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A book about Cupcakes

Currently… loving: Chocolate Fudge Parfaits Or really, just parfaits in general. I don’t know what’s more fun: eating them or preparing them. It’s like an art project in a glass! Currently reading: Ooh look, it’s a magazine devoted entirely to cupcakes! My friend bought this for me… and then promptly told me I had to […]

Peanut Butter Frozen Hot Chocolate

For most of the year, here in Texas, the weather is… weird. 80 degrees one day, 20 degrees the next. Sunny one minute, hail storm the next. They have a saying about Texas: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. However, when it turns to summer, you can count on our weather to […]

Want to meet my special friend?

Good morning, and Happy Sunday! Does anyone else equate Sundays with pancake-eating? Because I don’t like to be bothered cooking elaborate breakfasts in the morning, I often cook my pancakes up ahead of time. (I’ll usually make multiple batches and freeze the extras.) This morning, when I came in from running, here’s what was all ready for […]

Spotlight: Breakfast Pizzas

Buon Giorno chocolate pizza pies! Thought I’d do somethin’ a little bit different for today’s post: My blog is filled with so many recipes that they tend to get lost in oblivion after they’re published. This makes me sad, since I work so hard on every post. Therefore, once every few weeks, I’m going to […]

Breakfast Polenta

Tired of Oatmeal? Yes, the question is ridiculous. How could anyone tire of oatmeal, with its infinite flavor possibilities? For endless oatmeal inspiration, see: My Oatmeal Recipes. Sometimes, however,  it’s good to have variety. And it’s always good to have polenta! Brekkie Polenta (Serves 1) 1/3 cup dry cornmeal (40g) (I use whole-grain) 1 cup […]

Funfetti for everyone!

Yesterday, as I went to answer a comment on facebook, I noticed… Oh my word!!! More than 1,200 people like my Facebook page! I can’t tell you how excited this made me, especially considering the fact that I just made the page like three months ago! But it’s so much more than the number that makes me happy. […]

Carrot Cake in a Bowl

What’s up doc? In a former life, I was Bugs Bunny. I even have a special recipe tab: My Carrot Cake Recipes. Now, there’s one more for the list: This is based off of the wildly-popular Banana Bread in a Bowl. And you get a vegetable serving from this breakfast! Carrot Cake in a Bowl […]

Super-Cute Dishes!

Moving Day! No, not for me. For Jessica. A few days ago, Jessica asked if I’d mind accompanying her to Crate and Barrel to buy supplies for her new apartment. Um, mind? Really now, Jessica, do you know me at all? Of course I will go with you. And what’s more, I will buy a […]

Girl-Scout Fudge Babies

Also known as… Samoas Fudge Babies! No, not the spicy Indian potato thing. That’s a samosa. This is a samoa. You don’t want to get the two confused! Awhile back, I posted a recipe for Raw Thin-Mint Brownies. In that post, I vowed to someday try making raw samoas, my favorite girl-scout cookies as a […]

CCK’s Favorites

Hi chocolate bunnies! Samoas seem to have gotten the most votes yesterday (although I definitely didn’t count up the votes from all 400-ish comments!) So there’ll be Samoas cookies on the blog tomorrow! These are a few of my favorite things… I have a section for “popular” recipes on my recipe page. But the popular recipes […]