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On this FAQ page, I’m answering all the questions readers often ask. If you still have a question, please feel free to leave a comment!

Chocolate Covered Katie Pancakes

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Health and Diet

Can you share what you eat in a day? Do you ever eat unhealthy foods?

While every day is different, here is an example of What I Eat In A Day.

I strive for variety and try to make sure my meals are balanced, but I don’t stress about it and will never eat a food I dislike just because it’s healthy. Worrying about eating a “perfect” diet seems more detrimental to one’s health than consuming a few grams of trans fat or white flour every now and then.

The foods I crave are usually pretty healthy; however if I’m out with friends, on vacation, or someone surprises me with a not-healthy-in-the-slightest homemade baked good, I’m fine with indulging. Growing up in a big Italian family, food has always been a huge part of my life, and I don’t believe negative feelings like guilt should ever be associated with something that can bring so much enjoyment.

Are you anorexic?

Ugh. I’m not, but I am acutely aware that it’s a suggested search term if you google my blog name, which is why I wrote the following post: Chocolate Covered Katie Anorexic?

Many of your recipes are extremely low in calories. Why is that?

I try to make my recipes relevant for as many people as possible, and I know that many of my readers are watching their weight or cooking for themselves or a loved one who needs recipes that are lower in calories, fat, or sugar.

If I’m cooking just for me, I don’t really ever use xylitol, stevia, or the lower-fat options given in my recipes; these variations are included so that people can make the recipes to fit their own dietary needs. It’s also why I try to include gluten-free options as much as possible and test each recipe with different sweeteners and flours.



Do you run every day?

I’ve gone through periods of time where I’ve run too much and where I’ve not run at all, and finally I found a good balance. For more on my relationship with running, see the following post: Why I Gave Up Running.

What other exercise do you get?

I walk pretty much everywhere. Once in a while, a friend will drag me to an exercise class or the gym; but it’s not a regular thing, and I’ve taken exactly zero Soul Cycle classes in my life.



Do you have a job?

Yes – here is a post on How I Started Blogging Full-Time.

Can you share your stats? How much do you weigh?

I am 5’5 (okay fine, 5’4 and a half). I don’t own a scale.

You mention you’ve lived all over the world. Where exactly have you lived?

I was born in England and have also lived in Philadelphia, Japan, China, The Philippines, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Where should I go next?



What camera do you use?

Most of the earlier photos on the blog were taken with a Canon Rebel. In late 2016, I switched over to a Canon 5D Mark III. My go-to lens is the 100mm f/2.8L Macro.

Have you taken any photography classes? What tips do you have for someone who wants to take better photos?

Everything I know comes from observation and practice. My biggest tip to readers who want to improve their photos is to practice as much as you can. Read photography books and the manual that comes with your camera, and learn the meaning of terms like “ISO,” “shutter speed,” and “f stop.”

Browse photography forums whenever you have questions. Don’t get discouraged if your photos look awful in the beginning. (Mine did!) Becoming a good photographer isn’t something that happens overnight.

chocolate covered katie



Do you have advice for other bloggers?

Here are all my posts tagged: How To Write A Food Blog.

What’s your favorite recipe on the blog?

Not surprisingly, I am partial to the recipes that include chocolate, such as the chocolate pie, brownies, and pudding cake. I also really love ice cream, especially the Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice Cream or the pistachio ice cream recipe in my cookbook.

The definite reader favorites are the Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip and the Black Bean Brownies. More reader favorites can be found on the right sidebar of the blog!

Can I post one of your recipes on my own blog? Can I use your photos?

I’m ridiculously happy when someone tries one of my recipes. I only ask that you link back to the recipe instead of posting it on your site unless you’ve made major changes, because I have big plans for some of the recipes. But as long as they’re credited, please feel free to use any of my photos.

Is this a vegan blog?

Although all of the recipes on this blog can be suitable for vegans as long as you choose nondairy options for ingredients such as milk of choice, I would guess that most of my readers are not vegans; they’re simply people who enjoy delicious desserts and want healthier versions of their favorite recipes.

Most of my friends who test the recipes are not vegan or vegetarian, and I especially try to get friends who aren’t into healthy food to give me feedback… because if a recipe gets their seal of approval, I know it’s good!


Final Questions:

Is there a way I can get your recipes by email?

Yes, you can click here: Get FREE healthy dessert recipes delivered to your inbox.

If you sign up, you will get only my new recipe posts, never any annoying advertisements.

How can I contact you?

I receive hundreds of questions each day, so please be patient with me as I try my hardest to respond to as many as possible! Here are links to the CCK Facebook Page and Pinterest Page. You can also reach out my media team at chocolatecoveredmedia at gmail dot com. Or leave a comment on any one of my blog posts.

Do you really eat chocolate every day?

Every single day. Usually at least twice.

Reader Interactions


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  1. Boelle Kirby says

    I really don’t know what my problem is. I have tried and tried and tried to get your recipes to my inbox. I used to–but then mysteriously they disappeared. I keep trying the feedburner thing, but it never gets to me, not even in my junk/spam box. Whenever I sign up again, it says I am on record with my email but I never get anything. Please help! I miss you!

  2. Boelle Kirby says

    RE: not getting the emails. Aha! I went to settings and found that somehow, mysteriously, the emails were automatically getting routed to a totally random folder. Hopefully now I have changed that and will start receiving yummy recipes again from you!

    • Julie Dove says

      Computers are so strange! Thank you so much for getting the emails, and so glad you found them! 🙂
      Julie (media director)

  3. Sarah says

    Hi Katie! I love your blog! I have followed it for several years and have enjoyed black bean brownies, chickpea blondies, corn muffins, chili beans, brownie oatmeal, and pumpkin boatmeal to name a few of my favorites! I have decided to try going vegan for health and environmental reasons. I am already a pescatarian. I was wondering if you had any tips for new vegans?? Thanks!

  4. Stephenie says

    Hi Katie,
    You may have answered this question already, but what brand of flour do you use (when you use it). I’m finding conflicting answers online as to which flour is vegan. Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Charmaine says

    Mabuhay from the Philippines! Love your blog <3 Bodyweight exercises done in less than 10 minutes keep me toned as a vegan.
    Stay pretty and awesome!

  6. Eden Stewart says

    Hi Katie! I just wanted to let you know that I just bought your 1st cookbook and it is AMAZING! I’m recovering from a really bad relationship with food so I love that you put all of the nutritional values for each recipe unlike many other bloggers and chefs. People like you inspire me to live a life where I can enjoy the food I want without feeling guilty. I’m also trying to go vegan, and you’re recipes are really inspiring me to start transitioning away from animal products.

    I did have a few questions about your latest cookbook.
    1) Does it only include breakfast recipes of are there a variety of different recipes?
    2) Is it only available in an eBook format?
    3) If so, where do the recipes get downloaded too once I purchase the book?

    Thanks so much for being you and creating delicious recipes that are vegan AND healthy!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, I’m the media director for Chocolate Covered Katie. Thank you so much for getting the first book and for your kind words.
      The second book has breakfast recipes as well as dessert recipes that are healthy enough you could eat them for breakfast, as well as smoothies and savory breakfasts that you could eat for other meals instead if you wanted (such as veggie scramble, sweet potato hash browns, mini white bean meatloaf cupcakes, etc.). It is just in ebook format, but many readers are asking for a printable copy to be emailed to them as well, so they can have a “hard” copy to hold in their hands. If you only want the web version, it can just be saved in My Documents (or wherever you want) and you can open it on the computer any time.

      Please also feel free to email me any time if you have any other questions or if there’s ever anything I can help with.

      Jason (chocolatecoveredmedia at gmail)

  7. Sam says

    Hi Katie,

    I am completely obsessed with your blog,I have been vegetarian for around 13 years and healthy for a lifetime, so naturally I spend at least an hour a day drooling over your delectable looking creations. That stops today. Today is the day I put my foot down, stop depriving myself, give in to the chocolate cravings and actually try make some of your recipes. But where to begin? There are so many amazing recipes that are on my “MUST TRY!!” list, and I plan on making (and eating) them ALL, but thinking about trying to make a shopping list (especially in South Africa) seems a bit daunting. I have noticed that many of your recipes use quite similar ingredients…So, what I would absolutely love (and you may have already done this, I just can’t seem to find it) is a beginners shopping list that covers the staple baking goodies you have in your kitchen/ pantry on any given day. That would make my life! Really looking forward to getting started.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! Katie is definitely working on a third book! There won’t be another one out this year, and probably not next, but we are hopeful for 2019!

      Jason (media relations)

  8. Pat O'Hara says

    Hi Katie,

    I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to reach out because AWeber has been helping clients in your industry deliver their company newsletters. I stumbled onto your blog after my girlfriend recently turned me onto your delicious deserts (brownies are my favorite) and I thought I would take a chance to reach out to you directly. Many of our similar high volume customers choose us for unlimited email sending, deliverability, and open API.

    At AWeber Communications we are the best in the industry in email deliverability (i.e. getting you to the inbox, opens, clicks, subscriber interaction, etc.) and have unmatched customer service seven days per week via phone, email, and chat.

    I would love the opportunity to have a short conversation with you – even if it only leads to a few more delicious recipes! Talk soon!

  9. MM says

    Katie, why don’t I get your Emails anymore? I do NOT want to miss any of them!! PLEASE, Honey, do NOT stop them from coming to my Email address! THANK YOU!!!

    I want to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year full of love, joy and beautiful memories! God bless you!!! THANK YOU for your site and recipes!!!

    P.S. PLEASE do NOT publish my name or Email. My initials are fine to publish, Honey!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! I’m the media director for Katie. It looks like you’re still signed up… Is it possibly going to your “promotions” tab in the top-right of the gmail screen?

  10. Esti Ehrenpreis says

    Hi, do you have any ideas of what I can use coconut cream for? I bought it awhile back because it sounded cool and I love coconut, but I have no clue what to do with it ?! I don’t want to be limited to just desserts, but if I need to be, that’s fine too? any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  11. Eliza says

    Hi Katie,
    What do you mean when you call for uncut Stevia in a recipe. Are you referring to the plant that grows in my garden? If you are, why would I not cut it? Thanks for the great recipes!

  12. Amb G says

    I was just wondering how can I make changes so I can avoid sugar in the recipes that include sugar or any sweeteners. I would like to substitute date paste and was wondering if you have any suggestions. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes.

    • Jason Sanford says

      I think it would greatly depend on each specific recipe as to how–or if–it can work. But be sure to report back if you experiment!

  13. Sari says

    I love your blog! Totally unrelated, but you’re gorgeous! I love all your recipes. I have a quick question—do you think coconut flour is a good substitute for gluten free recipes? Maybe it was my bad, but it came out sort of dense last rime I made GF brownies for my kids.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Sari! Coconut flour absorbs water like a sponge, so it can’t really be used to replace regular flour in a 1-to-1 ratio in recipes. Sometimes it will work in recipes if you also adjust the liquid amount, but that’s definitely an experiment and won’t always work! I’d recommend Bob’s all purpose GF flour as a good gf sub in recipes that often works. If Katie doesn’t have that one listed for a recipe, it means she hasn’t tried it and therefore can’t say if it’ll work, but often in her recipes she WILL have it listed as an option.

      Here are also a few recipes that will work with coconut flour:

  14. Rebecka says

    Do you take supplements or just get the nutrients you need through the food you eat? I started going vegan last week and so far have done well at eating a whole variety of healthy foods but my family is saying I need to take vitamins which I really don’t want to go!!! I think I can get what I need by just the foods I eat. But how do you do it?

  15. Barbara P. Turner says

    Katie! I made the Flourless Chocolate Brownies or Black Bean Brownies Friday night and THEY ARE DELISH!!!!! I tweaked mine with a handful of chickpeas just for added quantity and bulk and there was no taste difference of course! I also tweaked mine with a 1/4 cp of sweetener sugar substitute just for a hint of sweetness, they are a bit “flat” and need a tweak of something sweet! The honey is good but I personally needed that extra boost of “sweetness.” All in all they are SUPERB! Thanks! KUTGW!
    Well I TRIED several times to upload a picture of them but your site here won’t LET me! Oh well. But they look just like your’s so that should suffice!

  16. roseana says

    Hi Katie
    I would like to know if I use sugar free in receipts would it lessing the point value since I follow weight Watcher…..
    they are big in counting sugar and saturated fat…which I only see fat content..thank You

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Roseana, all of Katie’s more recent recipes (2017 and on, I think) will have updated Weight Watchers points included, as well as listing the saturated fat in the nutrition labels. We are going back to work on adding those numbers to the older recipes as well 🙂

  17. Amy M says

    I’ve made a few of your recipes (pumpkin chocolate chip bars, crustless pumpkin pie) and wondering how you get them out of the pan? They are delicious and have great flavor, but are so sticky the bars don’t stay in form nor did the pie. Thanks!

  18. DIANE M FINLAY says

    I have a question. I want to make the slow cooker roasted vegetables exactly as you did. Can I double this recipe?

  19. Katie Cahill says

    Are there any health food blogs you support or have heard good things about that are non-vegan (especially in regards to dinner dishes)? I am working on completely revamping my diet & exploring new foods that are not only delicious but nourishing. I LOVE your desserts and am excited to try some of your vegan non-dessert dishes, but I am also trying to explore healthier versions of my meat & dairy.

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