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Healthy York Peppermint Patties

Rich, chocolatey, homemade and healthy York peppermint patties Ooh, look! Flying chocolate saucers! Flying into my wide-open mouth. It’s funny how they don’t need to ask for directions… Thick chocolate coating, filled with a rush of sweet peppermint… These intense chocolate-peppermint patties are out-of-this-world good. *Cue creepy sci-fi music.* Healthy York Peppermint Patties Do you […]

Gooey Chocolate-Chip Bars (for a good cause!)

Note to self: Don’t ask for suggestions. You’ll get way too many good ones, and thus it will be even harder to make a decision. Finally, at about 6 o’clock Friday night, I had to choose something… After a lot of wavering, I finally made my Chocolate Chip Blondies with beans. When I bring those […]

Vanilla Chai Breakfast Shakes

Thick, creamy vanilla chai breakfast shakes… Have you ever tried chai tea? My college roommate got me hooked on chai sophomore year, and the spicy beverage helped me through many a winter’s bike ride to class. I invested in a stainless-steel travel mug, which I’d fill with hot tea and stuff into the side pocket of my […]

No Chicken Noodle – Get Well Comfort Soup

This no chicken noodle soup has magical healing powers. Magic Soup? One spoonful and you will feel a thousand times better. One spoonful and you can predict the future. One spoonful and you can fly. Except not really the last two. Oh well. I made up the following recipe to use a ton of mushrooms […]

Lots of New Foodie Finds!

I’m working on two new recipes for tomorrow and Thursday. But in the meantime, I wanted to update the “New Product Alerts” page. It’s been awhile! See the updated page here: New Product Alerts!    

French Toast… To Go!

French Toast is now portable!   Take your French Toast to work. Take it to class, take it in the car, sneak it into your little sister’s piano recital… Just don’t blame me if people give you weird looks :-?. Fast Food? When I was little, Burger King French toast sticks were a rare treat. […]

Chocolate Earth Balls!

Environmentalism is a cause everyone should champion. Issues such as global warming, polluted air, and disappearing resources affect all of us, not just the crazy health nuts like me! Today, I’d planned to make globe cupcakes, using this recipe. The holiday snuck up too quickly, though, and I ran out of time. But I couldn’t miss […]

Peanut Butter Sandwich Bread

Guess what… You probably already have all the ingredients to make this: So there’s no excuse not to make it. Lame excuse #1: “But I’m at work right now and can’t leave my office.” Solution: Tell your boss you’re taking the rest of the day off for personal reasons. Better yet, tell him/her you’re going home […]

The cutest post ever?

I love cute things. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Tokyo, Japan: home of Hello Kitty, Super Mario, and world capital of all things super-cute. In any case, I now own the five most adorable animal figurines on what I’m pretty sure is the face of the entire planet. It’s all thanks to my […]

Introducing: Protein French Fries

These are not French fries… And yet… They are just as crazy addictive! Do you get enough protein? Eleven years ago, as a teenaged animal lover, I decided to completely stop eating meat. My nervous mom worried I’d have difficulty getting enough protein, and she made me do extensive research to ensure I’d be a […]