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Seventeen Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Did you know that on Super Bowl Sunday, Americans consume more food than on any other day of the year except Thanksgiving? It even beats out Christmas! Coming up tomorrow, I still have one more new recipe to post (either a brownie recipe or caramel popcorn) before the Super Bowl. In the meantime, I’ve burrowed into […]

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes

Chances are… Chances are, you took one look at the title of this post and you… RAN THE OTHER WAY. I know these cupcakes sound crazy, but they are also crazy good. The unexpected secret ingredient keeps them soft, light, and super fudgey, without any added oil. They taste almost like a brownie in the […]

World’s Healthiest Tater Tots!

This recipe is unbelievable. I’m serious. It’s one of those recipes where you read the ingredients, roll your eyes, and say, “There is absolutely no way this recipe will turn out.” Then you try it anyway, because curiosity gets the better of you. Such was the case when I came across a recipe for no-potato […]

Homemade Peanut Butter Oreos

Have you ever tried Oreos with peanut butter? The first time I tried them was after watching Lindsay Lohan’s character spread peanut butter on Oreos in the movie, The Parent Trap. (This was back when Lindsay Lohan was an adorable eleven-year-old girl!) After the movie ended and we came home from the theater, the first […]

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Latte

Liquid Cookie Dough. Imagine this: It’s a cold winter’s morning, and you hurry into the local coffee shop for a steaming-hot latte to counter the chill. The barista behind the counter asks, “Would you like a plain latte? Or would you prefer a rich and creamy ‘dessert’ latte that tastes like a warm chocolate-chip cookie, […]

Chocolate-Covered Katie: My Food Photography

Above is my No-Sugar Chocolate Fudge. Delving into the blog’s stats page to find the most-viewed posts for my 2012 recap, I was surprised to see, among the popular posts, a page called “sugar-free chocolate fudge.” I didn’t even remember writing such a post! So I clicked on over… and was embarrassed when the following photo stared […]

Copycat Chocolate Brownie VitaMuffins

There’s a giant box of VitaMuffins in my kitchen. And it is not my fault. In fact, I’ve never tried a VitaMuffin in my life. The giant box belongs to my roommate, who would eat deep chocolate vitatops every single day if they weren’t so expensive ($17 for twelve muffin tops?!). She’s always asking me […]

Healthy Whipped Cream – Homemade Reddi-Wip

Behold, the great wall of healthy whipped cream… Shown above, on top of my Crustless Pumpkin Pie. Don’t laugh… but as a kid, squirt whipped cream was one of my favorite foods. Every time we held a slumber party, soccer-team party, or girl scout party, we’d be sure to buy extra cans of Reddi-Wip, and […]

Healthy Twix Bars

Lately, things have gotten entirely too healthy around here. Roasted vegetables? Lentil stew? Baked oatmeal? If it is true that this is the Healthy Dessert Blog, where are all the desserts? Where is all the CHOCOLATE? Oh there it is. When I compiled my candy recipes into the Healthy Chocolates & Candy page, many of you lamented […]

How To Roast Vegetables In The Slow Cooker

Some things in life are too good to be true. That daily email informing me I’ve won the $100 million Swiss lotto? Too good to be true.   Annoying Infomercial Guy who excitedly informs you there’s a way to make money while you sleep? And if you call in the next ten minutes, he’ll reveal […]

Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes To Go

Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes – Cook just once, and you get a delicious breakfast for the entire month!   EDIT: Thank you to everyone who has been asking over the years… I finally went ahead and published a post showing Everything I Eat In A Day. These breakfast oatmeal cupcakes are one of my family’s favorite […]

1 Million Dollar Vegetable Stew

If you are a veggie lover, this recipe is for you! Lentil stew with a million vegetables in it! This is one of those recipes where you feel super healthy and full of energy when you’re done eating, not the slightest bit sluggish or weighed down. It’s perfect for starting the new year off on a […]

The Best Healthy Desserts Of The Year

Healthy Desserts! Things may have seemed a little slow around here this past week, as I’m getting ready for some huge changes this month with the blog design and the cookbook. Hopefully you will get to see more about both in the next few weeks! For today, a look back on the most popular healthy […]

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