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Oatmeal Cookie Dough Dip

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Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip

My mornings used to look like this:

Drag myself out of bed before sunrise, grab a quick snack while lacing up my sneakers, then rush out the door—rain or sun or snow—to run 7 or 8 miles.

Oatmeal Cookie Dough Dip

My mornings now look like this:

Wake up and lazily contemplate getting out of bed for a while before actually moving. Eat a big breakfast. Stay in the kitchen to start the day’s baking experiments while still in my pajamas. Honestly, I thought I was going to really miss it when I made the decision to give up running… but that’s not the case at all!

For instance, yesterday morning’s first baking experiment involved oatmeal and raisins and brown sugar and cinnamon, leading me to ponder: Run 8 miles through the Texas heat, or sit on my couch eating oatmeal raisin cookie dough?

Oatmeal Dip

If only all questions were so easy to answer.

Oatmeal Cookie Dough Dip

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Dip

Adapted from the original: Cookie Dough Dip

  • 1 can chickpeas or white beans, drained and rinsed very well (250g after draining)
  • level 1/4 tsp plus 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats (20g)
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar or coconut brown sugar (150g)
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 3 tbsp oil (30g) or 1/4 cup nut butter of choice
  • 2 tbsp applesauce
  • 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup raisins (78g)
  • 1/2 cup more rolled oats (40g)

Combine first 10 ingredients in a food processor and process very well, until it is completely smooth like cookie dough. (Some commenters had success with a blender, but I did not. Try at your own risk and know the result will be better in a high-quality food processor such as a Cuisinart.) Add the last two ingredients, and blend again—either a little for a chewier dip, or until completely smooth again for a creamier dip. Serve with apple slices, graham crackers, pretzels, fruit skewers, bananas, cookies, use to top pancakes, or whatever else you wish. Note: The raisins give extra texture and sweetness. If you need to omit them, you will have to experiment. For recipe troubleshooting on this or any recipe, see the Recipe FAQ page at the top of the blog.

Click for: Oatmeal Cookie Dough Dip Calories & Nutrition Facts

Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Steph says:

    Yum! I stopped running long distance too. Sprints are the way to go 😉

  2. Molly Livingston says:

    I was just curious, is there any particular reason that your nutrition facts don’t show the calories? Is it a new way you’re doing things now or… idk, I was just wondering your reasoning.

    1. Must have deleted it by mistake while copying it from one livewriter post to another. Fixed :)

      1. Molly Livingston says:

        Thanks! You put so much work into everything and it really shows!! I love your website and all your goodies!

  3. samantha says:

    Yuuum! I love your original cookie dough dip, with the chick peas, so I can’t wait to try this one! Ha ha, I think that decision was pretty much a no-brainer! Would have been for me anyway =P

  4. Lila says:

    I’m one of those not-much-of-a-sweet-tooth people who only adds 3tbps of sugar to the original cookie dough recipe; with the added sweetness of the raisins, any chance I could get away with less brown sugar in this one?

    1. Wednesday says:

      I used 6 tablespoons and it was plenty enough for me, so take that for what it’s worth.

      1. Wednesday says:

        Make that 5 tablespoons.

  5. D says:

    I knew you’d show another recipe before Easter! This looks sooo good! Though I am looking forward to another oatmeal recipe. Do you think there’d be any in the near future?

    1. Hopefully… I do have some more oatmeal recipes to post.

  6. Allison says:

    Don’t you live in DC now? I’m just confused because you mentioned having to run in the Texas heat!

    1. abby says:

      Katie used to live in Texas so when she used to run she was running in the Texas heat.

  7. abby says:

    Thank you for this! I love the brownie version you posted and of course the chocolate chip version so I’m very excited to try this new one as well. Snack today?

  8. Sarah says:

    Hi, Katie – you’ve been reading my mind! I was thinking of trying to make an oatmeal cookie version of this – we LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate chip version with apple slices!!! I must have missed the brownie version that someone else mentioned in a comment…. and for your next trick you’ll probably do the pumpkin pie version?? As I’ve said before, you create the recipes that I would if I weren’t so busy doing the mom thing right now. Thank you thank you thank you from our whole family.

  9. I love oatmeal everywhere, so this recipe is for me!

  10. Shonalika says:

    Ahh this looks so delicious… just have to wait for an opportunity when I can serve it to lots of people and therefore have an excuse to make it!

  11. What a wonderful idea! Do you happen to know how long the dip can be stored in the fridge? We won’t be able to eat the whole amount in one setting, so – will it keep up for one or two days?

  12. Skipper says:

    I don’t understand why you are using baking soda if you aren’t baking this?

    1. To give it the taste of cookie dough! :)

      1. Skipper says:

        Baking soda is a leavening agent, it doesn’t contribute to the taste of cookies or cookie dough.

        1. EVA says:

          Is one able to omit baking soda from a recipe in general? Or is there some sort of replacement I’d have to substitute in place?

          1. Hi EVA, I saw your comment and figured I’d reply! In a baked good, you usually can’t subtract the baking soda without it changing the final product. In a no-bake recipe like this though you can leave it out without much change in the final taste. The general rule for baked goods though is using 2 or 3 times the amount of baking soda called for in baking powder instead.

          2. EVA says:

            Thank you for da info! I don’t have baking soda, and MOST of the recipes I follow don’t require it, so I don’t want to waste money buying a tub that’ll go sour before I even get a fourth of the way through it. I’ll have to try the super-baking powder method, thank you!

        2. Have you ever left baking soda out of cookie dough and tasted it? Maybe I’m an oddball, but personally I have. Yes, it tasted fine, but it did in fact taste different with the baking soda subtracted.

          I’m not saying I disagree with you though, I’m 100% sure that you could leave it out like you were suggesting and it would taste fine!

          Check out these other edible cookie dough recipes with baking soda:

        3. Madelin says:

          Hey there, Skipper –

          Actually, the baking soda does add flavor to cookie dough. It gives it that slight basic “twang” that we associate with uncooked dough. :)

  13. Wow! You must really plan recipes in advance if you wrote this back while you were still in Texas! :)

    1. I definitely do like to plan recipes in advance! :)
      However, this one was actually written last night and mentions Texas simply because that’s where I spent the bulk of my years as a runner.

      1. Ah. I see :) I was going to say… You are a superstar for writing posts months in advance. Well, you’re still a superstar though. Haha.

        1. Betty says:

          Superstar? It’s not that difficult to write posts when they consist of approximately 10 sentences with zero interesting content, practically the same picture posted 5 times, and a recipe that’s merely a half-hearted attempt to revamp a previously posted recipe.

          1. Casey says:

            No. You’re right, you are the superstar because you are being a DIVA. Katie is a superhero for the way she is treated by some people. She provides all of these recipes for free and asks nothing in return. Seriously, when has she asked anyone for a dime for herself? (Aside from ads of course… but really, how much can those make?)

          2. Len says:

            Oh wow I came on here to comment on how good the cookie dough looks and was not prepared to see such nasty comments.

            I can find at least four different photos on this post and unfortunately can also find a lot of jealousy in Betty’s comment. Betty, if it is so easy to be a full time blogger, why do you not leave Katie alone and become one yourself? Please take your nastiness elsewhere.

          3. Anna says:

            Recipes and content here are provided for free. No one is forcing you to read this or make the recipe. There’s no need to be so nasty.

          4. Wednesday says:

            It’s also worth pointing out that every variant of this dish (original, brownie, oatmeal cookie dough, etc.) tastes quite different, and I very much doubt that the effort that went into creating each one was “half-hearted.”

  14. krissy says:

    Hi Katie! You are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your story of not running anymore. I myself am an over-exerciser and hate it. I feel like a slave to it. I wish I could be as strong as you to just give it up. It would be so much healthier for me not to drag myself to work out 2 1/2 hours everyday. Can you offer any tips to stop the madness? Sitting on the couch eating your cookie dough would be so wonderful!

    1. I don’t know if everyone would have the same experience, but what worked for me was to walk in the mornings instead of run. That way, for a while, I still had the same routine. (Now I sometimes walk in the afternoons or just while out during the day instead.) The first day of not running… it’s going to be hard, especially if you’ve been a runner for many years like I was. But you’ll soon get into a new routine. And, once again, I’m just speaking from experience in what worked for me, not as someone professionally qualified to give training advice, so take my words with a grain of salt. 😉

      1. Krissy says:

        Thank you for responding Katie! Your advice is greatly appreciated!!!! I will try your game plan and hopefully it works for me too. I know it will be hard but it definitely seems worth it in the end – especially if I can have those lazy days with your yummy recipes! Thank you for your help and all that you do and share. Please don’t ever stop with your blog or recipe creating. You are the best! Thanks again!!!

  15. Yummm… I love everything about this post! I love a good oatmeal cookie dough dip (and with raisins to boot, heck yeah), but I especially love the sound of your more low-key, relaxed mornings. I used to be the same way– drag myself out of bed before sunrise, workout like a fiend, head home and shower and hopefully have time for a decent bite of food before class. My newer schedule is much more lax and leaves lots of time for lazy mornings :) well, I shouldn’t call them lazy… recipe creation is a full-time job!

  16. CTT says:

    katie, what a disappointment you have become. with a nation that is more than 70% overweight, this is NOT the message we need – that sitting on the couch eating junk food is ok, or even BETTER than exercising. you used to be an inspiration, but now you are just like the rest – a lazy slug – no self discipline, no nothing. living for your own pleasure while your body goes to mush as is evidenced by the recent pictures you have posted. how pathetic.

    1. Jessica says:

      Wow…what a comment. I hate it when people simply jump to the defense of their favorite blogger, so I’ll say that I *slightly* agree with CTT that the post did seem a little anti-exercise, even tho Katie was just specifically talking about running. Yes, some people need motivation to get off the couch and start exercising, but (as Krissy said) many people have become obsessive with exercise to an unhealthy degree and need the reminder that a day off is OK too.
      As far as Katie’s body turning into mush…well, NOTHING Katie has ever said on this blog leads me to think that she would welcome comments on her body. I could say that *I* think she looks great in her pictures, but that’s also not really relevant. The important thing is that Katie feels like her body is strong and can accomplish everything she wants to accomplish; how her body looks to other people doesn’t matter.

    2. Ali says:

      It’s sad you have to be so negative when you see someone else who is gorgeous, happy, and healthy. Unbelievable.

    3. rbee says:

      This comment made me sort of laugh, because it’s clear intent is to incite hurt/anger/a big fight in the comment section. I don’t believe you actually mean a word you just said. So whatever. Next, please.

    4. After years of being called anorexic by blog commenters, it’s great to finally get a comment going the other extreme.

      CTT, you are of course entitled to your opinion, but I’m pretty sure relaxing in the mornings instead of running 8 miles does not mean my body is going to mush. The media tries to make us feel guilty for pretty much everything these days, but there should be no guilt in taking time to relax and give one’s body a break. I’m still an active person; I just choose not to run. And as someone who wanted curves for years, I’ve honestly never loved my body more than I do now. :)

      1. Krissy says:

        Like I said before, Katie is a true inspiration! Over-exercising is a serious problem and it is hard to break the habit and addiction. Katie had the strength to stop doing something that she truly did not love – running. I am going to try to do the same. Katie looks beautiful and extremely happy now. I only hope one day soon I will too. Thank you again Katie!

      2. jessica says:

        i am so grateful for your postings of such amazing recipes for free. it means even more when you can open up about yourself. that comment was complete bullshit and you should be proud of yourself. and you look nothing like mush. keep doin you girl. youre still an inspiration

    5. Emilylovesraisins says:

      I feel like as a runner, i gotta put my 2 cents in. While i can tell where CTT is coming from, I think his/her outlook on running is wrong. You shouldn’t run purely for vanity reasons, you should run because you love it! Katie found that she no longer loved running, so she stopped. That doesn’t mean she stopped exercising in general, or that she’s going to “turn to mush”! Mental health is just as important as physical health :)
      Sorry to write an essay, but I just had to put my thoughts out!

  17. EVA says:

    Even though I ALWAYS make it a point to take a little walk outside everyday, I can;t imagine running a couple of miles as soon as I woke up. Some people say it’s refreshing, I say I favor the comfort of slowly taking myself out of my blanket cocoon and relocating to cuddle on the couch with my bowl of cereal.

    But now I am conflicted on to how to use my can o’ white beans…. the snickerdoodle blondies, or the oatmeal-raisin cookie dough? I must choose wisely….

  18. Ali says:

    Mmmm, this with your homemade graham crackers…heavenly! I hope you are enjoying DC, I have family out there and love visiting.

  19. Tara says:

    Yum! You and your blog bring me happiness.

  20. Kim says:

    That sounds and looks amazing! I have made chickpea dip before, but never that flavor combo! Gotta try it soon! Love baking with chickpeas too :)

  21. This looks incredible, anything with oatmeal and chocolate is a winner in my book..add in sultana’s and my world is rocked (clearly I’m easily pleased)..
    Interesting your comment about not running..I’m not able to run due to injury and whilst I do miss the relaxation and freedom of running a huge part of me feels much calmer, I’m more rested and I have more energy…
    Maybe less really is more? :)

  22. Mckenna says:

    Oh my gosh I love your cookie dough dip recipes. Really excited to try this one sometime!

  23. Alaina says:

    While 1/4c is the individual size, how many total cups does it make?

    1. Saar says:

      I’m going to guess, since the whole recipe has about 1700 calories, that with 150 calories per 1/4 cup, it will probably make about 12 servings, or 3 cups worth? It will probably be a little less though with the condensing of ingredients when processing.

      1. Alaina says:

        Thanks Saar! And thank you Katie for this AWESOME recipe! It came out delicious.

  24. Kellye says:

    Ello’ Katie! I lovelovelovelove.. (can’t say it enough) LOVE your blog.. JUST found it. although i tried a healthy cookie dough dip (from another blog site) back in January & now i realize that the Healthy Cookie Dough dip is your ridiculously amazing creation! Been kind of shamelessly addicted to that awesomeness since I first tasted it! SO GOOD! I have also tried your Frapp. Oatmeal recipe (a variation with hazelnut cold brew) Just.. Mmmm!!! Is all i have to say! Thank you so very much for the recipes & healthy inspiration! The Voluminous Oatmeal trick has solved my oatmeal-lovin’ dilemma! I use it every single time now! I was wondering how you came up with it?

  25. Steph says:

    Oh, yeh! That looks good- I have so many ideas for stuff to dip in (including spoon… well fingers :)… yum!

  26. Caitlin says:

    What kind of work outs do you do now?

  27. This sounds amazing! Anything with oatmeal and raisins sounds delicious to me. One quick question: will this work in a Nutri Bullet instead of a food processor? I don’t have a food processor, but have contemplated investing in one. Do you have any brand recommendations that aren’t too pricey?

    1. Whoops, I just read the part about your lack of success with a blender! So scratch that first part. I’m still interested in food processor brands, however!

      1. Emilylovesraisins says:

        Hey Crystal! hope i’m not butting in, but i was interested in buying a new food processor a few months ago too! The one i have is an oster top-chop and my grandma has something very similar to the oster mini chopper. both seem to work great! (though they are a little noisy) they’re not badly priced either.
        PS. I promise I’m not an advertiser! just a happy customer :)

        1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much for your suggestion; I’ll definitely look into it!

  28. Kellie Sue says:

    I just made your Vitatops recipe – the gluten free version, and they are delicious!! I had one – my boyfriend had 2. :-) Thank you so much for such a great and easy recipe! And I love chocolate too.

  29. I could see myself with one of these bowls and some pretzels, fao shao!
    It looks great! x

  30. Medeja says:

    This is something interesting and new! And this dip sounds really delicious!

  31. Alexandra says:

    This looks amazing!! Thank you for the inspiration :) will definitely be trying it out in the next few days! Alexandra, x

  32. Elie Fent says:

    Where in Texas are you that morning is hot.

  33. Kayla says:

    As somebody who has struggled with anorexia and exercise addiction for 16 years, I want to praise you for your strength and courage to listen to your body and take care of yourself. While many people do need to get up and exercise more, there are many others like me who desperately need to slow down. Your new approach to exercise is an inspiration to me and many others who read this blog. Any criticism of you comes from somebody who clearly has their own issues.

    1. krissy says:

      I totally agree with you! I have been struggling with the same diagnosis and it is far from being enjoyable. Katie is a true role model proving anything is possible. Others that say such rediculous things about Katie are just negative people and shouldn’t be posting asinine comments. I surely don’t want to waste my time reading them.

  34. Jodie says:

    Hey Katie – This recipe appears to make a lot. How long will it last in the fridge?

  35. laura says:

    Wow looks like a great recipe, i love making your dips with beans and adding flax and sometimes even a bit of protein powder for a quick and filling snack. I applaud you for listening to your body and giving up chronic cardio. If you ever need any simple workout ideas for strength training to maintain muscle mass, check out my blog or give me a shout and i would be happy to help :)

  36. becauseHeloves! says:

    I just got done making this, and followed the recipe pretty much to a T, but I didn’t have enough brown sugar, so I used white sugar and put like a half a tablespoon of molasses for the flavor and…wow! As a weekly (literally. Sometimes twice a week) maker of your chocolate chip cookie dough dip, I was psyched to try this one, and I think I like it better than the original! I used a tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of PB and I can’t taste the chickpeas whatsoever. So good!

  37. Loved the original, so I’m definitely going to try this oatmeal raisin version – though I’ll probably turn it into an oatmeal chocolate-chip version instead.

  38. This looks AMAZING!!! And this post just reminded me of a raw dip that I make (that I haven’t made in ages!) and just the perfect timing because I have a ton of walnuts in the freezer that I need to use up!

  39. Erin says:

    This looks amazing! I might make it tonight. In Regards to running- I have a love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes I feel so awesome running and others I’m dragging so badly to finish just 2 miles lol. After this half-marathon I’ve challenged myself to do, I’m going back to running 4-5 miles at time a few times a week. Maybe you were running too much? 7-8 miles is tough on your body after so many years of doing it I’m sure. I don’t know how long distance runners do it! If you ever go back, try running shorter distances :)

  40. I LOVE OATMEAL cookie dough and this looks fantastic Katie – such a protein filled nummy breaky! Pinned!

  41. Katarzyna says:

    Didn’t you give up running months ago? Why are you still talking about it?

    1. carl says:

      Is this a serious question? Because it’s her blog and she can talk about whatever she wants.

    2. laura says:

      didn’t you give up being jealous of her months ago, why are you still talking about it?

      1. Katarzyna says:

        Wow, good one, Laura, totally relevant comeback that really makes sense…you must be very smart, much smarter than I. So smart, in fact, that perhaps you can tell me what it is, exactly, that I’m supposedly jealous of? I can’t seem to remember but you, with your clearly superior brainpower…you must know! Enlighten me, plzzz

  42. Katie :D says:

    Hi Katie! I would just like to let you know how much of an amazing person you are!! I have always had trouble with my own self image, and you, not only through your delicious recipes which have helped me have a passion for healthy baking, but also giving me insight on how to live a healthy life in moderation 😀 and i love looking every time that you have a new post you always say something that puts a smile on my face and when I view a post of your Instagram I am able to look forward to a smile soon!!! And I would just like to know that no matter how many negative “anonymous” commenters there are, that there are so many more happy people being happy because of the way that you are. I would like you to know how awesome you are and that you are such an amazing role model to me, and I hope that all of your baking endeavors succeed (such as your cook book) and I will be in line for the first copy!!

  43. Abby says:

    I love your dips. I have tricked my family into eating garbanzo bean dip before… I do have an extra can… Thanks for the recipe!

  44. Stephen says:

    Thanks for sharing this nutritious recipe! This kind of recipe should everyone has, for their healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle has a healthy meal accompanied to it.

  45. Tahlia says:

    Hi Katie!

    I’m not sure how to tell you how much I love your recipes! I’m a vegetarian (most of the time) but I love vegan treats because they are usually much better for you. I discovered your blog while searching for “easy vegan peanut butter cookies” last Christmas and fell in love with your blog ever since. I made your chocolate pie for my friends and you are right, no one knew it was made from tofu. Anyways, just want to thank you for sharing so many inspiring ideas! Please keep up with your wonderful work!


  46. JD says:

    Would this freeze, I wonder? If I made a batch and froze half, would it taste just as yummy once thawed?

  47. Stephanie says:

    This is everything. Made a batch yesterday and I prefer it to the original chocolate chip version!

  48. Nance says:

    Love this! Made a “gingerbread cookie” version using fresh ginger & a bit of black-strop molasses, less cinnamon, powdered erythritol for sweetness, and no vanilla and brought it to share at lunch. The hostess passed out Xeroxed copies of my version of your recipe.

    Next I’m going to try flavoring your cookie dip recipe to be like Biscoff. Yum!

    I wonder if you could use black beans in a “brownie batter” recipe?

    I’m really enjoying your site!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Try this recipe that Katie posted some time ago and which is listed in her recipe section (you can find the link at the top of her blog):

  49. Hello! Do you sell/ship the oatmeal cookie dough dip? Thank you.

  50. kathleen says:

    This looks AWESOME!!!! Did you make it with oil or a nut butter? I’m just curious whether peanut butter will influence the flavor too much.

    1. Have done both. Both work! But yes, use oil if you’re not a pb fan :)

  51. Nicole says:

    This turned out delicious. My only problem with your dips is that I want to eat the entire batch in one sitting. :)

  52. Stephanie says:

    This was so amazing, even though I had to make subs due to an oddly stocked pantry. Used half brown sugar, half maple syrup; 2 T oil and 1 T almond butter (it’s all I had!); used dates instead of raisins–amazing! It was a tad sweet for me, which means it’ll be a perfect party dip for all my non-health food friends. So yummy and cinnamon-y and filling. LOVE how filling and satisfying just a little bit is…Thanks for the entire website and especially this dip! :)

  53. Rebekah Jackson says:

    I still love running, even long distance. But hey, that doesn’t make your recipes any less yummy :) Thanks for sharing!!