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Hi chocolate bunnies!

Samoas seem to have gotten the most votes yesterday (although I definitely didn’t count up the votes from all 400-ish comments!) So there’ll be Samoas cookies on the blog tomorrow!

These are a few of my favorite things…

I have a section for “popular” recipes on my recipe page.

But the popular recipes with readers aren’t necessarily the recipes I make again and again. Therefore, in today’s post, I thought I’d highlight some of those most popular with me.  I’m also adding this to my “faves” page.


Magic Breakfast Pudding


Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake

chocolate chip baked oatmeal_thumb

Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal

mushroom stroganoff_thumb[6]

High-Protein Mushroom Stroganoff

vegan cauliflower 2_thumb

Bread-Free Vegan Stuffing


Whipped Cream in a Bowl

Other dishes I make often include stir fries, salads, broccoli bowls, and my favorite carrot cake pancakes. (I have a post about those pancakes, but it’s confusing—with a lot of links. I need to update it to make it more reader-friendly!)

Question of the Day:

What are some of the dishes you make all the time?

One more of mine, that I use with the magic pudding: Voluminous Oatmeal Trick.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Tricia says:

    Cool! First comment! I make oatmeal and smoothies a lot! Lol but I try to mix it up too 😉

  2. shannonmarie says:

    Mmmm … I can see why those are your favorite things. I’m addicted to raw chocolate puddings. Yum! I haven’t met one I didn’t like :-)

  3. I make oatmeal all the time! Like mostly every day (I probably should switch it up a bit 😉 ) My second most frequent meals are you recipes! 😀


  4. Freya says:

    I make blended breakfasts and Epic Green Monsters and oatmeal a lotttt!But I do change it up slightly each time, so there is some variety!

  5. Jojo says:

    Not so much a dish, but in the summer, I make smoothies ALL THE TIME. I have at least one smoothie a day, usually with frozen banana and strawberries or peaches.
    A “real” dish I make quite frequently is Thai veggie curry. I get cans of curry paste, saute it in coconut milk, and add a ton of veggies to it. It’s so addicting and good over rice 😀

  6. Lindsey in CO says:

    I keep looking at your chocolate fudge cake recipe – one of these days I’m actually going to make it! LOL :)

    I’m a soup junkie – I can make a big pot of soup and live off of it for a good week. I’m the only veggie lover in my house so it’s a good way for me to use up all of the veggies in my fridge that might not survive another day. Then I just add a can of tomatoes, a can or two of beans, and a handful of various spices.

    Other recipes I make all of the time – vegan french toast (yum!!), grilled peanut butter and jelly, veggie chili…. since going vegan 6 weeks ago all of my faves have changed but these are the most recent ones :)

  7. oo this is a great idea to see YOUR favorites!! im pretty sure I could make an entire page with MY favorites of all of YOUR recipes!

    too many YOUR’s and MY’s in that sentence

  8. oh and im not too sure id call it a dish, but i surely make my nanners with pb WAY too often….
    other than that.. salad beasts, oatmeal and thingamabob plates!

    1. sarah says:

      lol what are thingamabob plates? sounds fun!

  9. Ahh I cannot wait for samoas its been years since ive had one which is way too long!

  10. sarah says:

    i love that raw fudge cake too! and you read my mind, because i was meaning to ask you what YOUR favorite oatmeal was. so now i’m going to go find out!

  11. Raw chocolate fudge cake looks sooooo goooooood!

    The only dish I make all the time would be a sandwich, but even that is hardly ever the same. I like variety! :)

  12. I make oatmeal every day!! Second to that would probably be hummus to put on my salads :)

  13. Emily K. says:

    I make oatmeal all the time, but the flavors aren’t always the same. But I always use your volume trick, too! :)

  14. Leslie says:

    I don’t know that I make many recipes all the time, but I do have my favorite foods that I eat over and over again. Peanut butter, salads, curries, stir fries, and definitely spaghetti! I wish you’d come cook for me!

  15. Hannah says:

    I make quinoa all the time, then I just very the toppings. Oh and I make my oats (or some variation of oats) every morning:)

  16. Megan says:

    Melted Banana Trick Oatmeal!

  17. Aimee says:

    Oh wow, why haven’t I made that fudge cake yet? Why? Honestly, I need to, right? Your photo keeps calling me! Maybe today?

  18. Disturbed says:

    As of late, I have made hummus and pita practically non-stop.

  19. Kimberley says:

    Ok, I go to your recipe page ALOT when deciding what to make, perhaps because of my love for chocolate as well ;). I loveee like all your recipes :)

    1. Hehehe you can’t not like chocolate, right? 😉

  20. lian says:

    my favorite super easy recipe, given to me from my professional-chef-cousin 😀

    coconut curry kabocha ! ……….

    onions: sliced + briefly sauteed in oil,
    add curry paste/powder and fry until fragrant
    add the cooked cubed kabocha, then coconut milk, and bring to a boil and turn down to simmer
    adjust seasoning
    check often by stabbing squash with fork; do not overcook or else it’ll become MUSH !

    serve with grain of choice; enjoy 😀

  21. Gail says:

    Hey Katie, just wondering, in your last post, do you eat the mung bean pasta plain, or do you put a sauce on it?

    1. Hi Gail,
      I mixed the sauteed veggies together with the pasta :).

  22. One thing I love about your blog is that you go through food obsessions where you find something you love and you want to eat it or make variations on it all the time. That’s definitely how I am!

    Last fall I was obsessed with split pea soup and I made a million variations, Indian-Spiced Yellow Split Pea Soup being my favorite. Right now I’m in love with corn chowder with tons of veggies added in. I also am liking pumpkin mixed with flax seed, peanut flour, and stevia. It’s really good!

    1. LOL oh you have me all figured out!! I do get into food obsessions! Like my carrot cake pancakes… I haven’t had those in months, but there was a time when I was eating them every day. There r just too many yummy foods in this world, ya know? 😉

  23. Damjana says:

    Lately I make a lot of tea, nut butters, Greek yoghurt+granola, otherwise I just put basic foods together on a plate, like beans, tofu, avocado and a salad, which doesn’t actually involve any cooking.

  24. I make cookie dough balls, special k bars, salads, and vegan slaw dressing every day. Or always have some in rotation in the freezer in the house.

    And you’re so right..what’s popular w/ readers isnt something i necessarily eat every day. Like certain sweets or savory dishes…they are fine but not something i “love” but others do. Diff strokes for diff folks :)

  25. I make green smoothies all the time, and my high protein hummus but I got the amazing idea from you to blend silken tofu into puddings and vegan yoghurts. Those recipes are weekly staples for me now so thank you!

  26. I make the same things over and over again — but most commonly are PB Banana shakes, eggs/toast, baked sweet potatoes w/PB on top, and Fitnessista Breakfast cookies!

    1. I still need to try Gina’s cookies!

  27. The recipes of yours I make all the time are the stroganoff (love), fudge babies and the melted banana trick, not just for porridge but on top of pancakes… everything!
    I also make cauliflower risotto, aubergine bake and oat/banana pancakes all the time – some things are just too good to miss out on :-)

  28. i always make paleo pumpkin loaf, herbed flax bread, stir fries and coconut flour pancakes!

  29. Albizia says:

    I have my food obsessions, too. My latest obsession is plain yogurt + mashed banana + a little peanut butter + crumbled cocoa cookies. I could eat this for breakfast every single morning. Luckily, I don’t because it won’t be the most balanced meal plan :) .

  30. YUMMY!!! 😀 one of the dishes I make all of the time are your recipes!!! I am NOT kidding. Your recipes are the BEST! 😀

    1. And your COMMENTS are the best! Truly, they always brighten my day. Oh, and your Reeses pizzerts… I need to make one!!

      1. I know you would enjoy it, since you like CHOCOLATE! :)

  31. I make a green monster everyday!

  32. BroccoliHut says:

    I make hummus like it’s my job, and I used to be pretty regular with the smoothie making too–must start that up again!

  33. Carlene says:

    My go-to dish is quinoa tossed with roasted asparagus and sweet potato and a vinaigrette. But if I’m in the need of some comfort food a mixed berries with an oatmeal crumb topping.

  34. I make this pasta dish with a bunch of typical Italian add ins (olives, basil, roasted peppers, etc) a lot. Also overnight oats. It’s what I eat every morning!

  35. I’m pretty sure ALL of your recipes are my favorites. :)

  36. Stir fry. Tons of veggies, nutritional yeast, Bragg’s sauce, garlic and miso paste. Done and done…over and over again :) Also hung up on my yogurt oatmeal concoctions that involve a whole lotta greek yogurt, hemp protein powder, cocoa powder and nut butter.

  37. Errign says:

    I make a lot of overeasy eggs, roasted veggies, Scottish oatmeal, and random baked goods to deliver to work etc. :)

  38. I make oatmeal like all the time and pancakes frequently.
    Your recipes are always so good! I just made my own version of your baked oatmeal and it was delicious!

  39. Tara says:

    I haven’t made stirfry in sooo long! Thanks for reminding me!
    I’m always making salads and yogurt messes. Both are easy, versatile, and delicious.

  40. saw you updated you blogroll. but me little Squirrel not on it (smiles turns to sad face) hehe. no worries, but i wouldn’t mind it either if u have the chance (since i love you so much) xo <3

  41. These recipes look amazing. I definitely want to make the Oatmeal Pudding. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll :-)

  42. Groff's Girl says:

    I love your favorites!! One of my ultimate favorites is the tofu pudding I make and the dare balls- my favorite date ball were my dark chocolate orange frappacino flavor!! My favorite of your are of course ALL fudge babies, VOO (I make a bit different but adapted from you) and your single lady goodies- just made a single lady choco cupcake today with raspberries!! Safe to say your blog is my favorite 😉

    1. I just woke up… and reading your comment made me ALREADY have a good day :) :).

  43. KATIEEEE I’VE MISSED YOU AND YOUR POSTS SO MUCHSIES!! Yaay now I’ve got a few to catch up on! 😀

    ALL your recipes are my faves!! Everthing I have made of yours has been AMAZING and you are just the best person EVER and your fudge babies are one of my favouritest things on the PLANET :)

  44. beccah says:

    ‘meat loafs’; healthy baked goods;porridge;olenta and smoothies are what i make a lot as well as some soup and casserole dishes but not as often.