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A Post About Boobs… And Chocolate!

I give, to you, the 32C cups. The 3 stands for “3 steps” and the 2C stands for “chocolate and coconut.” What’d you think I meant? 😉 Yes, the title might be a stretch, but when I thought of cups and then remembered it was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I had to tie the […]

Raw Snickerdoodle Cookies

Ya know, for someone who will never be a raw-foodist, I sure do have a lot of raw recipes. I even have a separate raw recipe tab! And now it’s time for yet another creation that falls under this tab: Hmmm… I bet these’d be good alongside (or inside) a big bowl of Snickerdoodle Oatmeal! […]

Raw Carrot Cake

I’m not normally a raw-carrot person, but the above was as dreamy as it looks. And now I’m still dreaming about it! I almost didn’t make it, though. When I looked through the cookbook, Raw for Dessert, I folded down a lot of recipes! Cashew Cream, Crème Brulée, Chocolate Pudding, and on and on. These recipes seemed […]

The Magic of PMS

Isn’t PMS wonderful? If you didn’t answer right away with an exuberant “YES!” then read on to learn how you can love PMS … well, one form of PMS, anyway! A few weeks ago, y’all left great suggestions for healthy dessert makeovers. One of your suggestions was so interesting I had to try it out right […]

Raw Cheesecake

Not just any raw cheesecake, either. Raw Banana Split Cheesecake with a hot chocolate crust! Don’t let the long name fool you; this “cheesecake” could not be easier–or quicker–to make! Raw Banana Split Cheesecake (If you want a traditional-sized cake, double the recipe) 1 cup raw cashews (120g) 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract 1/2 a medium […]

Make your own Liquid Crack

(Oh boy will I probably regret this title when I see the resulting Google searches it may get.). A few years ago, I ventured into a little, unknown cafe in NYC called Bonobos. Although the cafe was quaint, it was also very quiet.  My mom and I were the only ones in the joint for […]

Raw Gingerbread Men

It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah! It’s Raining Men!  Amen! Rough and Tough and Strong and Mean. Seeing as I’ve already done the naked thing, why not take it all the way and make ’em raw too? . Raw Gingerbread Men (and Ladies) Word of warning: This dough is so good that you might just want to […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies

Nursery Shenanigans One fateful night, I laid my Cashew Cookie Truffles in their playpen next to the dark chocolate bars.  But something happened while I slept… come morning, the bouncing babies were gone! I didn’t have to look far to find them, though: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies As children, how many of you ate […]

Homemade Cashew Cookie Larabars

Cashew Cookie Larabars It all started with the Hot Chocolate Fudge Babies. I love them. You love them. Everyone loves them. And so the time is ripe to introduce another flavor: cashew cookie. I initially created these to be a replica of the Cashew Cookie Larabars. However, this homemade version ended up tasting so much better than the packaged bars! I might […]

Raw Mounds Bars

Who doesn’t love Mounds Bars??? I could’ve simply included these raw mounds bars as a variation in the Raw Macaroon post. But they’re just way too good to be a side note. Chocolate always deserves its own post, don’t you think? Besides, the Mounds Bar was one of my favorite candy bars as a kid.  (I also […]

Raw Macaroons

Completely raw macaroons that are entirely vegan and contain no added sugars… (Form them into balls, bars, or cookie-cutter shapes, like the Peanut Butter Babies.) Macaroon Babies 160 grams dates (1 and 1/3 c) (I use Sunmaid because they’re softer) 1/4 cup coconut butter 1/4 cup tbsp shredded coconut (I used unsweetened) Note: A few readers/bloggers have […]

Spooky Babies

I ended up posting twice yesterday. If you missed the Peanut Butter Fudge Baby post, click here . Above, ready to be rolled into Peanut Butter Babies Moving on to Today’s post: I once read that the most elite runners think of absolutely nothing but their form as they run. Well, I guess that counts […]

Make. These. Now.

They’re raw. They’re sinful sinless. They’re delicious… and totally addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I love recreating dessert recipes. But that’s no secret if you’ve read my page: About Chocolate-Covered Katie A few weeks ago, after discovering they’re discontinuing one of my favorite energy bars (Clif Nectar) , I set out to try and recreate said […]

Quintessential Quintessence

This summer, my mom and I were lucky enough to spend quite a few perfect days (and one not-so-perfect rainy day) in NYC.  One of these perfect days included a picnic in Central Park.  Then we walked all over town, soaking in the magnificence that is New York City.  But all this “sightseeing” made us hungry. […]

Gena: Choosing Raw Guest Post

The Joys of Vegetable Pasta Greetings, CCK readers! It’s a true pleasure to be Katie’s guest today! Hers was one of my very first food blog discoveries, and it has remained a consistent favorite ever since! Katie’s warm spirit, innovative yet simple recipes, and healthy attitude are all huge sources of inspiration for me. And […]