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Four Ingredient Ice Cream

Smooth. Creamy. Sweet, drippy ice cream, cascading into a delicious pool of vanilla. Yes, it’s winter. But I can’t keep this dreamy recipe to myself for the next four months. And actually, I really like eating ice cream in the winter. One of my favorite memories is of a Christmas my family spent with relatives […]

Puppy Pictures

Gloomy. If you look it up in a dictionary, you might see a photo of our weather these past three days: cold, windy, rainy.Gloomy. My cold-fighting weapons include: A big, warm bowl of Five Minute Chocolate Oatmeal. And: fleece pants, fluffy blankets, and hot showers. (Hot showers are the best!) Batman’s cold-fighting weapon: The Costco […]

Deep Dish Gooey Cinnamon Roll Pie

Look into the spiral. Swirly, twirly frosting. You are getting very sleepy hungry… See? Who says hypnosis doesn’t work? Birthday Girl A few weeks ago, my little sister flew in from Boston for Thanksgiving. Her birthday also falls close to the holiday, and therefore we held a special birthday dinner for her at my parents’ […]

Gingerbread Peanut Butter

Home Alone, Love Actually, Elf… I have a giant stack of Christmas movies all ready to watch. One of my favorite parts of December is watching as many Christmas movies as I possibly can. (Another is listening to holiday music on the radio. Does anyone else think “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” is the […]

Healthy Sugar Cookies!

I ate two of these healthy sugar cookies straight from the oven:   It’s officially December now, which means you have a great excuse to make cookies. Why not go ahead and bake a batch of these to find out if your self-restraint is better than mine? (As if anyone needed an excuse to bake cookies.) The perfect […]

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