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The Giant Collection of Healthy Cookie Recipes

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Considering that I’ve bombarded you with three new healthy cookie recipes in the past week alone (with more to come soon), it’s high time to update one of my favorite pages on the blog: the cookie page! Now if you click on the page of healthy cookie recipes, you will see something like the following. (To get the actual healthy baking recipes, just click each picture.)

Healthy Cookie Recipes!

healthy oreo cookies      vegan peanut butter cookies      fg
….     Healthy Oreos                        Peanut Butter Cookies               Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookie dough bites      healthy sugar cookies      healthy chocolate balls
…..Cookie Dough Balls                      Healthy Sugar Cookies                   German Chocolate Bites

breakfast cookies      chocolate macadamia cookies      healthy peanut butter cookies
…….Breakfast Cookies               Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies        PB Cookie Dough Cookies

healthy pop tarts      no bakes      no bake cookies
……..Healthy Pop Tarts                            Healthy No-Bakes                    Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

cookies      fg cream cheese      vegan-no-bake-cookies_3
……2 Ingredient Cookies             Stuffed Cream Cheese Cookies       Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

love      healthy cookie dough balls      yummy cookies
Raspberry Love Bites                     Funfetti Cookie Dough Balls               Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

fg8      healthy macaroons      healthy banana cookies
…….Fudge Babies                         Four-Minute Macaroons                Chocolate-Chip Banana Bites

healthy graham crackers      cookie for one      raw-oreos_thumb_3
S’mores Graham Crackers        Single-Serving Peanut Butter Cookie              Raw Oreo Bites

cookies 4      chocolate pumpkin cookies      chocolate rice crispy treats

Cookie Ball Pops                         Chocolate-Pumpkin Cookies            Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats

rice crispy treats      healthy gluten free cookies      chocolatechipcookieforone
Rice Crispy Treats                      Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookies            Single-Serving Cookie

cookies 2      healthy snickerdoodles      fg44
Coconut Cookie Chicks                     Skinny Snickerdoodles                   Hot Chocolate Cookies

peanut butter gingerbread cookies      brownie cookies      peanut-butter-cookie-dough-balls_thumb
PB Gingerbread Cookies                Chocolate Brownie Cookies                  Peanut Butter Balls

Now, who’s hungry? Scratch that; who’s dizzy from seeing so many pictures of cookies? I’ll tell you, after I finally finished working on this healthy cookies post, I’d close my eyes and still see cookies.

Not necessarily a bad thing. :)

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Lia says:

    Nice! I don’t mind seeing cookies with my eyes closed. I actually noticed cookies I hadn’t noticed before on here, so this is good and perfectly timed, of course!

  2. Heidi Lynn says:

    I just realized that as of yesterday I’ve tried all, but the coconut cookie chicks from this post. Maybe I won’t wait until Easter for that. LOL! Katie, you are my source for no fail recipes. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried and I can’t wait for your cookbook.

    I also wanted to tell you that my mom who’s in her 70s has really enjoyed your recipes and has decided to go vegan.

    1. Wow, that is incredible!! What an awesome mom, to be so open to change even after knowing one way of eating for so long. Wish her luck for me, and I hope she has fun trying it out :).

  3. Fawn says:

    Love it! Great change.

  4. Maya says:

    Looks great! My office has a little Christmas tree and people bring in goodies to put under it. I’m probably going to make one of your recipes and not tell them it’s healthy until later…I was thinking the black bean brownies (doubled up so they are nice and thick) with crushed up peppermint.

  5. Haha. This collection is awesome! Were you surprised by how many you had? I bet you had forgotten that you even made some of these. There’s so many! :)

  6. SO MANY AMAZING COOKIES! I’m having a get together next week with a sweet friend and we are going to make a batch of these! (I’m trying to introduce her to the beauty of “secretly” healthy recipes :)) It’s hard to decide though! Do you have a personal favorite?

    By the way, I just made your pumpkin snack bars for my church’s Christmas party tomorrow and they turned out phenomenal :) Thank you so much!

  7. Michelle says:

    This is making me too hungry!

    1. Anonymous says:

      k tnx

  8. Stephanie says:

    Hi, Katie! A few weeks ago, you asked for cookie ideas. I have a request! When I was growing up, my Norwegian-by-heritage family always used to have these little figure eight-shaped bun-cookies called Kringla during the holidays. They’re soft, moist, kind of cakey on the inside, and so good that I could just sit and eat the entire batch (and they’re not even chocolate!!!!!). They’re simple, but I think that’s part of what makes them so delicious. is similar to the recipe I used when I used to make them, but I can’t imagine making them like that now (all that butter and buttermilk and the egg! ACK!!!!!).

    I thought maybe I’d toss this recipe to you and see if you were interested in veganizing it and healthy-ing it up! I’ve made a LOT of stuff from this blog and everything has been AMAZING. You’ve never steered me wrong, so I knew you were the one to turn to. Just an idea for you! :) Now to decide which cookie to make next…

  9. SO many cookies, it’s so hard to choose! I feel like I’ll end up make one of each. The photo gallery is a nice change from the list, since we do eat with our eyes first! Thanks again for all the great recipes

  10. omg you are killing me, I WANT COOKIES!!! Haha

  11. Steph says:

    Love the idea, HATE the black outlines. Not sure what it is, but they just make the pictures look harsher. They would look amazing without :)

  12. Kristen says:

    This looks great! So much easier and better, I think this is the perfect way to link to recipes.

  13. Steph says:

    Love the idea, HATE the black outlines. I’m not sure what it is, but they make the pictures look harsher. They’d look amazing without :)

  14. Lorrie says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a vegan cookie I didn’t like.

  15. lindsey says:

    That makes me want a cookie so badly!! Do you know when you’ll announce the nunaturals giveaway winners?

  16. Ahhh where to begin?? Which one is your favorite? (Can you even choose?)
    I just finished eating lunch and now I feel hungry again just looking at these pictures. I’m still drooling over the peanut butter gingerbread cookies…

  17. Yummy! So many delicious cookies! I like filled cookies best!

  18. Kat says:

    awesome 😀 you should do this with all your recipes, it looks great. and I´m gonna make those no-bake PB cookies. right now.

  19. Megan R says:

    Ooo! I like this view much better! I have tried a few of these cookies and haven’t found I didn’t like! Love your blog!

  20. This looks wonderful! What a fantastic array of goodness!

  21. Ooooh. I love this layout!

  22. Carissa says:

    I think I might just have to make every single cookie recipe tonight 😛 It all looks so good!! I think you should do this will all of your different sections of desserts, that would be awesome!

  23. Shauna says:

    I love having the visuals (and one can never have too may cookie pictures!), the only thing I would change would be to have them organized in some way (ie alphabetically, by type, etc.) to make them easier to find. These cookie recipes have been doing a great job of getting me through exams, just make single (or double!) serving size and stick in the toaster oven :)

  24. You can NEVER get enough cookie recipe’s! 😀

    1. Scubadiver39 says:

      It’s like staring into a really bright light —

      Except cookies.

      I approve.

  25. This post is perfect! I’m going to a cookie swap on Saturday evening and have to bring 8 dozen(!!) cookies…so many of these are now in the mix to make!

  26. Emilia says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I love the look of this page, it just makes me want to ogle all the recipes for hours 😉
    I’m definitely going to try making the pb gingerbread cookies and stuffed cream cheese cookies soon, they look like huge party pleasers. Happy baking for the holidays!

  27. A great collection with beautiful photos!

  28. Sarah L says:

    This layout is way nicer on the computer, but the old one was nicer to load on my phone. Maybe I need a new phone, though. Anyway, I guess I don’t have an excuse to not bake a lot this Christmas. 😀

  29. Emily says:

    Look at all the cute cookies! I was just wondering, are any of them crispy/crunchy? A lot of them look a little too soft and oily for my taste. Thank you!

  30. Perfect! I have made so many cookies the past two weeks and I will tell you they were all healthy! I look forward to trying your healthy versions this weekend!

  31. That looks awesome! So many good choices – I’ll have one of each!

  32. I’m doing the coconut macaroons for a potluck next Thursday – so excited!

  33. I want them all. I think I always see cookies when I close my eyes…

  34. Tiff says:

    Who’s hungry??? Well I am now! 😉

  35. Magen says:

    We need a gingerbread cookie recipe!!!!

  36. Bek @ Crave says:

    Love the new look! Having all the photos there is a big plus! :)

  37. Oh, my. I will HAVE to try these cookies out! Cookies and I go way back… when I was ten, I started my own cookie business, and became a master at shaping cookies. Ever since, I’ve tried all sorts of odd, whimsical creations, including a cookie recipe that I actually figured out while I was asleep! And my subconscious is VERY picky… 😉 Anyway, thanks for making my day, Katie!

  38. Kim says:

    that is the best food porn! yyuuummm!!!

  39. Julia says:

    Omggg!! Did you just change your header back!! :) Yay! I was missing that super pretty picture of you lol! 😛 I might be wrong and it might just be my internet messing up but I just had to say if you did change it back, I love that picture of you! 😀

  40. they all look so good! i don’t know which to try first!

  41. Xenia Holm says:

    Hi Katie :) These all look so delicious! I cant wait to try some :) So recently I became a vegan, and I’m missing a few things. I was wondering if you would consider making a healthy vegan caramel recipe, as well as an english muffin recipe. :)

  42. Lady Jennie says:

    It looks awesome Katie.

  43. Leigh says:

    Mmm! I found your blog less than a month ago, so I have a few more recipies to make… Maybe I’ll have to do that over the holidays 😉
    Thanks! (love the new banner, by the way!)

  44. Katie,

    your cookie collection is amazing! All of them look absolutely delicious:)

  45. Jill Maire says:

    I need your help! So many delicious looking choices! I’d like to make a batch of cookies for our Christmas Eve gathering. My mom and aunts can always tell when I’m trying to get them to eat a healthier version of a dish. Which of these cookies are guaranteed to “fool” them?

    1. oatmeal-chocolate, fudge babies, or pb secrets :)

  46. Faye says:

    The German Chocolate Bites and Pumpkin Cookies will be my next recipe creation.

  47. Tamela MCclaskey says:

    choclotes chip cookie recipe

  48. Bianca says:

    These all look utterly scrumptious! My stomach is now growling… 😀

    I was just wondering: which recipe is your favorite plain chocolate chip cookie? My friend’s considering going vegan, and what better to convince her to come over to the dark, chocolate-covered side than cookies? (Um… Nothing.) Since I have yet to finish sampling all of your chocolate chip cookies, do you have any suggestions to offer?

  49. Isabella says:

    What do you think is your favourite cookie?
    Mine is the chocolate brownie cookies! I love them because the are so nice. They are cakey, fluffy and perfect! Thanks for writing all these recipes for us because they are so great!

    1. Aw thanks, Isabella :). I think my favorite are the pb cookie dough ones or the chocolate chip.

  50. Jessica says:

    I love it! You should make a gingerbread cookie recipe!

    1. Haha too funny… I actually just made gingerbread man ice cream about 5 minutes ago, and now I came here to look up my recipe for gingerbread cookies (going in my cookbook) to make and crumble into the ice cream. I should mention that it’s about 95 degrees here right now. You can still eat gingerbread cookies in that weather, right? 😉

  51. Mark says:

    Hi Katie, wondering if you have a cookie recipe anything like the ultimate breakfast round – it’s delicious and (relatively) healthy.


    1. Hmmm… I will have to look them up! :)

  52. Hafsa says:

    Do you have a recipe for a healthy cookie dough!!!
    Love to make a healthy 1

  53. sara says:

    katie…………….you are going to kill me!(lol)