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Carrot Cake in a Bowl

What’s up doc? In a former life, I was Bugs Bunny. I even have a special recipe tab: My Carrot Cake Recipes. Now, there’s one more for the list: This is based off of the wildly-popular Banana Bread in a Bowl. And you get a vegetable serving from this breakfast! Carrot Cake in a Bowl […]

Super-Cute Dishes!

Moving Day! No, not for me. For Jessica. A few days ago, Jessica asked if I’d mind accompanying her to Crate and Barrel to buy supplies for her new apartment. Um, mind? Really now, Jessica, do you know me at all? Of course I will go with you. And what’s more, I will buy a […]

Girl-Scout Fudge Babies

Also known as… Samoas Fudge Babies! No, not the spicy Indian potato thing. That’s a samosa. This is a samoa. You don’t want to get the two confused! Awhile back, I posted a recipe for Raw Thin-Mint Brownies. In that post, I vowed to someday try making raw samoas, my favorite girl-scout cookies as a […]

CCK’s Favorites

Hi chocolate bunnies! Samoas seem to have gotten the most votes yesterday (although I definitely didn’t count up the votes from all 400-ish comments!) So there’ll be Samoas cookies on the blog tomorrow! These are a few of my favorite things… I have a section for “popular” recipes on my recipe page. But the popular recipes […]

Chocolate Bunnies giveaway

Upcoming Posts: Because the bake sale took up so much time and blog space, there are a bajillion recipe posts I’ve not yet gotten the chance to publish yet. Here are just a few: Raw Samoas Truffles Skinny Fudge Babies Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Peanut Butter Frozen Hot Chocolate Carrot Cake Ice Cream Pumpkin Pie […]

A bowl of… Banana Bread?

Introducing the newest Disneyland roller coaster: Email Mountain Or really, this ride is not at Disneyland. It’s on my computer. My inbox is a scary place right now. If you’ve sent me an email in the past few days and haven’t heard back from me, it’s probably because I haven’t even gotten to your email […]

Mini Muffins are so cute

Surprising fact about me: I love chocolate. Oh wait, that’s not surprising at all, is it? Here’s something that is surprising: Every once in a while, I crave something other than chocolate. Yesterday afternoon, for example, I was craving… lemon poppy seed? Okay, who are you, and what have you done with Katie? The problem […]

Funfetti Cookie Dough Balls

Howdy. I’m a funfetti cookie dough ball. Want to eat me? Well of course you do! As I was mixing the dough for my Single-Serving Cookie Dough Balls, I saw the sprinkles… So, obviously the sprinkles ended up in the batter. And thus the birth of Funfetti Balls! Oy, that title yields itself to many […]

The most delicious post ever?

Help Japan… by eating chocolate! Not to mention blondies, brownies, cupcakes, and cookie dough balls! There are two bake sales today; one for those in North America, and one for international readers. Here’s the bake sale for North Americans: Enter the Bake Sale! And there’s a separate bake sale for those of you who aren’t […]

How about a Chocolate Mudslide?

Thank goodness it’s not Monday. Sometimes I just get so frustrated with school. It’s not that I don’t like learning; I love learning. I could sit for hours learning about history, politics, linguistics (grammar nerd!), or even technology. But some of my college classes are utterly ridiculous. I feel so antsy having to attend lectures or […]

Honey, I shrunk the Reeses

They’re now perfect for your training bra! I love playing jokes. This year, I spared you all (You’re welcome!), but my poor real-life friends were not so lucky… Yesterday, three friends came over for some homemade Vegan Reeses Cups. I started by melting a frozen PMS Chocolate Bar into mini liners. (You can use any […]

Breakfast Bars… On the Go

Do you ever have a rushed morning? Normally, I’m lucky in that I don’t have to be anywhere in the mornings. So when I get back from running, I’m able to leisurely enjoy my breakfast. There’s not much I hate more than rushing through a meal. But I know that a lot of y’all need […]

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