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Cookie Dough Mini Muffins

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Graduation Time!  

I’ve been invited to a plethora of graduation parties these past few weeks. And yesterday’s was really fun: it was a brunch party. I decided to make mini muffins, because muffins are quintessential brunch fare, and because mini muffins are so dang cute!

cookie muffins2 

cookie muffins3

I also brought a date to the party.


His name is Muttsee, and I’ve had him my entire life. (It was a pajama-themed brunch, and I love getting into the spirit of theme parties. You can bet I wore my pajamas!)

Question of the Day:

Growing up, did you have a favorite stuffed animal or baby blanket?

Coming soon: ice cream, pancakes, and a Funfetti version of this.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Lauren says:

    Beans in desserts aren’t dumb! I made a smoothie yesterday with chickpeas, and it was fantastic.
    My favorite stuffed animal was my Simba lion, and he came to the hospital when I had surgery at age 5. He even got his own hospital band!

    1. Aww that reminds me of my American Girl doll. I thought it was SO cool that when she went to be fixed, she came back in a hospital gown!

  2. I was nervous to make the pie but these are the perfect solution for portion control! Did how many mini-tins worth did you get from the recipe?


    1. I’m not sure! My friend asked me to make her a mini springform cake too (Ya know, so she wouldn’t have to share lol). So I filled two muffin tins and a springform. I’m guessing you’d probably want to halve the recipe to just make 24 mini muffins.

  3. Kaylyn says:

    Brilliant – mini muffin tins! I am definitely going to make some of these for our Father’s Day brunch this weekend! They look super cute in those mini muffin tins :)

  4. These look so good! ANd Mustee is super cute! I still have a doll called Sarah that I had when I was younger packed away somewhere. I vowed never to throw her away and I haven’t! :)

  5. Those who say beans in dessert are dumb are just ignorant to the fact that it tastes amazing! They’ll come around 😉 And growing up, I had neither. I had a doll that I carried with my everywhere. Her name was Suzie, and I think I still have her. One time, my parents tricked me into thinking they sold her at a garage sale and I was inconsolable.
    A pajama-themed brunch sounds so cute & fun! And chocolate chip cookie dough is pretty much the best flavour for anything 😀

  6. Ohkay beans in desserts equal amazing (hello black bean brownies??)
    I wish I had mini muffin tins :( Could I use the recipe with a standard 12 muffin tin?
    I’ve had a tweety bird stuffed animal ever since I was born ( its never been my date, but it has had play dates with my Barbies before haha!).

    1. I bet you could! I know that one commenter made muffins out of my blondie recipe, so I don’t know how this would be any different.

      The only thing I’d caution is to not take them out right away after they come out of the oven. I tried to take a mini muffin out when it was still hot, and it fell apart. So wait like 20 minutes.

  7. I should totally be embarassed to admit it. But I have 2 stuffed toys that I LOVE so much I can’t fall asleep without them! (picture here:
    I’ve had them since I was 5! And they pretty much grew up with me (though I grew, they didn’t :D) I still have them. When my brother and I were kids, we reconstructed our wardrobe into a ‘mansion’ for them with barbie furnitures.
    OKAY. Enough of my rambling. am getting embarassed. Anyway, LOVE this idea of making the mini-muffins! And I totally agree that beans COMPLETELY okay for desserts!

    To haters: Think Japanese desserts, Chinese desserts… our (or rather my)ancestors didn’t create ‘stupid’ beany desserts. Beany desserts are EXTREMELY delicious. So there!

  8. Lisa Fine says:

    Hello Muttsee! So cute.

    I had a yellow baby blanket that I brought with me everywhere; it’s still in my closet at my parents’ house.

    Question, and maybe it’s on your blog somewhere. What kind of camera do you use? I love that second muffin photo.

    1. I have a Nikon D5000… but I really don’t know that it takes such great photos. I feel like every single photo I take is yellow and has a filmy look. I have to do a LOT of editing. Not sure if this is a fault of the camera or just the fact that I’m such an amateur photographer. It’s always easier to blame someone else 😉

      Anyway, for that second photo: I sharpened, brightened, AND blurred the background using photoshop.

  9. Tricia says:

    When I was a kid, I had a black bear that I took absolutely everywhere :)

  10. Nicky says:

    Aww I love mini muffins – they’re so cute! But, not as cute as Mustee!! I had a bear called Brownie Pattern. I named him that because he was brown and had patterned feet – I was simple minded hehe :)

  11. Oh my! My own dear (and now sadly departed) English Springer Spaniel, Scout, had a a Mutsy since we first brought her home from the breeder… it was the same size as she was at the time. It became her constant companion and we replaced it with a new Mutsty when she was 5.. she had loved the first one so much and it had been washed so many times, it was literally a string! I even wrote Gund to tell them how well it had stood up. She would carry it everywhere in her mouth.

    I am so happy to see your Mutsy! It really made me smile this morning and brings back so many lovely memories. Thanks for sharing, Katie.!

    1. Aww Elle, your comment made me smile because it reminded me of my dog, Molly. She had a friend too, Fleecy Friend. Sadly she wasn’t very nice to him… she tore all the stuffing outta him! LOL

  12. I had a pig stuffed animal that I loved so much that his stuffing was popping out. I still have him!

    What is funny is that I never gave him a name — he was always just called “the pig”

    1. My sister’s favorite stuffed animal was (is!) a pig too. She named him Wilbur, so one year for her birthday I got her Wilburetta :).

  13. Gen says:

    Mini muffins are the best!!! 😀 Yummy recipe!

  14. liz says:

    Those look awesome- and beans in desserts? I’m down. You know what’s stupid, people that put things down before even trying them.

    1. So true! I used to take a nutella sandwich to school, in preschool, and everyone thought it was weird. And now nutella is the new thing!

  15. hippierunner says:

    Those sound good! I bought more chickpeas the other day because I absolutely NEED more blondie batter, it was seriously so AMAZING! Thank you Katie for that awesome recipe! :)

  16. Emily says:

    Yum! I want one NOW! :)

  17. krickit6 says:

    Love the mini-muffins! I cant wait to try them, maybe tomorrow :-)

    My favorite stuffed animal was/is a hound dog named Sad Eyes. My Dad brought him to me the day I was born :-) In a sort of sad story, my Mom was so upset when I was born because she thought my Dad only wanted a little boy, and that he wouldnt love me because I was a girl! Of course, my Dad loved me to death (as Dads tend to do with their newborn babies, right?!) and “proved” it by bringing me the sweet gift of my very own, bigger-than-me puppy :-)

    1. Emily says:

      Aww! A sad story, but with a happy ending!

  18. Hannah says:

    These look great. I especially like the top photo. I haven’t tried beans in desserts yet, but it doesn’t really sound weird to me – just different. Now that I’m trying to eat mostly gluten-free, there’s even more of a reason to give it a go. The person who said it was stupid clearly just doesn’t like trying new things.

  19. Vogelstar says:

    I had a blanket with teddy bears on it, it’s very faded now but you can see that some of the female bears are anatomically correct. Not sure where my mom bought that. We always have a good laugh now in retrospect

  20. Victoria says:

    Trying beans in dessert is on my agenda this week. Do the beans lend any taste difference at all? Can’t wait to try!

    1. Emily says:

      I’m not Katie, but I’ve tried the cookie pie and the blondies, and I’ve served them both to non-healthy eaters and NO ONE can tell that it’s not just your basic cookie pie made with butter and flour!

  21. Ahhhh yum! Chocolate chip is the BEST. I have tons of BabyCakes chocochip cookies in mah house and they are sooo good!

  22. I had a baby blanket and a Madame Alexander doll named Victoria, with porcelin head and limbs and a soft body. She was my very first baby doll and I love her still. :)

    1. Lisa C says:

      Ohmigosh I *heart* Madame Alexander dolls!!! Love love love!
      I have a huge collection of the little ones. It’s one thing I have more of than peanut butter jars which is saying something ;).

  23. Jenny says:

    I agree about beany desserts! The Japanese have some pretty awesome desserts with sweet red bean paste – anko – and you wouldn’t know that’s what it is unless you asked someone! Otherwise it’s just delicious. Oh well, maybe ignorance is bliss when it comes to the beany desserts… or at least until after they’ve eaten. :) There are so many recipes online for bean flour desserts – and you can’t seriously argue that there’s much of a difference between those recipes and the ones you come up with… except yours are more moist because of the cooked beans and more delicious. 😀

    I had a pink baby blanket AND a favourite stuffed animal – both in my possession since I was born (i.e. my parents’ first gifts to me?). I so cleverly named him “Bear” (although I could only say “Beah” at first), and he’s super worn out now, with chipped little eyes and patches of missing fur… Yep, he’s been well-loved.

  24. I always tried to have a favorite stuffed animal or blanket but could never hold onto one long enough…I’d get bored and move onto a different one too soon!

  25. Emily says:

    I have a mini muffin tin just waiting for this! OMG! :)

  26. Erin says:

    BAH! I have a Muttsey too!!!!

    And FYI, I’m currently doing a sugar-free month (nothing, not even stevia or xylitol) and your Snickerdoodle Blondies will be my healthy break at the end! I’m Paleo, though, so I plan on making them with coconut or almond flour and maple syrup instead of brown suga. I’ll let you know how they turn out :)!

    1. Ooh definitely let me know! And good luck! :)

  27. Jenny$1983 says:

    I mentioned in Averie’s post that I made the choc chip blondies and loved them, as did my non-healthy eating dad, and I’ve since made the Snickerdoodle ones and they’ve had the same (hugely appreciative) reception :) I don’t really get the big deal … why is it any stranger than anything else we eat? If it tastes good and works well I don’t understand the problem.

    I just got some silicone mini muffin cases as a gift a couple of days ago, I can’t wait to try these :)

    Muttsee is so cute! I had a stuffed dog, an Andrex puppy, that I just called “Good Dog” (aw, sweet li’l me :D). I looked after all of my toys, so although it went everywhere with me it’s still in good condition, yay!

    I think this is my first comment on your blog, so I’d just like to say thank you, I enjoy it very much and I really appreciate all of the work, effort and time that goes into making such a great source of fun, information and yumliciousness 😀

    1. Aww you are already my new best friend, simply because you used the word “yumliciousness.” :) :)

  28. These look absolutely amazing. mini muffins are 100000x better than regular sized ones. even though they’re technically the same… they just taste better to me, haha.

    1. They’re just cuter, right? Like baby puppies!

  29. Stephanie says:

    I had a big stuffed E.T. doll that I carried everywhere – he was so soft and had the kindest eyes! He was my buddy on long road trips. Now I’ve got my live furry boy and couldn’t be happier!

  30. Bonnie says:

    Those muffins look awesome! And don’t mind the bean-haters. After all, chocolate is made from beans too!

    And I love the story about Muttsee. I used to have a piggy as my favourite stuffed animal and I brought him with me everywhere I went, haha.

  31. Emilia says:

    Mini cookie dough muffins sounds absolutely perfect for a party, especially a pajama themed one! And I think the idea of beans in dessert is totally awesome, especially if it tastes good and lends a nice texture.
    I had so many favorite stuffed animals when growing, but the one that sticks out in my mind is a giant easter duck my dad bought me after a dentist’s appointment, I still have it!

  32. Mellie says:

    I think it’s terrible that someone called bean desserts “stupid.” It’s amazing how rude some people can be. My favorite stuffed animal was a cat named Allie, and I still have her somewhere.

  33. I had my “string Blankie” for years! I was about 6 yrs old before I gave it up (or should I say I was forced to throw it away?!) It was literally made out of strings and it was so soft! But….because of the strings….it shed A LOT 😛

  34. Lissy says:

    I had my booaggie, my blankie who was actually featured on the website: dirty wow wow. I’d link it, but that’s not a google search you do at work.

  35. mmm bite size desserts (or anything on a stick) are the best for parties!

    As a child I had a baby blanket (named Pink, for the color. original, i know). Still have it, but she’s most likely stored in the closet with my other baby things.

  36. Beans in desserts isn’t weird at all! As a matter of fact, it’s genius! 😀 If others don’t like it, they don’t have to make it! I can’t believe anyone would call your recipes such bad names. (Sorry, I get rather protective of my Katie!)

    Moving on… Muttsee is SO cute!! When I was little I had this tiny penguin (it was big to me then as I could barely hold it in my tiny hand) that I took EVERYWHERE!! I even took it to the beach and buried it in the sand! I still have that penguin and it’s still rather brown from the sand 😉

    Oh and your little muffins are super duper cute! I bet they were the best EVER!! 😀

    <3 <3

  37. Lenna says:

    I think that using beans in sweet treats is a brilliant idea, not stupid!!
    Oh, I loved stuffed animals, I had tons of them. I even had a stufffed bear who could talk :) I know it is not that impressive now, but it was like 20 years ago, and in that time, it was SOMETHING :))

  38. Awww Muttsee helloooo!! I had a HUGE stuffed animal collection- loved them all!! Sadly when we got Buddy he stole them all one by one and buried them in the garden…but I managed to hide a few from him hehe! 😉

    And I can’t believe someone said that was ‘stupid’. I really dislike that word anyway, but that is RUDE! They clearly haven’t tried your amazing blondies :)

  39. Christina says:

    I agree with the earlier post – black bean brownies are DELICIOUS! Nothing wrong at all with putting beans/veggies/etc. into a dessert.

  40. I can’t believe anyone would ever call your recipes stupid! I think they are genius :-) People that say those things just don’t have anything better to do with their time clearly.

    I still have a teddy bear given to me by my great aunt when I was younger. He’s currently noseless but he’s so comfy, I just can’t bare to lose him!

  41. Mini muffins = even better because you can eat more and not feel SO bad about it 😉

  42. Emilia says:

    I excite in the fact that by eating desserts with beans in them, I’m getting more protein and nutrients! Or, it’s just another reason to eat one of my favorite foods: beans :) I’m weird, though, knowing my favorite foods are kale, beans, tofu, nut butter….

  43. Amber K says:

    Wow, I don’t particularly like any of the desserts I’ve tried with beans in them, but if other people like them, why would someone call it stupid? Food likes and dislikes just are what they are, they can’t be stupid!

  44. Ragnhild says:

    These looks great Katie! So cute! And I love when the vegan food is the most populare at a party! :)
    I have a teddy that I got when I was 8 (Im 23 now), and she is still in my bed :) She used to be black and white, now she is kind of all-gray ;P

  45. forget those grad’s these babies should take center stage! no love lost for the bean-injected sweets either, serve em up!

    aww, and ur date is such a hottie…hehe. i had a special blanket that i slept with every single night of my life until i moved away from home. i only parted with him because i gave it to my younger sis so she wouldn’t miss me while i was away. but i made sure she promised to take good care of him. :)

  46. I just used beans in baking yesterday, too! Once they’re sweetened, you can’t tell they’re in there.

    I wasn’t attached to one particular stuffy, I loved all of my cabbage patch kids, especially the twin sets!

  47. Eric Jaffa says:

    Do you think you might make YouTube videos?

  48. Paula says:

    omg, I`d like to try such a delicious-looking muffins!

  49. White beans – in dessert?! Yes please!

  50. Mmmm the mini muffins look delish! And you know I’m a fan of beans in desserts! I’m a huge fan of your blondie batter, and not just because I’m blonde :)

  51. Fave blankies and animals…of course! I think I had a blanket til I was well beyond “blanket age”. lol

    And now Skylar has her blanket that she adores…she just gravitated toward this one particular blanket of the literally 100s she has had since infancy and that’s THE one. She calls it Blank-a.

    Love the mini muffins. Everything is better in mini form!

  52. Anything that is gooey and cookie dough like is perfection in my eyes!!! And the beans make me think it’s super healthy, EVEN better!!! lol

  53. Heather says:

    Yum! looks tasty. I guess I haven’t grown up yet, because my stuffed animal moose still sleeps with me and has a facebook page. hahaha.

    1. I love that it has a facebook page! Too fun!

  54. OH MY GOODNESS, THESE LOOK BOMB! 😀 I love little muffins xoxo, delish!

  55. I love the idea of using beans in desserts! You’re right – it’s so much more prevalent than we think!

  56. I still have my baby blanket! I sleep with it every night..and I told my boyfriend that he just needed to accept the fact that I wasn’t getting rid of it :) Anyway, I’m new to the blogging community and just wanted to say hi!

    1. Aww hi!!!
      *Waves like a crazy girl* :)

  57. Serena says:

    Beans in desserts are fantastic. In these “western” treats, they’re more hidden, but as you pointed out, asians eat beans in desserts unabashedly! For instance, one of my fave desserts is mochi with red bean paste (as seen in there two blogs):

  58. why did I not receive this email!!!! im subscribed yet this didnt come through- GASSSSP!!! I HAVE SO MANY stuffed animals but none of them ever stuck! i would buy a new one every week! hehe!

    1. Ugh. I dunno what’s up with my email thing… and I have no idea how to fix it! Sometimes I get two posts three days later :(. I wish I understood technology!

  59. Abby says:

    These sound awesome!

    I had multiple stuffed animals when I was a little kid. I think one of my favorites was a purple glow in the dark creature that my grandma gave me!

  60. Maria Hughes says:

    Trying these ASAP, they look delicious!

  61. Jess says:

    I’m actually crazy about the bean recipes; I’m a fan of red bean, vanilla bean, coffee bean and cocoa bean (never had mung/green bean though) lotus bean is pretty good too I guess

    Favorite stuffed animal? Not really; but I remember being crazy about getting a fluffy my come here puppy.

  62. Albizia says:

    Yep, in Japan red bean paste is put in almost every dessert. It’s not my favorite but it’s not bad. And soy? Have you tried Soyjoy bars? Delicious!

    Favorite stuffed animal… I loved them all. I still do :) .

    1. I don’t think I’ve tried em!

  63. Sky says:

    I love red bean paste desserts from my local Asian market but for some reason, I was hesitant to make western desserts with beans until a couple of weeks ago. I found this coffee cake recipe from The Spunky Coconut and it was amazing. Hubby, who isn’t into healthy food at all, absolutely loved it. I’m totally trying these mini muffin soon =)

  64. Leah says:

    I made your chocolate chip blondies yesterday (used white beans and baked them in 6 normal muffin liners)–SO GOOD!

  65. Leah says:

    I meant butter beans, which are white. Oops.

    1. Ooh I should try butter beans. I love those things!

  66. Mini-muffins = adorable!!!

    When I was little I had a stuff Garfield… but I couldn’t say Garfield, so I call him “Pa-cue” (how I got that, who knows!). The problem is that pa-cue kind of sounds like “f” you, so my mom says it cause quite a few stares when I yelled for him in public. LOL!

  67. Sarah says:

    I’m so into mini muffins.. it ain’t even funny 😉 Growing up I wasn’t really attached to any stuffed animals. My schnauzer, Ziggy, was my pride and joy though, does that count?

    1. Haha sure it counts! A real life stuffed animal! Besides, everyone knows Schnauzers are some of the cutest dogs ever ;).

  68. caroline says:

    i have mutsy too! just a different spelling, but same dog, and mine is worn down like that too! aww he’s the best.

  69. Nathalie says:

    Oooh, I just bought myself some silicone muffin cups, so this is perfect for testing them out!

    I had a question for ya though: What’s your preferred method of picture submission? I’ve scouted about on the site here and I can’t actually find an “email Katie” address or option anywhere. Or I’m selectively blind, which happens sometimes.

    1. Sorry, I’m confused: what do you mean by “picture submission” ?
      I do have an email address, chocolatecoveredkatie @ msn dot com
      but a lot of those messages go to spam; comments are much more reliable to talk with me 😉

      1. Nathalie says:

        In the Vegan Eye Candy post, you mentioned people’s pictures as “submissions”, and I wasn’t sure by what means they were supposed to be submitted. Was there a specific method, or did you just gather pics from people’s links and whatnot?

        1. Oh oh I see… here’s the post where it tells you how to submit:

          After you follow the directions to write the post, just send me the link. No need to email a photo. :) :)

  70. I love mini muffins! So cute and yummy!

  71. Amy says:

    All your beanie desserts are making me green with envy!!! I *wish* I could eat beans so I could healthify my favourite foods!!!

    And would you believe I own a Muttsee (Except I spelled it Mutsy because I was lazy when I was 7). He still sleeps on the end of my bed. I saved up for him for ages and ages. I had a bit of a giggle when I saw his identical twin on your post! Mine is a little more threadbare than yours, in part because I’ve had 2 kitties over the years who have adopted him as their own and played many years of piano on his belly 😉

    1. Aww Muttsee seems to have a lot of brothers and sisters… I’d never let my dogs near Muttsee, though. Molly (my Scottie) once bit the stuffing right out of one of her stuffed animals! Your kitties sound much kinder ;).

  72. too says:

    OMG I THINK I HAD THE SAME PUPPY!!! the same exact :O
    mine was named chappy… he was my fave too!!!

    and… i actually almost forgot about him until now!!!
    wow…. <3 <3 <3
    thanks for the reminder, i have so many new plushies but i think i need to break out the old ones again!!


  73. qq:) says:

    i love all your cookie dough recipes!!! thanks…

  74. I don’t understand why someone would think your recipes are stupid. I’ve made them, they’re nowhere near “stupid”.
    Love the muffins!

  75. Marissa says:

    Mmm, yes, cookie dough dip is amazing! I’ve made black bean brownies before…. but they weren’t that great, so I’m hesitant to try baked beany desserts after that… but white beans might make all the difference–they’re so much squishier and mildier than black beans!

    I have a yellow stuffed dog named Fetch. I got him when I was 8 years old from Cracker Barrel, and he’s slept in my bed every night since!

  76. I had a favorite stuffed Mouse! I named it Mousey :]

  77. Stephanie M. says:

    Hi CCK! Love your recipes. Made the blondies this weekend and THREE batches of your Good Girl Vegan Fudge with my own homemade coconut butter. SO GOOD! I can’t wait to try more. I had a blanket that I slept with … pretty much until I got married! Now it is kept in my sentimental box :)

    1. Good call on the three batches! I always make multiple batches of that stuff! In fact, I want to make more now… but I’m out of ripe bananas. Boo. :(

  78. Kim says:

    I must be the odd one out here because I don’t recall ever having an attachment to any stuffed toy! Of course, I grew up on a farm and had lots of rabbits, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, and who-knows-what-else to keep me company :)

    As for bean desserts, I LOVE Asian desserts made with sweet bean paste! I’ve even made the paste myself. I used it in a jelly roll-style sliced cookie flavoured with green tea powder. I’ve also had the bean paste made with white beans. Mostly inside those jelly covered desserts, but I can now get those as well as the filled sweet buns and others I haven’t tried at the grocery down the road from me. I’m so excited!

  79. Michaela says:

    ph, I bet the person who said it was stupid has never tasted one of your recipes!
    I love mini-sized goods for a brunch, as it means you can try out even more food 😀
    Did you just ask if I had ONE favorite stuffed animal? I had loads!! And you better believe me when I say I had them all in bed with me at once… I had so many (I still remember their names and I will never manage to simply throw them away!) that I hardly had space in my own bed. So when I fell out, my mum would, when she put me back to bed, throw some stuffed animals out, so that I had space again 😀 So funny, when I think about it again 😉 But I gave in to not letting ALL my “friends” stay in bed with me, after laying on my doll a whole night, bc there was no room left. Not very comfortable!

  80. Heather says:

    I am a huge fan of black bean brownies. They are gooey and fudge-y and wonderful. So why not chickpea blondies?

  81. Veronica says:

    I say don’t knock something until you try it! I would never say that beans in desserts is dumb. It’s just the crazy type of thing I would love! I have saved several of your bean dessert recipes but haven’t tried them yet. I think I will try this one first b/c it will be less tempting to eat an entire pan of cookie dough pie than all the mini muffins. As a child, I was never into stuffed animals or blankets, but I did have a favorite doll. I even remember the day my Mom bought her for me. She told me I could have one toy and I picked a doll with a soft body that looked like she was wearing pajamas, and a plastic head. She wanted me to pick a game or something that would challenge me, even if it was a potato head. Nope. I had to have her. I had her for years until she finally just disappeared. :(

  82. I always slept with my Barney!! 😀

  83. EmilyK says:

    I still sleep with my baby blanket (I’m 25). I’m not shy about it… it’s who I am : ) I usually don’t bring it places anymore (mostly out of fear I’ll loose it) but it’s always in my bed at home!

  84. whitney says:

    Yummy, I have a recipe for chocolate chip muffins but they always turn out gooey and cookie dough-like so at the market I label them, “chocolate chip cookie dough muffins”. I’m glad I’m not the only one!


    1. Cookie dough is much better than plain old chocolate chip, right? 😉

  85. Andrea says:

    I made these yesterday!

    SOOO GOOD! Thank you SO much for the recipe!! :)

  86. Dalai Lina says:

    It has been SOOOO long, too long, since I have been on my Bloglovin account, keeping track of my favorite bloggers. Who knows how well I’ll do with 4 kids at home needing my every second, but I wanted to say how refreshing it was to read your posts! Missed your creative baking :)

    1. Aww you put a big smile on my face.
      Chocolate hugs to you!!!

      1. Anthea Tapper says:

        These look amazing! I want to try making them with my Dad on the weekend – CKK Where can I get the recipe!? I can’t find it on the page! :( Maybe I’m just blind haha

  87. Nancy says:

    Mmmmm…these are amazing!

  88. Em says:

    Where is the recipe?

  89. dama says:

    lol i was creeping and found this but where is the recipe :)

  90. mamac003 says:

    Here’s where I found the recipe. Not sure why it’s not here though.

  91. Taylor says:

    Why do so many of your older posts not have the recipes???

  92. Eris says:

    Hi Katie,
    I wanted to try your cookie dough mini muffins but the recipe is gone…

  93. Erica says:

    oh,darn it! i thought u were gonna give us the recipe. D: :(

  94. S says:

    Am I blind? Where is the recipe?

      1. Pepa says:

        What could I use instead of applesauce¿