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Help Japan… by eating chocolate! From April 5th to 6th, we’re all set to raise as much moolah as we can to help the victims of the disaster in Japan. It’s thanks to the help of so many amazing individuals who have donated delicious treats and/or blogged and tweeted to spread the word.

How the online bake sale will work:

Today, at 10am EST, if you visit, you will see photos of baked goods (and raw treats) that other bloggers and readers will make and ship to the highest bidder.

All you have to do is:

1. Decide what item you wish to buy, then email me at, putting that item’s name AND your bid amount in the subject line. Please feel free to bid on multiple items; just send separate emails for each bid. ($20 minimum bid)

At the bottom of the bake-sale post, I’ll update the bids throughout the day, so you’ll know the current-high bid for each item.

2. Once I notify the winning bidder, he/she should make a donation to and forward the receipt to the email address listed above (within 24 hours of being notified by me). Then I’ll tell the bakers, who will make and ship the actual, edible treat (not the photo hehe) to each winner.

Don’t think of it as buying a product!

Yes, yes, you can easily go to the grocery store and buy some cookies for less than the $20 minimum bid for the items here. But think of it this way: you’re not really buying an item, you’re making a donation to a worthy cause and getting a delicious treat for FREE! Winking smile

So go crazy and bid up a storm!

All proceeds are going to a truly-worthy cause and to those who need our help. Auction ends at 6pm EST on Wednesday, April 6th.