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Peanut Butter Banana Soft Serve

So remember when I said all I wanted to do in this hot weather was sit around eating salads and ice cream? Forget the part about the salad. And double up on the ice cream to make up for it. In this particular peanut butter and banana soft serve, the banana gives the recipe its […]

Banana (and S’mores) Republic

I’ve had s’mores on my mind ever since Miss Priscilla dazzled the world’s tastebuds by revealing the following specimen of culinary art: Priscilla’s S’mores Banana Hammock

Better than Peanut Butter?

Yes, the following is better than peanut butter. I know, you’re all rolling your eyes right now, saying, “How can anything (besides chocolate) be better than peanut butter?” Hear me out; this spread has the one-up on regular pb because it: is easier to spread is lower in calories (more about this at the end of […]

The Melted Banana Trick

Step away from the sugar! One of my favorite ways to sweeten oatmeal is naturally, by melting in a banana. The banana gets all caramelized, and the oatmeal tastes amazing! The Melted Banana Trick Step 1: Cook up the oatmeal or another grain as you normally would. Step 2: In a separate bowl, melt however much […]

Banana Bread in a Bowl

Bananas for Bananas. This recipe has all the flavor and nutrition of moist, delicious banana bread, just in a different form. It also makes a great snack. . Nutritional Information: This banana version will have about 245 calories, 7 grams fiber, 7 grams protein, and 3 grams fat. The pumpkin version will have about 175 calories, […]