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Welcome to the new Chocolate-Covered Katie!

What do you think of the new website? (If you’re reading this post through email, click here to see the new site.) Going into the process, I knew I wanted something bright and cheery – but also whimsical yet modern, and youthful yet grown-up. (Contradictions galore.) It’s taken many months of hard work to get […]

30 Healthy Valentine’s Day Desserts

Valentine’s Day: My plans will probably sound pretty boring this year. We’re staying home, and S is in charge of dinner (scary thought). I’m supposed to make dessert but haven’t yet figured out what to make. It won’t be chocolate mousse or chocolate mousse pie, as I still can’t convince S to try tofu! Since I run a chocolate-covered […]

Seventeen Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Did you know that on Super Bowl Sunday, Americans consume more food than on any other day of the year except Thanksgiving? It even beats out Christmas! Coming up tomorrow, I still have one more new recipe to post (either a brownie recipe or caramel popcorn) before the Super Bowl. In the meantime, I’ve burrowed into […]

The Best Healthy Desserts of the Year

Healthy Desserts! Things may have seemed a little slow around here this past week, as I’m getting ready for some huge changes this month with the blog design and the cookbook. Hopefully you will get to see more about both in the next few weeks! For today, a look back on the most-popular healthy dessert […]

What I ate for Christmas

This is Gangnam style. This is Batman style. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was as joyful and fun-filled as Batman’s. He spent the season barking his head off at the UPS man, basking in the extra attention lavished upon him, and chasing a toy train around and around and around our Christmas tree until he […]

My Favorite Healthy Christmas Recipes

Since I just recently published the giant collection of all my cookie recipes, they’re not included in today’s holiday round-up post. What follows are all of my other holiday-themed recipes, from breakfast to dinner to dessert. And if you missed the giant holiday cookie post, see this link. Now, on to everything else… …………Secretly Healthy […]

The Giant Collection of Healthy Cookie Recipes

Considering that I’ve bombarded you with three new healthy cookie recipes in the past week alone (with more to come soon), it’s high time to update one of my favorite pages on the blog: the cookie page! Now if you click on the page of healthy cookie recipes, you will see something like the following. (To get the actual healthy baking recipes, just click each picture.) Healthy […]

Cookbook Giveaway: Let Them Eat Vegan

If you thought yesterday’s recipe looked delicious, you’ll be happy to know there is much more where that came from: Dreena’s Let Them Eat Vegan is a family-friendly cookbook perfect for anyone who desires delicious, healthy meal ideas free of processed ingredients and full of flavor. The book includes 200 wholesome recipes, from breakfast to dessert! […]

Giant NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway!

Quick Giveaway: What you’ll win: a 100-count box of NuNaturals stevia packets a bottle of their amazing vanilla stevia drops AND a bottle of their chocolate-flavored stevia Unlike many other brands, NuNaturals stevia has no weird aftertaste. So if you’ve written stevia off because of the funny taste, it might be worthwhile to give this one […]

What I ate for Thanksgiving Dinner

My Thanksgiving dinner plate: Macaroni and cheese is better than turkey any day. Chandler Bing would agree :). I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and a few friends, and the macaroni (this recipe) was actually the only thing on my plate made by me. Everything else: my mom’s broccoli salad (lightly steamed, then tossed with […]

I adopted a girl!

Okay, so really it’s Batman morphed into a turkey. (Sorry, Batman.) Silly photo, but if it got your attention, it did its job! Please, if you have the means this Thanksgiving, consider sponsoring a rescue turkey through Farm Sanctuary. Just a quick $30 donation can help provide lifelong care for animals in desperate need of […]

Favorite Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Thanksgiving officially marks the end of omgcrazyforpumpkin-palooza, i.e. pumpkin season in the blogworld, where pumpkin plays a role in every other post by every other food blogger. If you’re not a pumpkin fan, you’ll be happy to know this marks my last healthy pumpkin recipe post for the rest of the year, and I’ll now […]

Please stop whatever you’re doing and read this post.

Sorry for the gimmick-y title. However, there is nothing gimmicky about what’s going on in the northeastern United States and parts of the Caribbean right now. Thousands of people have lost everything—their homes, their livelihoods, members of their family… Today’s post is a reminder that there are more important things in life than chocolate. This […]

What I did for Halloween

I sometimes forget I’m no longer in college. Gone are the days my body will happily accept 2 hours of sleep. But you can always tell how good (or bad) a party is by how late everyone stays. I’ve been at parties that start at 7, where nobody is left by 10 PM. However, last […]

Healthy Halloween Candy!!

New page! Now, if you click on the recipe page at the top of the blog, you’ll see a Chocolates and Candy category. I figured, “What better time to make a new healthy Halloween candy page than with Halloween right around the corner?”  To see the healthy Halloween candy recipes, simply click on either the photos or the […]