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Trail Mix Cranberry Oatmeal Blender Pancakes

Today’s recipe is a quick one, and it comes courtesy of the folks at Vitamix as a reminder that there is JUST ONE DAY LEFT to enter the Vitamix Blender Giveaway. Enter the giveaway here –> Personal Vitamix Blender Giveaway If you’ve already entered the giveaway, then continue reading for some pancakes! Cranberry Oatmeal Blender […]

Copycat Juice Generation Acai Smoothie Bowls

When I visited my younger sister a few weeks ago in New York City, she insisted on taking me to a healthy fast-food place called Juice Generation for their famous acai smoothie bowls she claimed were “the best things ever!” I found this proclamation to be really funny, and if you knew my sister you would […]

Cheezy Baked Polenta Fries

The Ultimate Non-Fast-Food Meal: Cook up some of my favorite Portobello Mushroom Burgers and serve with grilled onion rings on the side. Maybe grill slices of zucchini or red peppers while you’re at it. And, of course, you will want fries with that, right? Today’s Polenta Fries photos and recipe are courtesy of a talented […]

Homemade Entenmann’s Mini Chocolate Donuts

Just 35 calories each… including the frosting! Entenmann’s Mini Chocolate Cake Donuts have been on my “healthy makeover” list for a long time. Growing up, they were always one of my favorite junk foods, and on more than one occasion I tried to sneak them into my mother’s grocery cart when she wasn’t looking. Sadly, those store-bought […]

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries So many funny, awkward, or crazy things have happened to me since moving. I could fill three notebooks with stories of situations in which I’ve found myself–situations with friends, situations with guys, or sometimes even with strangers… and I wish I could figure out a way to write them all here without […]

Reader Giveaway: Vitamix S30 High Performance Blender

As a “thank you” for all of the support you’ve given me over the years, I’m hosting a giveaway for one of my favorite cooking gadgets: A Vitamix S30 High-Performance Blender   The S30, which includes two BPA-free containers, combines power and convenience—a Vitamix personal blender that takes up much less space than the original […]

Oatmeal Almond Butter Cookies

Almond Butter Cookies – soft, chewy, sweet, and extra delicious! The summer after our first year back from college, my best friends and I took a road trip to Austin, Texas. If you’ve ever been on a road trip with friends, you know that stocking the car with an ample variety of snack foods is […]

Cookies & Cream Pudding Pops

Growing up, my sister and I went through a phase where we decided it would be completely fantastic to own a pickup truck. We hatched this brilliant (or so we thought) idea on an uncomfortably-humid Philadelphia summer’s day, and our logic was that the back of the truck could be filled with water, turning it into […]

Red Velvet Brownies

I am one of those people who initially resists change. But when I finally dip my toe into the water am thrown into the water against my will, I swim with a vengeance, making up for lost time. Thus was the case when I first joined facebook (a year after everyone else), when I got […]

Tiramisu Pancakes

Thank you to everyone who likes The Chocolate-Covered Katie Facebook Page. On Saturday, it reached 100,000 facebook likes, and I can’t even find words for how much your support means to me. THANK YOU!! There will be a giant “thank you” giveaway up next week. But today I want to show my appreciation with Tiramisu Pancakes. High […]

The Pink Energizer Smoothie

Last week, I did something I was never able to do while living in Texas: Pack a bag, hop on a train, and find myself in New York City less than 3 hours later. I spent the week in New York, the weekend in Philadelphia, and was back in my own apartment by Monday morning. […]

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