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The most important meal of the day

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I absolutely love pretty much every vegan breakfast food out there, but my hands-down favorite is oatmeal. I like to experiment with my oatmeal, and the following recipe is the best experiment I’ve come up with so far (stay tuned)… . Peanut Butter and Banana Oatmeal Fusion Prepare a serving of oatmeal, using non-dairy milk […]

Three Cheers For Cheesecake

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I’ll start off with a picture of my amazing afternoon snack today– vegan apricot cheesecake! I bought a slice at a restaurant about a 1/2 hour away from my house; it was so reminiscent of “real” cheesecake that I had a hard time believing it really was vegan! Next, this was dinner: Going clockwise, we first […]


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Hello blogging world! There are so many great blogs out there that I hesitate to start another one… but I’m going to anyway! I’ve been borrowing ideas from other blogs for so long that I figure it’s high time I start my own. So here’s an intro to me: I’m a college student who’s lived […]