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Better-n-Rice Pudding

Me Want Pudding! One day last week, this chocolate-covered vegan woke up with a sudden urge to make rice pudding. So she rose groggily from her bed, put on her bunny slippers, and ambled down to the kitchen. Soon the counter was piled high with pudding ingredients—cinnamon, raisins, soymilk, vanilla… now where was the rice? […]

Sunny Days

Texas weather is weird. Case in point: it was in the 20s three days ago, but today it’s 77! We took advantage of the warmer weather by going for a long bike ride and then sipping tropical smoothies in our backyard. Molly enjoyed the warmer weather, too.     Rubber Ducky, you’re the one… You […]

S is also for Soup!

I love soup– all kinds of soup; and I’m happy to eat soup in any sort of weather (yes, even in the 105-degree Texas summers). But the best time for soup is on those blustry winter days when all one wants to do is snuggle up in front of a fire. When the temperature dropped […]

S is for Santa

Yes, I know it’s past New Year’s already… but I still have Christmas photos to post.                         Above, Molly, tries to sniff out her presents… where could they be???                   I found one!       […]

Will the Christmas-Cookie Posts EVER end???

I promise that my next post will NOT be about Christmas cookies. But until then… more cookies! The pictures below are of my mom, sister, and me making vegan linzer thimble cookies.               Above, Omni-sister has a cookie, hot from the oven.   Omni-sis and me, rolling (in) the […]

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over My Christmas

As fun as cookie-baking can be, I was pretty tired of it by the time the bazillionth batch of cookies came out of the oven. So I decided to redirect my energy into cupcake-making (and decorating) for a completely different style of fun. I brought the finished products to a party and watched as they […]

Cookie-Bakers Anonymous

If there is such a group, I think I might need to join. These past few weeks have been kinda crazy, as I attended no fewer than TEN holiday parties! Of course, I could never allow myself to show up empty-handed, especially when each party harbored potential vegan converts. So I became very good friends […]

Merry Christmas

Or Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy December! Love, The Chocolate-Covered Vegan, Molly, and Henry

Cookie Time!

. . . . . . . Christmas cookies made so far: 1. Chocolate-covered peanut butter balls (shown in yesterday’s post; good guess, Selina!) . . . . . . . 2. No-bake oatmeal cookies (adapted from this recipe, but without the nuts and with less sugar) . . . . . . . . […]

Handsome (Naked!) Men Invade my Kitchen

Gingerbread men, that is. Oooh, spicy! Naked gingerbread men, waiting to be clothed.  (Gives new meaning to the words “food porn” doesn’t it?) . . . . . . . . . . .. .   Gingerbread couples… all dressed up and nowhere to go. Feeling hot hot hot! . . . . . . […]

One little, Two little, Three little vegans…

Four little, Five little, Six little vegans… Who knew there were so many vegans in Dallas, Texas?! Starting this blog has been a blessing, because it’s enabled three other Dallas vegans to find me. Since I’d previously never met another vegan in Dallas, I knew we would *have to* get together! So one cool Friday […]

We want to be chocolate-covered, too!

It has come to our attention that Katie’s been making and eating lots of chocolate things lately… we do not appreciate being left out of all this chocolate-ness. Katie says that we can’t have chocolate because it is bad for doggies, but we believe Katie is simply being greedy and wants to keep all the […]