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I feel so Loved!

I’ve met SO MANY amazing people thanks to blogging. I’m sure most of you feel the same way. Some of y’all are more like me than anyone I know in the real world. It’s sad to think that, even just a few years ago, people could go through their entire lives with no way to […]

High-Protein Spaghetti??

I love little health-food stores. You can find things you’ve never seen before at the big ole Whole Foods. Case in point: spaghetti made entirely from black beans! Strange pastas just seem to find me; I’ve even seen chocolate pasta before. And you might recall my “mushroom spaghetti” post. Seeing how much I love pasta, […]

Raw Carrot Cake

I’m not normally a raw-carrot person, but the above was as dreamy as it looks. And now I’m still dreaming about it! I almost didn’t make it, though. When I looked through the cookbook, Raw for Dessert, I folded down a lot of recipes! Cashew Cream, Crème Brulée, Chocolate Pudding, and on and on. These recipes seemed […]

Another “saucy” product review

I hope you like product reviews, because you’re going to be seeing a lot of new product reviews in the coming weeks. Some are products I found while on vacation. Others are from a few companies who contacted me, asking me to do a review. While I was away, they shipped me fun samples, which […]

Don’t be afraid to be Yourself

Before I left NY, I made sure to catch up with a few friends. And by friends, I mean those of the fur variety. Lions and tigers and… horses and pigs and cows and bunny rabbits and geese and goats and, well, you get the idea. Yesterday, I saw all these guys and more. Whenever […]

Goodbyes and Leftovers

I always knew it had to end, but when the time actually came to say goodbye, it hurt just the same. Oh gosh, you are probably all rolling your eyes at my mushy-gushiness! But I’m sad about a boy right now, and I don’t care who knows it! Who can say if this is the end for […]

“Raw for Dessert” and a giveaway

  Giveaway time! So far, I’ve made two desserts from the Raw for Dessert cookbook (err, un-cookbook, since nothing’s actually cooked). What I like most about this cookbook is that many of the recipes—although raw—are simple to whip up (i.e. no dehydrators or laundry lists of ingredients). Early next week, I’ll highlight one of the […]

"Healthy Cookie Dough" is where the party’s at

Another birthday-themed post? I have birthdays on the brain, thanks to my upcoming one next month. What can I say? I get excited early!! But this post isn’t about my birthday. It’s about my mom’s, which was earlier this year. We weren’t late in celebrating; I just forgot to post about it. That simply won’t […]

Our Second Date

Yup, the boy and I had another date! This one didn’t involve a meal, unlike our first date. SSH usually works all day. (It’s a summer job. More about that later.) But he took off a few hours (just for me!!), and we went down to the beach. Don’t worry, y’all: as romantic as it […]

Speaking of guys…

There’s another guy in my life, and his name is: Daddy! Because our family was apart for my dad’s birthday in June, we waited to have a big celebration. Said celebration finally took place yesterday. . And it began with a stack of vegan German Chocolate pancakes. The above photo is from last year’s Father’s […]