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Eat like a Pirate

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cookie dough dip

Arrr, what be this? It’s Cookie Dough Dip.

Talk like a Pirate.

Did you know that today is National Talk like a Pirate Day? I really don’t know who makes these things up, but they’re really funny. For example, Friday was Collect Rocks Day. Wha??

My little knowledge of pirates comes from movies like Muppet Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean. So aside from the obvious “shiver me timbers” I really am clueless when it comes to talking like a pirate.

I did, however, dress like one last night. One of my friends threw a Pirate party, and my date and I went as Elizabeth Swan and Jack Sparrow. (I tried to tell him it’s supposed to be Will Turner, but he said Jack Sparrow was infinitely cooler. Honestly, who can argue with that?)

dessert hummus

Even healthier than before?

Last night, I tried something new with the Cookie Dough Dip.

True, it’s always been much healthier than if you were to eat a big bowl of real cookie dough. But even this dip was still quite high in sugar. So I amended the recipe, lowering both the fat and sugar amounts.

I wanted to see if people could tell the difference. Guess what… they couldn’t! They devoured every last chocolate chip. Granted, there was a lot of Bacardi at this party (what’s a pirate party without rum?), so maybe the guests weren’t the best judges of taste.

In any case, I fixed the original recipe to reflect the changes I made to last night’s successful version.

dessert hummus

cookie dough dip

Recipes to Eat like a Pirate:


PB Cookie Dough Cookies

Also known as the awesomest peanut butter cookies in the world. They could pass for golden coins, right? Heck, who even needs golden coins? I’ll just take these!!

bon bon 3

Chocolate Banana Bon Bons

I repeat, who needs golden coins?


Oh okay, have some Golden Coins.

If you must.

pirate food

Pineapple Floats with Coconut Cream

A great way to get in a ton of Vitamin C (and thus prevent scurvy!)

Question of the Day:

Do you know how to talk like a pirate?

Or are you totally clueless like me?! Are you celebrating today?

pirate photo

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Jen says:

    How do you find out about these holidays?! So funny. I want some of those golden coins! I like chickpeas more than sweets. Although, I definitely wouldn’t turn down any of your other treats. :)

    1. I heard about this one from my friends. But you can also do a google search for “international holidays.” I forget about international chocolate day every single year! 😕

  2. YAY! Love Cookie Dough Dip! No, I don’t know how to talk like a pirate… wasn’t too big a fan of ‘pirates of carribean’!

  3. Jenny says:

    It’s almost scary how much that first picture looks like real cookie dough (as in, it looks like the authentic sugar-laden, egg-containing chocolate chip cookie dough), even though it’s so much healthier and tastes just as good.

    Thanks for the heads up on the update! It’s already one of my favourite recipes on your blog. :) I remember hearing about national “talk like a pirate” day last year and wondering the same thing: who comes up with these national __ days?! In any case… Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone in not knowing how to talk like a pirate. I’ve got no clue, either. 😉 (And highly doubt anyone at business school would appreciate me speaking like that anyway, haha.)

  4. Ha! I love looking at all the silly holidays 😀 it’s fun to celebrate….just for celebration’s sake!!!

    P.S. I made the pumpkin butter with coconut butter and it was aaaammmmmaaazzziiiinnnnggg!!

    1. Oh Alex, that makes me SOOOO happy!!! So so happy :). I wonder how pirates say they’re happy… Arrrrrr?

  5. I’m sure if I had enough rum I could talk like a pirate — but what was with this Bacardi stuff? You need Captain Morgan at a pirate party!

  6. Melissa says:

    I don’t know a lot of pirate lingo, but I’ve been telling everyone I have swashbuckling to do! I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds super fun! 😀

  7. Ha! That last picture is hilarious!! Had no idea that it is talk like a pirate day! Vaguelly remember it from last year though, when everyone changeed their facebooks to pirate-speak.

  8. Ha! I never knew talk like a pirate day existed! Do you have to dress up too?

  9. Jennyb says:

    i heard on the radio this morning that it actually came about from 2 guys playing a tennis match & one was hit by a ball and said “Arrggh”, they eventually started playing matches talking like pirates & then organised a tournament with others in the pirate style for charity. Not sure if its true or not, although they did say that they had the daughter of one of the guys on the phone last year. The guy is the kind of presenter to make you believe all sorts of funny stuff tho.

  10. Arrrg, I be talking like a pirate all the day, love. I would love to get me grimy hands on some of them bloody golden coins you be speakin’ of. Arrrrg!

  11. Arrrrg, I be talkin’ like a pyrate all day, love! I would like to get me grimy hands on one of them thar bloody golden coins you be speakin’ of.

  12. Kate says:

    omggg I love cookie dough and this looks so delicious straight off a spoon!!!!

  13. where do you find all these weird holidays? If you need help with pirate talk, you could always start with Facebook, Pirate is one of the possible languages!

    1. Google search, or my friends tell me

  14. vegirl says:

    Me? A pirate?

    I’m not even very familiar with the pirates of the Caribbean movie (my sister loved them all, on the other hand). I used to really like those chocolate gold coins though– remember those? Too bad they have milk :(. Love the cookie dough modifications!

  15. Molly says:

    I would totally speak in pirate talk for a day if I got to eat all these goodies!

  16. This is so funny, I just heard on my radio too that it was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I love the announcer, who said “There’s no real historical significance to this day, just a bunch of men who thought it would be funny to go around and talk like a pirate.”

    I’m from the Cayman Islands where, every October or November we have Pirates Week, a whole week of festivities leading up to the final Pirates Week parade. It’s pretty big time – people who like to dress up as pirates come from all over the world for it. So I feel as though most of my life I’ve spent dressing up as and talking like a pirate, haha. If you visit it gives you your pirate name. Mine is Captain Asia Aycock. What’s yours??

    1. It was some really random thing like Mercedes Late Pie… lol I can’t remember. But it was fun :).

  17. Clueless here, but pumped to eat like a pirate if it means cookie dough dip!

  18. Ashley says:

    My middle sister loves the Pirates of Caribbean movies, and when my younger sis worked at Disneyland over the summer when the fourth one premiered– she was working in the main ice cream shop when Johnny Depp walked past! I was DYING.

    I made this dip for my family awhile back, and they loved it! Granted, I didn’t tell them there were beans in it (I knew none of them were allergic) and they devoured it. I felt so proud. And sneaky.

  19. Maya says:

    Ha! I used to love this day in college. I only wished it fell a few days earlier so it could be my birthday. I don’t know much about pirate talk, but once when I was studying abroad in Australia we were playing a drinking game. Someone made the rule that “Maya had to talk like a pirate for the rest of the night.” So then these new Australian friends that I had never met came over, and I was like “Ahoy maties!” I’m sure they thought I was normal :)

    I looove theme parties! That one sounds like fun! Did you guys have awesome costumes?

    1. Mine was kinda boring, to be honest :(. I didn’t have enough time to think of something good. Beisdes, Elizabeth Swan is boring! Next time I’m going as Jack Sparrow! Can’t let the boys have all the fun!

      1. Maya says:

        Very true? Jack Sparrow would be SUCH a fun costume.

  20. I’m totally clueless when it comes to talking like a pirate, BUT I have a friend who kills it every time! Love listening to her do it! haha.

  21. Ragnhild says:

    Oh, Pirate is actually my favorit theme for partys!! Its so much fun to dress up like them 😀
    This dip looks so good! I bet it is too, so I totally believe the not so sober pirates from last night 😉

  22. I love this holiday. I learned about it in high school and have celebrated ever since. My friend and I made a pirate movie in high school. We were quite I to it… Grog is my favorite pirate term. Kind of like pirate moonshine:)

  23. Em says:

    u r always ahead of us with the days :-) you are going to have to tell me how you know its these days all the time! pirate day…etc!

    1. Google search :). But for this one, my friends told me.

  24. Katie, I love your blog! Do you have a recipe for refined-sugar free hot chocolate?? I’ve been dying for some hot cocoa for the fall, but of course would love for it to be healthified :)

      1. But maybe you could just skip the freezing steps?

        1. Just tried it (Ha, no patience here!) and it was delicious!!! I used the simply chocolate from TJs that’s sugar free, and it had a bit of trouble melting, but that just added to chocolatey yumminess surprises as I sipped! :) Thanks!

          1. Oh wow, you are fast! I am SO glad it worked!! :)

  25. Jana says:

    This cookie dough I will eat for breakfast tomorrow…Dip with apples and bananas. Great!! I love Dessert for Breakfast :)

  26. It’s so hilarious you find out about all these holidays! No, I am completely clueless when it comes to being a pirate, but I sure love all the gorgeous dresses from that time period! I can flaunt that anytime.. just not the pirate thing. Oh and the cookie dough looks awesome!

  27. Did the party just happen to fall before speak like a pirate day or was that a coincidence?! You always go to the coolest themed parties!

    1. LOL they made it specifically for today (but did it yesterday because people have to work). I think my friends just jump at any excuse to throw a party… especially with alcohol! 😉

  28. jack sparrow is a dream boat…

  29. Katie, I’m confused – where is the newest version of this dip? Did you update the original post or is the new version the low-fat version that you link to in the original post (although that post is old, too)?

    1. I updated the original post. This time I used 2 T oats, 3 T brown sugar, 2 or 3 T pb (I forget), and 1 T almond milk.

  30. I have had a terrible Monday and this sounds DELICIOUS and GUILT FREE. Thank you I will be making myself a large bowl! :)

    1. Awww :(
      Sending you chocolate hugs to make your day better!!!

  31. Emily says:

    What did you change about the recipe?? I would love to try this better-for-you version!
    Also, in answer to your question, no, I didn’t celebrate this “holiday.” I’m just not really sure what to do XD

    1. I wrote it into the original recipe, as options. This time I used 2 T oats, 3 T brown sugar, 2 or 3 T pb (I forget), and 1 T almond milk.

      1. Emily says:

        Thanks! I can’t wait to try it! <3

  32. Definitely giving this one a try. My husband and I are both die hard cookie dough lovers. YUM!

  33. That is seriously one of the weirdest holidays I’ve ever heard of! Bahaha :)

  34. Riri says:

    This might sound random, but has anyone used facebook in “pirate” language? It’s hilarious!

    1. LOL my friend did once… then she couldn’t figure out how to turn it back!

  35. Pirate talk cracks me up. Skylar is just learning how to disguise her voice and talk with accents and Pirate Talk is just starting. It’s cute to hear a 4 year old little girl try to talk in a deep raspy voice and funny accent :)

    The dip looks…awesome.

    And the backlinks to the other recipes….forgot about those cookies. yum!!

  36. Alyssa says:

    Did you know you can change the language on your Facebook page to “Pirate?” Go to your profile, scroll down & click on “English” on the bottom left, and it will enable you to change it to “Pirate (English).”

    1. I did this once!! It was hilarious! But got old pretty quickly.

  37. hahaha I remember hearing about this “holiday” in college. That party sounds fun – kudos to whoever threw it! Hope you had a great time! And I have no idea how to talk like a pirate…

  38. Liz says:

    I dont do anything pirate-y in my life.. but maybe I will bust out a pirates of the Caribbean movie tonight! lol… or just bake! :)

  39. Mary says:

    Oh…I want to make this tonight, but I only have a can of Great Northern beans…can I substitute those for the chickpeas? If not, I will go to the store, just for the chickpeas :) (I’m sorry if you’ve answered this before on your blog. I only recently discovered it.)

  40. I LOVED your cookie dough dip!! That totally reminds me to make it again…tomorrow I think! 😀

    And GUESS who bought some roasted peanuts today to make a special person’s PB cookies? And GUESS who ate two slices of a VERY delicious chocolate fudge pie today?! And GUESS who wants to live with you forever? :)

    1. Please move to Texas!! :) Please??

  41. That sounds like such a fun party!! Hope you had a great time! I wouldn’t have any idea how to talk like a pirate either except to say lots of “arghs!” And yay for your updated cookie dough dip recipe! I neeeed to make it!

  42. emma says:

    that dip looks lovely! i must make some of that ASAP!!! You are a genius!

  43. Charissa says:

    Haha, love the photo on the end!

  44. Everyone was celebrating this day at work today, it was hilarious. I STILL need to try that dip, what is wrong with me?!

  45. Haha, who makes these days up?!
    This has just reminded me, on Facebook you can (or used to be able to) change the language on it from English to “pirate” – if you still can, do it, it’s hilarious :-)

  46. What? Talk like a pirate day? That’s funny! Well, now I’m going to have to try the new version of the cookie doough dip for the Dancing With the Stars premiere tonight. Pirates watch TV don’t they? ha! :)
    PS- Your pictures put mine to shame. I’m loving the photography tips. :) Argh…..

    1. LOL I bet now that there are i-phones, pirates can watch tv at sea ;).

  47. Who knew?! That is toooooo funny!
    I do think I’ll add this to my to-do list tonight! (the cookie dough dip- not the talking like a pirate part 😉 )

  48. I got a book for christmas about all the crazy foodie holidays, too badd all the recipes call for like, 1/2 cup of oils and like 2 pounds of meat. It’s still fun to look at though :)

  49. Amber says:

    What’s the change to the recipe??? :)

    1. I added options: this time I used only 3 T brown sugar, 2 or 3 T pb (I forget which), 2 T oats, and 1 T almond milk.

  50. Ashley C says:

    I love healthy recipes!! I cant believe you found a way to make this one even healthier!! To celebrate I may have to watch Pirates of the Carribbean (and stare at Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom for 2 hours)

  51. mandee says:

    i just made the cookie dough dip but added some pumpkin! it’s chillin in the fridge… hope it’s yum! p is for pirate… and pumpkin, right?

    1. Oh my word, that sounds so good!

  52. Can’t wait to check out the new recipe!!!

  53. I’m a college student. I’m up late studying. I’m hungry. And cookie dough is right up my alley for top choices. I may just whip this up right now. Seriously. Right now.

    THANK YOU :) This recipe may just get me through another hour or two of studying :)

  54. LizAshlee says:

    How fun!! Arrr…that’s about the only pirate talking I do.. :)

    What a delicious bowl of cookie dough..yes I will take that for bkfast, lunch, and dinner! :)

  55. Jenna says:

    No idea how to talk like a pirate, I just figure you say ‘Argh’ after every sentence. :) Looks delicious btw. :)

  56. Laura says:

    Hello katie i would just like to say thank you for all your amazing recipes!
    you have really helped me in learning the importance of eating good healthy foods, whilst still
    being able to treat yourself,,, eg, chocolate :)
    I have been pretty much making your cookie dough dip almost everyday since i first made it.. a month ago? I am HOOKED. I use sweetener and peanut butter powder to reduce the calories and omit the flax, it still comes out amazingly. i often end up eating an entire batch everyday!
    This is coming from someone who was petrified of calories and fat, so its really a life changing recipe for me :) it also acts as a good pre workout fuel hehe 😀
    Thanks again, you are very inspirational!

    1. CCK says:

      Aww Laura, your comment made me smile so so much!!

  57. LOVE it!!! We participated in Talk Like a Pirate day all weekend. We actually went to the pirate faire in Long Beach on Saturday. Here’s my pinterest link with my profile pix of me and my Capt’n Jack/Johnny Depp (double) husband. :)

    I’ve just found your blog & it think it was sent to me from heaven! Thank you for your awesome and yummy recipes. :)

    1. Cute!! And I’m now your follower on Pinterest :).

  58. Dalai Lina says:

    I don’t know how you came up with chickpeas for the base, but it is genius. I love your ideas, keep them coming!

  59. Alice says:

    Wasn’t this day invented by pastafaris? You know, a religion that worships the flying Spaghetti monster!