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There’s Chocolate in my Banana Brulee

Please forgive me if there are a bazillion typos in this post.  My mind’s not exactly in top shape today.  I usually get about 8 hours of sleep per night, but for some reason I woke up at 2 this morning and could not fall back to sleep. Of course, the harder I tried, the […]

Pink Doughnut Eater strikes again!

Scrapbook Page of the Day In keeping with the theme of Hug-a-Carb Month: Pink Doughnut Love More cute pictures of the naughty Pink Doughnut Eater (and his equally-adorable sister) can be seen here. Oh yeah, and he also eats pink ice cream…

Cookie Dough Bars

In honor of Cookie Dough Week, here’s your chance to win an entire box of Cookie Dough Larabars! To Enter: 1. Like The Chocolate Covered Katie Facebook Page 2. Share Chocolate Covered Katie Facebook Page’s Cookie Dough Larabar post on your own facebook wall. That’s it!

Greens is the word, have you heard?

Greens got meanin’ Although the New Food Challenge is technically finished, I’ve never stopped trying new foods; it’s much too fun a practice to give up. And when I learned—from the Epic Roots Company—about mâche greens (pronounced “mosh”), this new super food quickly jumped onto my list of new foods to try. Mâche greens are pretty impressive. […]

Huggies! (No, not the diapers)

A blog reader, Jenny, had a really fun idea: She suggested that, for Hug-a-Carb Month, we should all take pictures of ourselves… hugging carbs! Silly? Yes. But life’s way more fun when you’re being silly, don’t you think? My grandma always used to say, “If they’re laughing at me, well then at least they’re laughing!” So, at the risk […]

Raisins on Steroids

Creamy polenta with raisins (I used the Plump-up-Raisin Trick) Below, raisin polenta and homemade Kuzu Stew **(EDIT: Kuzu Stew recipe here) ** Warm and comforting, just like the one at Souen in NYC.

Hug-a-Carb Month

Carbohydrates do so much for us. For all that, they deserve a month of love. What do you think? I declare October to be Hug a Carb month! Now go love you some carbs. Carbs such as… Boston Cream Pie Oatmeal Toast with Smashberry Jam Apple Raisin Blended Barley And ooey-gooey Banana Butter More highlights: Can’t forget […]

In defense of Carbs

When the Atkins craze finally bit the dust, you couldn’t have found a happier girl than me.  However, all too often I still hear my friends, family members, and fellow bloggers voice a fear of: The Big, Bad Carbohydrates Dun dun dun. (Click for more on the Alfredo Pasta meal above) Pick up any health […]

Candle Cafe

The Candle Cafe was the first vegetarian restaurant I ever visited in NYC (eight years ago with my mom and cousin). On that visit, I was impressed by the elegantly presented meals, the charming atmosphere, and the friendly service. (How could I not have been wowed by the service when the cute waiter insisted we try dessert—a piece […]

Scrapbook Saturday

I didn’t know what scrapbook pages to highlight so I’ll start with what I’m working on right now: Cruise Pages (More on Monaco in this post)

this stuff’s made in New York City

New York City?! (quote from a popular Pace Picante Salsa commercial) Chocolate Banana Butter is made in Texas: However, the creation is partly thanks to a certain company in New York City.   Earlier this summer, we were ambling about in Greenwich Village when suddenly—whatdya know—the PB&Co restaurant announces its presence on our radar screen. Of […]

Spaghetti made from Mushrooms?

Mushroom Pasta???? No, not really. But the stringiness reminds me of spaghetti. (No, I am not replacing pasta with mushrooms. There is room in my heart—and my belly—for both of these foods, thank you.) Asian Market, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. On my most-recent trip, I got a big package of […]

Beware the Mutant Chicken Ducks!

  The second installment of “Strange things I see when I Run” If you missed installment #1, click here. (You’ll be rewarded with… underwear?) While running the other day, I passed by a park.  Enjoying the park were happy children, chatty mothers, and busy squirrels– your standard park-goers. But this park was also home to […]

Little Miss Health Nag

Guess who let me make him dinner again: On the menu: A mixed-green salad, a vegan burger (on a whole-wheat bun, with ketchup, relish, and fat-free Nayo), a V8, and Crispy Sweet Potato Fries. Clean Plate Club! When I first became a vegetarian, my mom made me extensively research nutrition to ensure I’d be a healthy vegetarian […]

Reading Rainbow

Continuing with the non-food-post kick Growing up in Japan, my sister and I watched very little television.  Rugrats, Eureka’s Castle, Muppet Babies: Japanese cable did not air shows such as these.  Therefore, Little Sister and I found other sources of entertainment. Lacking the distraction of a certain purple dinosaur, we became avid readers. Some favorites, over the […]