!!! It was a good one :)

  7. LOL, great prank!! I hate mustard so that would have worked really well on me, haha. My april fools day was pretty boring.. But I did fall for a few online.. for a few minutes at least 😀

  8. I think cashew butter would be amaze (amazing) in these. I love it and it is so decadent. I fell for a couple of jokes yesterday about a friend being pregnant, but I wised up as soon as I said something to her…I felt like an idiot. Oh well, I guess it was that day!

  9. Haha. Mustard and chocolate…what a lovely combination! Glad you had some sucessful pranks. I usually go all-out on April Fool’s Day, but this year I couldn’t really think of anything so I kept telling everyone that I have a “really big prank” planned. Yes, my big prank was no prank at all. Lame, right? 😉

  10. Haha that’s so funny! Your poor friend trying to eat the mustard cup! I didn’t get any really good pranks in, but I’m making a mental note of this one for next year! 😉

  11. Gen says:

    hahahahaha how funny!!!! 😀
    Seriously, though, those cashew butter reeses sound awesome!

  12. HAHAHAHA love the mustard prank!!!!! i defi did the lttle im giving up blogging.. i thought it was so original.. but i guess that goes to show how my little bloggin experience is a wee bit obvious.. hehe

  13. katie says:

    The mustard prank was funny! I didnt think you would really make that!!!

    Now these, yeah these look good!!!!

    xoxo <3

  14. whitney says:

    Hahah! What a great joke! I hate mustard. Some times I crave it and I can only eat a tiny drop on one whole sandwich. But on chocolate? I would barf!!! You crack me up.


  15. Gina says:

    Haha love the mustard joke! Good thing you limited it to just one, that would have been a waste of great chocolate :)

  16. Kiersten says:

    That’s too funny Katie! Is it weird that I am now intrigued by the idea of chocolate and mustard together? You may be on to something. Although, I think I’d rather leave the mustard out of my PB cups.

    I didn’t play any April Fool’s jokes or get tricked too bad, but I’ll admit that I believed some of the ridiculous stories I read online. I didn’t fall for the one about Paula Dean being vegan though, that’s just too hard to believe!

    1. Sweet and salty… hey, why not? I didn’t try my friend’s rejected 1/2, but maybe I should make another one. Hmmm… nope, I’m not brave enough!

  17. Lyza says:

    I kinda forgot it was April Fool’s Day yesterday LOL, which is usually what I do every year. I’d probably be the perfect person to fool!! >.<

    How could you fall for Paula Deen going vegan?! I don't think I'd believe it even if it were true!!!! lol!!

    LOLLL and if I'd had food in my mouth, it would have been spat out at the fudge balls joke. That was HILARIOUS and I so did not expect that!! My favorite aspect of this blog is that it's so sweet but then out of nowhere you'll have some cute raunchy joke!!

  18. Omg that is tooo funny about the mustard cup….that must have tasted awful! Poor girl!

  19. Love the mustard cup — I would have done the same thing “hmmm, interesting flavor katie…” Hilarious.

    Yesterday we convinced Jason’s mom that he got a new job in FL (we’re in MN) and she totally fell for it. She was so happy for us but she looked so sad too. When we finally broke the news to her we felt so bad :( She laughed about it but we could tell she was pissed!

  20. Jess says:

    she doesn’t know what mustard tastes like? lol, i probably would have known right away. i was lucky enough not to get fooled yesterday. that was a good one though. :)

    1. I think she knew it was mustard. She just assumed it was supposed to be mustard… after all, I feed them very strange things sometimes, like raw cheesecake with zucchini hidden in there! 😉

  21. carrie says:

    Those cups look delicious!

  22. Oh my gosh, I am laughing s hard about you tricking your friend. I was wondering why you were putting mustard in chocolate when I saw that tweet yesterday!!

  23. Haha, your mustard trick made me laugh so hard!!! It reminds of the time my brother’s girlfriend and I hid sour cream under my brother’s whipped cream on his chocolate pie. He just got this strange look on his face and asked if the whipped cream tasted at all different to anyone else. The rest of us did such a good job of keeping our face’s straight! He didn’t even know until the next day when his girlfriend told him. Now he gets very suspicious when we linger in the kitchen 😉

    Only one person tried to fool me yesterday by telling me that my mom had a flat tire. Ya, it didn’t really work. :)


  24. Jen says:

    I didn’t play any good tricks yesterday! The mustard one is a good one.

    And I think it’s about time I make some 32-C cups! In my last post, I talked about how I made my own cashew butter…and I think this would be a great use for the next batch! Yum.

  25. Picky Nicky says:

    That’s actually a super good prank 😀 You’re too cute!!

  26. bitt of raw says:

    I thought about a joke for my blog but I didn’t really get into it enough this year. This was the best joke I fell for on the ‘net:

    1. bitt of raw says:

      ps; that was too cruel with the mustard!

  27. Cashew butter cups?! Girl… you are a GENIUS!!! 😀

  28. I had a dream about mini reeses!! They were spread all over the field for Easter and a ton of college kids were scrambling for them. 😛 That’sbe convenient..but I’d much rather make these!

  29. Life pranked me good yesterday. I didnt need to add any jokes to it. But I’m doing ok all things considered. I didnt fall for any blogger jokes this year, but last year i did!

    The reeses cups look…amazing! the filling makes me want to just dive into those!!

  30. Kelsey says:

    hahah that’s awesome! mustard would be SICK. what a great recipe; I bet these are so creamy with the cashew butter!

  31. Hahaha I love all of those jokes. I am so gullible. Homemade reese’s are my favorite thing on the planettt

  32. Hahaha, that’s a good trick! That’s so funny that your friend was so polite. I made brownies with pumpkin for Halloween and my friend took one bite and said something along the lines of, ‘What the hell is wrong with these?’ I thought they were good, at least :)

    1. Haha I would’ve liked them too!! Some people just don’t appreciate pumpkin like we bloggers do!

  33. Reka says:

    Awesome idea!!!!!!! Will have to try it soon! :)

  34. Kimberley says:

    Hahaha oh my gosh too funny about the mustard! Your friend is such a good sport, pretending they tasted good and everything lol

  35. McKella says:

    I’m kinda of a Scrooge for April Fools, I just lay low and hope everyone else forgets what day it is. My dad is a huge prankster though. The worst was once when I was taking a shower, he slipped into the bathroom and stole all the towels! I had to use the rug! Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever got him back for that…

  36. Tina says:

    My two older girls had been looking forward to April Fools’ Day for months as this seems to be the first year they really get it. So we had a day full of silly little jokes – so much fun! I love how you used the word “amaze” today. That’s actually our baby’s middle name – we call her Maisy for short. (All our girls have verbs for middle names – “imagine,” “promise,” and “amaze.”) So you made me smile by using that word today!

    One last thing, it seems a little silly to melt down a PMS chocolate bar to make these. When I make them (and that is quite often!), I just make a new batch of PMS chocolate and instead of spreading it into bar shapes, I put it into the cupcake liners. Seems like that might save you a few steps. Also, a tip for making the bars – I don’t like messing with plastic wrap so I throw all the ingredients into a ziploc bag, zip it and mush it all around till it’s mixed, then flatten it in the bag to freeze. Then I bang on it a bit to break it into pieces and have my chocolate all ready in a ziploc bag with no dishes to wash! How’s that for lazy!!! :)

    1. Tina says:

      I was wrong when I said one last thing! :{
      I’m one of your subscribers, but for some reason, I didn’t get this post as an email today. I was surprised not to “hear” from you today so I came to the website to see what was up only to see this post. It still hasn’t come into my email and I’ve even checked my spam folder to make sure it didn’t go there. Am I the only one this happened to? Weird, huh?

      1. Ugh. Unfortunately you’re not the only one. I didn’t realize it until you told me, though… and sadly, I know so little about computers that I don’t know what could’ve gone wrong or how to fix it :(. I can only hope it fixes itself tomorrow!!

    2. Hahaha no you’re right! Usually I don’t bother to make a bar and then re-melt it. But yesterday all I had were bars I’d already made, so I just used one of those instead of making a whole new batch. How’s THAT for lazy? 😉 😉

      I love your bag idea!

  37. Ewww, haha. I wouldn’t have been able to waste all of them, either!
    I’m not one for April Fool’s jokes… I’m not sure why. I have a sense of humor and I’m not easily offended, but I guess it was just never a tradition around here.
    My husband was talking about an April Fool’s joke post for IET for literally 6 months, and here I didn’t do a single thing. He had funny ideas, but most of them involved wasting food. I just can’t do that!!

    1. Agreed. It would’ve been so funny to make them all mustard-filled… but I just couldn’t waste the food (not to mention the money and the time it took to make them).

  38. Tara says:

    That is such a good prank!! I would love to do that to my mom. She knows my recipes are a little “weird” and is willing to try them. I’d love to see her reaction.

  39. Charissa says:

    Haha, I just did a “Reese’s” makeover post too…

    Just wanted to say that I nominated you for a little award over at my blog! Check it out there! Hugs to you!

  40. Amrita says:

    Hey Katie!
    I’m the girl from Twitter who asked about how you don’t end up broke after spending all the money you do on Vegan/Organic products. Or are awesome things like that cheaper in the states? Because things are CRAZY expensive here. Agave nectar is almost 20 bucks a bottle and coconut butter is almost 40 dollars. It’s INSANE.

    – Amrita

    1. Thanks, girl! I wrote a little bit here:

      Also, I only buy organic for certain items (like the “dirty dozen”) and make sure I know the good prices for produce. For example, I won’t buy broccoli if it’s over $1.40, and I wont’ buy asparagus if it’s over $3.99/lb because I know it sometimes sells for less. Also, I use coupons a lot!

      But I’ve never heard of coconut butter being so expensive anywhere! Can you order it online for less? Or make your own:

  41. Amrita says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post these links for me :)
    Everything here is imported,which I think is what contributes to the steep pricing I face.

    Sorry if I sound like a noob! I’m quite new to this! I’m basically a vegetarian but I still consume dairy (a lot to do with how calcium contributes to fat loss because it binds fat during digestion). So I consume things like Fat Free Yogurt and Cottage Cheese quite often. Also, I’m currently still studying (poor student!) and I sell cakes from home which means I HAVE to try at least a teaspoon of everything I sell just to make sure everything tastes fine, and this is one of the hugest obstacles in my quest to go Vegan. (I can’t possibly sell something to someone if I don’t know what it tastes like :(:( )

    Sorry for the ramble! And thank you for your frequent posting, Im sure other people like me learn lots from your lifestyle :)

    – Am

  42. Stephanie says:

    Those look so wonderful! I love your prank…mainly because it’s small and harmless and doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Now, if you had made ALL of them with mustard…that would have hurt chocolate’s feelings. Which would have been absolutely unacceptable.

    1. Oh don’t even joke about hurting chocolate’s feelings! 😉

  43. Haha….I told my mom that I didn’t want to go to college and she just about had a heart attack!!! But I made these cups before with cashew butter, too, and they are so good!!

  44. Hahah that is a great prank but I sure am glad that was not me :)

  45. Ho says:

    Okay seriously, you recipes always look SOO good! I don’t know how you stay so tiny with all those goodies all the time! You are so cute! I am going to have to make these little bad boys sometime. I am just nervous I will eat them all!

    Love you blog!

  46. Okay seriously, you recipes always look SOO good! I don’t know how you stay so tiny with all those goodies all the time! You are so cute! I am going to have to make these little bad boys sometime. I am just nervous I will eat them all!

    Love you blog!

    1. Awww lol thank you, Holley!! That means so much to me!