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My blog is about to change…

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Or is it?

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions—not serious ones, anyway. I’m too impulsive. If there’s something in my life I don’t like, why wait until January to fix it? However, there are a few changes I’ve thought about making to my blog.

If you get a chance:

I’d really appreciate your feedback. Would you like to see more or less of the following:

  • Savory recipes
  • Guest posts
  • Posts with Tips for Bloggers
  • Food photography tips
  • Personal posts (as opposed to just recipes)
  • Chocolate recipes

Ooh wait; scratch that last one. You’re getting more chocolate recipes whether you want them or not!


Expect many more recipes like One-Minute Chocolate Cake.

Other upcoming posts include chocolate-chip cookie dough cake, chewy granola bars, oatmeal raisin breakfast cookies, sweet potato chili, peanut butter sandwich bread… I’ll, of course, still be writing about topics that make me happy: chocolate and desserts. But a big part of what makes me happy is making others happy, so I want to know what you want.

For tomorrow’s post:

Would you like to see a savory recipe or a sweet one?

And thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to offer feedback. I really do appreciate it! If you have any other suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to let me know. Unless you want less chocolate.

Then you’re out of luck ;).

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Kristen says:

    Keep the healthy desserts coming! LOVE them!
    Would love to see savory recipes too. I’m sure you eat really healthy all around so it’d be cool to see healthy savory dishes paired with a healthy dessert of yours :)

    1. Lauren H says:

      Exactly what Kristen said!! I can’t find another healthy blog as good as yours for just throughout the day meals. I know yours is called Chocolate Covered.. but I feel we can make a few exceptions once a week or however often. 😀

    2. Kalyn says:

      I third this notion! I love, love your chocolately, healthy recipes, but I know you can come up with great savory recipes & I would love to see them, as well. Also, it would be nice to see you wrote about other topics besides jut recipes, as well. You seem really well-spoken, and I would enjoy hearing your thoughts and what you have to say.

      1. Crystal says:

        I fourth this! I love all your posts on desserts. I fact, you’re my go-to blog for healthy foods. But I’d enjoy some more savory foods. No chance I’ll become vegan, but vegan meals occasionally are correctly great. Our family has been working on eating healthier the last several months. New ideas are always welcome.

        1. Jo says:

          I agree with this as well! Both would be great!

          1. Maria Nyholm says:

            Can you sixth something?

          2. missy says:

            i’d like to see savory recipes as well. its easy for me to get into a veg-recipe rut, so fresh ideas on your blog to keep me inspired would be great! :)

          3. Michelle W. says:

            I hope so, Maria, because I’m gonna seventh it! :)
            Katie, I hope you add more of everything you mentioned. Even the “Food Photography Tips” interests me as I love taking pics of my concoctions, but the pics I take don’t come out as yummy as this food in them. Love your blog, btw. I made your cookie dough dip for a family get together over the holidays and accidently left it in the fridge when we left for a 2 hour trip. I’m actually glad I did because when I got home and discovered how delicious it was I gobbled it all up! :)

          4. Thank you all so much!

            Oh Michelle, I’m so sorry about the dip… but thank goodness you were able to look on the bright side. Too funny! I wonder if I can intentionally use that excuse next time I go to a party and don’t want to share what I’ve made. Would that be too horrible? 😉

    3. Ann says:

      I’d love to see more savory recipes, too!

      I think the tips for bloggers would be a great addition as well.

      You have a great blog. I really enjoy it. I wish you the best in your quest to make it a full-time gig. I’m pretty jealous, frankly!

  2. Katie Ann says:

    I’d love to see more personal posts!

  3. meesch says:

    LOVE the desert recipes, but I think some more savory recipes would be great too!


  4. Julia says:

    I would LOVE to see more savoury recipes, guest posts and ofc personal posts! Thank you :)<3

  5. I would also like to see a savory recipe thrown in here and there. I also like personal posts on what you’re up to.

  6. Heathy dessert recipes are always a winning post but some personal rants are fun too. Oooo, and PHOTOGRAPHY tips! You take such beautiful photos, teach us, please! :)

    1. Amal says:

      I so agree expecially about the photo tips!

      1. Claire says:

        Yeah, I’d love to see photography tips too! I try hard to get nice food photos, but I don’t know if I’m doing it well or not. And I’d love some editing tips too- I use Capture NX2 though, so I don’t know if your tips would apply to that or not. Like, is this a good picture? : .

        Keep the desserts coming! But I’m fine with a few savory recipes here and there too. I know you have good taste in food (no pun intended), and would love to get some new ideas.

  7. Meki says:

    keep the chocolate coming! and those healthy desserts. But I’d like some tips too :)

  8. Aubrey says:

    I’d love to see the dessert esp the smoothies and pancKes and dips :) and some savory ones too:)

  9. Vanessa says:

    Id love to see guest posts, personal posts, and savory posts. I, of course, still love the dessert recipes a ton!

  10. Jade C says:

    Hmmm, I would really like to see some savoury recipes here, pretty please, with ..a chocolate fudge cake on top?? ;). Also, guest posts sound good!!
    And, perhaps I could actually send you that email soon, LOL, asked that like, last year!! ((I know, not that funny..))
    Jade C.

    1. Feel free to email me any time :)

  11. Amy says:

    Savory, personal posts (because I want to know what else you do besides blogging!), and some photography tips would be great too.

  12. I def. like the savory recipe and foot photography tips ideas!!!

  13. Ilana says:

    I always love your savory posts because you’re just as creative with veggies as you are with chocolate and it’s a true inspiration for vegans and veg-curious everywhere.

    But you know, anything you post I’m apt to try out in my kitchen anyway. So whatever floats your chocolate covered boat!

  14. Kate says:

    I would love some savory posts as well as personal posts. Always fun to hear what you’re up to!

  15. I’d love to see all of those post ideas! Really, Katie, it is YOUR blog, so post whatever you feel like postin’ that day!!! And I will always happily read it.

    1. Claire says:

      So true! Well said.

  16. I love savory recipes and posts about your life! I feel like you’ve lost touch with those personal posts that you had going for a while and I think reading about a blogger’s life is more fun than recipes (personally!).

  17. Any and all of the above! I think all of those things sounds great, and I’d love to read any post you come up with :)

  18. Barb says:

    I really love that your blog is mainly just desserts. That being said, I would read it no matter what you post! I would probably not make savory meals as often, but if you post one every once in a while I would have no complaints!

    Also, I love when you post personal articles. Usually I can relate to them, and they are always fun to read! Can’t wait for those oatmeal raisin breakfast cookies ….

    1. That’s what I was thinking, too. Maybe a savory post once or twice a month.
      Gotta give desserts their rightful place in the spotlight ;).

      1. lisa says:

        i agree with barb. i love how you highlight desserts but a savory recipe every once in a while would be fun too. there are already quite a few good vegan food blogs that mainly focus on savory recipes and desserts is what makes yours so unique. no matter what you do this is your blog and it is already so awesome so just do what you feel is right.

    2. Jen says:

      I completely agree with this post!

      1. Amelia says:

        Same, I agree

        1. Holly says:

          I also like that your blog focuses on desserts! I would like to see additional recipes which I can take on the go.

  19. Jennifer JCD says:

    Hey Katie,
    I love all your recipes but miss some of the personal posts you had before – running, babysitting, Batman, etc. I love your blog dearly and thank you for all the hard work you do to keep it up and running!

  20. Kim says:

    Savory would be wonderful!

  21. Lynda says:

    I found your blog a month or two ago and I just love it! You have so many creative ideas for desserts and chocolate recipies, that can be low fat and low sugar. I have been printing out so many that I want to try. Keep doing what you’re doing:)

  22. Sidrah says:

    Savory posts please! Or even, what you eat (besides all the chocolate!).

  23. I’m pretty much just interested in the actual food posts. Both sweet and savory are fine :)

  24. Aly says:

    I would really enjoy more savory recipes in addition to all your yummy desserts–and, um, sweet potato chili (along with all things sweet potato, squash, etc.) is a winner. I had this fantastic African peanut soup a while back…you should do a soup with some sort of peanut component. Yum.

  25. Michaela says:

    I made your boatmeal this morning and loooooooooved it! I don´t know why I haven´t had it for so long.

  26. Maya says:

    I love all your posts but I would love to see some more savory ones. (I know it’s a dessert blog so if it doesn’t work no big deal. Sometimes I eat savory food AFTER dessert so maybe that’s my dessert ;))

  27. I would love to see more personal posts and savory recipes! I love the few of your savory recipes I’ve tried!

  28. Ashley says:

    Whenever I want a dessert, I usually come to your blog because your recipes are amazing! But a few savory ones would be great to see too- because I’m sure they’re just as amazing!

  29. Jamie @ Don't Forget the Cinnamon says:

    I love your blog and love all of your yummy desert recipes! I’d love to see a few more savory recipes…perhaps some lunch ideas? And I always enjoy personal posts-it’s always nice to get to know the blogger behind the recipes a bit better!
    Keep up the great work Katie!

  30. Megan says:

    Savory recipes! I made your Christmas casserole (I think that’s what you called it) and it was a hit at Thanksgiving. I was excited it wasn’t totally consumed because that meant leftovers for me! :)

    I’d also love food photography tips. You do a great shop of setting up your food for shoots.

  31. Astrid says:

    would love to see some savory meals!!!

  32. Emilie says:

    I love your blog as it, but I would like more savory recipes (but not less sweet ones) and I like personal posts too 😀 I don’t really care for guest posts, once in a while is fine but I come to your blog to read about you and your recipes 😀

  33. Jennifer says:

    I love your blog Katie! I’d definitely love to see some more savory recipes. Your sweet ones are so easy and tasty that I can imagine that your savory ones would be more of the same!!!

    And, of course, chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate!!!!

  34. Shaunna Ulrick says:

    Because I want to be a blogger when I grow up-More How to Blog posts!!!!

  35. Jess says:

    More personal posts would be cool! But obviously keep the chocolate and healthy dessert recipes coming – I always love them :)

  36. kira says:

    😀 would love to see.. well, everything! Love all the healthy dessert posts, but also definitely interested in seeing some more savory posts as well. And, I like the personal posts (yay!) and really like blogging tips posts, too! (especially since now you’re blogging full-time; i’m always curious how that actually works!)
    Keep up the super work! <3

  37. Jennifer says:

    I love your blog! And I’d love to see some more savory recipes. All of your desserts are so easy and tasty that I’m sure that your other recipes are more of the same!

    And, of course, chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate!!

  38. Michele says:

    As a chocolatarian, I say you can’t have too much chocolate! >Smile!<
    One thing I would do, though – when you have a microwave recipe – there are some like myself who do not use a microwave because it is not good for one's health. Can you provide alternate instructions, please?
    Also, I notice you put a lot of your measurements in metric. Can you provide US measurements? Cups, tablespoons, etc?

    1. I usually try to provide cup/tablespoon measurements in all my recipes… is there a particular one you can tell me that doesn’t have them? If you send me links, I’d be happy to fix the posts, because I usually know the US measurements for everything :).

  39. Heather says:

    I love all the healthy desserts, but I need more recipes for healthy meals too!

    1. Amanda says:

      I agree. Trying to eat healthy is really hard for me. Your desserts have been an eye opener and I would LOVE savory recipes that I might be able to get my kids to eat!

  40. Veera says:

    I’d love to see some savory posts too! Because unfortunately we can’t live on desserts solely. What about a savory recipe with chocolate 😉

  41. anna says:


  42. sara says:

    Id love to see savory! that sweet potato chili sounds way good!

  43. Erin says:

    Sweet post! I love love love the single lady recipes or any recipe that just makes a few servings.

  44. Christine says:

    I would enjoy more savory recipes and personal posts. I’m not a blogger so tips and photography aren’t really my thing. LOVE the chocolate and dessert recipes!! :-)

  45. Kathy says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a savory recipe thrown in now and then, but i HAVE to have the chocolate ones.. after all, the name of the blog is Chocolate Covered Katie.. I don’t mind other things thrown in the mix, as long as there is a yummy dessert in there.. It would be a good thing to check out your other recipes too.. if it’s yummy and healthy all the better!!

  46. Jessie P says:

    I would love some more donut recipes!

  47. Runnergirl says:

    I would love to see some savory recipes. The ones you have posted I have enjoyed very much. However you still need to keep the sweet ones coming. Happy New Year!!!!

  48. Charlie says:

    Keep the chocolate coming, Chocolate chocolate chocolate <3 But sadly, I can't eat dessert and chocolate all day, and I love cooking savory also so it would awesome to see some more of those types of recipes!

  49. same here! i am always looking for improvements :).

    id love to see more blogger & photography tips! and DOH more chocolate recipes 😉

  50. My most favorite thing about your blog is single serving sweets with gluten-free options – I have portion control issues so a single serving is awesome :)

  51. Camille- the college girl says:

    All of those sound great! I would like more savory recipes, Posts with Tips for Bloggers, and of course MOREEEEE CHOCOLATE RECIPES :)

  52. no one says:

    Hey, I’m just one of those readers who rarely get around to comment on anything, but still my two cents…

    Savory recipes – MORE!
    Guest posts – no opinion, were there any so far? if so I missed them;
    Posts with Tips for Bloggers – not really;
    Food photography tips – MORE!
    Personal posts (as opposed to just recipes) – LESS – you sound like a wonderful person and adding personal comments to recipes makes them easier to read and overall more human-sounding, but from what I’ve seen on other themed blogs, it pays off to keep personal blog apart… or MORE and use a separate feed for these posts, so people can choose what they subscribe for;
    Chocolate recipes – MORE! MORE! MORE!

    1. Thanks!
      I have done a *few* guest posts in the past… maybe only like 2 or 3, and they were a long time ago!

    2. Beth says:

      Well, “no one,” you’ve saved me the trouble of writing my own response as I agree with everything in this one!

  53. Stephanie says:

    I would like to see more savory recipes, more recipes that include appetizers, side dishes or main dishes, and more personal posts. I love this blog.

  54. Mariel says:

    I always LOve tips for bloggers 😀 and food photography tips!

  55. I’d LOVE more savory posts!!! As well as guest posts, food photography, general blogging tips, and of course, CHOCOLATE. I’d SUPER-LOVE a chocolate-azuki recipe. I know you just said you’d post less bean recipes, but it’s winter!!!

    For some reason I’m kinda meh about personal posts as a standalone, but I really like it when they come with a recipe — it makes the recipe more interesting and memorable :)

  56. Katrina says:

    Personal and Savory posts!!!!

  57. Shahida says:

    Happy new year :-)
    Definitely definitely many more healthy dessert recipes!! I’m such a chocoholic/dessert freak and you have actually saved my life. Now I don’t feel too guilty having desserts and they are still to die for!!!
    pure gorgeousness.
    P.s everyone in my family and extended family are so happy with your recipes too.
    I have to say your cookie dough one is still my favouritest!!!! esp half baked with icecream…mmmMmmm

    Also planning to try all your breakfast recipes this year..everyday!! my new years resolution 😉
    I so look forward to all your posts!!!
    much love xx

  58. Laura says:

    I would love to see more savory recipes and personal stories on the blog.

  59. Some personal posts would be great!

  60. Please just keep up with the chocolate!

  61. actually – I kind of like it just the way it is! Not too excited about savory recipes. I come to you for sweet! :-)

  62. Margaret says:

    I would love to see more savory recipes! I have found some great favorite dessert recipes from your blog that I use all the time, so I’m sure your savory recipes would become favorite staples too!

  63. grasshopper says:

    I’ve just gotten to know your blog and absolutely love it!
    Yet I am a fan of the idea of more savory recipes and posts about yourself :).

    Looking forward to it!

  64. Marissa says:

    I LOVE your chocolate/dessert recipes, but would also really enjoy more savory recipes and personal posts. Keep up the great work!

  65. Katie – Our family LOVES that your focus is on sweets. It’s what really sets you apart from other sites and gives us a reason to specifically come to yours to try new stuff or to have a treat. We would definitely also enjoy personal posts because it’s fun getting to know you and hear the stories that inspire you. Keep it coming! We love what makes you you.

  66. I would love to see less desert, more SAVORY recipes! And more personal post and photography/blogging tip posts as well! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  67. Rose says:

    More savory recipes for sure! I love desserts of course, but it would be great to see more of what you’re eating day-to-day. I’ve been vegan for less than a year and am always looking for more meal ideas.

    It would also be super rad if you posted more recipes (dessert or otherwise) that are particularly easy and quick. I love elaborate dishes/snacks/sweet things but don’t always have the time or ingredients on hand to make ’em.

  68. Kristen says:

    Healthy desserts for sure!! With nutritional information if you could, thats always a plus (:
    Some of your posts I’m questionable about though, such as your “Not Guilty Chocolate Chip Cookies”. I have a hard time believing that each one only contains 23 calories…

    1. Hi Kristen,
      If you read the nutritional info for that post, it specifically states that the nutritional info is for the fat-free version of the cookie ball pops.
      I try to provide as accurate nutritional info as possible for a recipe.

  69. More savory, more dessert, more CHOCOLATE!!! 😀 But really everything you post is wonderful so I’m sure whatever you do will be a joy to read! Oh and I’m making chocolate truffles today – just thought of you! :)

    1. Oh and photography tips would be great too! Your photos are amazing :)

  70. Eric Jaffa says:

    I’d like the following:

    – Savory recipes

    – Posts with Tips for Bloggers

    – Personal posts (as opposed to just recipes)

  71. kelsey says:

    personal posts and savory…definitely more savory!

  72. Sara says:

    I would love to see all of the above! I love checking your blog every day and always finding a beautifully photographed, perfectly written post, no matter what it’s about!

    1. Aww Sara, thank you for the sweetest comment ever! :)

  73. Becca says:

    Keep the chocolate recipes coming!!! Just came across your blog. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

  74. Jenn says:

    I enjoy your sweet recipes, but since I’m currently trying to limit my sugar intake to one day a week, it would be nice to see some savory recipes in the mix.

  75. Emily says:

    more savory recipes and personal posts please :)

  76. Gina G says:

    personal posts and of course chocolate post! :)

  77. Doree says:

    I’m new to vegetarian and vegan cooking, and I noticed my sugar intake going waaaaaay up, so as much as I love your sweet recipes (especially chocolate), I’d love to see some more savory stuff.

  78. Amal says:

    Thanks for asking Katie, Would there be a way to categorize your guest posts? The ones I look for are most valuable are ones of people who have actually tried the recipe. Maybe:
    • Pre-recipe Feedback
    • Post-recipe Feedback
    • General Feedback (for things such as personal, photography, suggestions, etc.)

    1. I probably won’t do very many guest posts, simply because there are so many things I want to post that I hardly ever have room for guest posts. But I would like to give someone else the chance to offer up some different talents… maybe a raw guest blogger or someone who’s really good with a specific ethnic cuisine. Those are the thoughts going through my head at the moment :).

      1. Amanda says:

        I am trying to eat raw til dinner, so a raw blogger would be awesome!

  79. I am about to be so annoying. But I think adding more of each of those different categories would be great! haha I love it all!

  80. I would love to see more savory dishes. I would also love more breakfast recipes in general, because really…breakfast is AMAZING both savory and sweet, and I LOVE all the ones you have come up with already :-)

  81. Bethany says:

    I love the desserts – ESPECIALLY the single-serving ones. Nobody else is doing that! Some single-serving savories would be great, too! I come here for the recipes EVERY SINGLE DAY!! You’re great!

  82. I’d love to see some more of the tips for bloggers and photo tips! You’re my go to girl for desserts so while I wouldn’t mind (in fact, I’d still enjoy) savory recipes, I love the sweet ones too :)

  83. I love to see more savoury dishes and more personal posts would be fun too. I always love the single serving recipes!

  84. nicole says:


  85. Lori Z. says:

    I know I will continue reading your blog no matter what you do, but since you asked… I am not interested in tips for bloggers, or food photography and I’d rather read your posts than guest posts. I’ve loved all the recipes of yours that I have tried, both sweet and savory so I look forward to any type of recipe you post!

    1. Thanks Lori! I’ll definitely keep that in mind and keep any guest posts and blogging tip posts to a minimum if I decide to do them. I know many blog readers don’t have blogs, and therefore these posts would be useless and boring to them. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  86. Ann says:

    As much as I love the chocolate recipes, I’d love to see more savory recipes =)

  87. Erin says:

    I’d love a few savory thrown in there but your blog title does contain chocolate. :) Some more personal posts would be fun if they’re combined with a recipe!

  88. Amal says:

    Ok. I see I said Guest Posts but I meant categorizing Comments. Sorry about that!

  89. Jennyb says:

    My vote goes for the Savoury please!

  90. Camery says:

    I would love to see ANY recipe you want to post! Savory would be great! Personal stories prior to recipes are always fun too! Not too interested in tips on blogging, but food photo tips would be neat.

  91. JEnny says:

    Dear Katie

    Your blog is just perfect as it is. Please just keep it.

    And something sweet

    Love Jenny

  92. Allie Finch says:

    I’d love to see more savory recipes & read more personal posts from you! Never tire of the chocolate though. 😉

  93. Kris says:

    I’m not vegan, but I’m very interested in eating healthier, so I would love to see more savory recipes. You can still be a dessert blog and branch out a little bit! Keep up the good work.

  94. Anna says:

    I’d love to see savory posts! It’s great to get a full spectrum view of your diet!

  95. LisaEesa says:

    I’m in DESPERATE need of some healthy ideas for dinner… savory, please!

  96. Josh says:

    Personally, I don’t mind a new dessert (or any kind of) recipe every day. I would, however, like some food photography tips (because your pictures are just plain amazing). this blog!

  97. I’d love to see more savory recipes; I’m not vegan, but I’d like to eat more like a vegan a few times a week :-)

  98. sophie says:

    No!!! Don’t change!

    I love your blog! And I’m a silent reader…never commented before…

    But I like being able to come here and see just desserts, because they are the best and most fun to cook!

    Also, I know a little while back you said you’d slow down and not put a new recipe every day because people get overwhelmed, but I love seeing a new recipe everyday!!!

    An occasional savory recipe (like that sweet potato chili…sounds yummy :) would be ok, but I think we are alike in the fact that we both think that chocolate is the BEST food there is!

    Thanks so much for all of the hard work you put into your blog! And sorry to write you a novel, but just wanted to stand up for my feelings about desserts and chocolate 😀

    1. Thanks, Sophie!

      Haha I agree… desserts are the best. They’re the most fun to photograph too. And heck, the most fun to eat ;).

  99. Shelly says:

    I’d love savory recipes too but I’d also love more and more of the individual single serve dessert recipes as sometimes I just want to make something for my hubby and I for dinner that night and I don’t want a whole pan of something sitting around!

  100. Sarah says:

    I enjoy your sweet recipes, but would definitely enjoy more savory ones. I’m always looking for new vegan ideas!

  101. Nicole says:

    I would love to see some healthy savory dishes, i’m supper curious on what meals you eat for lunch and dinner! Thanks for all of your amazing recipes, i absolutely love your website!

  102. Ally says:

    I would love to see more: savory posts, tips for bloggers, and personal posts. Although, what you have been doing in the past has always kept me coming back for more! I am a committed reader no matter what :)

  103. caroline says:

    sorry if this sounds greedy, but i’d like to see more of all of those! expecially personal posts, i think that would be really cool, along with savory recipes, to show your versatility

  104. Cindy says:

    More savory and healthy dessert recipes!!! Love your blog!

  105. Savoury!!! Haha but seriously I love anything on your blog 😉

  106. Kris says:

    More savory recipes, and keep on including calorie-count information! :)

  107. sheena clark says:

    I am a rookie food blogger, and huge fan of your website, Katie! I would LOVE to see posts directed towards up-and-comers like me and on food photography as well. Thanks for being an inspiration to me in starting my own space, I hope 2012 is the best year ever for CKC!

  108. Monique says:

    FOOD Katie! Give us Beautiful Food!!!

  109. Annette says:

    Savory recipes and personal posts! I kind of get tired of seeing “dessert” type recipes every day (sorry). I would like more personal posts about your life and about being vegan in general.

  110. Karine says:

    Thank you for this possibility. Whatever happens, I’ll still love your blog, but it would be great to see more savory recipes and personal posts!

  111. I definitely want to see photography tips!

  112. Allie says:

    I would love to see more savory recipes!!! And btw, LOVE your blog :)

  113. I love your blog how it is, but I’d be interested in reading more personal posts, and more food photography tips. :) Thanks!

  114. Holly says:

    I would LOVE to see more savory foods! I need great tasting veggie meals!

  115. Ashley says:

    Would love to see more savory recipes!!

  116. Lee says:

    I’d like to see photography posts – especially ones about how you stage your photos which is something that I struggle with and you are very good at.

  117. Lexi says:

    Hi CCK,

    I would love to see more desserts and personal blogs!! You are such an inspiration!! When I see you have posted a new blog I get soo excited :)!

    Keep doing your thing!! :) you rock!


  118. Rebecca says:

    More of everything listed, except the guest posts! I enjoy your style and recipes.

  119. Yes yes yes to food photography posts, personal posts and savoury recipes! Would love to see all of the above! Thank you for asking! :)

  120. Weezy {Hearts} says:

    I really like the idea of the odd savoury dish popping up on your lovely blog – I love some extra inspiration on what to cook apart from desserts that could be healthy too! Plus more chocolate too, I’m never going to lie I can’t get enough of what you post. :)

  121. Ashley says:

    I love your blog and if you were to add to it I’d love more savory recipes :)

  122. Tracy says:

    I say savory with a dessert to go with it.

  123. Kristin says:

    Quick, sweet, healthy chocolate recipes is all i could ever want lol :) personal posts are fun too :) i love ur blog!

  124. Tracy says:

    More recipes, savory or sweet, would be great. Personal stuff is fun if it’s kept minimal. Not personally interested in photography. Guest posts are fine, if they are good recipes. I’m a new follower, but I love your blog! Very helpful b/c of dairy allergy in the family. I’ve gotten fairly good with substitutions, but you’ve really given me a lot of new ideas! Thanks!

  125. Dawn says:

    I would like to see more savory recipes… or just more recipes in general. I think you are doing a fine job already. If you do guest posts, I’m fine with that as long as it is recipes. I would contribute to guests posts too.

    Other things to post could be how to host a party with meal course plans and things like that, which you already do a good job with as well.

    As for personal stuff, I would generally advise against it because the internet is a scary place. I mean I’m sure the posts will be interesting but just for your protection I would keep the personal posts to a minimum. I mean, the logo for the blog is “Healthy Dessert Blog” so it’s fair just to keep it to food.

    1. I love your party suggestion! Maybe even theme party ideas… Oh how fun would an “all things chocolate” party be? :)

  126. More of everything except savouries! I love your desserts; rock on! D

  127. KellyB says:

    a few savory posts thrown in would be good since I know that would be vegan.
    I don’t think you need guest posts, you are entertaining enough!

  128. Anna says:

    Personal posts

  129. Kim says:

    I would love some healthy savory recipes! I’m not too interested in blogging tips though.

  130. Marla says:

    Savory recipes – More than you already have, but not so many that the balance isn’t tipped toward sweet!
    Guest posts – Fewer
    Posts with Tips for Bloggers – None, or just blended into a recipe post as an aside
    Food photography tips – Same thing – throw that into a recipe post but I wouldn’t make it a focus
    Personal posts (as opposed to just recipes) – I’d love to read those!
    Chocolate recipes – All day, all night, all the time please. :)

    My 2 cents!

  131. Mary says:

    I’d love to see more savory recipe posts. I really love all the chocolate posts (they are so easy AND delicious) but i’m also curious about what else you think is fabuous!!
    I also think it would be fun to have more personal posts. What you’ve shraed already has been so wonderful, helpful and inspiring (I really love your tips for avoidng the winter/holiday blues). I think we’d love to read any and everything you can throw at us! Thank you!!

  132. KT says:

    Savory! And tips!

  133. Ohh I love your blog as-is! But I’d also love to see some savory posts and some personal posts!!

  134. Danielle says:

    I would love to see more gluten free/grain free dessert recipes. I love the idea of healthy desserts but I have to pass on a lot of them due to allergies.

    1. Ok! I will try to keep that in mind! I’ll try to add more gf recipes that don’t rely on a gf flour mix, too. I need to practice, though, because my gf baking skills need a lot of work!

  135. Pam says:

    Your dessert recipes are fantastic!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

  136. Alice says:

    Healthy desserts!!! :)

  137. Lauren says:

    I’d love to see more savory and personal posts, and of course more chocolate!

  138. Ashley Pomes says:

    I love your blog and your desert recipes. I would love to have a mixture of all things you mentioned. Savory recipes and tips for bloggers being my top favorite.

  139. Lena says:

    I always love love loooove your dessert recipes, but I’d love to see more savory recipes as well! I’ve found myself wishing for more of them several times already. And like I commented yesterday, more bean desserts haha. I love those :)

  140. Meredith says:

    I would say more savory recipes would be interesting! Also, I know some readers requested LESS recipes from you, but I say that’s crazy talk and the more the better. Guest posts and personal posts would also be interesting. I’m not a blogger or photographer, so I wouldn’t favor posts related to those, but I wouldn’t be opposed either.

  141. David says:

    More savory recipes and personal posts. Plus an ongoing status report on your upcoming cookbook

    1. It’s becoming harder and harder to not talk about it… I’ll probably break down in the next two months ;).

  142. Michelle says:

    I love how simple and approachable your dessert recipes are! I’d love to see the same approach for savory meals. More puppy stories would be wonderful… and perhaps something a little juicy? Young vegan on a quest for love? 😉

  143. Synne says:

    Id like more of 1,2 and 5, but really all sounds great as long as there will be chocolate too!!

  144. I would love to see more savory recipes & food photography tips! :)

  145. I would like to see some more personal posts and savory posts! Do a savory post tomorrow!

  146. Nicole K. says:

    Beautiful Miss Katie, follow your heart. I absolutely love your blog and as long as you keep posting what your [big] heart desires I have a feeling your readers will be satisfied. No matter what, I will be here to support you! You give me so much hope – that is chocolate covered, of course!

    One last thing, have you ever thought of or made chocolate chili? Thats one entree I’ve been dreaming of lately :)

    1. I haven’t ever done it! I would love to try chocolate in a savory recipe. I just don’t know how to even begin to experiment. If you come up with a good recipe, do let me know!

      1. Michelle says:

        I always add chocolate AND cinnamon to my chili! it’s the way to go. 😉

        There is a great recipe in the Cook This Not that Cookbook. Of course I sub soy crumbles for the meat, and use a veggie stock.
        I found a link for it:

  147. Kristy says:

    I love the idea of more savory posts. I just found out I have all sorts of food allergies and your recipes are ones I can eat without hesitation, so some savory ones would be fantastic!

  148. Definitely more chocolate. :) But I’d love to see what else you have up your sleeve… savory, side dishes, etc. And I love to follow people so personal posts too. xo

  149. Jess says:

    I’d love some savoury recipes and some food photography tips would be cool too.

  150. ~Jessica~ says:

    I always love both your savoury and sweet recipe posts, but I particularly love ‘personal’ posts because you strike me as such an intriguing and lovely person, and as such I’m interested to hear more about you :)


  151. Diana says:

    Hi!! I just found your blog a few days ago and I am in LOVE!!! I’m always doing my best to eat healthy and lose some weight, so I totally love all your dessert, cookie, cakes, etc recipes that are healthy (and guilt free) and still taste awesome!! I made your deep dish cookie pie for my new years eve party and it was a HUGE hit!!! No one even knew I was helping them get healthier before the new year even started 😉 all that to say, PLEASE keep the chocolate and sweet recipes coming!! And thanks so much for everything you’ve already shared with us!

  152. FH says:

    More savory recipes!

  153. Post what you love and what you’re passionate about and if people like it, great. And if they don’t, they can move on :)

    That’s the mentality I have tried to take…easier said than done sometimes though!

    1. I rtotally agree with that mentality, though sometimes it can be hard to put yourself first when you are eager to want to please people (that’s me at the mkment as a newbie blogger!) 😉

  154. Bente says:

    Keep the healthy desserts and the single serving sweets. With nutritional information (especially calories) if you can, that’s always a plus here from me in Denmark :o)

    Love Your Blog :o)

    Hugs From Bente

  155. Ruth says:

    Only more guest posts please!
    I like personal posts if the story comes with a recipe or something, not just random drivel.

    Tomorrow I’d like sweet please!!!!

  156. Anon says:

    Ooh, yes please to the savory dishes! The ones that you have are absolutely delicious looking, but it makes me a bit sad that you don’t have all that many. Perhaps I’m in a minority who prefers savory to sweet, hehe.

  157. Laura says:

    I like your blog just the way it is! I enjoy knowing that every single post is a tasty dessert, and I love trying them out at home. I use other sources for savory recipes…and I always skip past the personal stuff on blogs. Just meat and potatoes, please. Or chocolate and sugar! :)

  158. Amber K says:

    I love the healthy dessert recipes, but to add something new if you’re feeling inspired I’d love to see photography tips. You have great photos!

  159. Ali says:

    I love all the healthy desserts and also savory recipes are always great! :) thanks!!

  160. Andrea says:

    Savory recipes! Chocolate recipes! Savory chocolate recipes? No, scratch that last one :)

    And for tom.? Savory please! :)

  161. Was says:

    I think a savory recipe thrown in a few times a month would be good! Also, an occasional personal post is nice too

  162. Sadie says:

    Stay true to yourself and post whatever you want; be it a million dessert recipes or a savory recipe every now and then.

  163. Diane says:

    Definitely savory recipes in there would be wonderful. But keep the sweet stuff coming too!

  164. Diane says:

    One more thought, for us on WW, nutritional info would be great to help figure out points!

  165. Chelsea says:

    I would love to see some more main dish recipes! I love your desserts but some new ideas for dinners would be great! Thanks!

  166. Cindy says:

    I’m an active follower of your site but never comment. I only subscribed so I can put in my 2 little cents. Personally, I think your healthy chocolate and other dessert recipes is what makes this site UNIQUE. I think the uniqueness of those recipes in addition to your creative writing has what made this site blossom and grow with popularity. Imho, diluting a blog called chocolatecoveredkatie with savory recipes and too much of anything else runs the risk of making it just another blog that is sort of unique-ish but…….well, I’m sure you get what I’m saying. So, as you requested – here are my votes.
    Savory recipes – LESS
    Guest posts – kept to a minimum (we want to read you!)
    Tips for bloggers – don’t care but just keep them out of my view of the chocolate!! 😉
    Food photography – same as above
    Personal posts – eh, OK, I guess it also depends on what you’re posting about
    Chocolate posts – HA! very funny! :))

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Haha I’ll make a note to try and hide everything over to the side that isn’t chocolate ;).

      1. Dolcie says:

        I could have written word for word what Cindy wrote! However, I want to add that guest posts turn me off. Perhaps I’m the only one that dislikes them – on any blog. I mean, I read a blog because I want to read about THAT particular blog, not to read about someone else’s blog. Any time I come across a guest post on any blog I skip over it – just being honest.

        1. Thanks for your honesty!
          From reading the comments, it seems a lot of people feel like you do :). If I do any guest posts, it’ll just be once in a blue moon (in other words, not even once a month).

  167. Katie, I would love to see more personal post and food photography tips! Definitely keep the sweet recipes coming though! Speaking of that, I have a batch of your cookie dough in the fridge right now that’s calling my name :)

  168. em says:

    Ima have to vote for healthy desserts. As you mentioned, chocolate is a necessity :-) I think savory recipes would be fun too!

  169. Nadiya says:

    Savory Recipes would be awesome. I have actully come across one time a chili recipe with chocolate. I know!

  170. Rachel says:

    More food photography tips, not so much the savory. Other bloggers have that covered!

  171. Vogelstar says:

    Honestly, all of the above

  172. em says:

    PS if you (even self published) a cook book …with pictures btw… I’d buy it for sure!

  173. Jennifer says:

    I LOVELOVELOVE your healthy desserts :) I’ve been making them and using my sisters as tastetesters and they love them! But savory recipes would be nice!

  174. Nikki says:

    I LOVE the healthy dessert recipes, but would like some more savory ones thrown in and also personal posts. (Looking forward to the sweet potato chili you mentioned!)

  175. Bev says:

    75 percent great desserts;
    25 percent savories

    I want few Guest posts, if they are recipes.
    I wouldn’t mind a few guest posts if you want to introduce us to other bloggers you enjoy.

    I have no interest in Tips for Bloggers.
    No offense, but shouldn’t that be it’s own blog ? Sorry if that would make more work for you.

    I am not very interested in food photography tips; perhaps one a month, or less ?
    Or a comment in a recipe discussion to talk about something interesting in the photography
    of that particular recipe?

    Your personal posts are interesting as an addition to great recipes.
    Even so, i would be a tad disappointed to find a fascinating personal post
    without a yummy recipe.

  176. Morgan says:

    Love this blog! I’ve been following it since it was titled How to Gain Weight on a Vegan Diet–and one of the things I miss is the very creative profusion of savory vegan recipes. I would also love to see a raw recipe here or there–here in Seattle it seems like half the population is on some kind of detox or cleansing diet for the new year, so I’m sure those would be appreciated by your readers and myself. They don’t have to be complicated things involving dehydrators and exotic $40/lb. buts from Borneo. Just something new with a Katie spin. A guest post here or there would be great! It’s fun to ‘meet’ your blogger friends and discover new blogs. We won’t abandon you! 😉

    I’m not personally interested in more food photography or blogging tips, although perhaps some of your fellow bloggers might be. I don’t *not* like them, however.

    As for personal posts, I’d say yes–add a few in–the difference between a good blog and any old recipe site is the personal aspect. I want to be reading *Katie’s* blog, not just VegWeb or some random recipe site. You do seem to do a good job of making the recipes personal, which is great, although I’m sure it must be difficult balancing private information and personal anecdotes when the entire world could be reading your entries.

    Keep up the good work, and happy 2012!

    1. Haha oh thank goodness it doesn’t have to be a dehydrator recipe… I am so intrigued by raw recipes, but then I see all the steps and obscure ingredients involved, and I’m usually overwhelmed. I love going to raw restaurants and having someone ELSE make these involved dishes for me, though. (If only it weren’t so expensive…)

  177. I would LOVE to see more savory!!

  178. Amy says:

    I would love to see more savory posts as well as personal ones–it’s nice to get to know the blogger!

    So naturally my vote for tomorrow is a savory post!

    Thanks for what you do!

  179. Stephanie says:

    I love chocolate! But I do want savory recipes too. Thank you and happy new year.

  180. I love all the sweet chocolate treats, but I would also like to see more savory!

  181. I am so done with the sweets for a while so a savory post would be awesome!

    I love all of the blog ideas and think you should move forward with them and see how your readers respond! Change is good.

  182. Tara says:

    Savory! Now that you’ve simplified my dessert-eating kitchen habits, I’d love to have some help with every day meals!! You’re da best Katie!

  183. More savory please! I make your Fall’s Favorite Curry all.the.time. I miss your veggie meals. :)

  184. Katie F. says:

    Love everything about you blog and yummy dessert, and I would love to see savory and personal posts as well!

  185. Love your blog all around, keep the healthy desserts coming, so when i have dessert i dont feel the guilt! but I would love to see some guest posts and some savory recipes as well!! Keep up the awesome job!!

  186. Delta says:

    ALL of the suggestions would be great! Photog tips are great and, well, no better choco recipes are found anywhere else! And who doesnt love to hear about your personal life lol I’ll take it all Katie, I’m not greedy or anything lol

  187. I call for more savory recipes!

  188. VegAlexandra says:

    I’d love for some more savory recipes! :)
    Otherwise, you’re blog is amazing just the way it is 😉

  189. I LOVE all your sweet recipes, but I’d also enjoy any others you have to offer! I’d also love some blogger tips!

  190. p says:

    Love your blog, whatever you do will be great. Only thing i would like to see is easier print options!!! I think I have tried about everything you post, but have to change some to make gluten free.

    1. I’ve had that on my list for a long time! I need to figure out how to do it… that and drop-down menus. I wish I were more tech-savvy!

  191. Emily says:

    Love it as it is!!! I think that’s the thing about it—your popularity is based on the fact that people enjoy what you’re already doing–or we wouldn’t be reading and supporting! Loving the healthy desserts and teaching us how to use less sugar and things like chickpeas! There are plenty of bloggers our there doing savory vegan. That’s my two cents!;)

  192. Fish says:

    No, just recipes.
    Personally, I don’t care about personal stories or guest posts on recipe blogs. I would read less if you choose to do that.

  193. SugarFreeMom says:

    I think keeping to what you started out as, a healthy dessert blog is what has made you stand out from other blogs. Very unique, haven’t seen another blog like yours!
    I say, keep as is, but I am interested in your food photography tips, maybe once a month? Either way, you are fabulous, why reinvent the wheel when it already works :)

  194. Christina says:

    Hi Katie,

    Although I am not Vegan, I am allergic to gluten and have been trying to stay away from sugar so keep an open mind when it comes to food.

    I have been enjoying your blog since I found it a few months ago and tried my very first recipe of yours two days ago. I have been craving cookies for months and chose the Peanut Butter Secrets. Oh my was that a good choice! I simply replaced the sugar with Truvia, and I used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. I am thrilled! My 4-year old took one bite and said “I love them”. He had no idea that they were “special” but enjoyed sharing a treat with his mommy.

    Thank you for all that you do and asking our opinion.

    1. Awww! That makes me so incredibly happy! :)

  195. Autumn says:

    More Savory Recipes would be nice!! :)

  196. Ketapang says:

    Your blog is awesome because you offer what you love. Luckily for dedicated readers, you are enamored with delicious vegan desserts! If your enthusiasm occasionally strays to an incredible savory dish, photography, or blogging, I’m happy to read. Like others, I think the personal tidbits scattered throughout are what make this blog chocolate-covered; as a runner, I especially enjoy the running stories!

  197. Annie says:

    I would love to see savory dishes mixed in. I also like reading personal posts as well. I am a baker and blogger as well, so I love to hear what people like me are up to, how they feel about things, etc. And maybe some photography posts. That is one thing I need to work on for my blog (taking better pictures!)

  198. Sarah Miller says:

    Savory recipes, please!!! I love the way you eat and am always looking for new things to cook.

  199. Honestly, I would love to see all of the bullet points listed! I lovelovelove your dessert recipes, but I bet you make amazing savoury dishes, too. Photography tips would be awesome, too. It’s something I’ve been trying to get better at. Whether your blog changes or stays the same, this reader isn’t going anywhere 😉

  200. Raychel says:

    I would LOVE to see more savory recipes! It’s kind of funny that you mention this now because I have been following your blog for almost 2 years even though I despise chocolate! It was actually your savory recipes that hooked me the most- me and my family LOVE your polenta casserole from last Christmas, your bulgar pilaf, and butternut squash fries! I love your recipes so much because they are so simple yet tasty! (so many bloggers get caught up in making “fancy” recipes that are hard for average people to make either because of time or skills)

    So my votes go to more savory recipes!

  201. MichelleH says:

    Your dessert are FAB! I would love to see more savory recipes, because I’m sure they’re equally fantastic. If my family is skeptical, I just tell them it’s a CCK recipe and they go for it. I would LOVE to get some CCK healthy dinners into them before the amazing desserts. 😉

  202. Katie to be honest I do not CARE what you post. This is your blog and whatever makes you happy throw it in. I just like having something new to read every day. Whether that is how happy-go-lucky you feel or a new recipe (larabar please!). Maybe raw vegan snacks would be pleasing but anything goes!

  203. I’d love to see more personal posts! I remember way back in the day when the blog was more personal, and it was fun getting to know you!! Of course, I love all the (healthy) sweets too!

    1. Erin says:

      I agree with Bianca :)

  204. Sarah the offical CCK drooler says:

    More personal posts… i’m so obnoxious i know. But hy should i know so much i DONT want to know about the kardashians when i’d rather know more about you? :)

  205. Liz says:

    I like the personal element–it’s nice to get to know YOU as well as enjoy your recipes. I also wouldn’t mind the occasional savory recipe, but not too frequently! This IS a dessert blog, and I loooove my desserts! :)

  206. Rebeka says:

    I would really like more savory recipes and also personal posts. I’m not saying your other posts aren’t great – but variety would make me a little more excited to read every day :)

  207. Rebecca says:

    Savory recipies!

  208. merry says:

    i’d love to see more of your personal posts for sure! and yes, bring on the chocolate recipes :)

  209. kathy says:

    I like all of the above suggestions. However, I would like to ADD another one. More photos of Batdog. He is so adorable. I can’t enough of his cute face (& of course more chocolate) Yea. Happy New Year

  210. Les says:

    More savory recipes and personal posts, please!

  211. Wendy says:

    Honestly, I would be genuinely interested in whatever you choose to post! I don’t always eat a lot of sweets (besides for chocolate), I really enjoy looking at how many different ways you can transform simple ingredients. If I really had to choose, I’d like to see more personal posts and recipes for savory dishes.

    No matter what you choose, I’m sure all you readers will continue to support you and your blog! :)

  212. I’ve loved all the sweet recipes you’ve posted but I also loved the savoury ones like the mushroom stroganoff, such a great dinner! I also really like the personal posts too :-)

  213. Aly says:

    More savory! Keep up the good work! You are inspirational!!

  214. Elizabeth says:

    Love the sweet recipes that are both vegan and sugar free, especially using dates and bananas in recipes as the sweetener – keep them coming. This is why I visit CCK.

  215. Sarah says:

    Agreed, I would love to hear some more personal stories and some savory recipes thrown in would be great. If people want to learn about photo tips they should check out photography blogs!

  216. That's the way the cookie crumbles says:

    Though I’d wake up a lot sadder without my special vegan breakfasts, I’d love more savoury recipes as well!

  217. Wendy says:

    I love your posts! And I’d love to see more savory recipes :) Personal posts are fun too!

  218. Amy C. says:

    An occasional savory recipe would be nice, but I love that your blog focuses on healthy desserts…and I can’t find anything else like it. Please stick to mostly desserts!! Personal posts would be great, too!

  219. 91% Chocolate Lover says:

    I love all single-serve recipes, because I generally just whip stuff up for myself. I love the baked oatmeal and pizzert recipes, those are some of my staples that I don’t even need to look at the instructions any more.

  220. Alyssa says:

    I’ll read whatever you want to write. After all, it’s your blog and you can do with it what you will!
    OK, that sounds a little odd…you know what I mean,lol!

  221. Anonymous says:

    Savory recipes
    Personal posts – or as many as you’re already doing…no less!!

    Guest posts
    Posts with Tips for Bloggers
    Food photography tips

  222. Kristin says:

    SAVORY and Healthy desserts

  223. Kristin says:

    ok to make that more clear…
    more savory recipes ….and also some healthy dessert recipes

  224. Candace says:

    I think I’d be interested in seeing some more savory recipes. sweets are nice, but savory is good too.

  225. emmie says:

    savory posts and personal posts please. I’m not a huge guest post person. If I want to read someone else’s blog I go there ya know. When I come here it’s because I want to read what you have to say.

  226. Lexi says:

    I would love to see savory recipes, definitely photography tips, and personal posts would be awesome too:)

  227. kali says:

    Savory and of course Chocolate… :)

  228. Sonia says:

    Hi Katie, I found your awesome blog few weeks ago and been following you since then. Though, this is my maiden comment. Sorry for being silent reader 😉

    Yes, I read many blogs around and eventually found that many people are very intriguing (in good way) in your personal blogs and stories. :-) I’m not sure I could pick some courage to write up and share about my some personal things on my blog.

    Anyway, it would be great if you can post more savoury recipes + personal talks+chocolatey things (of course)+the secret of getting lots of lovely comments with love on your each post. :-)

    1. Aww hi Sonia!

      I’m usually a silent reader of blogs, too! :)

  229. Kristi says:

    It has been fun getting to know you through the personal posts! I love a post about anything chocolate and tips for bloggers too:)

  230. Congrats on such a successful blog! You deserve it. I have made many of your recipes and I love them all. I would like to see more of the same honestly. I love your healthy, made for one desserts. They’re incredible!

  231. Amber Schaefer says:

    More oatmeal recipes!! And keep the single serving dessert recipes coming please! Some personal posts would be great too. Like products you like, your favorite things, etc. What you ate Wednesdays are fun to read too.

  232. Alexis says:

    Hi Katie,

    I think all your ideas are good ones. I think personal posts (every once in a while) make great positive contributions to your blog. And I like the idea of tips for bloggers, since I’m a blogger myself.

    I wanted to let you know that what I think is best about your blog is how delightfully your personality comes through: you are so thoughtful, joyful, playful and sincere. It also comes through clearly in your blog how much you love your subject. This makes your blog one of my favorites to read. I not only enjoy reading your blog, I’ve actually been directly inspired by it to create another blog of my own. I’ve wanted for some time to start a new art history blog. This is clearly a totally different subject than healthy desserts, but, inspired by how wonderful your blog is, I want in my blog to strive to be similarly open, and to share my love for my subject as well as you do. I’m going to open up my new blog in the middle of this month.

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, and keep up the great work.


    1. Oh wow, thank you so much! And good luck! :)

  233. Ida says:

    Just found your blog and I really like it. I want to try so many of your recipes that I don’t know where to start 😀

  234. Shelby says:

    I make your high protein mushroom stroganoff and your bulgur pilaf all of the time so I would love to see more savory recipes!

  235. Jillian says:

    I would like to see more savory, photography, and personal posts. And I vote for a savory recipe tomorrow :)

  236. Sherlock says:

    Savory recipes- Yes, I am always a sucker for savory foods.
    Guest posts- No! I like the way you blog and I follow because I want to read what YOU have to say.
    Posts with Tips for Bloggers- Please no! I certainly wouldn’t read as often if you had posts like these.
    Food photography tips- It never hurts to learn more about photography.
    Personal posts (as opposed to just recipes)- As an avid reader of your blog, I’d like to get you know you more.
    Chocolate recipes- Yes, and another yes!

  237. Emma says:

    I’d like more personal posts. :)

    (I personally don’t like guest posts unless it’s something really awesome.)

  238. Morgan says:

    Is “all of the above” an option? :-) I also really like when you do you single serving posts too. My roommate and I often end up making the entire dessert a “single serving” otherwise.

    Side note: I really appreciate your stance on healthy fats. Fats are so important and I love that you don’t shy away from them. Not all fats are created equal! :)~

  239. Nakushita says:

    Your blog has become one of my favorite websites… no really, I’m serious. Between my 14 year old daughter becoming a vegetarian recently and my need to simply create a healthier household, your blog has been an amazing source of inspiration and culinary delight. What do I want more of? EVERYTHING! I can’t really say any of those items on the list would not be of interest to me.

    Though, I do have one small request to make regarding the website. Everytime I click a new page opens and I end up with 20 pages open fairly quickly (ok, so maybe your bog is currently a bit of an addiction). Any chance it could get changed to all stay on the same page?

    1. Thanks! I will definitely do that in the future… on my posts, I’ll probably have windows open in a new tab. But for the recipes–in the future I will be sure to make sure they all open in the same tab. And as I have a chance to get around to it, I’ll also try and change as many of the old ones to also open in the same tab as opposed to opening new windows.

  240. Shaina says:

    Definitely keep those chocolate recipes coming!!! Chocoholics unite! :) Other types of recipes would be a good addition to the site too…appetizers and snacks, things like that. I like your tips for bloggers too, since I myself also have a food blog (www.takeabiteoutofboca) so more of those would be appreciated as well! Guest posts are definitely another good thing.. I actually want to start doing that more on my blog, too! Maybe we could each do a guest blog for each other? Guest blogs are really great; that’s how I found your site (via Skinnytaste) and I am SO glad that I did!

  241. Raven says:

    I would definitely like to see more savory recipes and personal posts! Those are two things I really miss about your blog, especially the latter. In fact it was your personal posts and savory recipes that made me start reading.

  242. Amelia says:

    I’d really appreciate your feedback. Would you like to see more or less of the following:

    I like the idea of more savory recipes, but in turn would still love to see lots more desserts! Guests posts are a nice idea, but I don’t want to sacrifice the regular ones! Tips for bloggers… meehhh, no thanks. I’d rather just read them! Same with photography (except viewing it). I also prefer recipe-based posts… I like reading food blogs (obviously, haha.) :)

    Great work so far and I’m sure the New Year will bring the same!

  243. Kathleen says:

    SWEET!!! 😀

    I’d love more posts with tips for bloggers and food photography tips. You are the expert on blogging! 😀

  244. Lisa says:

    I vote for more savoury dishes plus personal posts!!

  245. Kara says:

    I would love for you to share some of your savory recipes too. You’ve mentioned a few and I am dying to know the recipes! Desserts are great but I need something to make as a main dish before (ok maybe after… haha) the dessert.

  246. EGrizz says:

    I’d love to see more personal posts! I love learning about other peoples lives =)

  247. samantha says:

    OH MAN. I just made this….I used sucanat…. UNREAL…. I can’t wait to share!!!!

  248. Liz S says:

    I love your blog the way it is, but I wont object to some savory dinner/lunch entree recipes!!

  249. Kate says:

    Sweet please! After being a longtime (veg but not vegan) fan of your site — as of January 1 I am vegan!! And I am blogging about it with my editor at elephant journal…I’d love any suggestions for newbie vegans you want to share! The biggest change for me is no more dairy…but I’ve been tapering off for awhile.

    1. Aww wow, congratulations!! That’s so awesome :).

      I definitely want to write more about veganism. For now, though, here’s my post about transitioning to a vegan diet:

  250. Susan says:

    I REALLY like the bean based dessert/snack recipes because I am trying to reduce the amount of grains in my family’s diet and it’s so awesome to have increased protein & nutrition in treats! LOVE your recipes in general, but these are my favorite.
    Would enjoy seeing what savory things you have to share too, as well as any cooking tips you may have we can learn from!

  251. Anonymous says:

    I love desserts! Also, keep the new recipes coming! I love when you use new ingredients and have totally different recipes (like the Apple Crumble Bars!) rather than just do variations of old recipes :)

  252. Kate says:

    I am not a blogger so I definitely enjoy the recipe posts more than food photography tips (though I do enjoy looking at the pictures!). I love savory and sweet recipes, for both desserts and meals. Just keep on cooking and baking (and sharing), and I’ll be happy!

  253. Albizia says:

    I miss savory recipes too. I need something new like the vegan Thanksgiving stuffing that everybody liked.

  254. Stephanie says:


    I love your posts! I would love to see anything you have to offer. I am always looking for healthy food for me and my family!

  255. shanna says:

    I’d love to see some more savory posts…and keep the dessert posts coming! Love your blog!

  256. mrsluckypants says:

    I found your blog a month or two ago and have been printing recipes like crazy. I could make a chocolate covered katie cookbook. I would personally enjoy more savory recipes while still keeping the focus on desserts. With the beginning of the new year, I think many people rethink what they are eating and try to make positive changes; therefore savory might be helpful to many people. I am not vegan, but am curious and interested in reducing the amount of meat we consume. My family isn’t as “curious” as I am so I’d be really interested to see some of your creative ideas that I might try out on them. I think your blog is really great in regards to the amount of personal vs. recipe related info you share. Keep doing what you are doing, it’s great and we thank you for all the time you put into it.

  257. niro says:

    MOOAR CHOCOLATE! but seriously: more personal posts would be lovely :)

  258. mrsluckypants says:

    Oh one thought, if possible could you try to include the serving size in recipes more often? I’m cooking for 4 so it’s nice to know whether to double, triple, etc. Thanks

    1. I can try! My problem is that I sometimes eat too much of the dough (if I’m making cookies) or raw ingredients, so it’s hard to know! 😉

  259. brandilyn says:

    i’d LOVE savory recipes…although i also love your sweet ones still!

  260. AmyB says:

    Just discovered your blog and am loving it! My vote is recipes recipes recipes!

  261. I would really be interested in seeing more personal posts and photography. I really enjoy connecting with a blogger, and I feel that, with recipe only blogs, you don’t get that same connection. Reading about somebody’s life is like having a conversation.

  262. Aja says:

    I love all of your dessert recipes, but I like personal stuff too. It’s nice to get to know the person I’m getting delicious treat recipes from.

  263. I pretty much love reading about everything – but I love the sweet dessert recipes. And the more chocolate the better!

  264. Alex says:

    Hi Katie! I love your blog and have referred so many friends to learn how to cook things that are good for you. You are so sweet and I really love your great attitude and positivity. I personally like more savory dishes, I made your stroganoff and fell in love! So delish, easy and GOOD FOR YOU! Thanks for all the time you take in making your recipes *just right*. You are an inspiration! :)

    1. Aww thank you, Alex. That really means a lot to me :).

  265. Erin says:

    I like personal posts! I’m a runner too (high school) and I’d really love to hear a few details about your runs now and then :) For instance, do you ever do races? (I just do them for fun and for the t-shirts – I’m no where near fast enough to actually win xD haha)

    1. I really want to do a race sometime! One of my biggest problems is that the Dallas races seem to be in the summer… I don’t want to race when it’s 100 degrees out lol. Also, I’m definitely not interested in a marathon. I’m inspired by marathoners… but 10 miles is a long run in my book! 😉

  266. Joy says:

    I’d like to see more savory recipes….but I’m also feeling the need to eat more healthily here in January! lol

  267. I like seeing your personal posts. Not being a vegan I wasn’t sure I’d stick around until I read one of your posts about getting into college. You were so relatable I kept reading and I’m glad I did! I’d also like to see some photography/blogging tips, the ones you’ve posted have been pretty helpful!

  268. Kinsey says:

    Healthy desserts please! You literally have changed my life with healthy eating please don’t stop! I used to crave sugary cakes, cookies, bars, etc until I found your blog. Now when i see cake or brownies they don’t even tempt me because I know I can come home and make something just as or more delicious and best of all healthy! I also love the bean recipes so feel feel to keep up the good work :)

    P.S I have one question regarding the bean recipes and ingredients which call for almond butter. I made the healthy chocolate chip cookie dough for Christams and ended up having to throw it all away because it was VERY “beany” tasting. Do you think this might just be the brand of beans I am using and should switch to another brand or do you think it is because I am using canned beans instead of fresh? Same problem with the innocent almond butter. Not just in your recipes but in all the almond butter is VERY powerful and actually wrecks the recipe. I use Blue Diamond brand almond butter. Let me know what you think, thanks.

    1. Honestly, I don’t really like almond butter all that much. If you ever do want to try the recipe again, maybe use this recipe and just don’t cook the dough:

      Also, make sure you drain and rinse the beans very well. And use a good food processor. I tried to make the dip in the blender once and it did NOT work.

  269. Maria :) says:

    I must admit I haven’t had time to read other readers’ comments, so it is quite likely that I’m about to mention things that have been listed 200x already…forgive me! Also, because there are already 293 other comments, I’ll keep it relatively short:

    Do you know how many blogs there are out there? Do you know why yours is awesome, Katie? Because it is unique, because it is about healthy desserts, and because it is so totally YOU, that’s why. That being said, just keep doin’ what you’re doin’, girl! Savory recipes? Sure, definitely, send ’em whenever you want, but I wouldn’t stress about meeting some sort of prescribed ratio of savory-to-sweet recipes. What I DON’T want is the CCK blog to turn into every other blog I read, about a girl who writes down everything she eats during the day, how to take pretty pictures (which you’re great at, don’t get me wrong!), how to be a blogger, etc., or [most importantly] a blog with posts written by people other than you!

    BUT, we all realize you need a break and certainly don’t want you to burn out from doing the same thing day in and day out, so when it comes down to it, just do whatever works for you. Don’t worry, I’m sure we readers will find a way to deal with it : )

    hehe, well, not so short, afterall. woops! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Maria!!

      I definitely don’t want the main focus of my blog to change. It will still be desserts, first and foremost. Preferably chocolate desserts ;).

  270. Kristin says:

    Honestly, I love your blog just the way it is! I don’t think there is a reason to change. Of course some savory recipes would be great, but your niche is really deserts. I visit your website everyday, because I’m excited to see what new desert you have in store.

    If people want other things, there are sites for them, I’m sure. You can’t be all things to all people. Stick to your passion! – My two cents :-)

  271. Cammy says:

    I think I’d vote for more personal posts, not to sound creepy, but I relate more to a blog when I know more about the author’s life/personality, it gives it more of a narrative feel as opposed to just a recipe archive. Not to say that I don’t like your blog as is! That’s just what I’d vote for out of what you listed.

  272. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love your blog! I’m only sixteen, and I’m trying to base a healthy lifestyle for myself so I’d love to see some more low carby and low sugar kind of things. Plus some more healthy savory things!

  273. Michele says:

    Savory PLEASE! =)

  274. Michele says:

    Hahaha oh wow. I think the general idea of all this is “post about anything/everything please!” Hopefully that isn’t overwhelming… but you do such an amazing job already! I’d love to see savory recipes, and if I blogged I’d TOTALLY want tips :) maybe you’ll inspire me…

  275. Allie says:

    More savory recipes, please!

  276. I miss your personal posts! Please bring those back. And I like the occasional savory recipe as well. Of course I love the chocolate recipes. :)

  277. Bethany says:

    Food photography tips definitely!

  278. Jess says:

    Mmmm. I’m normally ALL for sweet – however after Christmas something savory might be a little nice.

  279. HC says:

    Savory recipes – I would love to see your savory recipes and keeping them healthy like you do the deserts.
    Guest posts – this would be pretty awesome! I’d like to see other vegans I’m not aware of.
    Posts with Tips for Bloggers – I’m not a blogger so this really isn’t anything of my interest.
    Food photography tips – same as above however you do great pictures :)
    Personal posts (as opposed to just recipes) No, don’t stop with the recipes, why not alternate them?
    Chocolate recipes – keep those healthy recipes coming especially the one or two servings since it’s just me :)

  280. Zeryx says:

    I’d like to see more savory recipes, and more personal blog posts. The other subjects I’m indifferent about (except guest posts, don’t care for them).

  281. michelle says:

    I used to really love your savory recipes

  282. Casey says:

    i vote for a SWEET recipe for tomorrow because tomorrow is my birthday and i am a chocolate FREAK!

  283. AikoVenus says:

    I would absolutely LOVE more guest posts and food photography tips! ^^

  284. Mia says:

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    I think the blog is perfect the way it is. I don’t want more blog tips, savory recipes, or guest posts (I’m sorry, I just really enjoy your dessert/sweet recipes lol). Although, I wouldn’t mind more personal posts, because us readers like to know about the blogger.

    Just my two cents! Have a nice day/evening!

  285. I’d love some bogger tips. I’ve come to realize that the people who read and leave the most comments on blogs are other bloggers. It’s like we’re a big community. Aw…

    I like that your blog has a concept – desserts. Chocolate desserts specifically, but not everything can be made of chocolate. (But wouldn’t it be awesome if it was?!) If you want to do something savory, perhaps use a typically sweet ingredient but make it savory – like savory oats, savory quinoa, sweet potato or squash desserts, vegetables hidding (or highlighted) in desserts, etc.

    I’m sure people would love to read more personal stories. I love reading about other people’s lives, but then again, I’m a little voyeristic 😉

  286. Tara says:

    I’m happy reading whatever you want to post! The best content comes when the blogger wants to write what they are writing. That being said, I am for all of the above :)

  287. Gabby says:

    I would love to see ALL of the above, especially personal posts. A savory recipe would be great! Honestly as long as you continue to post easy, healthy desert recipes too I’ll read no matter what.

  288. Debby says:

    I absolutley LOVE your blog!! I havent tried a recipe that I didnt like!!! I also like the personal too!!

  289. LilVeganBunny says:

    Katie I would love to see more savory recipes, pictures, personal posts etc.. This is my favorite blog because I love how relatable you are. The recipes are simple and delicious and as you say “not just healthy for a vegan dessert” just delicious in general. Love the recipes for “one” since I live in NYC by my lonesome :) My girlfriends (and guy friends) enjoy the snacks I make and most of them never know its healthy let alone vegan! Thanks for the inspiration. You’re a doll!

  290. Maria says:

    I would love more savory recipes! Also, I really like when you have personal posts. You write very well and I’ve found your personal stories to be inspirational. Love your blog, Katie, keep up the great work :)

  291. Michelle says:

    More personal posts and maybe a few more savory ones here and there. Love the blog either way though.

    P.S. I love oatmeal too and eat it every morning for breakfast! :)

  292. Elizabeth says:

    I’d love to see a few savory recipes as well as your amazing desserts! Fun to hear what you have to say about other things as well. Your blog is such a delight, and a real treat for me, having gone dairy free some years ago by necessity, and not-quite-sugar free more recently by choice. I too am a bitter bitter chocolate fan, and you’ve got me playing around with unsweetened a lot more, so thank you!

  293. Hollis says:

    I’d love more breakfast ideas! I’m NOT like you… i LOVE sugar. but diabetes runs in my family, and MY new year’s resolution involves not turning into a statistic! I really appreciate your blog, and i have “pinned” almost everything i have found of yours already, and just signed up for email messages of new recipes. My hardest meal of the day by far, though, is figuring out a healthy breakfast… chocolate or not! But please…don’t give up the chocolate ones. You have helped my business out with your advice and recipes already! I own (a local, small cake decorating business) and it seems more and more people are developing new allergies, cutting out sugar, or just want new cake recipes. I have used a few of your tips/tricks with garbanzo beans, and i’m super impressed! Keep ’em coming!!! (and thanks!)

  294. Finadoodle says:

    I’d love savory recipes, but mostly just keep doing what you’re doing! Keep the chocolate and dessert recipes comin’!

  295. Clarissa Hobson says:

    I love your blog – every recipe I’ve made has been delicious and a crowd-pleaser.

    I loved the post about transitioning to veganism, since I am considering doing so, and would love to see a focus on recipes that are transitional (meaning that most people wouldn’t even realize they are vegan). This goes for both sweet and savory. Maybe you could do sweet during the week and savory on the weekends, or something like that.

    Also, would you consider a reader recipe submission section for healthy/vegan makeovers of recipes people love? My biggest obstacle to going vegan is actually my breakfast bar I eat every day, believe it or not (Zone Perfect Fudge Graham)…I would love to find an alternative so I can give it up!

    Thanks for your great work!

    1. That’s a great idea to have a specific section. I’m writing it down :).

      But you can ALWAYS give me recipe suggestions/requests… just ask on any one of my blog posts. I get so many ideas from reader requests!

  296. Malinda says:

    I love your blog just the way it is! Mostly desserts with an occasional “other” tossed in! :-) keep up the great work!

  297. Mahya says:

    More personal posts, please!

  298. Sarah says:

    I’m thinking more savory recipes…

  299. Anonymous says:

    I would definitely like to see more personal posts. I really love the way “Sweettooth Runner” has her blog set-up. Not to say your’s should be the same – just that it’s fun to know more about the cook & see like interests (running, music, obviously baking). :)

  300. Lindsey says:

    I love the idea to add more savory recipes. I have really enjoyed your dessert recipes, I can only imagine what you will cook up with hearty food. Thank you for all that you share through this fabulous blog!

  301. Erin says:

    More savory and more variety with the sweet stuff. Lately it feels like a lot of the same, or a lot of really similar recipes. More random stuff, like the spice cake, is always great!

  302. Susan says:

    I love all that you post. Your blog is unique in the respect that it’s harder to find really tasty
    deserts that are clean (healthy) and you deliver that faithfully. I agree I would like to see a few more savory dishes for sure. I don’t mind the other types of post, but I’m really here for the food ;-D.

  303. World_Runner says:

    I just discovered your blog and the reason I subscribed is because I wanted more healthy desserts. So keep the sweet things coming. I would also love some food photography tips.

  304. Colleen says:

    Hi there Katie!

    Oh you are so amazing at sweet recipes! I would always love a dessert from you! Your blog is just so perfect! I always look to see how you do something blog-related, when I am deciding how I might do it! So I suppose more blogger tips would also be awesome! You just have such an amazing talent, and it seems love for what you do (we have that in common, along with running!)! I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again, you are sure to write many a cookbook someday!…best sellers even I bet! You have all the goods right here – just’ll just put it all together in a new kind of package! I feel like a stalker about you – I am always checking for new posts, and I tell so many people about you! You’re just great Katie! Keep up the good work – you’re leading people to health in such a yummy-chocolatey way! Have a good night!

    1. Aww thank you, fellow blogging runner ;).

  305. I would love to see a few more savory recipes because your recipes are vegan, and delicious. Duh! I also realllyyy enjoy your personal posts. Even if you just give updates on what has been going on in your life (other than chocolate eating).

  306. More personal posts! I love hearing about your life :)

  307. Katie says:

    I am new to the blog…saw you on Gina’s skinny taste as a guest blogger. Love the sweet recipes but would enjoy some savory recipes and personal posts! Thanks :)

  308. Ann says:

    I’ve made a few of your non desserts and loved them (especially the no bread stuffing). I really like that your recipes can be flexible to what is on hand and my currently strict dietary needs. So it would be great to see more of those. Of course, I’m always up for a new treat as well…
    Thanks! Ann

  309. Adrienne says:

    More savory!
    I’d also love more photography tips. :)

  310. Chris says:

    I am especially intrigued by your raw dessert recipes!

  311. Kathy says:

    Savory recipes sound great :] but sweet ones are just as nice. I don’t mind guest posts, although, it’s great to know more about you too (aka, how-it’s-going kind of posts).
    I’m trying to get into photography and photography tips would be great too ^^

  312. rose says:

    Hi Katie
    I love your site however havent made any recipes yet id like more on banana or sweet potato variety breads or others would be nice. also wish there were step by steps on some.
    thank you

  313. Lisa says:

    My advice: don’t listen to anyone else’s advice. Just do what you love.

  314. A says:

    sweet is always good but something crunchy would be a cool change….also, really like all of those ideas you listed – it’s always good to have variety….that is the spice of life afterall 😉

  315. phoebe says:

    Katie, it’s so sweet of you to take our opinions into accounts.

    I am looking forward to more desserts – probably some non-chocolate ones. I’ve made your ultimate chocolate fudge pie twice with great success! everyone loves it!

  316. Iris says:

    All of the above?! I love the tips posts (blogging and photography) and would love to see more savory recipes too!

    xoxo and happy new year!

  317. katiek says:

    personal posts and savory recipes please!!!!! i think it’s important to create recipes with a less sweet, more veggie oriented palate in mind. especially one that was trained in japan! japanese-american cuisine should be as popular as chinese-american and vegan!

  318. It seems like a majority of blogs do mostly savory + some sweet. Since you’re CCK, maybe you could try mostly sweet + some savory?

    More personal posts would be fun too!

    At the end of the day though, it’s up to you :)

  319. Amanda says:

    Savory, personal, and guest posts sound awesome! I’d be interested to see who you invite to do guest posts. Love your blog!

  320. More single serving and savory recipes please!

  321. just been reading all these comments. I love the fact that you throw the options out to your readers, its so considerate and i haven’t seen any other bloggers give this level of open consideration!

    You have been a big inspiration to me in building my own blog and i agree with the general consensus that cake should be your focus but that a few savouries (say 20%) would help to broaden the balance, but then again i guess that’s the sort of thing i’m aiming at with mine.

    personally i’m not a huge fan of guest posts. blog and photography tips would be interesting to me- like one other reader mentioned i’d be interested to know how you’ve been able to make this your full time job!

    I love reading personal thoughts but i prefer this to be as part of your recipe posts and not a dedicated posts.

    thank you for continuing to inspire us all!

  322. sara says:

    I would love to see food photography tips, blogger tips and more recipes. I don’t care if their sweet or savory. You are very creative in the kitchen. It’s inspiring.

  323. Gi says:

    It’s the first time I comment as well, but I haven’t been a follower for a long time so maybe it can’t be considered a big fault (:
    even though I share with you the same passionate feeling toward desserts, and chocolate in particular (I eat chocolate 4-5 times a week), I’d like to se some more savoury recipes… because after all I don’t eat desserts every day, but I DO eat 14 meals per week 😉
    But please don’t stop posting dessert posts, they are so yummy and smart!!
    And also your personal post are nice to read :)

    Ok I see I wasn’t very helpful.. so I will summarize my thoughts and say that, above all, I’d like to see some more savoury posts, but please keep the “sweet” ones coming! 😀

    I hope you’re spending in the best ways these first days of the year…. and please keep on posting baby!
    Thanks again for the time you spend on this blog :)

    ps: a question: do you even eat fruit beside bananas and berries? xD

    pps: I like a lot the “tips posts”, too, but unfortunately I don’t run a blog so I can’t take advantage of them… but I happily read them as personal posts, so a few more of them would be appreciated as well!

    1. Thanks, Gi!

      From all the comments, I’m thinking I probably won’t be posting too many “blogging tips” type posts :).

      And yes, I definitely eat other fruits… peaches and honeydew are two of my favorites. Apples are always good, too. Ooh and grapefruit :).

  324. denise says:

    Food in a healthy way gets my vote sweet or savory, so keep ’em coming…and I’m grain free so I’m especially liking these recipes.

    What I would LOVE to see is having the recipes be printer friendly. (Elana’s Pantry has this) it is so helpful as I don’t always want to drag the computer to the kitchen, hand write it, or copy and paste to a file so I can print it out. THAT would be a bonus to me because I’m excited about trying these recipes — I put two under my belt yesterday — chocolates bites (OMG!!) and the single serve chocolate cake.

    I’d also like oven temps and time as an alternative to microwaving.

    Thanks for sharing your passion.

    1. Thanks, Denise! I have “make a printer-friendly option” on my to-do list! :)

  325. Crystal says:

    Katie – I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time today after seeing a link from Pinterest.

    OMG. I am ashamed and disappointed that it took me this long to find.. I can honestly say that this is the best recipe blog I have seen. This is so amazing! I’ve already made a huge grocery list tonight for things to make on the weekend – luckily we have a dinner party or else I’d be eating it all.

    Keep up the good work – more savory recipe posts are always great, as are your personal ones.

    Thank you for magnifying my love of chocolates!!

    1. Wow, Crystal, thank you SO very much!

  326. Pam says:

    Hi Katie. I just started following your blog a week or two ago. I love it! I’ve already tried a few of your recipes (yum!!!!) and have plans to try many more.

    I’ve been eating a lower fat, lower carb (in particular grains) diet since March using the HCG diet. I’ve lost 68 lbs and am feeling great! And I found that the less wheat I eat and the more whole foods I eat, the better I feel. So many of your recipes fit my new way of eating perfectly. And it’s dessert! How cool is that?!!! I haven’t really eaten dessert for almost a year, so this is a wonderful thing. Thank you!

    And as for your blog, I love everything about it……and have grown fond of you and your sweet personality. :) I would love to see all the new suggestions…..savory recipes, photography tips, blogging tips, and personal posts. But of course……what your readers have come to expect is lots of yummy healthy dessert recipes. Keep ’em coming! :)

  327. Katie G says:

    Oooooh! Savory recipes and guest posts! :) AND MORE CHOCOLATE 😀

  328. Dakota says:

    I like the desert recipes, and I love personal posts. However I think you should stay true to YOURSELF because the direction you want to go in is the one that will make you (and ultimately your readers) the most happy. Start off the new years doing something for you, whether it’s a change or staying the same. =)

  329. Chris says:

    Love the healthy desserts and love the oatmeal recipes. That’s what brought me here and why I think your blog stands out from others!

  330. kai says:

    I already think this site is nothing less than perfect!! But if you are offering….I could never get enough savory vegan recipes :) thank you for asking

  331. Susan says:

    I love your chocolate, breakfast, and dessert recipes! I would love to have some savory recipes thrown into the mix as well. Your photos are a nice touch to each of your posts as well. Looking forward to reading more! And since I’m a new reader I’m looking forward to reading your archives.

  332. Genevieve says:

    Oh my gosh, all of the recipes in your upcoming posts sound so good – can’t wait to see them all! And I love your photos, so photography tips are always appreciated!

  333. Jennifer says:

    I come here for your stuff Katie! Your blog is some of my sunshine of my day! Your recipes, your sunshine, and the chocolate!

  334. Kris says:

    About how many sweet potatoes would make 20 ounces? Thanks : ) I know, I should probably invest in a food scale.

    1. It’s hard to say, because sweet potatoes vary in size. But most grocery stores will have a food scale hanging in the produce section, so I always just weigh them there :).

  335. Gina says:

    I agree with all the comments about more savory recipies. While all the desserts look amazing, believe it or not, I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, and neither does my boyfriend. The Sweet Potato Chili posted today is actually one of the first recipies that I felt the need to run out and try right away, so I’d say that’s a pretty strong argument for more savory!

    (Don’t get me wrong, the desserts all look amazing too, but again, not much sweet tooth. I love the angle that the desserts are generally healthy, and I do really like anything that is a dessert-for-one).


  336. Aubre Rice says:

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  337. Lis says:

    Hi Katie,

    Love your site and that you are willing to mark recipes for those of us with some food allergies/issues. I was wondering if you’d consider working with coconut flour? Its a hard one to figure out even though I used to be quite a baker, now that I have had to eliminate most grains its one of the few flours I can use! Otherwise keep on with the chocolate…they’ll have to pry that food out of my hands!

    1. I’ve used it for one recipe, my Gluten-Free Breakfast Pizza.
      I do need to experiment more with it! :)

  338. kim c says:

    I think as long as you mention chocolate or dessert in every post anything goes.

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    Also more personal posts, I absolutley love reading them :)

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  342. Liz S says:

    This recipe looks great! I can’t wait to try it! My favorite way to eat sweet potatoes is as fries. Olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper, then bake to perfection!! I could eat them everyday! (with of course some ketchup)

  343. Anonymous says:

    i would definatley love to see all of theese new recipes in the future! i know you dont enjoy putting the nutritional info such as carbs calories fat and protein on your recipes but it would help so much if you could include it! i really do appreciate all your amazing recipes and ideas! keep it up katie your an inspiration!

    1. Rachel says:

      Yes I think it’ll be great if you could post calorie counts with your recipes!

      1. Many of my recipes DO have the nutritional info posted. Just scroll under the ingredients and directions, and you’ll see a link that says “nutritional info” :).

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    BTW, my whole family loved your little vegan ratatouille.

    1. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh so much!

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    More chocolate recipes and personal posts, less photography/bloggin tips. Love your recipes, Katie!

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  349. Jackie says:

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    1. Sondra says:

      I second this. I believe it’s that allows you to add your recipes and it breaks down the nutritional information perfectly. I know you don’t count calories, but there’s other nutrition information that would be helpful to us vegans- the amount of iron and protein in your recipes, for example.

      1. Many of my recipes DO have the nutritional info posted. Just scroll under the ingredients and directions, and you’ll see a link that says “nutritional info”

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    Here’s my two cents:
    Savory recipes – same amount
    Guest posts – less
    Posts with Tips for Bloggers – same amount
    Food photography tips – less
    Personal posts (as opposed to just recipes) – same amount
    Chocolate recipes – MORE

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  368. Brit says:

    It would be amazing if you could figure out how to make this cinnamon and sugar pull-apart bread healthier and vegan:
    I just found it on stumbleupon and am having major cinnamon craving :)

    1. Yum! I’ve actually had that on my “to-try” list for a while! I saw mini pull-apart breads on foodgawker… I keep meaning to try to veganize/healthify them!

  369. Rachel says:

    Love this blog! I know the vegan/vegetarian community has ‘meatless mondays’ to encourage people to have a dinner without meat, maybe you could do a post every monday/every 2nd that is savoury?
    But yeah…keep the desserts coming! Even though I am not vegan and always put milk when you ask for non-milk substitute, and proper sugar as i hate the fake stuff it works out yummy!

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