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It’s a Chocoholic Giveaway!

Love Shmove. Everyone knows the real reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day: it’s a great excuse to unapologetically consume exorbitant amounts of chocolate. So whether or not you buy into the manufactured holiday, don’t miss out on the chance to stuff your face with chocolate treats. Most likely, you can already think of about a million […]

Skinny Mini Jelly Roll Cake for One

Close your eyes: Imagine you are eating a giant, gooey powdered jelly doughnut… Welcome to reality. Looks fancy… but this jelly roll is ridiculously simple to make. It’s single-serving. Takes just 10 minutes It can even be fat-free. I’ve always been intimidated by jelly roll cakes, but this recipe is one of the easiest things I’ve ever […]

Red Velvet Pancakes

Cake for breakfast. Good morning, indeed. I’ve written before about my friend Andrea. I still think of Andrea as my chatterbox middle-school friend with braces, always chasing after boys. So it’s funny to see her now, as a married mom of a five-year-old daughter. Kristin (her daughter) is the sweetest little girl, and I’m always […]

Healthy Valentine’s Day Desserts

Yes, Valentine’s Day isn’t until next week, and I still have more new recipes to publish before it comes around. But I wanted to get a “Valentine’s Day Recipes” post up early for people who like to plan ahead. Normally I try to keep my round-up posts concise (10 recipes or less), so as not […]

At the TV Studio…

Everyone with a DSLR camera, get ready to be jealous… On Tuesday night, I was invited into the News 8 studio to watch as they filmed. I loved it! I got to meet the incredibly gracious news crew and get a behind-the-scenes view of what goes on during a live broadcast. Then, when my story came […]

German Chocolate Fudge Bites

Gluten free, paleo, vegan, egg free, peanut free, no bake and SO easy to make! No one will ever guess that such fudgey chocolate balls could possibly be 100% free of sugar, butter, and flour. Shhhh… no need to tell anyone they’re healthy. Healthy? Who, me? Since creating recipes is my full-time job, I try […]

My Television Debut

Woke up really early Friday. I couldn’t sleep; I was too eager for the television feature. (If I’ve been talking about it way too much, please forgive me! I’m just so excited!) And so I went for a run in the dark (in shorts, because it was an insanely-warm 63 degrees. Last year at this […]

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Mousse

What if I told you this creamy chocolate mousse is healthy: This velvety chocolate mousse is so rich and so thick that anyone who tries it will swear it must be full of heavy cream and calories. But it’s not. See those two chocolate-filled glasses? I ate them both. Joey doesn’t share food. Katie doesn’t share chocolate. […]

Nutella Cookies?

Can I interest you in a Nutella cookie? No? No takers? I can’t imagine why… Are you sure??? All joking aside, I’d hoped to give you a Nutella cookie recipe today. After all, it’s World Nutella Day! But as you can see, this cookie recipe = a major fail. Major. If anyone was under the […]

Healthy Comfort Food?

Where’s the chocolate? No recipe today… right now I’m on television! Well sorta. They’re filming today, but luckily the feature isn’t live. I’ll definitely post an update when I find out the air date. Thanks for all the advice and well-wishes on Wednesday. Chocolate thunderstorm… I promise all sorts of delicious new chocolate recipes starting […]