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Harry Potter and the Elusive Agar

Harry Potter and Agar Agar flakes share an enviable talent in that both possess the ability to perform magic– Harry on wizards of the Dark Arts, and Agar on recipes in need of a thickener. Unfortunately, these two magic-makers share something else: they’ve both mastered the art of invisibility.

Many of you left comments on my last post, asking where to find agar flakes. I buy mine at Whole Foods, in the Asian-food section (the section with the Thai curry paste, the dried seaweed, soba noodles, etc.). They look like this:
If the Whole Foods near you doesn’t carry them, try placing a special order at the Customer Service Desk. Alternatively, try looking in an Asian grocery store.

I wish I could send a package of agar to every single one of you who is having a difficult time tracking the little guys down. But since this wouldn’t be feasible, I did some sleuthing around and discovered that you can purchase the flakes (or agar powder) online. Places to Purchase Online:
1. Buy Eden Agar Flakes online at Eden Foods.

2. has Agar powder.

3. also has agar powder.

Published on December 14, 2008

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  1. Ricki says

    I have a love-hate relationship with agar (I love it; it hates me). Sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t. But powder is more reliable than flakes, I find (just harder to find!).

  2. ttfn300 says

    sweet 🙂 I found them at WF today, near the asian section! (i had been looking for the powder by the gelatin) might have to scout out the powder online!

  3. Cody says

    I’ve been a little afraid of agar… there are a few things I’d like to try, but I’ve just never made the effort for fear it might not work out.

  4. radioactivegan says

    just thought i’d say that i have found agar at the asian store for a lot less than i’ve ever seen it in “traditional” natural food stores. so if you have a good (or even decent) asian market, check it out! you might save quite a bit on it.

  5. Brooke says

    i have definitely seen this product at my co-op before! i never would have figured it would be hidden in the asian aisle!

    hooray! i can’t wait for more katie recipes 🙂

  6. T says

    Thanks for the picture, I had no idea what these looked like before! Now I have a chance of locating them. (They’re in some recipes for cupcakes and marshmellows too!) 🙂

  7. shellyfish says

    You're such a sweet pea Special K! I'm all blushy & stuff.
    I actually just bought some agar yesterday! It's like we're one mind or something! You're a super sweetheart!

  8. Virginia says

    i just ran out of my agar powder! i have to get some more. luckily, my hfs carries it…i prefer the powder. thanks for doing this work though for people that can’t find it!

  9. River says

    YAY for Shellyfish!! She rocks even when she has to rock on one foot! Plus she has the cutest Guppy ever!

    I just bought some agar flakes last week, so Chocolicious pudding here I come!

  10. sweetpotato says

    I’ve never made anything with agar before, but I think I’m going to pick some up when I go to Whole Foods on Wednesday! I have to say, agar always made me a little nervous!

  11. Kiki says

    Thanks for sharing where to find agar agar! I was at whole foods last weekend and I couldn’t find it, so I asked the customer service desk where it was. They were like “Agar what? Do we sell that?” So next time I’ll have to look in the asian section.

  12. Joanna says

    it is so funny you posted this. i am going to whole foods today just so i can buy agar. thanks for telling where you found them. i’m positive i would’ve wound up in the baking aisle… which is inevitable anyways hehe

  13. Ruby Red Vegan says

    I haven’t tried using or buying agar yet, but I feel spoiled in comparison to all these poor bloggers who can’t find it! They sell it at the international food store in my area.

    I am excited for your next post! Your little blog brightens my day too.

  14. magpie says

    Thanks!! I’ll go look next time I’m there. I might even try to find them at 99 Ranch (the Asian grocery) but it’s always impossible to navigate.

  15. Vaala says

    Hmmm, I must go in search of this mythical Agar Agar product! It certainly hasn’t crossed my line of sight but then again I haven’t exactly looked very hard!

  16. Bethany says

    I love agar agar, it’s so versatile.

    I’m awarding you the proximity award. you’re really great. I think you don’t need to list 8 people to pass it on because really, you do it in all your posts w/ the blogger of the day 🙂

  17. Halie says

    Thanks for the links! Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to seeing more great ways to use my agar powder (Agar has been surprisingly easy to find in my area)

    See ya!

  18. jd says

    Thanks for this post CCV! I completely forgot to check at Whole Foods for agar, and I’ve been looking for it for almost a week now…


    Thank God I have you to set me straight about where to find it 🙂

  19. Jen says

    thanks for all the great links! i’m scared of cooking with agar, but i’m hoping that chanukkah harry will get me the uncheese cookbook so i can work on getting over that fear.

  20. Megan says

    I made the apple pie pudding for breakfast today; YUMMAYYYY! I have no idea why, but we had agar flakes (which i had never even heard of until i saw them on a post of yours) and then I saw your recipe so… fate told me I needed to make it. scrumptious, and only like, 4 ingredients!

  21. Bianca says

    I buy my agar in an Asian market by my house, but they only carry the powder. It’s less than $1 for a small packet, but the WF carries the flakes for significantly more money.

  22. DJ says

    Ah, yes – the fabled agar flakes – I have yet to make any gelatinous goodness using these so I anticipate your next recipe with interest :))

  23. Amanda says

    Even my goldfish love agar! I make a veggie puree for them jelled all together with agar. They love it..and I know it sounds crazy but they live soooo much longer eating homemade food than those store-bought fish flakes. It’s worth the trouble to keep my finned friends around for a few years 😉
    I haven’t tried it much for my own food, silly me. I must remedy that immediately and try your yummy recipes!

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