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Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Pie

Go read the title of this post again. It’s worth reading twice. And if you’re like me, you need to read it twice for the words to register: Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Pie. Earlier this week, when I posted my Peanut Butter Tagalong Cookies Recipe, I hinted at having also made homemade Samoas (and Thin Mints; […]

Mint Chocolate Chip Frosting Shots

This mint-chocolate cream is great for any of the following: As a frosting for cakes or cupcakes For peppermint ice cream sundaes or brownies As a rich and decadent pudding or mousse To make friends with leprechauns! For a St. Patrick’s Day dessert, try it on my Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes. But let’s get back to […]

Healthy Girl Scout Cookies: Tagalongs

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season. And you know what that means… Tagalongs! Thin Mints! Do Si Dos! Or whatever cookies they’re selling nowadays. (Mango Cremes? What??) I will stick with the classic. Today’s recipe is for homemade copycat Tagalongs – those fat peanut butter patties with a shortbread crust and thick chocolate coating. Until they […]

Cream Cheese Stuffed Coffee Cake

It might seem strange to see the author of “the healthy dessert blog” holding a book all about junk food. Contrary to what one might assume from reading the title of my blog, however, I don’t only eat healthy food 100% of the time. And I don’t think I am any less healthy for it. […]

Copycat Little Debbie Cosmic Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Today I give you… Fudgey chocolate brownies. Covered in fudgey chocolate frosting… If you couldn’t tell, the theme of today’s post is chocolate fudge.    When I think of these brownies, I think of author Judy Blume, who wrote an entire series of books about Fudge: Double Fudge, Super Fudge, and Fudge-a-Mania. I’ll never forget […]

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries… No Oscar-themed dessert today. My friend who usually hosts the Oscars party was working this year, no one else ever got around to organizing anything, and S was busy as well… so my big night included Emily (my roommate), me, and the Oscars Maggie Smith. We clicked back a few times, […]

Homemade Krispy Kreme Doughnuts – the healthy version!

Time to make the doughnuts! Sticky, sugary-sweet Krispy Kreme homemade doughnuts. So do these homemade donuts (is it doughnuts or donuts?) taste exactly like real Krispy Kremes? No, and they’re not supposed to. I always thought Krispy Kremes were too saccharine, with all that glaze covering every inch of the greasy pastries, weighing you down and zapping […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cups

What is even better than cute dishware? Cute dishware you can eat! Say hello to a brand new line of chocolate-chip cookie dough dishware, hot from the oven and coming soon to Pier One stores everywhere! And then quickly say goodbye. They won’t last long. Above, topped with my homemade “Rated R” Ice Cream. The […]

Welcome to the new Chocolate-Covered Katie!

What do you think of the new website? (If you’re reading this post through email, click here to see the new site.) Going into the process, I knew I wanted something bright and cheery – but also whimsical yet modern, and youthful yet grown-up. (Contradictions galore.) It’s taken many months of hard work to get […]

Healthy Eatmore Fudge Chocolate Bars

Hi everyone, If you get a chance, be sure to take a look at the new website. Do you see the pink and blue header on the site? And a light purple background? By the end of this week, it will all look very different. So be sure to take one last look while you still […]