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Chocolate with a side of Chocolate

It finally happened:

Today’s second breakfast was too much chocolate, even for me.

When it came time to eat the homemade Cookie Dough Bar, I realized I was already chocolate-d out.

I didn’t know such a thing was possible!


But alas, it is possible. After polishing off the bowl of Brownie Batter Oatmeal, I experienced chocolate overload first-hand.


So I saved the Cookie Dough Bar for later and ate some of my newest-favorite peanut butter in its place.

Lately, I’ve been a peanut butter purist, eschewing all the Mighty Maples, Dark Chocolate Dreams, and Cinnamon Raisin Swirls for Ms. Plain Jane of Whole Foods. Sometimes plain is better: It’s cheaper (huge plus!!), tastes great on apples, and is the hands-down best peanut butter for making banana butter.


Oh o-kay, so Dark Chocolate Dreams Banana Butter is pretty awesome as well. I would never give up my DCD.  Just because I got sick of chocolate at one meal doesn’t mean it didn’t make a resurgence at the next.

Have you ever had too much of a good thing?

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Published on November 29, 2009

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  1. Jenny R. says

    whoa Katie that looks good! I always get that way with pineapple…it’s so good and you keep want to eat more and more. It makes my tongue swell after a while. (salt and vinegar chips used to do that too when I was a kid!) I think I od’d on oat bran + jay robb for dinner :S too much jay robb makes things too powdery blech

  2. Jenny R. says

    oh and I agree with Heather…raw almond butter can be a major od food…too sweet sometimes…currently experiencing that one as well :S

  3. Naomi(onefitfoodie) says

    i tend to really indulge in a certain food combonation if I discover something i love! in college I had an obsession with granola and applesauce and had it with everymeal straight for a few weeks to this day I cant have that combo! haha

    i NEED to try the chocolate pb dreams!

  4. Bekah says

    Bahah, this made me giggle. I’ve definitely gone over board with a couple things, but I’m trying to practice variety in my life- by planning out my meals and such. After all, variety is the spice of life! Or… Cocoa is the spice of life?!!


  5. jrsimon56 says

    Question for you….I’m looking for a spiralizer (or something to help with making veggiefied noodles) to add to my Christmas list. Any suggestions on a good one?

  6. Katrina (gluten free gidget) says

    Chocolate heaven!
    My “too much of a good thing” moment happened the first time I had a “milk shake” after going gluten free and dairy free. I used Soy Milk and Soy Delicious Ice Cream. That much decadence left me ill for the entire evening. I didn’t even drink the whole thing! No more “milk shakes” for this little gidget!

  7. Jess says

    PB is probably my favorite food. My blog would be Peanut-Buttered-Jess if it were a plain food blog. 😉

    And I’ve NEVER eaten a gourmet PB. I LOVE the plain stuff. (I buy Smart Balance Creamy b/c it’s the best vegan option at my grocery. Gotta get to a WF!)

    I don’t know what I’ve been missing, but I am sure I need to find out.

  8. Cinnamon Feind says

    I OD’d on almond butter once. I didn’t realize how much I had eaten. Started spooning it out of the jar and realized I’d eaten half. Give me a spoon and some cinnamon and I go nuts with ‘literarally’ with the stuff lol Next few days though weren’t very fun… felt like I had a rock in my stomach.

    But it was SO tasty.

  9. eatmovelove says

    I’ve definitely OD’ed on food before and told myself ‘never again’…only to come back to it the following night 🙂 I don’t learn from my mistakes haha. Oh well such is life 🙂 I like that you said pineapple though – people always think right away in terms of ‘bad’ foods…but I guess you can have too much of anything. Yeah, it can be carrots, jam or ice cream with me!! Cheers.

  10. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    I’ll be the first to admit I’ve OD’s on almond butter in the past. Sometimes, it almost taste too sweet, especially the raw stuff, and I tend to get tired of sweet foods fairly quickly. Salty food on the other hand, entirely different story. I don’t think I could ever tire of tortilla chips.

    Your brownie batter oatmeal looks so rich and chocolatey. I want to dive right in.

    I’m a nut butter purist as well. No salt, no sugar, just the nuts thank you very much. Oh, and I like it crunchy!

  11. italyology says

    Even the greatest things in life we can have to much of. I think we’ve all over done it on something and have learned our lesson!:)
    I over did it on peanut butter and my tummy was aching! I think i had peanut butter in every form at every meal. I guess I didn’t plan it out too well. hah!

  12. plamarie says

    Oh, but seriously. Your oats looks so good. Yes, too much of a good thing. I was cracking fresh walnuts with my Grandma one time. Crack one, eat one, you know. Well, too many walnuts can make your mouth very sore. Yikes!

  13. lexi. says

    wow, lots o chocolate! (not complaining)

    sometimes, I overindulge in orange foods – which make my palms and the bottom of my feet orange. so every once in a while i have to cut back!

  14. CaSaundra says

    Sometimes I will totally overdose on a food for like a month, and then get really sick of it for a long time. Currently that is happening with yogurt! It never really happened w chocolate, because I don’t eat it too often.

  15. Danielle says

    Oh my gosh love nut butters, and love the idea of chocolate in the morn. Don’t know if I myself could do it though, I can’t have sweets before noon. Weird, I know 🙂 I actually over-did bell peppers over the summer and haven’t had one since. So sad!

  16. Jessica says

    I have definitely OD’d on food before. Asparagus is probably my most recent casualty. I grilled and ate a bunch of it for 3 straight days, then I couldn’t touch it again for weeks!

  17. Marissa says

    I admit it…lately I have been polishing off entire jars of peanut butter. I have my sunbutter, my pumpkin seed butter, and my 2 kinds of almond, but the PB keeps calling to me!

    This morning though I had the roasted almond butter with my quinoa flakes and my banana…but mainly because I was out of Peanut 😉

  18. Alice says

    I just ate a giant bowl of strawberries I picked myself today this afternoon (I already ate a lot on the field) and now I feel like I have to die….. My throat hurts so much from the acid in the berries! ANd everything I eat or drink tastes strawberry-y!

  19. chocolate lover says

    I have definitely overdosed on dates before and still occasionaley eat too many raisins at once….(those little devils are just so hard to stop eating!) So soft and chewy…oh and I’ve gone through a jar of Justins Maple Almond butter in 48 hours…..

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