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Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie… Without Sugar!

Happy Birthday! To celebrate a birthday, one often eats pie. But what do you eat when the birthday is for the pie, itself? While it may seem odd to commemorate such an occasion at all, my deep-dish cookie pie—which came into existence exactly one year ago—is no ordinary pie. After all, this recipe was featured […]

Coffee Frappuccino Oatmeal

You’re going to think I’m crazy… That’s okay. My grandma always said, “If they’re laughing at you, at least you got someone to laugh.” I like making people laugh. So please laugh all you want at my crazy idea for Frappuccino Oatmeal… But give this recipe a chance and I bet you will be astonished […]

Chocolate-Covered Highlights

Vita-Mix Giveaway Update: I don’t think there’s a person left who hasn’t entered, considering the 16,000 comments on the post. However, the company asked that I keep the giveaway up for a month, and therefore you still have time to enter. When it ends, I’ll be sure to announce it in a future post so you […]

The Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

At first, I was going to write a Memorial Day round-up post. But after making these healthy chocolate chip cookies, they were all I could think about, and I knew I’d have to share the recipe immediately with all of you. Because, chocolate chip cookies!!!   Cookies cookies cookies!!! Ok, I’ll calm down now. But […]

My Big Secret

I’m lousy at keeping secrets. Therefore, many of you already know that yes, there is going to be… a Chocolate-Covered Cookbook! I started dreaming about a cookbook when an agent first contacted me back in 2009. But as a busy college student, it was more of a “someday in the future this might be nice” idea. […]

Sugar Cookie Milkshake!

This tastes like you’re drinking a sugar cookie. Ok, that just sounds weird… but this is really good! Ensure? No thanks! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know I don’t really like being as skinny as I am. Although I create recipes that can be very low in calories, I usually […]

Healthy Nutella Fudge

Does this triple chocolate nutella fudge look healthy to you? Surprise! Or maybe not a surprise, given that this is the healthy dessert blog. But can you believe this melt-in-your-mouth healthy nutella fudge can have absolutely ZERO added sugar? Plus, it can be made in 5 minutes flat! Healthy, easy, and chocolate. Best of both all […]

Can you name this dessert?

Pizza for breakfast! Sometimes I get so caught up writing new recipe posts that I forget to write about other things I’ve been eating. Today’s breakfast was worthy of a magazine cover; too pretty to not share: The actual recipe can be found here: Single-Serving Breakfast Pizza (Be warned: It’s an embarrassingly old post!) A […]

Quaker Style Chewy Granola Bars

Are you looking for a good granola bar recipe? This recipe won’t disappoint. These delightfully chewy granola bars include all the goodness of everyone’s favorite Quaker granola bars, but without the corn syrup, refined sugar, and long list of artificial ingredients. So if you’re looking for a good granola bar recipe… It’s staring you in the […]

Do you want to Win a Vita-Mix?

This post is for YOU. Yes, you. All of you. Every person who is reading. You might’ve noticed a lot of my blog comments (and tweets and facebook responses) start with “Thank you so much…” I’m sure it sounds like an annoyingly-broken record, but I really do mean every one of those “aww thank you”s. […]

1 Minute Coffee Cake In A Mug

Hi, I made you a single serving coffee cake in a mug: This coffee mug cake comes complete with crumbly streusel topping in each little bite. (Side note: If you’d prefer chocolate, be sure to try my 1 Minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug – with over 900 positive reader reviews of the recipe) I think […]

Healthy Chocolate Pie Crust

This healthy chocolate pie crust recipe is ridiculously easy. As in, I made it in about 30 seconds. Yes, a 30-second healthy pie crust. This recipe saves you precious time, so you can spend that time on the important part: the filling! Like this No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Pie. Or my favorite chocolate fudge pie, but […]

From Breakfast to Dessert: 10 Healthy Mothers’ Day Recipes

Mothers’ Day Desserts! Here are 10 healthy recipes that would be perfect for Mother’s Day: Breakfast Jelly Roll for One This recipe is probably the easiest “fancy” dessert you could ever make.           Healthy Pancake Recipes On the page, you’ll find recipes for Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes, Snickerdoodle Pancakes, Red Velvet Pancakes […]

Banana Split Pancakes for One

Breakfast just got 1,000 times more fun. Make that a million times more fun. In elementary school, my sister and I looked forward to every “report card” day when our mom treated us to ice cream sundaes at Friendly’s (not for getting a specific letter grade, but just for working hard in general). Sometimes I’d order the […]

Healthy Lemon Squares

Healthy Lemon Squares: These might be the best lemon squares you’ll ever find. So it’s a happy coincidence they’re healthy, too! My roommate, who is obsessed with lemon desserts, took one bite and declared these “the best lemon squares on the face of the planet, healthy or not.” Be sure to stock up on the ingredients, as […]

Brand New Recipe Page!

Drumroll… Oh heck, it’s not that exciting. Lose the drumroll. Click the following link to see: New Recipe Page. The simplicity of the old page is still intact, but I’ve added photos and new categories (such as “candies and chocolates”) to make it easier to navigate and to break up the sea of blue. Also, […]

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