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Good News: Chocolate Nirvana now comes in a jar…

…and it can be purchased at a store near you! (Or online, if need be.)

Don’t let the unassuming wrapper fool you; inside is the stuff of which dreams are made– dark chocolate-covered dreams, that is. To my fellow vegans: Remember Reeses cups? Remember Nutella? This is so much better! (Not to mention healthier.)

Since this divine food of the chocolate gods is such a recent addition to my ever-growing list of culinary addictions, I’ve not experimented much with it yet– so far, I can say that it’s delicious on banana, mixed into oat bran, and eaten plain. But I’m betting it’d be super-good on muffins, waffles, or pancakes (like icing, only better!), or subbed for regular pb in cookies, shakes or smoothies, pie, or pb-banana sandwiches…

On second thought, forget all that; I’m just going to keep eating it straight from the jar! Also worth mentioning is the cinnamon-raisin peanut butter by the same company.

It’s not chocolate, so it has no chance of beating out the chocolate pb for #1 spot in my heart. But it’s a close second! I especially love the chewy raisin pieces. Next to try is White Chocolate Wonderful. If it’s even half as good as the other two, I may have to seriously consider switching to the Pea-gan diet (definition: a person who eschews all food except peanut butter). Louie, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Published on January 8, 2009

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  1. ConsiderEatz! says

    I haven’t tried that Dark chocolate dreams, It’s a bit intimidating 😉 You got me with NUTELLA though!! I may just have to give it a go.
    How cool, congrats on the feature my little chocolate covered friend!

  2. Emma the Eco-Princess! says

    Oh wow, that does sound delicious, especially the white chocolate one. And the raisin one. And the other one… Okay, they all sound delicious!!

  3. Jemima says

    Aaah I LOVE Dark Chocolate Dreams.. it’s so good! I also love the White Choc one which is slighlty crunchy… *drools* So good in porridge (oatmeal) 🙂
    Isn’t it nice the pictures are working again?

  4. Marianne says

    I have yet to try the Dark Chocolate Dreams, simply because I still have half a jar of Nutella in my cupboard. I do have both the White Chocolate and Cinnamon Raisin though, and both are quite lovely in their own right 🙂

  5. Kiki says

    I love PB and Co!! Seriously, if I had to name my favorite inventor, next to George Washington Carver, it would be the people who came up with these flavored peanut butters!

  6. Sagan says

    Oh that sounds so good!

    Me, I love PB2- it comes in a chocolate flavor too. I've never had any other flavors though; I need to try some Peanut Butter & Co!

  7. shelby says

    I’m still a little nervous about PB…yet I can eat AB. Isn’t that weird? I guess it has to do with saturated fats and things like that. I’ve spent like 5 minutes in front of the aisle just debating if I wanted to buy the Dark Chocolate PB but I never did. I think you’ve convinced me to though!

    I had the cinnamon raisin one and I really like that one too.

  8. Vegyogini says

    I only think the Chocolate Covered Dreams is ok. The Heat Is On, on the other hand, is AMAZING! I haven’t tried Cinnamon Raisin Swirl or White Chocolate yet. I’ll let you know when I do!

  9. federal vegan (kate) says

    Oh man, I love those too! The Maple one is sooooo good, even better than the chocolate ones in my opinion.

  10. Erin of Care to Eat says

    I haven’t tried that one but I love white chocolate wonderful. 🙂 Love love love anything super sweet.
    You made it on mizfit’s site?! THAT’S AWESOME!
    P.S. I believe what you said about Lubbock being very veg unfriendly. I think I’m limited to iceberg salads, but hopefully I’m wrong!

  11. lighterportions says

    The White Chocolate Wonderful is exactly as the title states: WONDERFUL. I’m so insanely sad that I haven’t yet found the Dark Chocolate Dreams. WHERE ARE YOU?!

    I think the Pea-gan diet is going to be the next biggest diet fad. And I’m SO jumping on that bandwagon. That’s one diet that I’m more than willing to attempt.

  12. foodfashionfun says

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I’m DYING to try all these yummy different kinds of peanut butter!! !they look DELICIOUS! I guess I’ll have to wiat until I get to the state sthough, bleh.
    Hahaha! I LOVE the meal of the day, that would be AMAZING!

  13. Kiersten says

    I bet the chocolate peanut butter would be good in some kind of dessert, like brownies. I really need to find some of those in my stores here, I am a peanut butter fanatic…you can never have too much peanut butter!

  14. lighterportions says

    I tried checking out the dark chocolate dreams on their website but it looks like they don’t ship to Canada. 🙁 I would take you up on your offer but I think out of country shipping is pretty darn pricey? Blah. I shall keep my eyes open though. Maybe ONE of these days the dark chocolate will show up on the shelves.. *fingers crossed*

  15. sassy stephanie says

    Found you through Miz!

    I love love love love love this stuff. I did a post about it this summer. My fave way is simple…scooped into a cored apple. Yum.

  16. Fitnessista says

    ahhhh that chocolate peanut butter is taunting me! i think it’s still angry from the night i sat on the couch, dark chocolate dreams and spoon in hand and then threw the jar of said nut butter in the trash because i knew i wouldn’t be able to put the jar down. it is soooo freaking good!
    and HOORAY for your guest spot on mizfit! she’s amazing, as are you 😀

  17. River says

    Thanks to you, I’ll be having some dark chocolate dreams tonight!

    Hey, I was at the grocery store today and Van’s blueberry waffles reminded me of the post about you being bummed out about your blueberry waffles being discontinued. Wow, that’s some sentence. The wheat free ones are also dairy free, the regular ones have milk and eggs. Have you tried those?

  18. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says

    I'm with you 100% on the Pea-gan diet. I love anything by PB & Co. although I have yet to try their Mighty Maple. Can't find it here in Nashville. Love all your chocolate goodness tonight. Your meal sounds perfect to me. 🙂

  19. laci says

    I know, PB is like a vegan drug! It’s really hard to get away with just a mere lick of a tsp.! I just bought cinnamon raisin PB and it’s HEAVANLY on pancakes with sliced bananas and a glass of vanilla soymilk or fresh OJ! I haven’t seen “dark chocolate dreams” yet but I’m dying to try it! I also love Maroon 5, try: “I won’t go home without you” (music video) Thanks!
    P.S. That last “CC meal of the day” was hilarious! =)

  20. Amira says

    okay you succeeded in making my mouth water!
    That sounds soooo good I really want a jar!!

    Man I wish I could be a pea-gan sounds like the best diet ever

  21. Joanna says

    i absolutely love these peanut butters!!! they are a staple in my pantry. i’ve tried all of them but the white chocolate wonderful!! they stopped selling it at my store, damnit.

    my favorite is the crunchy time peanut butter. i eat it with everything!!

  22. VeganCowGirl says

    The first thing I am going to do is see if they deliver to Europe. I am NOT waiting until I move home to Canada to try this out. Thanks so much for the product update – you are great for that!

  23. Vegetation says

    I’m hereby declaring you a major chocolate tease with all the yummies you have access to over there 😛 YUM!

  24. Brittanarrr says

    Mm Katie that looks wonderful. I’m in Japan now studying abroad and am unsure whether they sell it here, but when I go back to the US for a bit in February that is the FIRST item I will look for when grocery shopping!

  25. fitforfree says

    i LOVE this pb!!! It really does taste like frosting 🙂 I made oatmeal pb cookies with the cinnamon-raisin variety and they were to DIE for!!

  26. sweetandfit says

    omgosh… you’ve totally sold me on the Dark Chocolate Dreams! I have never tried anything from that company but I absolutely loooooove nutella, I am gonna have give this baby a try…thanks =)

  27. Mrs. LC says

    Mmm, I just bought a jar of the dark chocolate dreams pb around Christmas and my husband and I LOVE it! So good, and it really is surprising how healthy it is!

  28. I ♥ puggies says

    Ooh, I can’t wait to try it! By the way, thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog. It was so sweet!

  29. Cody says

    I love White Chocolate Wonderful… but, I keep eating it right out of the jar, so I stopped buying it.

    I want to try some of the flavors I see online, like maple… but, I can’t find them locally and rarely buy food online.

  30. acookinthemaking says

    i’ve avoided trying those products for sooo long just because i know as soon as i do i will become totally addicted. you’re cracking my resolve!!

  31. Jen aka Jewbacca says

    we’re on the poor side here at the jewbacca household, but i think i’d like to splurge and get me some of dat dark chocolate dreams. i’m pretty sure my local co-op carries it.

  32. Bianca says

    I LOVE Peanut Butter and Company products! I’ve tried them all except the Maple Peanut Butter because they don’t carry it anywhere around here. But the White Chocolate Wonderful is my very, very fave!

  33. dailygoods says

    i think dark chocolate dreams is going to be jumping into my basket next time i go to the grocery store. i got the mighty maple and love it, but dark chocolate and pb is my favorite food combo, so this is chocolate nirvana.. best description 🙂

  34. Eddie G says

    Hey CCV-
    Yeah, you must try Chocoreale! You can get it from, but it’s quite pricey. I usually stock up when I’m visiting my brother in Spain since it’s MUCH cheaper in Europe. On my last trip to Germany, I brought back so many jars of the stuff, I had to give a few away to avoid a chocolate induced coma 😡

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