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The Ugliest Food You'll Ever Love

I’m in love… with my food processor. We’re together almost every day, having an exhilarating time by choosing random ingredients, hitting the switch, and seeing (and eating!) the results. But our relationship wasn’t always this good… When I first met Mr. FP, I didn’t like him at all! He was messy, he was scary, he […]

Wally’s Vegetarian Chili

Midterms looming. Essays calling. Homework knocking… . I invited a few friends over to de-stress, and together we cooked up Wally’s Chili while listening to music and relaxing. After my friends went home, I turned back to my other good friends– the essays, midterms, and homework. But now with renewed energy.     . Wally’s […]

The Sweetest Surprise

This afternoon, I came home from a particularly strenuous Power Yoga class and was looking forward to simply relaxing on my couch for the next hour or so. But as I climbed the stairs to my apartment, I noticed someone waiting at my front door. The surprise visitor was my boyfriend… and he wasn’t alone. […]

New Additions

I’ve added two new links on my site– links to The Hunger Site and The Animal Rescue Site. All you have to do is click on these sites ONCE a day to help others. It only takes about two seconds! Why not do it now? The links are on the right-hand side of my blog, […]

Molly's Musings

Molly the Scottie could easily be a vegan. Her favorite food is raw carrots! If someone in our family starts to chop or peel a carrot, Molly comes running as fast as her little legs can take her, even if she’s at the other end of the house. Here, my mom is enjoying some carrots […]

Isn’t it supposed to be the MAN who forgets the anniversary?

Well, not in this case– I forgot my own Veganiversary! I became a vegan more than eight years ago, after being a vegetarian for a year. I’d kept putting off going vegan, until finally I gave up dairy products for Lent… and never went back :). As I say in my profile, these have been […]

How ’bout them Giants?!

My friends will take advantage of ANY excuse to have a party (hey, that’s what college is all about, right?). Superbowl Sunday, therefore, was no exception, especially since many of my friends play football. Once again, it was time for me to bake! Wanting to bring something different from my contribution to the last football […]

Banana Margaritaville

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; For two years of my life, I lived amidst palm trees, waterfalls, swimming pools, and sand, in a two-story apartment, painted pink. This wasn’t Hawaii, nor was it Florida. No, this was in Shanghai, China. I basically lived in a resort […]

Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life.

Can you think of anything better to do on a cold, rainy day than make cookies? I can’t! So one frigid, soggy day in January, I turned on the oven, called up a friend, and filled the house with a sweet, chocolatey perfume. .. . . . . . . . . . The chocolate […]

Chocolate Stud Muffins

No, the title of this post is not referring to my boyfriend… it’s referring to the fantastic chocolate muffins I cooked up this past weekend. They turned out super-moist and tasty; the perfect chocolate snack for the chocolate-covered vegan. My family and friends enjoyed these as well. And yes, I even gave one to the […]

A Website for Everyone

When I first discovered the wonderful world of blogging, I often came across recipe posts that linked to a website called Fat Free Vegan. Initially, I didn’t check the website out; I definitely don’t need to lose any weight, so I figured I’d have no interest in a diet-recipe website. But as I continued to […]

Pancakes make the world go round

My friend Ruby Red Vegan has been tempting me for too many weeks now with mouth-watering pictures of vegan pancakes– blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, banana pancakes, etc. etc. etc. Every time I’d finally succeed in getting pancakes off my mind, there’d be Ruby Red with another enticing pancake post. Finally, I decided that the […]

Merry Christmas from Wheeler’s Frozen Dessert Co!

What? What’s that you say? You say that Christmas came and went almost a month ago? Au Contraire, my blogging friends! Christmas showed up at my house just last week, in the form of FIVE containers of Wheeler’s Black Label vegan ice cream! The company is based in Boston, but the super-friendly Wheeler’s folks felt […]

Get in the Game

Some of my friends are avid football players (and football fans). So, last week, when the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys were in a playoff game, one of my friends decided it was a good excuse to throw a party. I saw it as a good excuse for something else– making cupcakes!! Those burly, […]

Genghis Grill

I consider myself fortunate to live in Dallas, with a bounty of fabulous eateries mere minutes from my apartment. So on a busy day, when there’s no time to cook a gourmet meal, I can still eat well by dining in one of these vegan-friendly establishments. Among the aforementioned restaurants is Genghis Grill, an omnivorous […]