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Soy-Haters Rejoice

Super-short post, because then I have to run. A few of you asked about a soy alternative for the Whipped Cream in a Bowl. Rejoice, my friends; an alternative does exist! Simply sweeten the plain Agar Pudding Base to your liking. Just because you don’t like soy shouldn’t mean you’re left out of all the fun.

Like Eating a Bowl of Whipped Cream

Remember 5-Minute Chocolate Mousse? It now has a baby sister. And just as decadent is the paler sister of  5-Minute Chocolate Mousse. This stuff is a-mazing! Seriously, it’s like eating an entire bowl of whipped cream! And although I’ve never had Greek Yogurt, I’m thinking that Vanilla Cream Mousse would make for a good vegan […]

Raw Carrot Cake Macaroons

Lately, I’ve been on a huge-normous carrot cake kick. You’ve heard of the Midas Touch? It’s become the Bugs Bunny Touch! One of my most-recent Carrot Cake experiments took place yesterday, with these guys: Carrot Cake Macaroons (Or shape into bars, for Carrot Cake Larabars!) peeled carrot dash of cinnamon ingredients for the original raw […]

The Milk And Cookies Diet

An ode to my “Oatmeal Cookie” Crepe Cakes Above, with creamy, sweet Everything Nice Banana Spice Pudding Or, below, with soyatoo dots and homemade jam. Finally got around to posting the recipe:“Oatmeal Cookie” Crepe Cakes Oh, and another recipe for you: Here’s the recipe for that simpler-than-simple cashew milk I mentioned the other day: CCKashew Milk […]

Butter(nut) Me Up Fries

Coconut is the new Ketchup. Coconut butter + butternut squash fries = This is waaaaay better than tomato ketchup. Sorry, tomatoes. For the fries… “Butter(nut) Me Up” Fries 1 Butternut Squash a sprinkle of salt cinnamon (optional, but awesome) Procedure: Cut the squash into fry shapes (use a fry cutter or a knife) Preheat the […]

Help for Haiti

I’m really short on time, but I wanted to quickly pass along a way to help raise money for those in Haiti: Donate to the Red Cross or text the number 90999, which charges $10 and goes toward the Red Cross as well. Sorry this post isn’t aesthetically-pleasing; I don’t have time for fun, fancy photos to enhance […]

The 3000-Calorie Post

2011 Edit: Recently, I discovered that some people have been using this post as a guideline for how (and how much) to eat. That made me really uncomfortable; I’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist, and I never made any claims that the food from this post represented a balanced daily diet. Also, as the […]

Raw Tiramisu Balls

Or Tiramisu Larabars… Larabar Company, can I have a job yet? Pretty please, with cacao nibs on top? Presenting the newest member of the Fudge Baby clan: Completely raw. Completely vegan. Completely incredible. Tiramisu Babies (Makes about 3 Larabar-sized bars) 90 grams dates, which is about 1/2 c (as usual, see this post if you’re unsure […]

The Definition of Carbo Loading

Carbo Loading: (verb) To consume large amounts of carbohydrates through food intake. Above: spiralized zucchini noodles with my homemade Alfredo sauce, veggies similar to the ones from Thanksgiving, and two toasted whole-wheat English Muffins with jam. Two muffins are better than one ;). . Speaking of carbs… I’m finally getting around to posting the recipe […]