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Giant NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway!


Quick Giveaway:

What you’ll win:

  • a 100-count box of NuNaturals stevia packets
  • a bottle of their amazing vanilla stevia drops
  • AND a bottle of their chocolate-flavored stevia

Unlike many other brands, NuNaturals stevia has no weird aftertaste. So if you’ve written stevia off because of the funny taste, it might be worthwhile to give this one a try.  And the vanilla drops are great for sweetening things like my Three-Ingredient Chocolate Bars.

nunaturals stevia

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

Published on November 30, 2012

Meet Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the top 25 food websites in America, and Katie has been 
featured on The 
Today Show, CNN, 
Fox, The 
Huffington Post, and 
ABC's 5 O’Clock News. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating dessert every single day.

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  1. Stephanie Wilson says

    Hi Katie! I re-pinned your recipe for homemade white chocolate chips-so genius! There is no substitute for white chocolate that is allergen-free, so I love that I can make them at home now! I have never tried NuNatruals Stevia, and cannot seem to find it locally. I have heard great things about this product and I think it is great you are having a giveaway to spread the word. Thank you!!

  2. Kristina G says

    Long time G-free user! LOVE your recipes, you inspire me to create amazing things in my own kitchen. Repinned your german chocolate cake (and am contemplating making it for breakfast!) and your pumpkin baked french toast. MMMMMMMMM


  3. Jeannie says

    Repinned your Chocolate PB Fudge, one of my favorite recipes! I’ve actually been following your blog and making your delicious desserts (and non-desserts) for over a year now, but have only recently started following and pinning stuff from you on Pinterest. I should build up my recipe boards with things I make regularly anyway! Thanks for being awesome and having an amazing website. =)

  4. Crystal says

    Katie, I love love love your blog! I have been following you for about 3-4 months and have tried many of your recipes with great success. Thank you for all that you do! You are a dessert genius!

  5. Crystal says

    Forgot to say that I pinned german chocolate cake. I am baking the cakes right now and have the pecans and dates soaking. Can’t wait!

  6. Dawn says

    I pinned your Cookie Dough Truffles. Yum yum! I love them! 🙂 I make them in a double batch and don’t even bother with the coating, although they are perfect with the coating. I used banana instead of brown sugar the last time, and my kids ate them up!

  7. Jen says

    Hi Katie. I’m already and follower but did re-pin your “Birthday Cake” Peanut Butter Cups. Not only do they look delicious they are beautiful!!! Love all your great inventions!

  8. Jenny Leigh Evans says

    I pinned your pumpkin recipes! Even though pumpkin season is ending, I’m still using my canned pumpkin and your recipes are helping me out!

  9. Lauren says

    I repinned your “”5 minute” healthy chocolate truffles you can make in the microwave!” I can’t wait to make these this weekend!
    I’m @LSerks on pinterest1

  10. Bridget says

    I already follow you and have a separate board just for you!!! 🙂 I have pinned pretty much everything, but my current favorite (and the rest of my family as well) is the orange chicken!!!

  11. Krystle says

    AHH I pinned the healthy peanut butter pie. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!
    It’s one thing I can make without an oven here in China. I NEED MY OVEN BACK!

  12. Tracey says

    I re-pinned the Frosted Chocolate-Chip Pumpkin Muffin recipe! I think I might make that today! It’s cold here, something warm and comforting like that would be perfect!

  13. NKunze says

    Love all things pumpkin so I pinned your stuffed pumpkin muffins…love the great looking ans tasting sugar-free recipes!

  14. wendy says

    i pinned the crustless pumpkin pie, which i actually made just this past saturday. super yummy! and i’m making your pecan pie tomorrow!

  15. Rachael says

    Looking forward to trying the lentil sloppy joes! Saw them on the blog previously, but am much more likely to return to the recipe after pinning it!

  16. Janice says

    Hi! I repinned your secretly Healthy pumpkin muffin and the single apple crisp! I’ve always wanted to get Stevia NuNutrals but they’re so pricey 🙁 And I want to introduce them to my family too! I love your recipes, especially the pumpkin ones!!

  17. Tiffany says

    Holy Yum! I love Nu Naturals! So good 🙂 I pinned your chocolate oatmeal because that is what I had for breakfast this morning! Thanks for the giveaway-you rock!

  18. Tricia Martin says

    I repinned the 1 minute chocolate cake! I make it three days a week, no lie! I love that recipe 🙂 I also eat from your oatmeal “menu” every morning!! Thanks for the give away!!

  19. Johanna says

    I pinned the peanut butter pie! it looks so amazing, i can’t wait to try it!
    i wanted to also say thanks for your blog. i’ve been vegan for 8 months and your website has been my BFF the whole time. i never miss out on dessert, and everything is SO TASTY!

  20. Tabitha says

    I repinned your Healthy Peanut Butter Pie, and I’m excited to know you are on pinterest!! I’m excited to try the recipe. 🙂 Sounds so good right now.

  21. Trisha says

    I pinned the Lentil Sloppy Joes! I feel like this is something that you can get any meat lover to give up a meat dinner to. Just look at them! Who doesn’t want that mess, meat or no meat! (Esp. the fiance 🙂

  22. Catherine says

    Well, I have repined oh so many of your recipes, but TODAY my re-pin was the coffee frappuccino oatmeal, which I am now currently enjoying for breakfast!! Thanks!

  23. karla lynch says

    Hi Katie – I’ve been following you for awhile now and typically PIN all your pins to my “CHOC COVERED KATIE BOARD”!! I just re-pinned the Blueberry Pie Pancakes.

  24. Hilary says

    I repinned the healthy oreos. My husband and I love your recipes and can’t believe how indulgent everything always tastes! Thank you for all that you do!

  25. Brittney says

    I’m always repinning your recipes but today I repinned your hot chocolate recipe and chocolate chip cookie dough dip! I’ve made your deep dish cookie (no one knew it was healthy!) and chocolate mousse pie so i know these will be delicious!! I LOVE your site and would love to try the NuNaturals drops 🙂

  26. Meagan McCrane says

    Copycat Frosty!! I pinned into 2 of my boards! Vegan and Healthy Recipes! YAY! A healthy, vegan, and protein frosty! yummmm

  27. Shannon says

    I pinned your Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal recipe. I eat oatmeal everyday, and how did I pass up this recipe?!! I know you said your all pumpkin-ed out for this holiday season, but I still have two cans left of pumpkin that need to be transformed! 🙂

  28. Maria says

    I repinned the white chocolate chips. That’s pretty much one of the most amazing vegan subs I miss so much! Will definitely have to use them in a holiday recipe this year. 🙂

  29. Andrea says

    Hi Katie…I’m not on Pinterest at the moment, but I do have a stevia-related question I’ve been wondering about for a while. You use packets of stevia all the time in your recipes, and I have a bottle of NuNaturals White Stevia Powder that I’ve had for awhile. So how much of this would I use to equal one packet? I would really like to use what I have.

    On another note: I LOVE your site, love the new look of your site, and love the way your sweet personality comes through in your posts. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way: I personally thought it was very kind, generous and thoughtful of you to want to give all the proceeds of this month to Sandy victims. It makes me sad that some people thought it was a self-serving act, because anyone who reads your blog knows that that would never be your intent. So will you please share with us how much you actually donate? I have loved having a good excuse to browse around your site more this month, knowing it’s not only fun for me, but will make money to go to a good cause. Keep up the good work: you are awesome!!!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Andrea,
      It depends on whether or not you have pure uncut extract. If you have regular, it’s 1/2 tsp. Uncut is 1/64 tsp for a packet.
      For the fundraiser, I updated my post with what happened. The fundraiser ended up having to be cancelled, unfortunately, and I made a private donation instead.

  30. Tina says

    I am already a follower and re-pin about everything you post! I repinned your baked pumpkin french toast because it’s what’s for breakfast tomorrow!!

  31. Melissa says

    I pinned your list of single-serving recipes. I’ve already made the chocolate peanut butter microwave cake a few times and it’s really great.

  32. Emily says

    Repinned the no-bake peanut butter pie! My best friend is coming to visit this weekend and I want to make something delicious for her when she arrives 🙂 Thanks for the continually awesome recipes, Katie!

  33. Stefanie Moir says

    Hey i just re pinned your single lady cupcake recipe for a chance to win your giveaway! I chose to repin this recipe as it is sooo extremely easy to make and it really comes in handy when you need a sweet guilt free treat! i can make my cake and eat it too and its only doing good for my body all thanks to you ! i love your recipes and i even have my non-healthy family enjoying this cake recipe too so thank you for making such awesome foods! xxxxxx

  34. Elizabeth says

    I repinned The Best Healthy Chocolate-Chip Cookies!
    These are my absolute favorite cookies! I always make them for myself, my friends, or even parties. No one can ever tell a difference! thanks katie!

  35. wendy g says

    Oh.. that Crustless Pumpkin Pie. Big Thanksgiving season game changer. Having that in the fridge has kept my creamy sweet tooth happy, and no matter how much I eat my clothes still fit How neat!

  36. Laurey Venn says

    I ended up pinning quite a few as I just loved so many of them. Where have you been? I love your collection. I was already following you on Pinterest for a short time. Thanks so much for sharing.

  37. Corina says

    I repinned your single lady peanut butter cookie! I’ve been into cookies lately, and I looove that you post single lady recipes. Thank you!

  38. Mitch says

    I don’t think there’s enough room in this comment box for me to list every recipe of yours that I have re-pinned. They are all pretty darn awesome!

  39. Rebecca W. says

    I repinned your pumpkin peanut butter! I don’t know how I missed your post on it, but I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  40. Katie says

    I pinned your crock-pot oatmeal- EXACTLY what I was looking for this morning!! This should make crazy-hectic finals schedule a little easier!

  41. Angie says

    I’m just going to tell you the last thing I re-pinned because I pretty much re-pin everything you pin :)!!! I re-pinned the single serving German Chocolate Cake!!!

  42. Kayla says

    I repinned the chocolate peanut butter fudge…because I’m a girl. I could live off chocolate and peanut butter forever! I have seriously loved this website forever and really enjoy all your amazing “healthy” desserts 🙂

  43. Tracy Williams says

    I am already a follower! And, I pinned the chocolate truffles! I am making them this weekend for out of town guests. 🙂

  44. Schuyler says

    Hi Katie!

    I pinned your recipe for white chocolate chips. I can’t wait to make them! Thank you for taking time to make such wonderful creations!

  45. Erica says

    I pinned two becasue I couldn’t just pin one! The Pumpkin recipes and the peanut butter pie. Om nom nom!! Would love to try NuNaturals as I has written off the bitter taste of Stevia… my interest has been piqued. Thanks Katie!

  46. Ali says

    I pinned the Two ingredient pumpkin frosting! Can’t wait to try it…I’m not done with Pumpkin yet 🙂

    I love all of your recipes and am so happy to be able to satisfy my sweet tooth…guilt free!

  47. Lori says

    Hi Katie! I re pin everything you post, but just pinned the healthy brownies… We already love all of the dips and everything pumpkin. I actually work with kids who have special needs, and I recommend your site all the time for picky eaters to get some extra protein into their diets. Families love it!

  48. Megan says

    I already follow your board (it’s so awesome!!!) but I repinned the healthy version of the hostess cupcake. I can’t wait to make it!

  49. Lily says

    I’ve already been following you on pinterest, and have repinned many of your pins! Just now I repinned your healthy peanut butter pie, because I have been wanting to try and make that ever since you posted it on your blog!

  50. Kelly says

    Repinned the healthy chocolate chip cookies. definite made them (and ate half of the entire recipe….) last night! Favorite vegan cookie recipe ever

  51. court says

    I pinned the apple crumble bars to my autumn board!
    Still in denial that december is coming so soon and winter is upon us…

  52. sarah s says

    i repinned your copycat frosty! i remember reading the post and being sad i didn’t have all the ingredients on hand at the time. now i won’t forget about it hopefully!

  53. Caroline says

    I repinned healthy oreos, nom 🙂 Peppermint NuNaturals in currently my fav: sugar-free coconut oil mint chocolate bites & peppermint mochas <3

  54. Rebecca says

    I pinned the chocolate chip pie and will be pinning a bunch more. I just found your blog and love it – thanks!! I have a feeling that my kids will be thanking you too 😉

  55. Olivia says

    Hi Katie! Thanks for the giveaway, stevia is the only sugar-free sweetener I will use…I usually use ‘stevia in the raw’. I also have some dried stevia plant leaves my friend gave to me, but they taste kind of bitter in desserts! Taste pretty good in tea though. But I would love to finally try the liquid stevia!

    I Re-Pinned your ‘Healthy Peanut Butter Pie’ on Pinterest because it looks delicious, haven’t made it yet but will very soon…and my name on Pinterest is Olivia 🙂

  56. Lindsay C. says

    I’ve already got a number of your posts pinned on my board–Mounds bars, fudge, and brownie batter frozen yogurt are just a few! Ooh, just found German chocolate cake…pinning that, too!

  57. Nicole says

    Today i pinned your lentil sloppy Joes! I have also pinned cornbread chili bake and its one of my favorite winter dinners

  58. Katie says

    I pinned your single serving german chocolate cake. I’m going sugar free so I’d definitely love to stock up on stevia 🙂

  59. Gaby says

    Pinned your cheesecake pancakes, surprised its not chocolate as I’m a chocoholic too but i tried them once with cocoa and chocolate cream cheese and OMG. Amazing.

  60. Eliane Duquet says

    Hi Katie ! Your blog is A M A Z I N G !
    I was already following you on pinterest and i just repined the Chocolate Fudge Brownies recipe! I love it so much it’s delicious 🙂

  61. Kassandra says

    I just now repined your sweet potato chili recipe. It is the first recipe I tried of yours and it is sooo good! (My first pin ever was your peanut butter ice-cream, but I still haven’t gotten an ice-cream maker or high enough speed blender to try it. I’m going to order one soon, can’t wait to try it.)

  62. Jeni says

    I already follow you on pintrest but re-pinned Cream-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes! I wantd to pin everything but settled for wht everyone’s been talking about… Hostess going out of buisness

  63. alina says

    Hi Kate! I repin almost every one of your posts because they all look so darn amazing, and I absolutely love that many are single serving, so I have room to try a new one the next day. This time around I repinned the German chocolate cake, can’t wait to try it!

  64. Jillian says

    I pinned your chocolate chip banana pancakes because I made them this morning (with a NuNaturals stevia packet) before work! Added a scoop of pea protein to keep me going.

  65. Elizabeth says

    Hi Katie! I pinned your copycat Jocolat Larabar recipe! I can’t find them where I live (in FL) and as a fellow chocoholic, was very disappointed. BUT my disappointment was brief! Very brief. I will never bother to look for Jocolats again…because these are SO fantastic. I recommend adding chocolate chips AND cacao nibs about mid-blend. My magic bullet has gotten quite the workout from this new-found obsession. Thanks a million!

  66. Christy Wall says

    I repinned your Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats onto my “Tested and Approved” board. I just made them the other day using cashew butter and added chocolate chips and they were amazing! I added colored sprinkles on the top before I flattened them in the pan. I wish I had taken a photo before they all got eaten because they looked so pretty! I have loved every one of your recipes I have tried so far and have pinned so many of them I think I may have to create a special board just for you! 🙂 Thanks for all the great recipes!

  67. Madeline says

    I repinned your recipe for homemade ketchup! My sister used to drown everything in ketchup, before we stopped eating sugar/corn syrup!

  68. Alysha says

    Hey Katie! I repinned your Peppermint Bark and Christmas Cookie Dough Ice Cream to get me in the Christmas mood. Cannot wait for new recipes for Christmas and recipe round-ups. Make sure to post about potlucks and parties you attend over the holidays and the treats you make! I love your blog and also love the fact I can eat your recipes!!!!

  69. Hanna V says

    Would love to try these! both the bars and the Stevia 😀
    PInned: Healthy peanut butter snack bars.

    I’ve tried so many of your recipes and turned many of them grain free (for my allergic son) by using rice/almond flour. Works well 🙂

  70. Kimii G. says

    Yay I love Nunaturals and the chocolate drops sound delicious!
    I repinned your German chocolate cake because chocolate is da bomb!!

  71. Holly McGrath says

    Re-pinned both healthy butter peanut pie and pumpkin baked french toast! So excited to try these recipes once I come home from university for the holidays!! Also I loved your pumpkin craze for thanksgiving!! ;D

  72. Jenna says

    I haven’t tried the NuNaturals brand yet, so I’d really love to win! The vanilla and chocolate drops look especially awesome… have you tried them in coffee before? I followed and pinned Chocolate Chip peanut butter cup baked oatmeal, and birthday cake reeses. PB/Chocolate is my favorite combo!!

  73. Katie says

    Hii Katie! 😀
    haha, we have the same name.
    I repinned your Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal, why? Because I make this EVERY MORNING! 😀
    <3 love your recipes.

  74. courtney says

    hey girl HEY! i, too, repin so much/ copy them to my recipe book, but this one was the chickpea poppers. yum in the tum!

  75. elleana says

    Hello! I’ve been dying to get these, but haven’t been able to find them anywhere!!!
    anyways, I repinned your pumpkin recipes! YUM <3

  76. Györgyi Tanka says

    I repinned your post about pumpkin recipes. I love pumpkin and all of your recipes 🙂
    They’re very inspiring!

  77. Liz says

    Katie! I never tried the nunatural stevia drops and would love to win it!
    Awesome food and I pinned the corn casserole. Going to try it tonight!

  78. Ruthann says

    I pinned the super healthy apple crumble! Looks delicious, can’t wait to try it!
    I would love to try the nunnaturals, thanks for the chance! 🙂

  79. Kelly says

    Pinned the healthy peanut butter pie. You had me at “tastes like you are eating the filling of a Reeses peanut butter cup!”

  80. Emy says

    I pinned your better than nutella. I used to have nutella for every breakfast but had to gave it up coz of the sugar content. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I love it!

  81. Lindsey says

    I already follow your board and I’ve pinned so many things from it! The recipe I’m dying to try is the crustless pumpkin pie =)

  82. Ashley says

    Hi Katie! I’ve been following you on Pinterest for some time, and I recently repinned the German Chocolate for One recipe onto my Dessert Yum board. Lots of your recipes are repinned on that boart =). Hope you got lots of good “crazy cookie” ideas!

  83. Anna says

    Repinned your 35 pumpkin recipes! I made the pumpkin bars for Thanksgiving and topped them with the frosting– everyone LOVED them! Also made your snicker doodles 🙂

  84. Dorota says

    Hello 🙂

    I already follow your board and I repin often. This time I repinned breakfast cookie dough 🙂 Thanks for making this competition, I live in the UK and I’ve never seen any of stevia drops anywhere. It would be great to be able to try them 🙂

  85. Joelle says

    I repinned the Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Balls because they are so easy and satisfy the sugar craving I always seem to have!!

  86. Courtney says

    And “duh” for Twitter – it’s what I do! Your recipes are great; I’m always looking for sweeteners that aren’t…bad tasting. NuNaturals is my go-to, thanks to you!

  87. Amanda G says

    I just repinned your 5 minute healthy truffles. They look delicious and I’m going to make them this weekend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. Mary Murray says

    I pinned Chocolate Chip Pie with no added sugar and flour. I’ve made it, and who would have thought to use chick peas?

  89. Tara says

    I repinned your no bake cookie dough and liked you on facebook. You’re the best! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent for healthiful desserts 🙂 You save me alot of mishaps in the kitchen!!

  90. Sooze20miles says

    i’m already a follower, and i re-pinned the deep-dish cinnamon roll pie. i’ve made this before (so good!) but realized that it wasnt on my favorite recipes board!

  91. Lacy says

    Re-pinned the Healthy Peanut Butter Pie you made for your birthday. I have yet to try it but it sounds so good – and must be if you made it instead of the Chocolate Pie, which I have made a few times and is SOO good!

  92. Lizanne says

    Hi Katie — I repinned Mushroom Stroganoff because a) it looks perfect for a holiday dinner; and b) I generally just print out the dessert recipes and shove ’em into a folder and use them immediately!!

  93. Kelly says

    Hi Katie! I re-pinned the pumpkin filled pumpkin muffins and the vanilla chia breakfast shake! I love trying all of your recipes without feeling guilty 🙂

  94. Judy says

    I’ve been following you on Pinterest for awhile, & have re-pinned quite a few….I particularly liked your Easter candies (pb filled & coconut molds), but also use your single serving cakes & the flourless cookies (which are also great with dried blueberries instead of raisins)!

  95. Michelle says

    just liked your facebook page and love your blog – my friends can tell which shelf in my apartment’s kitchen is mine because it’s filled with the ingredients for your recipes!

  96. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says

    I followed your board on pinterest and pinned your healthy pumpkin muffins stuffed with pumpkin pie!

  97. Natalie says

    I repined your Wendy’s Frosty recipe :D:D:D Super excited about making one of those and drinking it with some baked french fries!

  98. Emily says

    Hi Katie!
    Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I’m 14 years old and the only vegan in my family, so I cook for myself a lot (probably a lot more than many 14 year olds), and your recipes are so easy and delicious! My mom hates spending tons of money on food for me, especially on the things she feels are unnecessary. (such as stevia) I’ve been following you on twitter and retweeted your post. Thanks again for all the amazing recipes!

  99. Diana says

    I repinned your Chickpea Poppers (its repinned by my company, Sparkle Drop). Those are the PERFECT party food for jewelry shows!

  100. Wendy says

    I repinned “homemade white chocolate chips”. One of my favorites winter things is Starbuck’s Cranberry Bliss Bars. I’ve found a recipe that is quite similar and the white chocolate was the only item I couldn’t get a cleaner version of. So excited to try my new recipe! Thanks, Katie!!

  101. Aubrie says

    I would LOVE to try NuNaturals Stevia! I try most of your recipes with regular spoonable stevia, like the brownies, personal cakes, oats, Reese’s frosting, etc. 🙂

  102. Emily says

    I repinned your mushroom stroganoff recipe. I can’t wait to make it! I LOVE all of your recipes… I made your polenta casserole for my very non-vegan in-laws, and they loved it too!

  103. Alex @ Brain, Body, Because says

    I’ve been pinning your recipes for ages, but I snagged one that I had been missing – the Caramel Apple Milkshake!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway 🙂

  104. Elizabeth D says

    I liked your Facebook page and everything I’ve made that you’ve posted – mainly the single lady cupcakes in several different flavors. Thank you for all you do!

  105. Shelly Bourdo says

    I re-pinned the crustless pumpkin pie. Though I must say, I pin off of your site very often and repost to facebook too!

  106. MiaM says

    Aww, darn! What about those of us who don’t do twitter, fb, or pinterest? Guess we’re out of luck, huh! It’s too bad I can’t enter, as I loooove Nunaturals vanilla stevia!

  107. Nykole says

    Hey there! Pinned the “Healthy Oatmeal Recipes”, the pumpkin pie oatmeal, and your easy recipe for steel-cut oats. As you can see, I’m a big oatmeal fan!

  108. Tiffany says

    I re-pinned your no-bake cookie dough bites. They look SO yummy and easy. Can’t wait to try making them with almond butter and stevia!

  109. Lia says

    I’ll admit, I wasn’t even going to enter because I’m not a fan of the aftertaste. I’ll give it a shot if I win. If that happens, I’ll know it was meant to be.

  110. Ebony says

    I repinned your pumpkin bread in a bowl. I’m always looking for something new and different to have for breakfast and I think I may have found a winner!

  111. kl says

    to be honest katie i’ve been following you for over a year! i repinned your PB pie because it’s been on my mind for a couple months 🙂
    also your SF chocolate recipe changed my life in the most blissful way possible!

  112. anonymous says

    I would love to enter this giveaway but I don’t do Twitter, Facebook, or Pintrest. Is there a way for me to enter? Can I just comment? Or maybe send you and email?

  113. snenny says

    Retweeted you on Twitter {under a rude sounding username combining Charles Dickens + snenny: “dicksnensian”). NuNaturals is the only brand of stevia I ever use.

    Made your Cake Batter Energy Bars today, by the way 🙂 Hella tasty, and so pretty!

  114. Ashley says

    I have tons of your recipes pinned, my favorite are the boatmeals! I have had 6 in the past 2 days.. yeah, you could say i’m addicted. (I times the recipe by 6 and bake them all at once – perfection.) My sisters and I also make your Chocolate Chip Pizookie each time we have a girls night 😀

  115. Hollie says

    Not only do I love the blog that gave me the recipes for my first vegan Thanksgiving, but I also like the Facebook page!

  116. Jacki says

    Liked your facebook page. Just starting to cut out sugar in my diet, your blog has helped so much to use natural sweeteners and admit healthy can taste good.

  117. Bethany says

    I started following you on Twitter!! AHH! SO excited for the giveaway, the stevia after taste is always really sad because i WANT to like it. No aftertaste?? count me in!! 😀

  118. Alethea says

    What an amazing giveaway! 😀
    I liked your facebook page, and repinned your *delicious* pumpkin frosting shots and amazing Peanut butter pie on Pinterest…oh the things I would make with that stevia…it brings tears of joy to my eyes :’3 … if only we could get it in the U.K!

  119. Emily says

    I followed you on Pinterest! And re-pinned your Pumpkin Pie Cookie Dough (which is one of my favorite recipes of yours!!!!!!) So yummy 🙂

  120. Maria says

    Katie, this is kind of random but you should totally make an instagram account!!! I would definitely not hesitate to follow you haha (;

  121. Ali @ WHOLEistically Fit says

    Katie, I love your blog so much that I think I’ve practically pinned everything. 😉 Lol. I managed to find something, though, that I can’t believe I haven’t already pinned – those OMG delicious-looking Blueberry Pie Pancakes!

  122. Dandy Beatty says

    Hey Katie! I am a huge follower of yours and would love to win! I repinned the pumpkin recipes and I liked you on Facebook!

  123. Katie says

    Followed you on Pinterest and re-pinned the healthy peanut butter pie as well as no-fail copycat Larabars! I’m a huge fan of the hot fudge brownie flavor 🙂

  124. Eva Ming says

    Just repinned your 1 minute single serving chocolate cake. It saved me from those last minute birthday surprises a couple of times.

  125. Dawn Laughlin says

    Awesome giveaway Katie!! I repinned the pumpkin recipes. I am already following you on Facebook, but alas I don’t Twitter 🙁

  126. Dawn Laughlin says

    Hi again – Not sure my previous comment posted since it took a long time!

    Anyway, I repinned the pumpkin recipes. I already follow you on Facebook but I don’t Twitter:(

    I love everything you make and you have inspired me to create my own knock-offs of your recipes using what I have on hand. Hubby loves them all too!

  127. Shauna says

    I always see the nunaturals stevia in your recipes but have never tried it so this is a great giveaway. I’m following on facebook!

  128. Ashley says

    Hi there!

    I repinned your peanut butter pie! Yum! Anything with peanut butter has a special place in my heart. I also liked your page on Facebook! 🙂 Love your site!

  129. laura miller says

    (Sorry if I am leaving multiplr comments, I can’t get one to post!) I repinned your crustless pumpkin pie and your chocolate truffles!

  130. Cassandra says

    I follow your Pinterest account and have pinned a number of recipes. The latest was single-serving German chocolate cake. I can’t wait to make it!

  131. Nykole says

    And last (but not least!) I retweet you quite often! I enjoy our mini-conversations, and am looking forward to those twinkies ;D

  132. Sarah says

    I am in LOVE with the stevia drops, this would be an awesome win for a vegan aspiring to be a healthy baker…..and they work wonders in coffee :). I follow on Pinterest and Facebook!

  133. Kavli says

    I repinned your single serving German chocolate cake! Already love your single serving choc cake so can’t wait to try this version!!

  134. Sabrina Rosneck says

    Oh my gosh thats what they look like!!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for that brand, thank you so much for this contest!

  135. Michelle says

    Hey Katie!

    I’ve already subscribed to your pinterest and have retweeeted!!

    I absolutely love you blog because your desserts are DELICIOUSLY INDULGENT while also HEALTHY! I can’t wait to see your recipe link to the mac n’ cheese because it looked ORGASMIC haha.

    I would love to get the chance to win the stevia because i’ve actually never tried it before and I think it will be a good sugar substitute since I have a HUGE sweet tooth that needs to be tamed. Anyways, continue with your amazing work!

  136. Eden says

    Hi Katie! I love your blog and like your facebook page. I’m a dancer and I find your recipes great for a foodie athlete 🙂

  137. Justin says

    Have to admit…I made a pinterest justtttt to repin your recipes! they are awesome! repinned the greek yogurt cheesecake! such a good idea!

  138. Helen says

    I have been following you on pinterest for a while now, and so have pinned many delicious things, the most recent one being the Greek Yogurt Cheesecake, YUM!!!

  139. Kelli says

    RE-pinneed my favorite chocolate chip blondies— I substitutes in some butternut squash puree into a batch this week…loved the outcome!

  140. AJ says

    I liked your facebook page, followed you, and repin-ed several pins long before this giveaway! 🙂 I have noticed that unpleasant aftertaste in the stevia that I have bought, so I’d be really excited to try this kind out! It would be a perfect excuse to bake some healthy holiday treats…not that I really need an excuse. 😀

  141. Nicola says

    Hi Katie! I know you’re going to get a ton of comments here, but if by some chance you do get a chance to read this, I just want you to know how much of an inspiration you have been to me. I lost about 20lbs over the past year and a half by running and eating healthier, but I realized a few months back that I was becoming way too obsessive about cutting things entirely out of my diet and viewing them as “bad” foods. Thanks to your blog, I am rediscovering the pleasures of eating dessert, and also learning how to to so in a healthy way.
    It’s also great to see a successful, vegan runner. I think you are an inspiration to so many people, including myself, because you really make veganism very accessible. I am now an at-home vegan, thanks to you!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work and I’m really look forward to seeing your cookbook on a shelf someday 🙂

  142. Nicola says

    Hi Katie! I know you’re going to get a ton of comments here, but if by some chance you do get a chance to read this, I just want you to know how much of an inspiration you have been to me. I lost about 20lbs over the past year and a half by running and eating healthier, but I realized a few months back that I was becoming way too obsessive about cutting things entirely out of my diet and viewing them as “bad” foods. Thanks to your blog, I am rediscovering the pleasures of eating dessert, and also learning how to to so in a healthy way.
    It’s also great to see a successful, vegan runner. I think you are an inspiration to so many people, including myself, because you really make veganism very accessible. I am now an at-home vegan, thanks to you!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work and I’m really look forward to seeing your cookbook on a shelf someday 🙂

    P.S. I am suuper excited for Christmas cookie posts…

  143. AJ says

    I would also like to say that I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and though your recipes are really sort of inspiring; it’s nice to know you really don’t have to sacrifice delicious food. In fact, since I’ve been eating healthier I’ve found that I would prefer good, healthy, hearty food, over processed or fried food any day!!!

  144. Katie says

    Liked on Facebook! I’ve been looking for liquid stevia ever since I came back from Chile were it is on every table! Hope to have some here in the States too!

  145. Ruth says

    I Liked and Tweeted and Pinned (Love the Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal and Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl–breakfast scrumptiousness!) I stumbled onto your site a few days ago and loving everything I see. I’ve recently committed to going dairy- and gluten-free, so your blog is a godsend for someone looking for healthy alternatives in sweet–and chocolate infused–packages. (Also loving the Single Lady Cakes! Portion control wonderment!) Thanks, Katie!

  146. Madison says


    I love your blog; I have been stalking it for quite some time. I have tried lots of recipes and my favorite ones are the pumpkin recipes. I once went so crazy on pumpkin things that the palms of my hands started to turn an orange-ish color. So now I am all about the secret ingredient peanut butter cookies. I make them all the time. I just repinned them onto my food board on Pinterest. Keep doing what you’re doing so well 🙂

  147. Madison says


    I love your entire blog. I spent a couple of days going thorugh your posts once I made the life-changing discovery. You seem like a very sweet girl (no pun intended). I appreciate the GF options you provide because most GF desserts are extremely poor nutritionally. Just I have Celiac does not mean I want to fill my body with icky store-bought GF baked goods. Thank you for bringing the joy of baking back into my life. I like your Facebook page so my friends can all see what the amazing work you do.

    Happy Holidays!

  148. Madison says

    Hey Katie!

    I am so glad you’re on Twitter so I can get notices of your updates so quickly on my phone! I re-tweeted some of your amazing desserts so my followers, friends, and I can all give them a try. Over a year and still no disappointments in the kitchen with your delicious inovations.

    THANK YOU!!!

  149. Crystal says

    Repinned your healthy panda express recipe. I may be addicted to roasted cauliflower now’ it tastes exactly like chicken nuggets (well at least the way I think I remembering them tasting)

  150. sarah d says

    I am following your board and pinned your pumpkin bread in a bowl… and your sloppy lentils…. and your banana pudding…ALL of which I ate today!! I also pinned about 10 other recipes that I have tried and am in love with!

    I have been wanting to try NuNaturals Stevia for so long!! I can’t find it in any of our grocery or health food stores!


  151. Jayna says

    I liked you Facebook page. I LOVE your website… I try all your recipes on my hubby and he too is a BIG FAN!!!! Can’t wait to try your German chocolate cake. As of right now, my favorite is your chocolate sauce. I dip my apples in it! AMAZING!!!

  152. Jesse says

    and then a moment later followed your page on pinterest, shared your blueberry pie pancakes, and am now drooling over your recipe pages.

  153. amy says

    I have made blueberry muffin oatmeal twice this week and I lost count of how many raw mint shakes I have enjoyed. Keep ’em coming, Katie. You are so talented. My husband said, if this is eating healthy, he can do it!

  154. Simona Chaneva says

    I followed you and RT on twitter ^_^ I hope i win this . I never won anything in my life so I hope this will be the first! Thank you for making this giveaway! Love your blog and recipes . I read it daily

  155. Kate Bruski says

    Just added you to my follows on Twitter. Didn’t realize you tweeted til I saw this contest. As another chocolate loving Kate, I feel “obligated” to follow you 😀

  156. Ellery says

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    It looks amazing, and I can’t wait to make it!

  157. Jennifer says

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  158. matt stranberg says

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    I need to try these drops out…….and your recipes are the perfect place to start! 🙂

    seriously you rock Katie!!! 🙂

  159. Karla says

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    i also ‘liked’ your facebook page, and followed you on twitter and RT the contest tweet whoo! 🙂

    keep up all the amazing recipes, we love them! thank you 😀

  161. Christina says

    Re-Pinned your Blueberry pancakes and German Chocolate cake!! I”m also following you on twitter and FB!! I use stevia like no other and carry it my purse at all times since Starbucks doesn’t have natural zero-calorie sweeteners! 🙂