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My Halloween Costume

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Costume Party

My friend went all out for Saturday’s Halloween party. Seriously, all out. When we arrived, there was a grim reaper statue next to the door… only it wasn’t really a statue. As I knocked on the door, the statue reached out and grabbed me (and then laughed when I screamed). Inside, he’d decorated with spider webs and pumpkins, and he’d stuck plastic bugs all over the stairs. It was creepy and gross. And really awesome.

I usually like to be creative when it comes to Halloween costumes, but on the morning of the party I still didn’t know what to wear. Without time to shop, I went on a search through my old closet at my parents’ house:

halloween costume

I have absolutely no clue why I still own this old overall jumper, but it gave me the idea to dress up as “My Inner Child.” I found the baby doll in my sister’s closet. (Michelle, do you remember this doll?? What was her name again?)

Also part of the costume: Crayolas, dum dum lollipops, and a frog lunch box. I really wanted to wear a pair of those light-up sneakers with the Disney characters. But I don’t think they make those in my size. Too bad.

The best costumes at the party were worn by my friends who’d gotten married last year. They went as each other, and they made us all call them by the other’s name all night. It was hilarious.

halloween me

Party Desserts:

I made two desserts. One was the Apple Crumble Bars.

I brought them in the lunch box! And, as I wrote yesterday, the bars were a big hit. But the other dessert I brought was an even bigger hit. Any guesses as to what it was? (Hint: it involves chocolate!) I’ll get that recipe posted tomorrow.

Tonight I’ll probably just sit home—in my comfy pjs—and hand out PlayDoh to trick-or-treaters. I got this cute PlayDoh idea from my blog friend, Jennifer (JCD).


I’d love to give the kids PB Cookie Dough Cookies.

It’s sad that we live in a world where giving homemade treats to trick-or-treaters just can’t be done. On the other hand, it means I get to keep all the cookie dough for myself. And my roommate has to work tonight, so I really get all the cookie dough to myself. Muahahahahaha!


By popular request, I added calorie counts to the mint cupcakes.

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  1. Omg those last cookies look amazing. I want one!! It is a bummer that it’s not socially acceptable to hand out homemade treats. I mean, I see where they’re coming from. When I have children I don’t think I would want them eating something made by a stranger. Then again, everything at a bakery is technically made by a stranger. Or at a restaurant. And…I am rambling, lol. Happy Halloween! Enjoy your day 😀

  2. Sarah says:

    You look super cute. Seriously. And actually my grandmother gave homemade treats to the neighborhood kids and they loved it! Mostly cuz they got the unhealthy stuff all the time and really never got home made stuff. And those apple crumble bars are calling my name. So i am going to go answer them right now!

  3. I love that idea of dressing up as each other!! Really cute!!! So glad your apple crumble bars were a success! (How could they not be?)

  4. Sounds like a fun Halloween party! If I were hosting one, I would totally have a live person standing outside of my door…love that idea!

  5. You look awesome in the costume, I bet it was a really fun night! I wanted to make treats for one of the parties I attened but Jello shots stole the show so I didn’t bother 😉

  6. Diana says:

    When I was growing up, there was a house right around the corner that would give out candy apples. They opened the 2 bays to their garage and had a whole shop setup in there. They sealed the wrapping around the apples w/ their return address labels so the parents would know where they came from. That was like 15 years ago, I’m not sure if they still do it, but I doubt it. And I agree, it’s soo sad what a scary world it’s become. No more Girl Scouts or wrapping paper sales kids coming door to door…

  7. I love your costume! …..I live in a small enough town that I can make homemade treats for the kiddos that come- if only I had the time. YIKES!

  8. Jennifer JCD says:

    Wow, sounds like a fun party! And your costume was pretty good for not having a plan in mind – well done! I’m dressing up as… uh… a ballerina this year… because I have ballet class tonight. :) So Mr. JCD will be handing out the Play Doh for me. We have some homemade treats for the neighbour kids and any of my little cousins that stop by. :)

    I really wanted to wear a ballet tutu on my morning run today but at 5 AM I completely forgot and ran in normal clothes. *sigh* Maybe next year.

  9. That is such a cute costume and sooo creative :)

  10. Megan says:

    Cute costume! Sometimes the best ideas are the last minute ones. I never thought of Play-doh, I would’ve loved that as a kid. Heck, I still like Play-doh! Except now I use the grown up version (fondant). It is sad that we can’t hand out homemade treats. It is also sad that some people would even want to harm children giving reason to not accept homemade items. My sister and her friends always have the best costume parties! They dress as the name of different rock climbing routes and it is very amusing!

  11. It would be fun to be able to make treats to hand out – they’d be healthier and taste better! I love the idea of handing out PlayDoh though. Kids get enough candy from the other houses! I couldn’t find those so I’m handing out mini granola bars and little packs of teddy grahams at work.

  12. Happy Halloween, Katie! And I know, it really is sad that we can’t hand out homemade treats. One year we gave out play-dough, too, and it was a hit!!!

  13. Natasha says:

    Cute!!! How goes the new digs?! Hope your doing great…and do you have the the pooch at your house yet?
    Hey – your hair looks gorge!!!!!!! Did you get some highlights thrown in?
    Happy ‘Hallowed-ween”….!!!

    1. Nope, it’s just the light!
      And Batman is… well, he needs to get potty trained faster :-?. Yikes.

  14. L. says:


  15. Dalai Lina says:

    Looks like you have some extra hair to spare a mom. Forget Love of Love and send some to me! Gorgeous!

  16. I love your costume, how fun! It looks so bright and sunny where you are. Definitely not like that here today… snowy and cold for the kids tonight!

  17. At first I thought your costume was an MTV Teen Mom before I started reading. lol. Don’t ask me why! 😛 Happy Halloween!

  18. Kit-Kat says:

    Cute costume! :~)

  19. Yum!! Both desserts sound fab! Great costume! Haha :)

  20. Emily says:

    One of the only benefits of having little feet is light-up sneakers! My boyfriend bought me a pair of Spider-man light-ups from Target last year as a joke. I still wear them from time to time, so fun!
    Glad you had a fun Halloween! Can’t wait to try your apple bars, they look delicious!

  21. You honestly look super cute!
    I love the idea of your friends who went as each other – briliant idea! 😀

  22. Cute costume! I have things like that in my closet and wonder “Why???:

  23. you look so adorable, Katie! I went out with my girlfriend on Saturday. I was Audrey Hepburn & she was Marilyn Monroe! So fun :) There are pictures in my new post if you want to see.

    I STILL have to make your peanut butter cookies!! I keep forgetting, and now I have all the ingredients so no excuse 😛

  24. Haahaha that is a fun costume!! I bet you didn’t even have to break the bank for that one 😉 you look cute!

  25. Sounds like that was an awesome halloween party! All of that stuff scares me sometimes, but I like it as long as it’s all in good fun! Your outfit looks cute! How random that you had that jumper lying around! I feel like that has lots of Halloween potential! Enjoy your night staying in tonight! I’m doing the same! And plan on making one of your delicious goodies to enjoy!

  26. Moni'sMeals says:

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN CUTIE! have a fun day.

  27. Awww cute!! Such a creative idea, too. Much better than using Halloween as an excuse to dress completely scandalous like most girls do. 😛

  28. Those cookies look awesome and yes, sad that you can’t give out homemade treats anymore :(

  29. That’s such a creative idea! I was just blogging today about how uncreative I am when it comes to costumes.

    On Saturday night I went to a party and my friend was SUSHI. I loved it. She wore a white dress and wrapped a black sash around the middle (ie seaweed), which strapped a stuffed prawn on her back haha! Then her headband had green felt and pink felt attached to it in the shape of wasabi and ginger with a soy sauce packet stuck next to them. It was genius.

  30. I went to a dress up party once where everyone had to dress as the person, who’s party it was for! This guy had curly wild red hair and always wore jeans with a check shirt.. it was amazing to see everyone dressed in bright red curly haired wigs with jeans and matching shirts.. :)

  31. I would eat all the cookie dough too! Although I have the rest of my birthday cake waiting for me at home…

  32. Such a cute costume!! That’s a great idea. Yumm 😀

  33. Such a cute costume!! That’s a great idea. Yumm 😀

  34. How creative, and in a pinch! I love the Pay-Doh idea. I used to love MAKING Play-Doh :)

  35. AmandaRunsNY says:

    I’m really glad you are not giving out processed unhealthy candy!

  36. Cuteness! And I love that you mysteriously own a demin jumper…

  37. Katie your costume is adorable! I love that lunch box (especially because it’s filled with apple crumble bars..yummo!)

  38. Samantha says:

    I didn’t know how to just “contact” you, so I am posting this here. Being that Halloween is my absolute favorite I thought it kind of fit to comment in your Halloween post. :)

    There is a product out there called “Just Like Sugar”. I live in Las Vegas and I believe it is made here so maybe that is why it is so readily available. I buy mine at Whole Foods but they have a website where you can locate their product. It is an “artificial” (I hate that word) sweetener, however it is not artificial. It is simply Chicory Root, Calcium, Vitamin C and Orange Peel as the natural flavor. The stuff is amazing. I use it for EVERYTHING I bake and no one can ever tell the difference. Even me, who quite possibly is the biggest fat kid EVER, thinks its sugar. It has absolutely no aftertaste like some Stevia products do and there aren’t any harmful or nasty chemicals in it. They also make it in a brown sugar version for those recipes of yours (Chocolate Chip Cookies) that have to have the brown to make them taste right.

    Just thought I would let you know about this in case you wanted to look for it and maybe experiment with it a little bit. :)

    1. Oh wow, thanks! That sounds really awesome. People are always asking me if I have any sugar substitute ideas for my recipes (like the cookie pie). Now I can tell them about this product… You’ve just helped me a ton! :)

  39. Jeanna says:

    Wanted to tell you I made the apple crumble bars yesterday and they are fantastic!! I made one substitution that turned out wonderfully. I only used 1 c of whole wheat flour and substituted raw oats for the rest. Really works well!!!

    1. Aww I’m SO excited you made them! I love your oat idea… it probably added a really fun texture :).

  40. Sounds like a fun party!!! I would’ve attended just for a crumble bar!

  41. Adorable costume! Love the PlayDoh idea. I would definitely want to be a trick-or-treater heading to your house.

  42. Nikki says:

    Love the costume. I was a scary clown- check it out here. P.S- Love the blog

  43. Nikki says:

    Love the costume! Cute and quick. I was a scary clown – although not as scary as Heidi Klum this year! Check out mine here!

  44. Amy says:

    I love your costume! It is sad that we can’t hand out homemade delights to the kids but I love the idea of Play-doh as well. Something that won’t send blood sugar sky high and parents screaming into the night :)
    I hope you enjoyed your cookie dough! Happy Halloween :)

  45. Sarah says:

    Such a cute costume idea. I love people who think outside of the box when it comes to costume ideas.

    p.s. pretty sure i have that same dress from middle school haha.

    I know this may be semi rude to ask (maybe) but ive been reading your blog from the begining and find you to be so inspirational. I recently caught the blogging bug and started my own. Except… i have no readers. Id feel honored if you would maybe give my lil blog a shot out on one of your posts? If not i understand, but it never hearts to ask right??

    1. Aww Sarah, thank you so much. And it’s not rude to ask at all. Unfortunately, though, I get requests for shout-outs every day, so I have to say no because I can’t say yes to some and not all. But good luck with your new blog!!!

  46. Gloria says:

    omg you’re adorable! is it bad that I love those overalls and would totally still wear them? I might also have those crayons on my desk at work in the 64 pack 😉 Playdoh is such an awesome idea!! I just shut my lights off this year because I didn’t have candy, but next year I don’t want to be that cranky old person! A friend of mine gave out mini-clif bars and granola bars. A little pricey, but such a great idea that fits within my vegan and nutritional standards.

  47. Your costume is so adorable!!! I think I still have a pair of overalls stuffed into the back of my closet….I should probably do something about that! lol

  48. Liz says:

    My inner child plays with Play-Doh all the time. Heh.

    I love your costume! DIY costumes are seriously the best.

  49. Beach Blonde says:

    Katie, you are GORGEOUS! Can I have your hair????

    Also, I tried your pumpkin cookie dough dip today and it is freakin delicious! I was hesitant to try it, but everyone left such positive comments that I went for it. OMG so good!!! Thank you! :)

  50. Meg says:

    I just saw your Halloween circa 2000 post and your arm there looks bigger than your arms look here! How do you explain that? A child should surely be skinnier than her adult version!

  51. I love your blog!
    And, you look so pretty :)
    New reader here

  52. becky6703 says:

    Cute costume idea and as always, delish recipes! Not that you have a reason to need them now (but you never know when you might), but in reference to the light up Disney shoes, there is something similar available. Skechers Twinkle Toes are available in girls sizes up to 7.5 (which translates to a women’s size 9 or 9.5?). Available at Skechers stores/online/outlets and Journeys Kidz. My sister bought a pair that matched my daughter’s and she even wore them to classes in college and was quite a hit. (Art school 😉 Keep up the fabulous work! =)