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Snowball Cookies That Melt In Your Mouth

Homemade Snowball Cookies! I know it’s past Christmas… But if you are anything like me, this doesn’t mean you’ve stopped eating the holiday cookies. I’ve made five more batches this past week! After all, what better way is there to ring in the new year than by stuffing one’s face with cookies? Champagne is so […]

What I ate for Christmas

This is Gangnam style. This is Batman style. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was as joyful and fun-filled as Batman’s. He spent the season barking his head off at the UPS man, basking in the extra attention lavished upon him, and chasing a toy train around and around and around our Christmas tree until he […]

My Favorite Healthy Christmas Recipes

Since I just recently published the giant collection of all my cookie recipes, they’re not included in today’s holiday round-up post. What follows are all of my other holiday-themed recipes, from breakfast to dinner to dessert. And if you missed the giant holiday cookie post, see this link. Now, on to everything else… …………Secretly Healthy […]

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar

The big question is… Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? If they’re chocolate chip cookies, the answer is probably me! In years past when I’ve made holiday cookies for friends, I’ve always given the already-baked versions. But so many desserts surround us during this holiday season (candy canes, Christmas cookies, party food, eggnog, […]

Grain Free Sugar Cookies

What don’t you see in this picture? No flour. No butter. And no refined sugar. None of these items are included in today’s cut-out grain free sugar cookie recipe. Unless you douse the grain free cookies in sprinkles, as you know I love to do. If you happen to forget the dough and then decide […]

Pecan Pie Cookie Dough Balls

Side note: Yes, I’ve gone back to the old blog header. This change isn’t permanent. Currently I’m working with a web designer the most patient person in the world to completely overhaul the site’s layout, making it much more user-friendly (including a print option for the recipes). Hopefully it will all be completed soon. New […]

The Giant Collection of Healthy Cookie Recipes

Considering that I’ve bombarded you with three new healthy cookie recipes in the past week alone (with more to come soon), it’s high time to update one of my favorite pages on the blog: the cookie page! Now if you click on the page of healthy cookie recipes, you will see something like the following. (To get the actual healthy baking recipes, just click each picture.) Healthy […]

Peanut Butter Gingerbread Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Cookies make me happy. These homemade peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies taste like the love child of a gingerbread man and a jar of Skippy. Please don’t try to picture that in your mind. 😕 Try one and you’ll be smiling all day. People will start to wonder about you. Why are you smiling like […]

Cookbook Giveaway: Let Them Eat Vegan

If you thought yesterday’s recipe looked delicious, you’ll be happy to know there is much more where that came from: Dreena’s Let Them Eat Vegan is a family-friendly cookbook perfect for anyone who desires delicious, healthy meal ideas free of processed ingredients and full of flavor. The book includes 200 wholesome recipes, from breakfast to dessert! […]

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

Can you guess my favorite food? Macaroni and cheese. Okay maybe it’s my second favorite, after chocolate. But seriously, if you served me vegan macaroni and cheese every night for dinner, you’d never hear me complain. Not once. It is my #1 comfort food of choice, and many of my childhood holiday dinners went something […]

Healthy Eggnog!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way Come July, I’ll still be drinking this sweet Christmas-y shake, because it is that good. Might need a new song, though. Let’s go surfin now, everybody’s learning how, come on and safari with meeeeeee… Or not. Maybe I’ll just stick to the Christmas carols in July as […]

Double Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies

Would you like a cookie? Or would you prefer a brownie? These double chocolate chip cookies are rich, dark, chocolatey, gooey, cakey, chewy… In other words, it is like eating a fudge brownie and a chocolate-chip cookie at the exact same time. They are a must-try for chocolate lovers! By the way: No one should […]

Cinnamon Sugar Pillow Cookies

It’s time for the holiday-cookie-season contest to commence. The winner is the person who crams the most cookie-baking into this one short month. Or really… the real winner is the one who eats the most cookies! Cinnamon Sugar Pillow Cookies These pillow soft cookies are like: A cinnamon roll A sugar cookie And a cream […]

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