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Copycat Juice Generation Acai Smoothie Bowls

When I visited my younger sister a few weeks ago in New York City, she insisted on taking me to a healthy fast-food place called Juice Generation for their famous acai smoothie bowls she claimed were “the best things ever!” I found this proclamation to be really funny, and if you knew my sister you would […]

Secretly Healthy Red Velvet Cupcakes

I will admit to dragging my birthday out each year for so much longer than the one day that it pretty much turns into a birthday week. This year’s birthday week began with the Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes I posted a few days ago, and it continued to include a family dinner, Thai food and after-dinner […]

The Restaurant of the Future

The restaurant of the future:   You browse through the menu on an iPad, then place your order electronically and eat your meal (or attempt to, anyway) while swinging through the air. At Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen, a laid-back café near downtown Austin, the future is the present. We went for Sunday brunch (really lunch […]

Vegan Austin Restaurants

Ready to go! When many of my friends went off to The University of Texas in Austin after high school, I promised I’d visit. But college life took me far away, and I didn’t get the chance. So when a few friends stayed in the area for graduate school, I once again vowed to stop […]

Guess where I am!

A big thank you to whomever put this recipe on Pinterest. All of a sudden, it’s getting a ridiculously crazy amount of views, which is really exciting. Even more exciting was getting to meet the world’s largest rooster: Actually, the chickens pretty much ignored me. The pigs were much friendlier: I had to make a […]

Vegan Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt?

Unhappy feet. As a runner, I think I’m in good shape. But every time I go to NYC I’m reminded there’s a whole new meaning to the idea of being in shape! (Fuschia dress courtesy of Gap… on sale! Orange bag courtesy of Organic Avenue. Who needs a $150 Coach bag when you can use […]

Naked Pizza

We started our day at the Union Square Farmer’s Market: Whenever I visit New York City and walk through Union Square, I gaze longingly at the famous farmer’s market, wishing I actually lived in the city and could thus take advantage of the greenmarket’s offerings. This year, therefore, it was fun to pretend I was […]

The Best Ice Cream Ever

I’m moving! From now on, my address will be: 516 East 6th Street, New York. Oh wait. That just so happens to also be the address of Lula’s Sweet Apothecary and its cashew-based ice cream flavors such as caramel swirl, peanut butter chocolate chip, butterscotch, soft-serve cake batter… Coincidence? Above: Mocha Chip and Cream Soda […]

Restaurant Review: The Peacefood Cafe

Updated page: 17 Ways to Eat Oatmeal (I’ll also get back to the recipe posts tomorrow. I’ve missed posting them, and I know most people don’t visit this site for vacation recap posts, so I’ll try to intersperse them.) With Friday treating us to rain, it was the perfect time to visit the Museum of Natural History. There’s […]

Coconut Soft Serve & Caramel Sauce

Yesterday, we found the coolest place: That’s coconut soft-serve, above, and it was absolutely fabulous! Nestled into the Hell’s Kitchen area, Kyotofu is a modern Japanese restaurant and dessert bar with exquisitely-presented food. Although the establishment isn’t vegetarian, some of its offerings are completely vegan, such as two seasonally-rotating flavors of soft-serve ice cream. We […]

Healthy Eating: New York City

Guess where I am… If you said Hawaii, you’d be… Wrong . I’m in New York for the week. My friend Jessica and her boyfriend rent a tiny NYC apartment, and they’re being gracious enough to let me crash on their couch (and commandeer the fridge). It’s pretty crowded and is going to get even […]

My date… at a gas station?

But first, breakfast: I spread peanut butter on one of these: Banana Oatmeal Squares. (Plus a simple veggie scramble, unpictured.) I played around with the ingredients and proportions of the boatmeal, devising a new version of the recipe that yields 10 servings instead of just one. Or you can freeze the leftovers and have one ready as needed. […]

Dating a Vegan

I’ve been quietly dating someone for the past two months. Since this is a recipe blog (and for privacy), I wasn’t sure if I should even mention it on the site. However, his name might come up in the commentary or comment section, so I tried to casually introduce him a few posts back. (That […]

Special Diets: Eating Out

Lunch Date! Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Sarah. I’m often asked by people on special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) for advice on going out to eat with others who don’t follow any specific diet. As far as being a vegetarian or vegan, it’s actually pretty east once you get the hang of […]

My favorite meal in NYC

This vegan loves cream sauce. Up until yesterday, I don’t think I’d ever tried cashew Alfredo sauce. So when I saw it on the menu at Cafe Blossom, a vegan restaurant in New York City, I instantly wanted to order Spaghetti Squash Alfredo: maitaki mushrooms, sautéed garlic, leeks, and slow roasted cherry tomatoes, mixed with tender […]