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Vegan Chocolate Bars (Giveaway!)

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I kind of like chocolate.

Kind of.

Above, extremely delicious Frozen Hot Chocolate.

But I’ll tell you a secret:

I like some chocolate better than others. Shhhh! Please don’t tell this to the chocolate; you’ll hurt its feelings. Yes, chocolate has feelings. Didn’t you know?

Today’s giveaway is for one of my absolute favorite brands of chocolate in the whole-wide world: Endangered Species. This company is awesome for many reasons. First-and-foremost, they only use fair-trade chocolate (i.e. no slave labor, which is a big issue in the cacao industry, even today). Also, they give 10% of their profits to species and habitat conservation efforts. And… their chocolate tastes really good!

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Box-of-Chocolates Giveaway:

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Julie!

I emailed you. If you didn’t get it, let me know.


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