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Pink Coconut Kiss Candy Bars

What color do you see in this photo? If you said that you think these bars are pink, you would be wrong. The actual color of these bars is… Well… no, never mind. They actually are pink. It’s not a trick. Then again, you might not want to take my word for it. I saw […]

Swiss Muesli Breakfast Bowls

With this one recipe, you can have a new breakfast every day: The creamy and filling breakfast bowl keeps you satisfied until well past lunchtime, with healthy and all-natural delicious ingredients – nothing processed or artificial. You can make it your own by changing up the ingredients for endless healthy breakfast options. The recipe is based on a popular […]

Fatcake Pancakes

Guess what day it is… Not hump day. Sorry, camels. Today is Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday! So what better day than Fat Tuesday to publish my favorite new pancake recipe of the moment: Fat Pancakes? These pancakes are yet another reason breakfast is the best meal of the day. For more healthy […]

How To Make Greek Yogurt – The Easy Way

How to make Greek Yogurt. Why choose homemade Greek yogurt? — You get the option to make different flavors — You can make it dairy-free and sugar-free — Just one ingredient, and no expensive equipment required While there are many “how to make Greek yogurt” tutorials online (and please feel free to try them if […]

Healthy Homemade Chocolate Candies

{A kid-friendly recipe ♥} With under 5 minutes of prep work, these homemade candies are made with heart-healthy dark chocolate, antioxidant-rich pomegranate, and none of the refined sugar, corn syrup, or artificial ingredients you’d get in storebought chocolate candies. You can easily make them in any container or candy mold; I chose an ice cube maker, which can […]

Five Minute Cheesy Baked Pasta Casserole

This is honestly one of the easiest meals I have ever made. You can prepare the entire dish in under 5 minutes with just a few basic ingredients that might already be in your pantry. And cleanup is a breeze, which gives you more time for other things… such as deciding on a dessert to go with your easy-to-make […]

Loaded Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Skins

Baked sweet potato skins. The crowd-pleasing Super Bowl appetizer that is actually GOOD for you! These irresistible and addictive crispy baked sweet potato skins are the perfect combination of healthy and comfort food, and they’re easy to make in just a few steps: Way better than regular baked potato skins! It’s a very good idea to make […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Overnight Oats

Your instant breakfast awaits! In this recipe, you basically just throw a bunch of ingredients into a jar the night before, and breakfast magically appears on the table in the morning. If you normally find yourself with no time in the morning or no motivation to make an elaborate breakfast, the “overnight oats” method could […]

Low-Fat Banana Breakfast Cake In A Mug

Banana Cake In A Mug! Got breakfast? In less than 5 minutes, this bakery-style banana mug cake can be yours. And the entire recipe is under 100 calories… including the streusel topping! It’s the perfect solution for those days when you’re craving something more exciting for breakfast than the same old bowl of oatmeal. Who […]

On-The-Go Breakfast Oatmeal Trail Mix Cupcakes

Exactly two years ago… Two years ago, I published what is now the #1 most viewed recipe on my entire blog. To date, the post has gotten over 450,000 facebook likes and almost 130,000 repins, with more people writing in every day to say how much they love the recipe! So today seemed like the […]

Skinny Baked Healthy Mac and Cheese

Healthy mac and cheese?! Try this healthy mac and cheese recipe when you’re craving mac and cheese but don’t want all the unhealthy saturated fat and calories you’d find in traditional recipes. The healthy mac and cheese recipe below is low-fat, high-protein, and under 250 calories per serving. If you make a batch of Chocolate Peanut […]

Cookie Dough Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal

Just one more pumpkin recipe… it’s way too good to keep secret for a whole year! With pumpkin and oatmeal and cookie dough, you know this pumpkin baked oatmeal has to be completely amazing, right? To add excitement to your Thursday morning, here are a few more pictures of the pumpkiny breakfast deliciousness: Link Of The Day: […]

Crustless Apple Pie Baked Apples

These baked apples are perfect for Fall… a healthy dessert that tastes absolutely delicious! As siblings, my sister and I could not be a better match. At least when it comes to our feelings about apples… I adore apple pie filling. (She hates it.) She loves pie crust. (It’s not my cup of tea.) Growing […]

Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Cups

The way to Katie’s heart: Make me any recipe that contains both chocolate and cheesecake—two of my favorite things in the world—and I am all yours ♥ Katies are simple creatures. And it doesn’t get much more simple than these seemingly-fancy cheesecake stuffed chocolate cups. They require just 3 basic ingredients you can easily find in many regular […]

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese! I’ve probably mentioned more than once on this blog how much I love macaroni and cheese… I grew up on my Italian grandmother’s homemade version (best comfort food ever!), and—hopefully you won’t judge me too much for this—I also really loved Kraft Mac and Cheese. My dad would make it with […]