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Giant NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway!

Quick Giveaway: What you’ll win: a 100-count box of NuNaturals stevia packets a bottle of their amazing vanilla stevia drops AND a bottle of their chocolate-flavored stevia Unlike many other brands, NuNaturals stevia has no weird aftertaste. So if you’ve written stevia off because of the funny taste, it might be worthwhile to give this one […]

German Chocolate Cake for One

The cake above is meant for just one person. Yes, you’re really supposed to eat the whole thing at once. Don’t argue. Arguing will get you nowhere. Whereas not arguing will get you… cake! Double-layer chocolate cake, with gooey caramel-coconut-pecan frosting in each and every decadent bite. The cake part is just my recipe for […]

What I ate for Thanksgiving Dinner

My Thanksgiving dinner plate: Macaroni and cheese is better than turkey any day. Chandler Bing would agree :). I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and a few friends, and the macaroni (this recipe) was actually the only thing on my plate made by me. Everything else: my mom’s broccoli salad (lightly steamed, then tossed with […]

5 Minute Microwave Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles you can make in minutes… They can even be made in the microwave. For some reason, I’d always been under the impression that preparing homemade truffles is difficult and time-consuming. Plus, most recipes call for heavy cream, which I can’t eat as a vegan. But there are ways to make them using canned coconut milk, […]

I adopted a girl!

Okay, so really it’s Batman morphed into a turkey. (Sorry, Batman.) Silly photo, but if it got your attention, it did its job! Please, if you have the means this Thanksgiving, consider sponsoring a rescue turkey through Farm Sanctuary. Just a quick $30 donation can help provide lifelong care for animals in desperate need of […]

Favorite Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Thanksgiving officially marks the end of omgcrazyforpumpkin-palooza, i.e. pumpkin season in the blogworld, where pumpkin plays a role in every other post by every other food blogger. If you’re not a pumpkin fan, you’ll be happy to know this marks my last healthy pumpkin recipe post for the rest of the year, and I’ll now […]

Healthy Apple Crumble Recipe

Healthy Apple Crumble! A little-known fact about me: I love apple crumble so much that I sometimes choose it over chocolate. I’ve been known to choose it over dinner, too. It all started during my freshman year of high school, one night before the prom, when my group of friends ate at a place called at […]

Pumpkin Frosting Shots

I’m sure you saw it coming. It’s pumpkin “whipped cream” frosting! Ridiculously delicious on cupcakes. Ridiculously delicious on pumpkin pie. And it also happens to be seriously crazily ridiculously delicious eaten straight off the spoon. Shown above, on top of these: Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes. The only thing better than a chocolate cupcake topped with homemade […]

Crock Pot Oatmeal

Lately, my favorite breakfast is a giant bowl of creamy crock pot oatmeal, hot from the slow cooker. It brings back memories of visiting my grandparents’ house as a young girl. Grandpa believed steel-cut oats were the healthiest food you could eat, and he’d get up every morning at 5 AM to make sure that […]

Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Oh yes, crustless pumpkin pie! This crustless pumpkin pie recipe is crazy. You could actually eat the entire 8 servings of pie and still consume less fat and fewer calories than if you ate just one slice of many traditional pies! Not that I’d recommend eating an entire pie in one serving… But this crustless […]

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