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Shop-oholic Chocoholic

Say that three times fast. I am a power shopper in every sense of the term. I’ll go in, look around for five minutes, and if nothing catches my eye, I’m gone. I just don’t like wasting time. Yesterday I put my power-shopping skills to work. Groceries? Check. Books? Check. Clothes? Double check. Best purchases […]

Vegan Red Velvet Pancakes

Heart Healthy. Or not so much. It’s ironic that—thanks to sugary sweets, fancy dinners, and rich desserts—a day devoted to matters of the heart can be so dangerous for your heart. Google “red velvet” and your results will be saturated with butter, eggs, heavy cream, and enough sugar to sweeten even the Grinch. Pretty, for […]

Victoria’s not-so-naughty Secret

More Boobies!! Remember our fun Boobies Discussion? Leave it to Victoria’s Secret to glamorize bras. No longer must women choose between black and white. They can buy blue. Or red. Or pink polka dot. If you happen to be filthy rich, you can even purchase their Fantasy Bra. It’s only 15 million dollars. What Victoria’s […]

My Little Chocolate Book

Red Velvet Pancakes. That’s how I’ve decided to spend my Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, the recipe won’t go up until Tuesday, since I haven’t had time to create a post. There are still many Valentine-themed recipes I wish to share; can we just consider February Valentine Month? Upcoming recipes include: Red Velvet Pancakes, Chocolate-Raspberry Fudge Cake, […]

Single-Lady Carrot Cake Cupcake

Once upon a time, I devised a super-healthy cupcake to bring to a nursing home. A Popularity Contest Voted most popular? The 24-Carrot Cupcakes. With their good-for-you stats and delicious taste, it seemed everyone in bloggieland wanted to be their friend. However, the cupcakes must’ve done something to fall out of favor with the “in” […]

Banana Pancakes and Tiramisu Fudge

Yesterday, the sun decided to show its face in Texas. The night before, I’d resigned myself to another treadmill run. But as soon as I saw the sunshine, Mr. Dreadmill was stood up. Sorry, man. 😕 Seven miles, in 10-degree weather, through 5 inches of snow was surprisingly fun. No, really! The sun’s presence, combined […]

Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake

What do you like to do on Snow Days? Growing up in the Philadelphia area, we had a lot of snow days. Once, school was closed for 17 days straight! My favorite things to do on snow days: make snow cones, make snow forts, and build snow families. Oh, and then come in for hot […]

Want to hear my Nutty Ideas?

My head is full of nutty ideas. Nutty Idea #1: There are so many recipes for nut butters on this blog that I decided to wrangle them together, with my super-cool nut-butter lasso, and make a special recipe tab: CCK Nut Butter Recipes Nutty Idea #2: Despite temperatures dipping way beyond freezing, with gusting winds, […]

Post-Workout Foods

America can learn a lot from my dog. He loves to exercise, and his favorite foods are carrots and kale stems. (Of course, my dog also eats dried worms and barks when nobody’s there… so maybe he’s not quite as smart as he seems.) Do you exercise with your pet? Although Molly enjoys her daily […]

Banana. Chocolate. Coconut.

‘Nuff said. From its moment of birth, Coconut Banana Butter screamed (loudly!) for a chocolate fix. Not a fan of whining, I gave the crying baby what it wanted: Pure love on a spoon. Or in a jar. Or in my mouth. I like the sound of that last one. Naughty Girl Butter (or Chocolate-Fudge […]

Up to my Old Banana Tricks

Yay, y’all share my sweet potato love! And my excitement about the Coconut Banana Butter. Yesterday, I ate another sweet p with the luscious spread. But this time, upon my discovery that you can melt the banana a bit (pre-blending) things skyrocketed to a whole new level of deliciousness! You know how much I *heart* […]

Raw Coconut Kale Enchiladas

I finally did it! Finally got to try these: Coconut Kale Enchiladas from Bliss Raw Cafe. Menu description: Marinated kale with nacho cheeze, pico de gallo, salsa verde, and cashew sour creme wrapped in coconut tortillas It’s the coconut tortillas that really got me. Somehow, they were soft and crispy at the same time. And […]

Pizzert Ice Cream Sundae

It never got above 40 degrees yesterday, yet my mind kept telling me: “Katie, you want ice cream.” I do? But it’s cold and gray and I’m wearing fleece. Are you sure? “You want ice cream.” Well, okay. If you say so. Y’know what goes well with ice cream? Breakfast Pizzerts! So, at the urging […]

Yesterday’s Depression Post

Hi Chocolate Truffles! Originally, I had a dessert post scheduled for today. But there’s still a lot of good discussion going on the “A post about depression” Post. In light of this, my planned recipe post would’ve just seemed out of place. If you get a chance, be sure to check out the discussion. And […]

Piña Colada Muffin for One

That’s it! I’ve had it! If the temperature drops one more degree, I am moving to Hawaii! Lately, it’s been so cold, my mind spends a lot of time in Hawaii. Warm beaches, hula skirts, eating so much pineapple you get sick… And Hawaiian Single Lady Cupcakes. Topped with coconut butter, of course. Yesterday, I made a special muffin […]