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The Magic of PMS

Isn’t PMS wonderful? If you didn’t answer right away with an exuberant “YES!” then read on to learn how you can love PMS … well, one form of PMS, anyway! A few weeks ago, y’all left great suggestions for healthy dessert makeovers. One of your suggestions was so interesting I had to try it out right […]

Ginger Peach Curry

Two years ago, when I timorously announced to the blogworld that I enjoy eating something I dubbed “savory oatmeal,” I never expected the idea to become very popular. I figured people would think I was nuts! But here we are, in 2010, and it suddenly seems everyone’s tried savory oatmeal! Along with it, I’m also […]

Peanut Butter Banana Soft Serve

So remember when I said all I wanted to do in this hot weather was sit around eating salads and ice cream? Forget the part about the salad. And double up on the ice cream to make up for it. In this particular peanut butter and banana soft serve, the banana gives the recipe its […]

Healthy Chocolate Sauce

Healthy Chocolate Sauce!                   About a year ago, I fell in love with Artisana Cacao Bliss. However, my wallet was not so smitten: $11 for an 8-oz jar? In the interest of saving money, I vowed to attempt making my own Cacao Bliss… it turned out even […]

“Fudge You!” High-Protein Chocolate Cake

Above and below, covered in Vegan Whipped Cream. Possible problems with making a whole pan of brownies: After only a few days, they get hard and crumbly (especially the end pieces). If you live alone, it’s hard to finish a whole pan by yourself before they go stale. If you’re my mom, you disagree with […]

Chocolate Protein Icing

Break out your Canned Pumpkin! And fish out those goggles, because it’s time to dive, head-first, into a pool of chocolate protein icing. Chocolate icing so healthy you can eat the entire bowl in one sitting. Kind of like with the recipe for Whipped Cream in a Bowl. (See, you want to dive in, right?) “Fudge […]

Magic Mushrooms

Story time! One day back in high school, my art teacher (we’ll call her Mrs. Smith) decided to show off a mushroom-shaped piece of pottery constructed by a student. “Look, class,” she said.  “Isn’t this gorgeous?” Her question was met with snickers. Confused, she asked, “You don’t think it’s beautiful?  Just look at the skill; look […]

Build your own Pizzert

Wait, what the heck is a pizzert??? Pizzert/ noun. Dessert pizza. A pizza topped with anything sweet. Bonus points for chocolate. (Yes, I very much did just make up that definition ;).  But it should be a real word!) You can use whatever you want for the crust—traditional pizza dough, pita bread, tortilla… Especially for […]

Healthy Breakfast Pizza

It’s a pizzert! Pizzert/ noun. Dessert pizza. A pizza topped with anything sweet. Bonus points for chocolate. Above, with Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting. Breakfast Pizza Pizzert Serves 2 …unless you want to eat the whole pizza so you can say “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” like in the commercial! 1/2 cup white […]

Blueberry Muffin Hot Cereal

Chocolate-Covered Meal of the Day: Blended Bulgur pudding, Pink Lady, and a Raw Tiramisu Bar. Bulgur is one of my many favorite grains. The following link will help if you have no clue what recipes to make with bulgur, how to cook it, or what it even is: “All About Bulgur.” Breakfast Pudding 1 serving cooked […]

Carrot Cake Sandwich

What are your favorite portable meals? Sandwiches are one example of an easy and portable meal component, because they’re not too messy, and they don’t need to stay cold. But one can only eat so many plain-jane peanut butter sandwiches before it gets old. (Oh forget that; I could eat pb sandwiches every day for the […]

Pumpkins and Cream

Question of the Day: Hey Katie! i have a question- Do you ever have no appetite after running? I know I need more calories, but I have NO appetite and just can’t bring myself to eat anything when I finish exercising. Is it ok to wait until I’m hungry? Do you encounter this? How do […]

Raw Cheesecake

Not just any raw cheesecake, either. Raw Banana Split Cheesecake with a hot chocolate crust! Don’t let the long name fool you; this “cheesecake” could not be easier–or quicker–to make! Raw Banana Split Cheesecake (If you want a traditional-sized cake, double the recipe) 1 cup raw cashews (120g) 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract 1/2 a medium […]

How to cook Bulgur

Yesterday, after seeing my meal of the day, a reader asked how to make bulgur pilaf.  So, here’s more than you ever wanted to know about bulgur: Just like hulled barley, bulgur is another one of those perfect grains.  High in fiber and protein, and low in fat and calories, it has more than twice […]

Like Eating a Bowl of Whipped Cream

Remember 5-Minute Chocolate Mousse? It now has a baby sister. And just as decadent is the paler sister of  5-Minute Chocolate Mousse. This stuff is a-mazing! Seriously, it’s like eating an entire bowl of whipped cream! And although I’ve never had Greek Yogurt, I’m thinking that Vanilla Cream Mousse would make for a good vegan […]