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My Coffee-Flavored Recipes

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** My blog was being very grouchy yesterday.**

The home page decided it would be fun to vanish for a few hours, taking my header and all the recipes with it. Not so fun for anyone trying to access a specific recipe, and I am so sorry about the inconvenience. With the help of Servint (I love them and recommend them to anyone searching for a host!), the blog was restored to Thursday– think System Restore, but for websites. Unfortunately, some comments were lost in the process. (Please feel free to leave another, especially if you had a question and never received an answer.) My most-recent post was also lost, and very few people could see it yesterday, anyway. So I’m re-publishing it below. If you’re waiting for new recipes, never fear: next week will be full of them!

America runs on coffee.

Dunkin Donuts wants you to think that America runs on them. But I don’t think I’ve ever had a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, and I’m still around.

I run on a different sort of caffeine: chocolate!

One of my college roommates definitely ran on coffee, though. She had a mug that said: “Where’s my Coffee?” If the mug was clean, I knew she must not be awake yet, because getting coffee was the very first thing she did every morning… and she was quite grouchy without it!

March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? Surely we don’t need to raise awareness about something with which every single person in America is already familiar! Eh, but I like caffeine. So I’ll do my part to raise awareness anyway!

Below, the coffee-themed recipes on my blog:

caffeine 1

Single-Serving Chocolate Cake

One of the most viewed recipes on this blog, and you can probably make this cake faster than you could pour a cup of coffee! (There’s also a non-coffee version, for coffee haters.)

caffeine 2

Pumpkin Spice Latte for One

Quick! Get your latte fix now, because soon it will be summer. And who wants to drink a hot pumpkin latte in the summer? Then again, I bet this would be good on ice!

caffeine 4

Copycat Starbucks Frappuccinos

Or you can turn the above recipe into ice cream. Frappuccino Ice Cream? Can it get any better? Well, yes, actually it can…

caffeine 5

Starbucks Coffee Fudgsicles

There, see? Better than Frappuccino ice cream. Or at least just as good!

caffeine 3

Gingerbread Spice Latte

Poor gingerbread man. About a minute after the photoshoot, he was completely submerged in the latte and was reduced to a soggy mush. It’s a dangerous world out there for a gingerbread man. But what a way to go!


Three-Ingredient Coffee Ice Cream

If you can’t tell from the photo, this is a super-old recipe post on my blog. Still delicious, though, especially topped with chocolate syrup. Caffeine overload!

After all, coffee isn’t the only source of caffeine…


All Things Chocolate

My personal favorite source of caffeine.

Question of the Day:

What do YOU run on?

Coffee? Peanut Butter? A good night’s sleep?

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Rana says:

    Oh, I run on copious amounts of coffee and exhaustion rolled into one! No, seriously, with 4 kids (3 under 3 and a Big One), I DO pour a morning coffee but rarely finish it. I’m not entirely sure what I run on, but I certainly don’t sit down – I may not get back up! Love your recipes and thank you!

    1. Lisa C says:

      Haha too funny!

  2. Becca says:

    I drink wayyy too much coffee. I make it at home in the mornings, but sometimes I buy it from Starbucks or QT (they have the best gas station coffee in the world). I’m a Starbucks gold member, which is the highest level of their rewards program. So I get a few benefits from that here and there, but I still spend wayyy too much money there. 🙂

  3. Samantha says:

    Good morning. That is great they restored you! Have a great weekend. I look forward to next week’s options!

  4. This is going to sound weird but I run on fruit! Each day I need to have my “fruit fix” or else I don’t feel my best. Strangest addiction ever! I remember drinking coffee when I was about 11 when my parents would brew a fresh cup but I lost interest and have never drank it again. My mom is a real coffee junkie and gets headaches without it so I don’t really want to go down that road. I’ll stick with a nice warm cup of herbal tea!

    1. Lisa C says:

      Same here! I’m afraid of becoming a morning coffee drinker, because I’ve seen how addicted people can get!

  5. Jeana says:

    My sons hugs and smiles and pure sunshine. I am blessed to teach where my sons go to school. So if I need a pick-me-up and they are out to recess…I run outside to grab some sunshine and a quick hug with smiles. Then back to grading papers that sent me outside to begin with!

    1. Emily says:

      Awwww that is such a sweet comment. It made me smile on this Saturday morning :).

    2. Georgia says:

      That’s so sweet! I have 2 young kids and my sister often drops by my house after work for what she calls her “daily dose of cuteness”.

  6. Emily says:

    I run on green smoothies! But also, chocolate chips :).

  7. Laura M says:

    I’m more of a tea drinker, but I DEFINITELY run on chocolate & peanut butter…many times together, too! Thanks for all your great recipes, I’ve become totally obsessed with your blog!

  8. Sarahishealthy says:

    I run on THIS BLOG!

    Seriously, it puts me in a good mood every morning. Thanks, CCK :).

  9. Lisa C says:

    Mmm I’d run on those brownies if I could ;).

  10. Felicia says:

    I run on… well to take this question literally, I run on 1/2 a slice o toast with peanut butter. That’s my pre-run breakfast every morning :).

    1. Felicia says:

      Oops, I meant “of”.

  11. Elaina says:

    This isn’t related to your coffee post, but this might be related to your server error yesterday. I’m trying to get to your Chocolate PB Fudge recipe from Pinterest, and I keep getting an error. Thanks!

    1. Lisa C says:

      Hmmm, that one works for me!
      I didn’t try it from Pinterest, though. Just from the link you gave above.

      1. It works for me too… Can you tell me what error message you’re getting?

        1. Elaina says:

          I have tried on two different computers, I am still get the error message below! I can get to this page: but when I click on the link to the Chocolate PB Fudge, I get the same message below.

          You 404’d it. Gnarly, dude.
          Surfin’ ain’t easy, and right now, you’re lost at sea. But don’t worry; simply pick an option from the list below, and you’ll be back out riding the waves of the Internet in no time.

          Hit the “back” button on your browser. It’s perfect for situations like this!
          Head on over to the home page.

        2. Elaina says:

          Sorry! I think I’m good now. I just tried it again, and it seems to be working fine. Thanks!

  12. Hannah says:

    I run on coffee, peanut butter, and, well, running!


  13. Oh my stars-I def run on coffee. Even with my runs, I just had coffee flavored gels. I had to reduce my caffeine intake recently due to medicine and therefore had to switch to decaf…it’s okay but not the same lolz! These recipes all look awesome!

  14. Kim says:

    I start my day with oatmeal, coffee mid-morning, and peanut butter and or chocolate anytime after that. These recipes look so yummy, I want to try them all!

  15. Amber K says:

    My body does NOT handle caffeine well, so a good night’s sleep is essential. And I think coffee is disgusting anyway. Good for me!

  16. Nicole says:

    I run all on 3 – I have to have each of those things every day! Also, oatmeal and fruit!

    1. L. says:

      Me too! Well, I at least try to get the sleep one ;).

  17. Amy says:

    I run on almonds. Barney butter on my GFDFEFSFCFYF toast, almond flour in my recipes, almond milk in pretty much everything I eat or drink … especially COFFEE!!!! Not that hemp milk isn’t delicious in there, but the calories and fat … well, let’s just say they’re more suited for our diminuative Ms. CCK Vs someone with a slug’s metabolism (a.k.a. ME) who has to be mindful of such things. 🙂

    1. Karen V. says:

      I’ve never tried hemp milk. But I do love some coconut creamer in my coffee!

      1. Karen V. says:

        And I’m right there with you on the almonds. I could eat them raw. Oh wait, I do!

      2. Amy says:

        Hemp milk is really easy to make– you should try it! Hemp seeds are way groovy– fools smoke the leaves, the seeds are where it’s at! BTW Tempt hemp ice cream is da!

    2. ennaejay says:

      WORD. almonds are a staple of mine too… They’re awesome, versatile Super Nuts!

      1. Lisa C says:

        Don’t forget walnuts! They are my favorite. Katie, have you ever tried chocolate walnut butter? I never have, but I bet it’d be really good!

  18. I made a coffee cake this week; if I’d realised it was caffeine awareness month, I’d have had two pieces, just to be that much more aware… 😉
    I can’t function without coffee so this month is a better excuse than normal!

  19. Alanna says:

    My caffeine awareness is being aware that I need more caffeine!! I don’t drink multiple cups in one sitting, but I always have a cup in the morning (unless it’s the weekend and I’ve slept through morning!) and very often make one in the afternoon. I always loved coffee flavored things (like ice cream!) but hated the taste of coffee until I was in my early 20s and didn’t become a regular coffee drinker until I was probably 24 or 25. I think a lot of it was learning to drink it without all the extra flavorings and sweeteners, haha. I need to buy some instant coffee so I can try the ice cream and mocha cake recipes (maybe even together)! 🙂

  20. L. says:

    I’ll take one of everything, please!

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