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Delicious Summer Dessert Recipes

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Did you know it’s National Underwear Day?

I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with that information, but I thought I’d tell ya anyway.

Luckily for you, National Underwear Day isn’t incorporated into the theme of today’s post. (Unless you want to make some Fruit of the Loom connection. But that’s a stretch.) Instead, the post highlights a few of my favorite summer-fruit recipes. Such as: 


Blueberry Pie Pancakes

Also known as the fattest pancakes ever. The recipe works with strawberries, too.


Peach Breakfast Bake

So healthy you can have two bowls. For breakfast. Or maybe even dinner.


Buttery Berry Crumble Bars

Recommended for parties or school lunches. Yeah, school lunches. Summer can’t last forever.


Watermelon Ice Cream

This is even more delicious if you substitute honeydew for the watermelon!


Lavender Cream Parfait

Also known as the “love potion.”


Single-Serving Strawberry Shortcakes

I think strawberries are one of the prettiest summer fruits. Especially when they’re chocolate-covered strawberries. Just thought I’d throw that out there. 

Question of the Day:

What are your favorite summer fruits?

Blueberries? Raspberries? Honeydew?

New Larabar Flavor Alert!!

Has anyone seen the Chocolate-Chip Cherry Torte Larabars yet?  Giveaway coming soon ;).

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Diane says:

    OMG new Larabars????!!!! I am so excited!!!! :) :)

    Also, I love these “recipe round up” posts. They let me see many of your beautiful photos all in one post. The more CCK pictures in a post, the better ;).

  2. Peaches are definitely my favorite summer fruit…. I really need to try your peach breakfast bake since I have a half bushel of peaches!

  3. Lenna says:

    All those recipes look totally delicious Katie!! I have just made some pancakes, but they don´t look as good as yours :(
    That is so funny about the national underwear day :)
    My fave summer fruit is melon, followed by all the berries that exist :)

  4. Hwesto says:

    I love too many fruits! I love raspberries, strawberries, and cherries for summer.

    I really want to try those blueberry pie pancakes but substitute with strawberries or raspberries…. :)

  5. Jennifer JCD says:

    It all looks so delicious!! I think Saskatoon berries are my favourite, although any berry will do. :)

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever had those! I don’t even know what they look like!

      1. Jennifer JCD says:

        People keep telling me that. They’re super yummy, like blueberries yet not as sweet. We have three buskes of them in our garden and at the lake lot we pick them by the bucket-full from wild bushes. Mmmm….. Here’s the Wikipedia link:

        1. Jennifer JCD says:

          Ugh… typo… *bushes

          1. Ooh they look cute! I would love to try ’em… I’ll keep an eye out, but I’ve never seen them for sale around here!

  6. Lauren W says:

    Maybe you’re supposed to buy new underwear? No idea…. 😀 Berries are the best right now! Pancakes sounds good but I just had cobbler for breakfast and fro yo for lunch. I think I need some veggies!

  7. Watermelon and any berries! Alll soo good! 😀 Hee too bad there isn’t a National Fruit Day…

  8. Like I needed another reason to buy Larabars! Thanks for the reminder of all your beautiful recipes… my favorite summer fruit (today) is a perfectly ripe peach! :)

  9. Sarahishealthy says:

    My favorite summer fruit is deifnitely your blueberry pie pancakes! Oh wait, that’s not exactly a fruit is it? 😉 Oh but I do love them so!

  10. Strawberries and Watermelon!!! I’m excited to try that peach bake though. It looks delicious!

  11. Jen says:

    You shouldn’t have told me there’s a new Larabar flavor out! I haven’t seen it yet, but now I’m going to have to go on a serious hunt! Luckily in LA, we get new products pretty quickly. Although, I remember searching everywhere for the Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor when it first came out, and was frequently disappointed, until one day my dream came true. (That might be a little bit dramatic.)

    My favorite summer fruits are undoubtedly berries. I love how I can buy huge containers of organic blueberries for less money than a small container costs in the winter months! Strawberries have also been extra delicious lately. I’m going to be sad when the berry deals start to dwindle!

  12. Tricia says:

    Yummy :) those look delicious and the new larabars sound amazing!

  13. Just so ya know, the pancakes also work with raspberries and chocolate chips!! I loveeeee berries in the summer. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries…yum!

    Happy national underwear day!

    1. It’s so hard to pick favorites! But I might have to go with raspberries or blackberries… No, wait, watermelon… But strawberries are so delicious, too… Agh! I love them all. (-;

      1. Oops, I didn’t mean to leave a reply… I meant to submit it as it’s own comment. Sorry about that; I’m a tad embarrassed. 😉

        1. LOL I do that all the time!

    2. I really need to try that… chocolate-raspberry is my favorite combination ever :).

  14. Kat says:

    chocolate chip cherry torte sounds awesome!
    I made blueberry pie pancakes for breakfast this morning. They were super fat and so delicious! I was suprised at how well they came out – with GF flour, you never know what you’re gonna get, but they were perfect! xo

    1. I’m so glad! I definitely need more practice when it comes to gluten-free baking.

  15. hippierunner says:

    Fresh blackberries warm off the vine from my garden- I discovered I LOVED those this summer.

  16. Tiffany says:

    I don’t know how you come up with these recipes, but keep ’em coming! I love them all! And love that they’re so much healthier than traditional treats. And yes, I need to start getting prepared for school lunches! Such a challenge for me to pack healthy lunches that my kids will eat…ugh.

    1. It is hard… it would be so much easier to pack healthy lunches if every kid had access to a fridge. Not that this would be plausible… :(

  17. Strawberries or watermelon for sure!

  18. ahhh im so excited for the new larabars! they sounds amazing!!
    great post kt! your blueberry pancakes always make my stomach grumble!

  19. Stefanie says:

    It all looks good. My favorite summer fruits are melons, peaches, grapes, and berries. I think that is all of the fruits available in summer. :)

  20. I love all berries in the summer. I’m addicted to melo at the moment too!

  21. Favorite summer fruit: Cherries! Hands down they are the best.

    1. What? I thought your favorite fruit was coconut! 😉

  22. Kat says:

    My favorite summer fruits are BLUEBERRIES! I love them so,so much! But they’re so expensive in Germany… :(

  23. Blueberries are a fave, which means those pancakes look mighty tasty right about now. I’m also a big fan of cantaloupe and MANGO. Nothing beats a nice ripe, sweet, and juicy mango on a hot day.

  24. Jenny says:

    Haha, nice! I mean, kudos to you for making that Fruit of the Loom connection. XD Took me a second to get it… I definitely would have never thought of that. But hey! At least you managed to make a connection between fruity recipes and National Underwear Day!

    Favourite summer fruit are, as many other people have already said, blueberries! I think my summer fruit preference is a bit like: blueberries > raspberries > blackberries > [strawberries – I’ve heard they’re a spring fruit though?] > cherries. I don’t like other stone fruits, though; no peaches, plums, apricots, or nectarines for me, thank you.

    That picture of those blueberry pancakes always makes me drool a bit… I swear it’s one of your best food-photos. Actually made me stop and regret not having those for breakfast!

    1. You are the sweetest, Jenny!
      (Well, maybe you and blueberries… :))

  25. Rebekah says:

    Blueberries, for sure. Especially the ones we pick ourselves!

  26. You know I love mah summer fruit!!! My favorite is blueberries, hands down <3

  27. hahahaha! I laughed out loud to that opening. Good info to know!

    I wish I could rip this entire post right from the screen and eat it. Seriously, wow does all this look amazing!

  28. bitt of raw says:

    often i eat breakfast in my underwear. so i’ll make that connection. :-)

    1. I think this has got to be one of the funniest comments ever left on my blog!

  29. Amber K says:

    Watermelon is definitely my favorite.

    I love it when new Larabar flavors come out! Because I’m always hoping for another almond-free option. Too many of their bars sound like they’d be awesome flavors, but they have almonds and I can’t tolerate them.

  30. Aja says:

    I love all your recipes. I made blueberry pie pancakes the day of my boyfriend’s graduation which was good because they were delicious and filled me up until we ate again about 7 hours later.

    I love all summer fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, mango…

  31. Jennyb says:

    Blueberries, raspberries & strawberries are all great – even more so when they are my home grown ones! I am a huge gooseberry fan too though when they are at the end of the season and very ripe & squishy & sweet. I do love a watermelon in the summer too, in fact i wish i had one in the house as i really fancied it on a salad for dinner tonight, sadly i finished it for breakfast yesterday morning as it was getting a little mushy.

    How i wish you larabar giveaway was going to extend to the UK, however somehow i doubt it will. Anyone know where i can get hold of a larabar in England?

    1. :( Does Amazon ship to England?

      1. Jennyb says:

        possibly, trouble is i just want to pick up one bar to start with. I have no will power & would probably devour a box of them in a week!

  32. Right now I’m into peaches. It changes week to week though because I tend to outdo it on a certain fruit each week haha! I haven’t seen that new flavor yet but I’m intrigued!

  33. Michaela says:

    I can´t choose a favorite summer fruit! When I have strawberries at home, I will go for strawberries. But when I have melon, I vote that and same goes for all the other fruits (except pears and papayas ;))!

  34. My favorite Summer fruits are berries and peaches! Lately I’ve been especially in love with peaches though. I eat one every day after lunch! :-)

  35. Lorin says:

    Oh cool another larabar flavor! I wish they sent it out everywhere faster though, because I only saw blueberry muffin for the first time about a week or so ago. I can never find the new larabars when they come back. I’m going to try your brownie batter dip this weekend I think :)

    1. Eh you’re not missing much. I didn’t like the blueberry one anyways… it was missing a key ingredient: chocolate!! 😉

  36. I love berries in the summer! I can’t get enough of them! Peaches are great as well.

  37. Tiffany says:

    My favourite summer fruits are cantaloupe, lychees and oh my god MANGO. On a hot summer day/ night ( for dessert of course!) nothing tops the sweet nectar of a very ripe mango– so messy yet too too good! Funny how I loathed mango for years and now I adore it.

  38. Tiffany says:

    Woah. I just read the above comments and someone else wrote their love for mangos as well, “Nothing beats a nice ripe, sweet, and juicy mango on a hot day.” In regards to my comment, which shares a similar sentence, I have to say that I didn’t copy! I just wanted to clarify that.

    1. Oh lol you are way too cute!

      I guess if two people said it, it MUST be true!

  39. Lilly says:

    I will never be able to choose my fave summer fruit, I love them all! Seriously, berries, melon, stone fruits… oh yummm :) I heart summer time!

  40. Ann Claire says:

    I’m wearing underwear so I guess I’m celebrating?? All of the recipes you featured look amazing. You take the best pictures.

    Blueberries are my favorite summer fruit!!

  41. Raspberries & blackberries! I like my berries as seedy as possible 😛

  42. WAHTHTH NEW LARABARS?S?S?S?S?S LOVE! i love those crumble bars.. YUM-O!
    my fav summer fruit.. watermelon or peaches!

  43. Mangoes are my favorite!!! Ahhhh so good 😀 But I have also been loving this summer’s blueberries…taste better than last year to me.

  44. Jenny$1983 says:

    What a coincidence! I’ve planned your Love Potion Parfait for my breakfast tomorrow, before seeing this post! I love using your Beauty Queen Raspberry Oatmeal to layer into it, it just works so beautifully :)

    And on a wholly related note, can I please cheat and have ‘berries’ as my favourite summer fruit? There’s no way I can pick a favourite 😉

    I wish we could get Larabars in England :(

    1. Jennyb says:

      is there no-where in England that sells them? what about wholefoods? (not that i go into london that much)

      1. Jenny$1983 says:

        Hi! As far as I know they aren’t distributed anywhere in England; Wholefoods might, but I live in the north of England (Manchester) and online shopping isn’t available from the Kensington store, and Googling ‘buy larabars UK’ sadly brought up a big red notice (at the Larabar UK Mail Order Service) saying they aren’t available in the UK.

        We do have Nakd bars which I believe are pretty much identical, it’s just that I wish I could jump in on all the American blogs to praise them, you know? 😉

        Thanks also-Jenny :)

        1. Jennyb says:

          i must try a naked bar, perhaps i’ll pick one up tomorrow, maybe it will shut up my craving for a larabar. Trouble is if i made my own i’d just want to eat the lot. I think i need to work out a single serve homemade larabar recipe (Oh, Katie……!).

          If i ever get into london again i’ll have to try & get to whole foods. There’s a shop in brighton i might send my nan into that sells loads of different bars too.


          1. My Cashew Cookie Larabar recipe or cookie dough baby recipe makes just a little over the size of two larabars :).

          2. Karin the Veg Head says:

            Definitely try Katie’s Larabar recipes. They taste way better than actual Larabars, so you aren’t missing out ;).

        2. I’m betting they’ll start being available in the UK soon, now that they’re owned by General Mills. After all, General Mills is a pretty huge company!

          1. Jenny$1983 says:

            It would certainly be great if they became available if General Mills might sell them here in the UK, just to try one! I definitely wouldn’t be buying them regularly though, just for a treat: with such simple ingredients I much prefer making them myself, and I can promise anyone that Katie’s versions (and many of Averie’s of LoveVeggiesandYoga) taste just as good – and probably better as they’re fresher! – as the Nakd bars I’ve had (cocoa-orange, cocoa-mint and pecan pie). Of course, they’re far cheaper too! Thanks everyone :)

  45. I would pick a favorite fruit, but I don’t want to offend any one. I’m not one to play favorites 😉 Why love one when you could love them all equally?!

    Haha, okay, my fruit obsession is over the top, I know.

  46. LizAshlee says:

    How exciting…can’t wait to try a new Larabar flavor! :) Such beautiful & colorful photos!

  47. The best summer fruit is a nice ripe cantaloupe!

    I can’t wait to see the new Larabar

  48. Jennifer says:

    I definitely sent my sister a text message informing her that it was National Underwear Day. It just felt like the right thing to do. You know, you always have to share information like that. :)

    1. LOL I should send one to my sister too!

  49. new LARA’s! yipppe! cant wait. My favourite summer fruits are berries and melon :) happy underwear day !

  50. I really want to try that peach breakfast. Looks so yummy! I’m with ya on the strawberries – and of course, chocolate-covered. Who would want them any other way?

  51. Katie these pictures remind me of how BEAUTIFUL all your food shots have been and continued to be…those pancakes and the orange napkin with the peach dessert and the top down on the lavender parfait…just stunning shots.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend and have lots of yummy summer fruit. My faves are berries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, watermelon…ok, I love summer fruit!

  52. Elise says:

    I never thought I liked cooked strawberries, but off of this list I’ve only done the strawberry version of the pancakes and the strawberry cupcakes! Hmmm.

  53. Probably blueberries for me!! Or mango – love mango! :) Oh and watermelon! Pretty much all the summer fruit 😉

    I so want to try your peach bake!! I don’t know why I don’t remember seeing it before, but at least I got to see it now :)

    And your ranch dressing is INCREDIBLE!! I even gave it a new name on my blog 😉

    Have an amazing Friday girlie!

    <3 <3

  54. My favorite summer fruit is cherries! I could probably survive on them for a week :)

    National underwear day? Who on earth would think up such a thing?!

  55. I love all of the great berries, melons, and peaches! I don’t know what I am going to do once the cooler temperatures start rolling arounds!

  56. Rach says:

    I made your Red Velvet Pancakes in my donut pan today and they turned out great! Thanks for the recipe, I love your blog.

    1. Red velvet doughnuts? Wow, I think that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard!! Love it!

      1. Rach says:

        Exact same recipe, just sprayed the pan with some coconut oil and topped them with some peanut butter!

  57. Karin the Veg Head says:

    Photos are GORGEOUS :). As usual.
    My favorite summer fruit is fresh watermelon. I miss it in the winter!

  58. Ragnhild says:

    I adore your photos- all so beautiful!
    My favorit summerfruits are water melon, strawberries, cherries and peaches 😀

  59. Marianne says:

    So many things to comment on in this post…

    1) My favourite summer fruits are raspberries, nectarines, and honeydew melon. Yum!

    2) Totally going to make that breakfast bake, but with local apricots I have ripening on the counter. Perhaps that will be breakfast tomorrow.

    3) Not only would honeydew make a great ice cream like you have there, but it makes an excellent milk shake when made with vanilla ice cream and a little milk. Yum!

    4) I can’t believe you said the “sch**l” word…shhhhh.

    1. Ya know, that word isn’t quite so scary now that I’m not in school anymore ;).

      Plus, look at it this way: it’s that much closer to hockey season starting again!

  60. Emilia says:

    My favorite summer fruit is definitely raspberries, I could easily eat a box in a day (and I probably have). I made the peach breakfast bake before (and loved it!), but now I’m wondering how it would taste with other summer fruits, perhaps I shall try soon…

  61. Jess says:

    kensington mangos are the best! OH btw I just ate some strawberry shortcake pancakes! D to the E to the D-EEE licious! And i’ve never tried a larabar…but in Australia we have these living foods bars that seem pretty similar. They r OK but pretty sweet..bit of a dried fruit overload! Larabars look yummier XD

  62. Melons are totally my favorite !!

  63. National underwear day? That is AWESOME! Favorite summer fruits- berries! :) (And frozzen bananas.) :)

  64. I’d have to say that my favorite summer fruits are just about everything and anything! I love PLUMS, strawberries, blueberries, name it! 😛

  65. Marykate says:

    that lavender parfait looks a-ma-zing!

  66. Leslie Paquette says:

    I will be making the Blueberry Pie Pancakes for breakfast tomorrow but subbing strawberries instead. I just bought the most delicious looking organic strawberries and I can not wait to eat them! The new Larabar flavor sounds delish, can’t wait to try it. As for my favorite summer fruits….pretty much all of them. I love all fruit, especially those in season.

  67. Ashley C says:

    NEW LARABAR?!! I have’nt seen that yet, I’ll be on the lookout, Its sounds soo good!!

  68. My favorite Summer Fruit is STRAWBERRIES!!! Katie, I LOVE YOUR RECIPES!!!!

  69. Leelu says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I have an ubundance of summer fruits on my hand that I had no idea what to do with – not till now that is 😉

  70. I love summer fruits so much! It’s hard to choose my favourite…it’s a close call between raspberries and blueberries.

    I’ve never had a Larabar as they haven’t made it to Ireland. I’m always reading about them so I’d love to try them!

  71. Those labars are the ones i saw and mentioned in the comments section a while ago!!! SO excited that they are more widespread in stores now!

    All those recipes look wonderful!

  72. Nikki says:

    New Larabars…SAY WHAT??? And strawberries are my favorite summer fruit…they’re so much better straight off of the farm up the street from my house than they are at any grocery store I’ve ever had!

  73. Kir says:

    Your pancake recipes are my fave!
    However, do you know of any blogs with easy/transportable to college lunch/dinner recipes? I don’t have much to work with for the fall, and can’t really cook at the school =[

    1. Sorry, I actually don’t really read other food blogs very often… I just don’t have time :(

      1. Katy says:

        Hey Kir – Anne at has several “5 minute lunch” posts – she’s in grad school right now. Lots of ideas there! And of course, Katie has dessert and snacks covered here :-)

  74. Sarah-Mae says:

    More like national wedgie day for me!
    Also, MUST make your blueberry pancake recipe ASAP!

  75. Laura says:

    I am definitely going to make the Peach Breakfast Bake this week using gluten free cereal! It looks amazing!

  76. Sarah says:

    National Underwear Day. Really? Who came up with that one? Someone with WAY too much time on their hands. I would have done that… if i had any time on my hands. Obviously, i aint the only weirdo in town. Thats good. It gets lonely sometimes.

  77. Nik says:

    Hi Katie! First of all I’m a huge fan and am BEYOND in love with your site! I go on it every day and follow you on twitter, I get so excited when you have a new post!
    Anywayssss, I love your recipes BUT there is a recipe I would love for you to try and makeover? Liz Lovely’s Lovely Oh’s are so delicious! but SOOO sugary! Could you PLEASE show us loyal chocolate lovers how to make them healthier?!
    Please and thank you!

    1. I actually… have never liked oreos :(. I know, it’s sad, right? But if you have the book Vegan Cookies take over your Cookie Jar, I know there’s a homemade oreo recipe in there. You could play around with the amount of sugar used. And then you could maybe try dipping them in my sugar-free PMS chocolate to make them even lower in sugar. Edible experiments are seriously fun… because you get to eat all of the trials ;).

      1. Nik says:

        Thank you so much! I’ll totally try that!
        I’m so excited for your new recipes to come! Thanks so much for being awesome!! (:
        i know you will succeed with doing this thing full time!

        1. CCK says:

          Aww thank YOU! :)

          I might have to do an oreo recipe someday… they are my mom’s favorite food. Maybe for Mothers’ Day I should try to make healthier homemade ones!

  78. Moni'sMeals says:

    Wow, what amazing, fresh, summer treats!! I love strawberries and plums from the market best. :)
    So much good stuff over here that I missed! Good to be back. :)

  79. Katy says:

    I looooove fresh peaches, strawberries, cantaloupe, raspberries, kiwi, pineapple (although I’m allergic to those last two!)… should I go on?? Fruit is amazing and especially yummy in the summer, when everything’s in season!

    Am I the only person here who doesn’t like Larabars? I’ve tried them a few times now… I don’t like raisins at all, and the date base reminds me a lot of raisins, no matter what flavor the bar is. Oh well, more for you guys! :-)

    1. CCK says:

      Haha no you’re not! I actually don’t like ANY of the fruity ones! Maybe because they are missing a key ingredient… chocolate!

      I mean, they don’t taste bad to me… but I wouldn’t choose them for a snack. I only like the chocolate Jocalats and the cookie dough Larabars. But those, I REALLY like :).

  80. michelle says:

    Definitely blueberries and I can attest to your blueberry pancakes. They’re a regular in my house now!

  81. Mariela says:

    impresionantemente deliciosos!!