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Hi Chocolate Taste Testers!!!

Originally, I’d planned to send you recipes via email. But when many more people volunteered than I’d expected, that idea suddenly didn’t seem so bright. And I didn’t want to turn willing volunteers away; I’m really grateful for all your offers of help!

Therefore, I’ve set up separate pages for each recipe, and you can feel free to test out whichever ones you like. But remember that these recipes are NOT perfected yet. In other words, please don’t plan on bringing one to a party unless you have a backup ready.

When you try a recipe, please leave feedback on that post (in the form of a comment). Be as detailed as you possibly can.

Don’t be afraid to leave negative feedback!!!

You won’t hurt my feelings; I promise! (Although I can’t say the same for the chocolate chips…)


1. Vegan Cheesecake

2. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bread

3. Buttery Pecan Pie Biscuits

I will be posting new recipes as I get a chance to write them up, so keep checking back.