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Healthy Cake-Batter Milkshake

If the above photo didn’t get your attention, I wash my hands of you. Today, it’s all about the cake batter. Cake Batter Milkshake (raw and sugar-free) 1 frozen, large banana, as ripe as possible 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract 2 tbsp melted coconut butter (you might be able to sub unrefined, melted coconut oil but […]

Raw Thin-Mint Brownies

Ding Dong! During a certain time of the year, a knock at the door might mean one of two things: Jehovah’s witnesses or girl scouts. If it’s the latter, chances are they haven’t come empty-handed. Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints. A few weeks ago, I decided it’d be fun to try and re-create said girl scout […]

Gluten-Free Breakfast Pizza

Although I love gluten, I know many of this blog’s readers do not love gluten; or rather, it does not love them. I try to take this into account when creating recipes, and there is a section of the website devoted entirely to those recipes that are or can be gluten-free: Over 100 Gluten-Free Healthy Dessert Recipes And […]

Raw Cookie Dough Milkshake

Please be advised: this blog has a new title: “Chocolate Milkshake Covered Katie” And now, back to your regularly-scheduled recipes… Yesterday, in the comments of the recipe for the Healthy Shamrock Shake, I brainstormed one way to make a cookie dough variation. One of my non-blogger friends saw the comment and asked if I’d make the shake […]

Healthy Shamrock Shakes!

What’s your favorite milkshake flavor? Mine’s always been mint chocolate chip… although the last time I drank a real milkshake, it was chocolate. To be honest, the vibrant green color enthralls me more than anything else. (Have you seen the Shamrock Shakes from McDonalds or the mint chocolate chip milkshakes from Baskin Robbins?) It goes […]

Peanut Butter Frosting

Smooth or Crunchy? More of y’all like crunchy peanut butter than smooth, according to a poll on Twitter. I always figured it’d be the other way around! Banana Bread for One I created the above frosting for a friend, as a challenge. This friend has a serious frosting addiction. In fact, freshman year of college, she […]

Magic Breakfast Pudding

I’m loving the beautiful weather. It’s weird to think last week was –4 and today will reach over 80 degrees. Warm weather does not mean I give up my beloved breakfast grain bowls; I just eat them cold! (Actually, I eat cold oatmeal in winter too. I’m strange like that.) Today’s brekkie was a twist […]

Banana Bread for One

I’d argue that brown and mushy bananas are actually even better than yellow (and much better than green!). Brownness signifies ripeness, so darker bananas yield sweeter fruit. Especially for those interested in eating less refined sugar, these fruits are perfect for smoothies, puddings, cakes, or even the raw fudge I’ve been eating non-stop. One can also peel and […]

Vegan Red Velvet Pancakes

Heart Healthy. Or not so much. It’s ironic that—thanks to sugary sweets, fancy dinners, and rich desserts—a day devoted to matters of the heart can be so dangerous for your heart. Google “red velvet” and your results will be saturated with butter, eggs, heavy cream, and enough sugar to sweeten even the Grinch. Pretty, for […]

Victoria’s not-so-naughty Secret

More Boobies!! Remember our fun Boobies Discussion? Leave it to Victoria’s Secret to glamorize bras. No longer must women choose between black and white. They can buy blue. Or red. Or pink polka dot. If you happen to be filthy rich, you can even purchase their Fantasy Bra. It’s only 15 million dollars. What Victoria’s […]

Easy Soy-Free Pudding

Hello Chocolate Pudding Pies! Speaking of chocolate pudding… Last week I fixed the voluminous oatmeal post, so this week, I tackled another post in dire need of fixing: the soy-free pudding tutorial post. It was awfully confusing and convoluted. I’m re-posting the updated post so you don’t have to bother clicking on links to find […]

Raspberry Marzipan Muffins for Two

Or halve the recipe if you’re single.   The Raspberry Diet I think I’d really like that diet… the “eat as many raspberries as is humanly possible” diet. Lately, I’ve not only been eating them plain, but also in oatmeal, truffles, raw fudge cake, and now muffins: Raspberry Marzipan Muffins (makes 2 muffins) 6 tbsp flour (I […]

Soy-Free Love Potion

Remember middle school, when “going out” with someone meant his dad would drive him to meet you—and your mom—at the movies? Today I was thinking back to middle school, the time when girls discover that whole “boys have cooties” thing is a lie. My mind wandered through first crushes to first kisses to first dates. […]

Single-Lady Carrot Cake Cupcake

Once upon a time, I devised a super-healthy cupcake to bring to a nursing home. A Popularity Contest Voted most popular? The 24-Carrot Cupcakes. With their good-for-you stats and delicious taste, it seemed everyone in bloggieland wanted to be their friend. However, the cupcakes must’ve done something to fall out of favor with the “in” […]

Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake

What do you like to do on Snow Days? Growing up in the Philadelphia area, we had a lot of snow days. Once, school was closed for 17 days straight! My favorite things to do on snow days: make snow cones, make snow forts, and build snow families. Oh, and then come in for hot […]