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The “Ex-Boyfriend” Cookies

Okay, I’m going to work on a single-lady cinnamon roll… and maybe a blondie or brownie too. But not today. I don’t want to look at another single-lady anything for at least the next few days! Cookie testing tired me out! Yesterday, you saw the pretty Single-Lady Cookie. But you didn’t see the half of […]

Giveaway: Fudge Babies

Helloooooo chocolate chips! How’s your Sunday going so far? Mine’s been cooooold (it says “feels like 21 degrees” here in Dallas), but good. I just spent the morning making lots and lots of babies :). Of course I’m talking about Fudge Babies. I decided the babies would make perfect Christmas gifts for all my friends. […]

The Loves of my Life

Remember my raw coconut cream pie? Raw Coconut Cream Pie Last night, I made up another pie, but I was feeling super-lazy (and super-hungry). So I gave up completely on the idea of pie and instead portioned the coconut cream filling into little ramekins… Voila! Raw Coconut Cream Pudding! Love in a bowl. Speaking of […]

Lunch at a Raw Cafe

Dallas has a raw restaurant—who knew? Although I discovered this fact a few months ago, it took me until yesterday to actually get over to Bliss Raw Cafe. Last summer, I ate amazing Vegan Pumpkin Lasagna. That lasagna came to mind as I perused Bliss’ menu and saw “Rawsagna,” with the following description: Slices of […]

The “Anything-but-Oatmeal” Breakfast

This morning, the unthinkable happened: I came in from running and did not feel like oatmeal. So I left my oats for tomorrow. Then, I made a quick breakfast to reflect what I was craving: Peanut Butter and Maple on a toasted vegan English muffin. This was perfection. I hate meals that take longer to […]

Vegan Christmas Melties

Guess what was on tv last night…Elf!! Hey, it’s December. It’s okay to get into the Christmas spirit now, right? Since I was feeling Christmas-y while watching the movie, I took two minutes (seriously, that’s how little time it takes!), to make Christmas Coconut Melties. Above, santa, snowmen, and Christmas tree Coconut Melties. The chocolate […]

My promise to You

I’m not exactly sure how to start this post. One of the sub-topics, Advertisers and Blogging for $$$, has controversy written all over it (although not as much as two of the other controversial topics I mentioned yesterday). But I just can’t stay away. I know a lot of y’all will have different opinions from […]

Strawberry Cream Forever

It’s been a leisurely morning so far, with a cold (but not windy) run, followed by the most gorgeous breakfast you’d ever wanna meet eat. A gigantic bowl of Vegan strawberry cream. For the strawberry cream, I used “Soy-Free” Vegan Cream, and added strawberries. Then, I cascaded the cream into a bowl–licking the blender blades, […]

My New Blog!

Santa came early this year… And he brought me a brand new blog! Finally, after months of putting it off, I’ve moved to a self-hosted site. My New Blog Can you see it?? For me, at the moment, the new header shows up (as well as the new layout). But the site isn’t completely up-to-date; […]

Monkey Muffin for One… and CCK is Moving!

Chocolate-Chip Monkey Muffin is the Single Lady Cupcake flavor of the day. But I don’t really know why I decided to call this a monkey muffin. It’s not in any way reminiscent to monkey bread. For some reason, monkeys just came to mind as I peeled the banana. So “monkey muffin” it was: Vegan Muffin […]

Check out my Vegan feast!

At some holiday gatherings, there is very little for vegans to eat. Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast, however, was not one of those parties! Literally, every time I blinked, a new vegan dish appeared. Anthony Nelson, your new genie is ready. Above, the incredibly-easy, yet so delicious Vegan Magic Mushrooms Without lifting a finger (or engaging in […]

Attack of the Brussels Sprouts

So… who went out shopping at 3AM? Yeah, I said three. Apparently, five isn’t crazy enough anymore. Stores such as JC Penney and Kohl’s opened their doors at three in the morning. But Walmart had ‘em beat: they opened a minute after midnight! My own Black Friday has been super-lazy so far. I didn’t even […]

A Blueberry is not a Pumpkin

Hello chocolate chips! Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a cooold one here. I just got back from a miserably-windy run (“feels like 31” with 30mph wind), and now I’m looking forward to a warm breakfast. The house smells like cinnamon, as I made vegan Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal for my whole family! Well, everyone except the little sister, […]

Reader Request: Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

I bet some of you are probably thinking: . Ok, enough with the Thanksgiving-themed posts already! I promise that, after this week, I’ll lay off the pumpkin recipes for awhile. But for now, a lot of you have requested a Thanksgiving-recipe round-up. (Maybe because you’ve seen other bloggers doing similar round-ups?) So here goes: Pumpkin […]